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Oh my god I was not expecting that many! So glad you managed to get a doctor out to help him, hope he recovers quickly.


Thank you so much!


He lucky he got you. Otherwise the maggots would have eaten away at guys brain and would control him like a robot. Actually it might be worth making sure he's not being controlled by maggots already. I can't think of why else he didn't want to go to the doctors ASAP.


If you see him rubbing his hands together we know he's lost to the flies. He will be the new lord of the flies, stopper of swatters.


A bug inna eggar suit!




You ever pull the wings off a fly? CARE TO SEE THE FLY GET EVEN????






Dead and decaying flesh


wouldn’t that require them to eat through his skull though? I dont think maggots eat bone


Maggots only eat dead tissue, which is why sterile medical maggots can be used to clean wounds and are very effective.


>Only certain species eat dead tissue exclusively. Some eat live tissue exclusively, and some eat dead or alive tissue. https://old.reddit.com/r/MakeMeSuffer/comments/nw6mtv/the_maggots_extracted_from_my_stepdads_wound/h17fkmm/




Yes, but only sterile medical maggots are used for that. They're also placed in little permeable bags, and they "eat" by releasing enzymes which dissolve the dead tissue, then they reabsorb the soup. They're not just pouring maggots on wounds and letting them munch away. Countless other insects have a maggot stage, many of which eat more than just the dead tissue


Also they need to be removed after a short while before they start defecating in the wound... Fun stuff!


>Maggots only eat dead tissue Maggots can have a little live tissue as a treat!


When I saw your original post I thought it was just a few maggots in there... you could make a fucking cake out of all those things. Yuck


Why is your unit of measuring maggots making cake out of them


Okay fine, you could make two pies out of them.


whats the conversion rate of pies to twinkies in maggot filling?


That's at least a cup of maggots


How the hell do you just get a gaper in your head


From what I was told: a malfunctioning comb made a sizable cut on the skin of his head. Some sort of bug landed and laid eggs on it, and the maggots have beeneatino away at him ever since. It's been three days since the initial cut.


How does a comb malfunction? I'm thinking of a standard plastic comb. Was that the type or something else?


> standard plastic comb Might not be plastic, or idk, but I've seen very sharp combs it's totally possible, I doubt it happens often, the probability that it happens is extremely low but I can see it happening.


Metal combs used to be a thing, they look cool but hurt even when used correctly.


Yup my grandpa had one it made me uncomfortable.


My grandpa used to shave with water or dry.. I tried it a couple times and... nope


F*cking ouch!


Yeah I need my aloe barbasol!! Lol


Lol I never use shaving cream, just rely on the little strip on the Bic razor *and warm water.*


I would be a raw, bloody mess if I did that. I have ridiculously sensitive skin, so I don't shave at all. I just have a beard that I keep fairly closely trimmed. It's the best I can do with this cursed skin.


The ingrown hairs and razor burn told me I shouldn’t try again.


My mum hit me with one and now I have a fucking scar on my hand lmao


I thought I was having scalp issues, my scalp was always in pain and my hair follicles HURT like all the time. I thought I was wearing my hair up too much but nothing changed. I happened to look at my fucking paddle brush closer one day and the freaking little balls they put on the top fell off a good chunk of the bristles and I just never noticed because it was all black. So I was literally just scratching my scalp with wires each time I brushed my hair. So, maybe it’s something like that. I’m on the hunt for a soft brush for long hair now because it left my scalp kinda sensitive(but thankfully I didn’t scrape it open like op’s dad!) Wash and check all your brushes and combs on a Regular basis guys, don’t be lazy like me. 😅


I use a boar-hair and plastic-wire brush. While it doesn't have the little balls on it... the wires was meant to be exposed, so it's not so bad on the scalp.


Try the wet brush!


My guess is it's a very old comb that hasn't been properly cared for and has become disheveled; uneven, misshapen, or maybe broken teeth, worn points, etc.


It could also have been a brush with those rounded tip protectors that sometimes fall off and leave the sharp brush strand exposed, which if isn’t very flexible, can really do some damage.


Maybe he thought it was a switchblade comb but it turned out to be an actual switchblade 😁


Holy shit I was expected it was like weeks or months old. 3 days is insane.


It hooiiit!


Only 3 days!?


My guess is that these are screw worms. Google at your peril.




Yeah, hard pass.


I believe you.


Not a chance mate, I'll take your word


I googled it


What are they :o Edit: I would like to thank all the brave souls who looked them up. Also thank you for being the bravest of souls OP, your stepfather is an OG




Basically they are flys larva that tunnel their way into wounds making them bigger


In what time frame? Something like... 3 days?


