We need more people like them

We need more people like them

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"My husband died a week ago , we weren't like this" really broke my heart


That man on the right immediately breaking down after that like “oh god this is heavier than I thought”


That’s when he realized he was helping more than he could have possibly imagined.


That "oh... shit... dude... we didnt know what we signed up for..." moment.


Dude got the wind knocked out of him and had to take a knee.


The other dude, tried to hide the reaction, but you could see it. Went from "we doing nice things for people, give us likes on instagram" to "oh fuck... oh shit... well, umm... damn... I was gonna say something, but this just went to 100 real quick."


The help this lady needs is for someone to figure out her survivor benefits, bank accounts etc. If her husband only died a week ago, "they weren't like this," and she's already down to paying for gas in pennies, it means she doesn't know how to make use of the resources she has, probably because her husband handled all of that while he was alive.


Why not both? If she is in a situation where she's not had to deal with money management or what resources to seek out, pointing her in the right direction is a good start to a long term solution but that wouldn't have helped her to get more than pennies worth of fuel in her vehicle that day.


Oh for sure, it was absolutely a good thing to pay for her gas.


I was miserably sick with COVID a few months ago, and it scared me enough to realize that my wife would be lost if something happened to me. I pay the major bills and handle the investments - 401k, IRAs, 529s for the kids, life insurance, etc - and she really has no clue about the websites, accounts or passwords for any of it. I took a few days to write up an "in case of emergency" letter that gives an overview of it all with instructions for using our password vault to login to the various accounts, put one copy in our safe deposit box and gave another to my brother to hold onto. I plan to update it every year or so. Hopefully she won't need it anytime soon, but at least it's there just in case.


At least once per quarter you should hold a family finance meeting to review budget, accounts, goals, what if scenarios, location of important papers, passwords, insurance etc. Once the knowledge is shared, future meetings will go quickly for updates.


Good advice - thanks. One thing getting COVID impressed on me is that I need to get my ducks in a row - life is unpredictable.


Hopefully that's the case, but you never know, they might have been living paycheck to paycheck with her none the wiser


Yeah, that's possible. Or maybe her husband was sick for a long time. Or who knows.


yep. just ruined my makeup :(


I like how he felt the need to say we’re comedians not criminals this isn’t illegal


God bless this woman


Help a stranger and ask them to pay it forward when they can. This is the way forward for ALL US HUMANS regardless of race colour or religion. Help each other and spread love. Thank you to the 2 brothers and the lady as thay all showed real love, honesty and respect. Lets stick together ❤💙💚💛🧡💜🖤


\+1, anytime you help someone out if they ask how to repay you, just tell them next time they see someone who needs help, help if they can.


I've driven across this country a few times, and every once and a while I see someone who is in need of gas- they either ask for a few bucks or I can see they're in a beat up car only putting $5 into the tank. I always swipe my card for them and tell them to fill it up, and help someone else when they can. I can afford the $75 max without second thought, but it can quite literally change their lives. You never know, so might as well try and help where you can.


When I was way too young/fucking clueless to be driving cross country alone and a few years before cell phones. All four of my tires went flat at once. Well one after the other and if a trucker hadn’t stopped to help me I don’t know what the fuck I would have done. I was 40 miles from a walmart that was about to close its tire center (it was sunday in the middle of nowhere and that’s all there was) and he got the car towed, got the walmart to stay open until we go there, and then made sure i could afford the bill. I expected him to fuck off once I got the car there but he stayed. Now knowing how tight their deadlines are to get to shit delivered. He took a few hours out of his route. I would probably still be on the sided of that highway if it wasn’t for his help. It makes me wish that I wasn’t such a self involved asshole and has gotten his name or something because he was a guardian angel who didn’t offer thoughts and prayers.


I strive to be someone's guardian angel. Hopefully many.


