96Makar or 96Hamilton

96Makar or 96Hamilton


Hamilton because of the size


Makar. I was debating this to and makar needs to be on everyone’s team


For me, depends on who you can pair him with. I like to pair size with speed


being as though u/KKoerner35 let me borrow his toty Makar and I loved him after only using him for a week, (still appreciative btw) I personally think u should go for Makar. Yes he’s smaller but his skating and puck handling and shot and everything is just too good to not have on your team.


I agree to agree. Hamilton is big, but Makar is quick and crafty.


There's already endless size players, I had to buy a d and I chose the 96 makar over any other option. It's especially good if u buy it cuz building it costs way more in comparison.


I have 95 Ham and 96 Makar. Makar has the better #s and +/-. Love them both though.


It depends. I have 93 Hamilton and 94 Fantasy Makar. Makar is one hell of skater with a huge shot. Offensive monster. Great pairing with Miller. Hamilton is a defensive beast. Huge reach, big hits, nice gap control. Little slow. Great pairing with 95 moments Fowler. I say it depends on you plays with them. Makar needs a bigger/more physical partner in my opinion. Hamilton needs speed by his side.


That Hamilton is very slow. I bought 97 Murphy for 330K on ps4. Prices are dropping.


They were yesterday. This morning Makar 96 is 420k, Hamilton96 390k, Murfy96 - 390k. Xbox


How I do I post a ragger, anyways watch out for yee yee in div 2, kingrogi is his psn


Hamilton, not even close. Makar is very weak on the puck, he's slow and he's easy to injure.