They get to work 12~24 hours after laying, they spend a few days eating you then dip to go chill in the soil to repeat the circle of life about a month later! Thankfully they don't bite they just sploosh some eggs on yer wounds.


NSFL from google: *Larvae hatch about 12–21 hours after the eggs have been laid. Larvae are cream colored. C. hominivorax larvae dive head-first into whatever food source is nearest, and burrow deeper, eating into live flesh if available. This results in a pocket-like lesion that causes severe pain to the host.*


If you had “comb malfunction” as the cause of the OP’s dad’s injury, please come to the front to collect your winnings.


*:silence:* 🦗 🦗


Do you know what kind of comb?? Wtf kind of comb makes a gash large enough for bugs to plant their way in & eat through your dad like that. Holy fuck


It was a wooden comb, and it wasn't even his, it was borrowed.


The amount of bad decisions your dad has made in the 3 days around this saga is just truly staggering.


Honestly how has he lived for this long


Oh my loooooord.


Oh nooooo, who uses a borrowed comb?!




The Beeneatino family doesn't take kindly to sarcasm. Expect a visit.


That’s DORCTOR Beaneatino to you!


Sounds like a pasta from a fancy Italian restaurant


Beaneateno 🤌


Never combing my hair again wtf. Also not sleeping tonight. Already know the types of nightmares I’m going to have.


And what was his reaction when he realized he had 40+ maggots in his head? Or is it 80+? Holy shit.


The only question we need answers to


Why are you still keeping that jar?


He wants to keep it as revenge for all the pain they caused him (his words)


You should buy him a bottle of mescal, you two can do shots


Unsee juice pls


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Great bot


He has that attitude and he *still* didn't want to go to the hospital? Fuck.


Alright, he's growing on me, that's kinda hilarious


Guess what else was growing on him : ^ )


Weird take since he's the one who didn't want to go to the hospital.


What country are you from, if you don't mind my asking?


OP said Brazil and someone said that it was screw fly larvae or something to those odds


There's actually a fascinating program that has eradicated the screwfly north of Panama, mainly to protect cattle: [The 'Wall' That Keeps Flesh-Eating Worms Out](https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2020/05/flesh-eating-worms-disease-containment-america-panama/611026/) The problem of course is that South America suddenly gets much wider as you go south, so pushing into South America would be much more expensive than doing it in Central America, where the further south you go, the less land you have to cover.


Yeah they are kind of common here, my cousin got one of those and it's nasty.


I'm looking forward to the next installment of The Saga of Papa Maggotskull


He asked me to tell you to go to hell. I, on the other hand, am forever grateful for this great name that I will be using to refer to him for the rest of his life.


Lol if it makes him feel better, I was hard on my stepfather when he got a bad infection (that turned out to be MRSA really bad).


My brother in law got cyanide poisoning from Annie's gummy bunnies. Turns out if you just binge eat box after box the tapioca is a problem. I just tell people he almost died of gummy bunny poisoning.


That would be a super soft way to die


i just saw the original post. good job getting him to go and get it looked at


I always heard maggots only eat dead tissue. They must have been eating the brain considering OP's step father never uses it.


Only certain species eat dead tissue exclusively. Some eat live tissue exclusively, and some eat dead or alive tissue.


Yep, only common green bottle fly larvae are used medically as far as I know.


Tony's got a botfly in his forehead Jenny's got a guinea worm in her shoe Dave's got leeches, Mike's got flu, Everybody's got a parasite, I've got you.


*Common green bottle fly




Its primarily circumstantial, thus evolutionary :D


I accidentally replied below, but I'll leave this here too: Here is a fun fact. Maggots and leeches are the only two living organisms cleared by the FDA to be used as medical devices! https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/cdrh_docs/pdf4/k040187.pdf https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/cdrh_docs/pdf7/K072438.pdf


I thought that was a practice hundreds and thousands of years ago lol. Didn’t know it actually does something?


Leeches are very useful! Those little squishy vampires are mainly used to « restart » blood flow in microsurgery or cut fingers, pretty neat. They also secrete some interesting chemical compounds (antimicrobial anti inflammatory and anti coagulant), in fact the anticoagulant is now synthetically mass produced.


I’d love to see stats on how often this therapy/treatment is used in certain countries and where it is most common. Are people requiring microsurgery in some small hospital in rural Indiana receiving this?


Happened at least once in america the in the past two years. I got my index finger tip severed by a miter saw, they sewed me back together and a couple days later it wasn't looking great, got some leech therapy, and other than some scarring and feeling around the scar itself I got a fully functional index finger that doesn't look too weird.