I had no plan on what to do in a situation involving car trouble and this guy saved me from me. lol. Another time a trucker stopped to pull me and my friends up the side of a mountain when we lost control on a mountain pass. I don’t know how long we would have been stuck there waiting for a tow or how much further down the mountain we would have slid. There was a major front moving it. I think that person stopped because we were in a potentially dangerous situation. It’s like those people could freeze to death. Better stop and get them out.


One time my husband and I were on this back ass little road in NM that didn’t even have cell service we saw these 2 women with 3 kids and one tiny baby(10days) they had 2 blowouts and when they sat the jack it gave and ended up under the car with no tires on one side. We had to drive 20 miles just to get service and tow trucks would not come out. So my husband got a hubcap and literally dug out the car and used our jack and managed to get their donut and ours on the car and we followed them to a little town. Like 4 months later at our door was over 1000 worth of Omaha Steaks from their family. During this entire time about like 15 vehicles passed and no one stopped. That makes me sad.


I can almost over look people not stopping in areas where there’s walkable services but other in the middle of nowhere people can really fucked and cell service is spotty. Even if all you do is stop and tell them you will call a tow when you get to an area with better reception. I am so grateful for the people who stopped to help me. I was in a situation(s) where I would have been super fucked if someone hadn’t stopped. There are good people in the world. I bet they still remember y’all stopping.


We were not gonna stop and when we passed the car I saw the 3 kids and we turned like a mile later. Once I got a blow out on my way to work and literally like 8 neighbors drove past while I was changing my tire and it chapped my ass to no end. That’s why we decided to turn around. I didn’t want to be that asshole.


Well, when you're in a position to do so, pay it forward and help somebody like he helped you. You don't owe him anything but it's more like you owe The Universe, if that makes sense. I've been very blessed in life with all kinds of support and help from my loved ones and from strangers. And now that I'm in a position in my life to pay if forward, I do. I've stopped several times for women who are broken down on the highway as a woman with AAA and free tows to spare. A neighbor kid who I had never met locked his keys in his car when the car it was running. I was watching out the window as a local officer (cop shop is 3 buildings away) tried to get it open but couldn't. When the cop gave up and went back to his cop shop to do cop things, I went out and offered to call AAA to unlock it. They were there in about a half an hour and had it unlocked in a minute. I usually tip AAA 20 bucks so I told my neighbor if he had $10 bucks in his pocket, I'd split the tip with him. No biggie for me, huge for him. Note: My forward paying activities aren't all AAA related. I'm not trying to brag... well I guess I am in a way, but not for my own benefit really. My point is, I've learned to try to do my best to lead with love and empathy in every aspect of my life. Most times I fail miserably but I'm a work in progress. Progress not perfection. But leading with love and empathy, even just the act of trying to do so and failing often, but succeeding sometimes too, not only makes us exponentially happier human beings, it makes us exponentially better human beings. Try it, you'll see. (I mean the 'common' "you", not you specifically.)


Did the same in NM. They got to the pumps and that was it. Fumes. I ran my card for em too. Hope they made it home on that.


My business is on a turnoff from a major road. We get a lot of people stopping out front with flat tires. If any of us sees them we run out and help them change tires (admittedly a bit selfishly so they aren't causing congestion on the road), but they always ask to pay whoever helped. We all just kind of ask them to help the next person they run into. It's super easy to do now. We have a jack, tire iron, and breaker bar all sitting in the office just to run out and do it quick. It's a good breakup to the monotony of the day. I've never actually thought if those people pay it forward, but if even only a few do it seems worth it.


Unsung heros right here ^^^


Really if only one does it's still worth it. Helping all the others that won't pay it forward is not a loss, it's not a gain either but nothing was taken from your day for helping. If one single person pays it forward it's a net gain for positive influence in the world and still worth it


We do this on the river all the time. Someone runs out of gas or their motor breaks down, give them a tow to the landing. When they try to pay, I always decline and tell them to do the same for some other poor fool. Because one day, I'll be that poor fool (again).


We should start a r/payitforward sub? Edit to add nvm lol


“today you, tomorrow me...”


