Team Build Thursdays!: Weekly Thread

Team Build Thursdays!: Weekly Thread


The Boo Crew: https://nhlhutbuilder.com/builder.php?team=dxe3thivw3&tab=starting The main roster: https://nhlhutbuilder.com/builder.php?team=hexi1favbp&tab=starting


That's a lot of man meat right thur


What do y’all think I should do next? I have about 450k coins. https://www.nhlhutbuilder.com/builder.php?team=b62ufqdge1


If you’re going to be playing in august, start building 99 stone. His year end stats shown in game are basically all 99


my [team](https://nhlhutbuilder.com/builder.php?team=dv5wqzeywf) so far. have 6 IC’s and 200k. next things i do will be to get a second line C and bump some guys around for my all-flyers bottom line. gonna keep saving for now. will be upgrading coffey before lemieux


https://nhlhutbuilder.com/builder.php?team=ln9k28sxu0&tab=starting Just leisurely working on getting 66 (just bought 89 tradeable for 250K) now to replace Bergeron. Feel pretty set until end of year. Keeping my golds for future couturier upgrades and hopefully Crosby MSP


https://www.nhlhutbuilder.com/builder.php?team=faf7dfrist&tab=starting Upgraded Lemieux and Couturier. Will using playoff set for Murphy. Then, who knows. Maybe save up for Leafs theme build when I stop being mad at them 🤷🏼‍♂️


NOT a Rick roll this time 😅. https://nhlhutbuilder.com/builder.php?team=h6fkvb6hye because of packs yesterday, I was able to get balanced active.. marody feels better now as a 92, Clark feels meh, Hofer is actually pretty good, I recommend people try him if they are in need of a goalie without spending 100k+


[All Time Sens](https://www.nhlhutbuilder.com/builder.php?team=4typbpn1zl) Made some nice additions to my Sens team that I’m excited about. - 91 Spezza -> 93 Spezza - 89 Hoffman -> 90 Hossa - 84 Duchene -> 89 Duchene - 90 Zibidejad -> 91 Paul (golden goal boy) - 87 Murray -> 89 Anderson - Fasth as the backup to have Dist/Spark/Swarm. P.S. If any of the EA content guys see this I’d appreciate a 90+ Drake Batherson (w/ Howitzer plz). :) My all time sens team continues to be really fun to build and play with (easy excuse if I lose in D2 rivals lol). My main team [The Bos Squad](https://www.nhlhutbuilder.com/builder.php?team=5qhwvb1dvg) has been a little stale recently. Bought Annunen to try, upgraded Gretzky, and I’m waiting to upgrade Lemieux and then go for Shanahan and Kuch to get H&S activated.


[My Team](https://nhlhutbuilder.com/builder.php?team=mwcw5kzcj1)


This is my team: [https://nhlhutbuilder.com/builder.php?team=b21ocr9604&tab=starting](https://nhlhutbuilder.com/builder.php?team=b21ocr9604&tab=starting) I only have kuch on RD because I'm gonna do that cup set for 12 gcs and 40 collectibles. I hope they release a right d man with heart and soul and if they don't ill just put Kuch on right-wing. I am a leafs fan, so comment if you have any leafs i can add only hurting a few syns.


Avalanche theme team: https://nhlhutbuilder.com/builder.php?team=m5kyrx9nzx&tab=starting Picked up gold Forsberg today. Also decided to try out Annunen.


how’s burky and toews? trying to switch to an all avs team slowly and i’ve looked at selling tots hedman for them


I've really enjoyed using Burky. He has great skating stats combined with good size and is all-round great for a 94ovr. Toews is a good all-round defenceman, but obviously not nearly as dominant as Hedman for example. Have fun building an all Avs team!