I practice in the US and have used medical maggots twice, both for bad cases of calciphylaxis. They consume and liquify the necrotic tissue and promote wound healing. Gross, but effective.


Dad tissue


From my own experience they definitely eat live tissue


I literally was just looking at that too and think poor guy might not end up good if that doesn’t get treated soon.. good job OP on at least finding someone to come check on him!!!


Here is a fun fact. Maggots and leeches are the only two living organisms cleared by the FDA to be used as medical devices! https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/cdrh_docs/pdf4/k040187.pdf https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/cdrh_docs/pdf7/K072438.pdf


there is another type of medical device (not cleared by the fda) that involves using army ants to bite the wound shut then removing their body. the ant’s bite locks, holding the wound shut, allowing it to heal.


I had to do this when I was trekking in the amazon. What they don't tell is that everyone reacts differently to the bite. It definitely feels like they have venom and for me one of the most painful experiences of my life. They work so well I barely have a scar. You leave the heads on till they fall off and you do the procedure with the ants alive twisting their bodies off from the head.


That's super badass, and also super nopezone for me.


Do you have the link to it?




Okay, I want to die now


Could u give us a basic rundown of what the doctor said?


To me he only said that we called him at the right time, since the damage is usually much worse than what my old man had. There are no signs of infection or necrosis so as long as we keep things clean and he takes him medicine as oriented everything will be allright, but that he should definitely be visiting a hospital at least a few times a month until he has that hole in his head.


Please watch for signs of infection! Fever or any redness or draining! Make sure he keeps that clean! Good job!! I’m proud of you taking care of your father


There is a gore gif going around of an old woman who had the exact same thing happen to her, except she didn't get to the hospital until the maggots were literally eating her brain. A quarter or so of her brain was just gone because they ate it and there was a massive hole in her head. I hope that the maggots didn't get too far in your old man's case, but if you could find the gif you could show it to him as an example of what was happening to him.


I’m just imagining a bird landing on her head and pecking maggots out of the hole in her skull as she calmly sits on a park bench


Hey man you can edit and delete comments here you should check that out


Can you imagine how badly that would itch. You'd do a handstand and clumps of them would fall out


Actually, you would not be able to do a handstand. They were only able to get her in because the maggots ate the part of her brain that allows you to move.


That's absolutely terrifying...




Fuck that oh my god.


A pet monkey would’ve came in real handy


I sir, will not click. Have a fine day.


Can you send me this gif? (No joke)


[Here NSFW ](https://seegore.com/womans-brain-eaten-by-maggots-while-she-suffer/) is a video of what I think this person is referring to. NSFW aka it’s pretty gruesome.


Holy fucking shit, this is REALLY bad. Like, possibly the worst thing I've ever seen online bad. This isn't "haha so gross" like OP's first post or just about anything else on this sub. This is so bad that it makes old shock sites like 1man1jar look like /r/eyebleach material. For real, people, leave that link blue.


Oh my god, I backed out real quick. Oh god.


I can only say that I am incredibly thankful this video wasn’t around in the heyday of shock sites. Fucking horrifying.


She is literally a zombie, rotting away and decomposing. Still breathing with half of the head missing and eaten away. How do you start fixing that?


Like how did this even fucking get to this point


Thing is, maggots can’t eat through bone. There’s a reason a skeleton is left behind after you decompose. Something *had* to have happened to cause a hole that big - there was a guy in Japan years back who had something similar going on, and it was caused by cancer eating a hole in his head that a fly then laid eggs in. My guess is this is also cancer or something similar eating away at her skull. If that’s the case, she’s probably a goner. Make her comfortable, that’s all you can do.


Holyfuck Also: ofc Brazilian Edit: thanks for the link :)


Has your father agreed to do the follow-up visits to the hospital? Was he thankful that you got a doctor to come to your home? Well done, by the way! Get yourself a treat


Yeah the tricky part now is to get him to the hospital for check-ups. My grandma would leave the hospital/doctor's office like a ninja if you'd just drop her off nearby. Some adults with traumatic experiences with medical care would rather die than step back in there, it's sad...


I’m glad you got this all sorted out - you’re a good person. I hope you and your family make sure he takes his meds and by that I mean actually watch him swallow his pills.


My dorctor never lets me keep my maggots


Only the best behaving patients get a snack after a doctor visit


Well the Dr killed them with alcohol, so its probably like the fruit at the bottom of a jar of moonshine.


Next time ask the nurst.


how did the wound happen in the first place?


A malfunctioning comb made a sizable cut on his skin, which some bug took advantage of to lay it's eggs.


ouch. glad you got him to get it looked at




He's doing fine, talking and joking, as if nothing happened. A bit sleepy from the medicine, but otherwise he's alright.