My husband once gave away his bus card. A man was walking around looking lost and hubby asked what was up. He told him that he was trying to get to the registration office for a job, but he wasn't able to ride the bus (we have an over complicated bus card system in the Netherlands). Hubby gave him his card that was charged with enough of a bus fee to get him a good distance. I hope he was able to score a job as well!


This is the way....


Yes. It truly is


I went out once and lost my keys. Meant so much to me with all the key chains it had. I had a little binnys card and someone turned them in. I was so grateful and my faith in humanity restored. I have them a reward and asked to always pay it forward.


Love ya.


The Start of (love each other)


couldn't agree more unity is how humanity shall ascend




This is The Universal Way.. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💙💙💙💙


The next time I'm in distress, like after a car accident or something, I want someone to come up to me and say "It's OK, we're comedians"


“It’s not illegal; we’re comedians”


Pretty sure he says that cause he's black


I think he said it cause they’re comedians and it’s not illegal


The US sumpreme court ruled [this last Friday](https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ) that it’s illegal for comedians to give people money.


That was pretty interesting, thank you for sharing. Keeping an eye on things like this will ultimately help all of us make sure things like that don't disappear from our culture. I'll be sure to pay this forward to someone else, thank you!


Comedians actually have organized campaigns in the past, like [this one here](https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ), to help out those in need. It's nice to see professionals in a specific field work together for a common cause.


It's so weird seeing how people can react so differently to the same message. To be honest I'm not sure I liked that as much, but I do think that guy deserves more recognition. He seems to be a solid, genuine person but it still felt a little like putting in a show. but it was still interesting nonetheless. Thank you for your contribution!




I clicked both of them, Reddit worked together to make me feel foolish today


I clicked it. I knew what was coming and started jamming with my boy.


Yeah, it’s an article on the Supreme Court ruling. Are you upset by facts?


They’re talking about the money. In poorer places, often times if somebody is giving money away it’s drug money. Escobar and El Chapo being the most notorious examples. These guys were just reassuring the lady that she shouldn’t feel guilty about taking the money. You’ll find that people from poorer neighborhoods feel like they have to go out of their way to show that they aren’t sketchy once they become successful.


I get that. It’s just funny. And it’s funny even with that, because who expects comedians to actually make money at it


Yeah I can’t lie, the line *is* pretty funny bc of the comedian bit. Fucking comedians being funny without even trying.


We totaled your car as part of a joke. Get it? It's OK we're comedians.


"It's not illegal, we're comedians" LOL


I'm guessing he meant that the money wasn't obtained illegally? That's the only reason I can think why he'd say that.


Everything is videoed now. Share more goodness & maybe the goodness spreads. Maybe it gives someone else the nudge to help. Many people prefer to pick at the people making an effort, the people doing the right thing; maybe its guilt; they do not want to help, and they Don't want the world to know about the goodness of others. I'd rather see these clips than more violence.


Yeah, a video like this is tricky too. Because they did genuinely just help this woman but you can tell from their reactions they’re just pushing through to get the content. She was ready to open her soul up and tell them more info, which is what happens a lot in those cases. This was def for the clout, but I imagine it did make that woman’s day


Honestly who cares if it’s for clout, if it gets more people to stop being shitty to one another I’m all for it


Exactly. That is my stance on this sort of stuff. Who cares if being the do gooder on the video was purely for attention or to spread the word about you. They at least did something good, and hope it will inspire other people to do so as well.


Ya this is prime means being justified by the ends.


def, its not like the people who were not trying to get attention showed up and helped. Maybe the video helped give her attention. That kinda of attention does not happen without exposure. lol Something something about the transitive property of some sociological Markov Chain.


The right kind of Machiavellian


\^Yeah exactly, "greedy", "only for clout". Makes me think of "Zhuangzi speaks the music of nature" and that words/expressions only really have meaning within context and how that context is built up. Like I don't mind if a person gets super greedy and wants to put oil companies out of business by pushing solar.


Well for instance if you create a viral video based on a money give away, and you make 5x the money on the video, it's not really as charitable as it seems. I like this video, but there is something about not putting a camera in their face. It's almost like one of those giant cheques, they make them huge so when they give it away it can be photographed and stuff from a far. The Office has an amazing episode where Micheal wants to get a giant cheque for the rabies run, but it'll cost like a quarter of the money they raised. It kind of highlights where the effort and intention actually lie. Which does have real meaning in terms of energy put in and good coming out of your actions.


Here's the thing. Let's say you hand out $100 and because of that you make $1000. Yes you made money but also there's a person who didn't have $100 before that now has it. That $1000 you made was never going to be yours without the charity first and it definitely wasn't going to be given to the person in need. Also if you are making money by helping those in need, then it incentivises not only you but others to do the same. Even if the motivation is greed, the end result is people get help.


Reminds me of the quote “there is no such thing as a truly selfless action”, basically the thought line is that even if the only gain you get is feeling good, it’s not selfless because you’re still doing it to feel good about helping. Nothing is selfless but that doesn’t make these actions less ‘good’


Its like YouTube videos where people give big donations to small streamers (and such). Clearly theyre making money off the video, but the recipients not only get money they never wouldve got (at that point, anyway), but they also get exposure from it which helps them grow their stream. There are a couple streamers I now watch, that I never wouldve stumbled upon on my own, because of videos like this. You could argue theres a selfish aspect underneath the charity, because the creator is keenly aware that those kinds of videos do very well - but theyre still making a difference to the people they give money to. And thats the important part. If the income of such content enables them to do it more often, then thats only a good thing, regardless of the "ulterior motives" or whatever that some people want to attribute to it. Even without cameras rolling, theres always a part of you who helps someone in part because it makes *you* feel better about yourself. Im not saying its the driving motivator, but its always there, thats just human nature.


Yeah, I used to think that this virtue signalling stuff was kind of bad. But I was wrong. If people see people doing it, then maybe it becomes normalised and common. Donate, plant trees, listen to kids read, help an elderly neighbour out with their bins or whatever, and then tell someone what you did.


I would actually support influencers that did this stuff, instead of stupid pranks or crazy vacations and tech that most people can't afford. Influence positive behavior.


Exactly, I'd rather see people helping others for clout, rather than idiots eating tide pods for clout.


And for us watchers it’s just nice to see “good” as opposed to the 24 hr news cycle of all the horrible shit. My day was made better by seeing this so I’m glad it was shared regardless of the reasons. I think the only negative is that the “recipient” of the generosity I hope is ok with it. I don’t know that I’d want to go viral in a moment of suffering.


Depends, as a society we try to judge people on intentions rather than consequences. Even if the consequences are good.


Im seeing so many people who critcize the videos, but they can absolutely go fuck themselves. A video I saw a few years back inspired me to do something similar, and Im sure thats been the case for many, many people. So more of these, please and thankyou.




> She was ready to open her soul up and tell them more info, which is what happens a lot in those cases. That kind of emotional outpouring intimidates the best of us. They saw someone who might be struggling with money... but she reveals right away that her husband just died.


Charitable donations are a tax write-off for my business. Each year we donate to a local charity that helps women with breast cancer get to appointment, get fit for wigs, cooks meals for their family while going through treatment, and even pays people to clean their house (just stuff to help ease stress while going through the process). I lower my tax liability and a bunch of people get some help... I’m sure they don’t give a crap if my business is also benefitting from the donations.


A good thing done for a selfish reason still gets a good thing done.


It’s the RIGHT kind of clout tho. Let’s make being a good person sexy af.


He genuinely did it from his heart not for clout of attention. Does bf matter just for awareness ppl homeless tf you mad at him for helping homeless?


So you know their intentions? Part of our problem is ppl always looking for anything bad whether its there or not.


The one guy is visibly moved. I was raised to not bring attention to good deeds that you do (Boyscout and Christian upbringing) . But I also sincerely appreciate seeing such things.


Yeah, it tough cause there’s a lot done to look good online. Something about this video makes me feel different but maybe I’m just being played. Regardless, these videos inspire more people to do good and look for the opportunity to to good. It really does work that way. We do pass it on.