What ever happened with your best friends who were cheating/being cheated on?


They're fine, I guess. Broke up not long after that post. I didn't tell anyone about anything and the guy (I don't remember the fake name I gave him) doesn't really talk to me anymore. Why's that?


Just nosy af and love to hear resolutions to things 😂😂 thank you for finishing the narrative


This made me LOL. Take an upvote.


glad the maggots are okay


Not got long, we hope!


We did the same thing to a tick we extracted that was a possible carrier of disease. But we dipped him in bleach instead of alcohol. Not only it very effectively kills it, it also dissolves it over time until there's nothing left. Your old man could have a lot of fun with it.


I used to take every tick that bit me and put it between two pieces of tape and write the date on it. That way if there was some weird symptom, like a rash, I could bring the tick in for testing.


Jesus fucking Christ. You are a psycho and a genius.


I live on a farm and thought I had Lymes once, so I became hyper vigilant about ticks. I had a tick remover that looked like a little scoop and I would remove them, tap the tick out on the bathroom counter, stick the tape on it, fold it over and write the date on it and watch the bite area.


This story is a real head scratcher


I haven't been able to stop scratching my head while I scrolled through this post and the original post.


Ok… and now it’s time to log off.


Glad he got them out, you saved the poor fellas life! How do they patch up a wound like that on the noggin?


Since the wound is fairly deep, the doc stuck a cotton ball with some medicine in it. Periodically, as tit will heal and close, proper bandaging will be applied.


How many were extracted? This looks way more than I was thinking in the original. How the hell did your dad not constantly FEEL THIS? Efit: I see it says 5 on the bottle. But the second part I still wonder. Wouldn't you feel them wriggling?


We did not count how many exactly but I would say around 30 or 40. He did feel it, but not wriggling just pain. This is not bottle #5 that we filled with maggots, it was just randomly labeled 5 before the doctor even got it from his bag.


Fucking. Gross.


I love that there is just enough alcohol in the bottle to cover the maggots. I don’t know why but the precise frugality of it is delightful.


I asked him if it was deliberate and he said "I wanna make them think they might survive if they just try a bit harder, while also leaving no real possibility of it happening". I've never seen him hate something like he hates these maggots lol


This guy lol jfc


I respectfully ask one question... ***T H E F U C K H A P P E N E D***


Comb cut scalp. Fly laid eggs. Maggots ate flesh. Doc removed. Maggots in jar of alocohol. Fin!




why waste time say lot word when few word do trick


They see. They see.


OP show this to your stepdad and say this is what will happen if he doesn’t get that wound cleaned and closed up: [NSFW](https://youtu.be/O90s-IcTu5E)


Funny enough, both OP’s dad and that video are from the same country. (I think) And funnier enough, I won’t be able to sleep.


>And funnier enough, I won’t be able to sleep. Thank you for convincing me not to click the link. This entire saga has been beyond NSFW and into NSFL for me.


What a horrible day to have eyes!


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Thanks bot. 🙏


I was today years old when I learned that apparently I don't need to wear my fucking scalp in order to survive.


How does one delete someone else's comment


How the fuck is that dude still alive?


Where’s the picture of the wound? Edit- found it, did not disappoint


tell me you are not from Europe pls. i am never combing my hair ever again


No, we're from Brazil. Also you shouldn't worry so much, just take proper care of your wounds and things should be just fine lol


Could you dad hear these guys at night when everything was quiet and peaceful? Imagine you’re laying down trying to fall asleep on a nice comfy pillow but all you hear is this weird noise and feel little tugging on your scalp or whatever.


Not really, he said he just felt a lot of pain but didn't hear anything or feel any wriggling.


I'm super glad the doc managed to help!


What in tarnation!


Fun fact alcohol doesn’t kill maggots very fast because they’re used to being in environments that are decaying and producing alcohol as they decay. They can wiggle around for days in there


How do maggots even get in there in the first place? Even understanding he had a head wound, something had to introduce them to his head right? They don’t just form out of thin air. Glad you were able to get him help, OP. Hope he’s able to recover okay!


Maggots develop a lot faster than most people think, apparently. He got a cut on his skin three days ago and the things were already rice-grain sized.


Myiasis can start with larvae eggs finding a way onto your body. From there on, they dig up under the skin and start eating away. At some point they get big enough that the skin breaks, and this is what you get. If you have a weaker stomach, don't google this, but if you're ok with this kind of stuff, myiasis can happen to an eye, nose, genitalia. It's horrendus.


Flies laying eggs there ? Thats how maggots exist


Is this for real?


Yes! My pops didn't want me to upload any videos of the doc actually taking them out but I can guarantee it is real