No matter the reason. Someone who needed help got it. Focus on that bit




Sure they could have just paid for her gas without the video. It sets an example though in this pandemic world we live in and maybe someone who sees this video will pay it forward. Much rather see this than a lot of what’s put on social media.


Everybody wins here. The giver, the receiver, the viewer


But did the person who filmed win?


I heard he got premium on his Roblox account


Sounds like he was the biggest winner of them all


He/she is the luckiest viewer. They got to view this amazing act in person in real-time.


Yeah sure besides me who now has to go change his wet ass shirt from crying




I always say that when extending my hand to another; "we gotta take care of each other". Unity over division everyday. I love you all you crazy sons/daughters of bitches!!


Why is it raining on my face ☹️?


"Someone stole the tent."


Hmmm my eyes are raining


my eyes are just a little sweaty today.


This is really nice. But I'm one of those with the opinion that private moments should remain private. This woman is now on the internet, her vulnerability on display for the world to see, in perpetuity. Edit: thank you for the award.


I’ve said this on similar threads and got roasted. I totally agree though, put yourself in that persons shoes. Would you really want some random strangers filming you in such a vulnerable state and posting it online. I’m torn, because this did really make me smile, and I’d like to think it might encourage others to do the same (nice things, not smile lol), but I also don’t think it’s right to film her and put it online for all to see.


Everything is complicated. Nothing is black and white and the world as we know it is ladden with nuance. Just do your best, friend


Sorry in advance guys, you can probably just skip my comment. They're just some random thoughts that motivated me. ^^. I've literally re-watched this more than 5 times. It just makes me so happy and angry at the same time. We have the capacity for great compassion but also for great cruelty. The human psyche is like a dual sided coin where for every good person in the world, there's someone who would do the opposite. Just like these guys that are willing to help her out, there are plenty of people that would take every last coin from her purse. I remember this one time when I was in middle school when my mother and I were in line to check out at the grocery store and she had me putting back the stuff we couldn't pay for. The woman in front of us that was about to leave turned around and handed my mom a piece of paper, telling her not to look until she had left. When my mom saw it was $100, much like this lady, she broke down. This just makes me so inexplicably glad to see these men helping someone out in need, as I feel everytime I see stuff like this. Still, it shoves reality in my face. It reminds me that there's the other side of the coin. There are the people that would take every last coin from her, the people that would gladly stand by and watch her suffer, without remorse, without caring about community or compassion. I guess that's part of why I find moments like these so motivating. We can simultaneously see the good and bad sides of life and we can see that our actions can make a difference. Far too often, I find myself overwhelmed with the give and take nature of life and find myself losing my vision of the future, wanting to give up and just focus on living because that's already hard enough as it is. Imagine a world where we could all live happily. A world where we're all provided our base necessities and can pursue whatever we want. We may not have it right now but this gives me hope that we can work towards it, as a community. After all, that's the only way it could ever actually work. I guess the most brief way of summarizing it all is that these moments give hope.


I love acts of kindness but why does the camera have to be rolling?


"Look for the helpers." Mr. Fred Rogers. While it warms my heart, I'm also sad they had to say it's not illegal and record it to make sure the situation didn't go south. Bless 'em.


This made me cry not smile! 😭😭


You could tell she lives her life with so much pride, even if she’s struggling, she doesn’t ask for help. The redness in her face that clearly shows she’s probably been crying for quite a few days and the defeat in her voice. I just wanna scoop her up and hug her 😥


Makes me sad as fuck that I know my husband or I have to live without each other one day.


I remember some guy asked me for money to pay for gas. The guy looked kinda well off, but i could tell the guy was struggling. Something in my heart told me to help the man. He was so greatful that he asked for my number so he can repay me, but i just asked him to pay it forward when he sees someone in need. Today you, tomorrow me.


before you say "We need more people like them" we should firsty "Be like them"


I never use words like this, but this is beautiful


When I got my first job as a cashier a few years ago in high school I was working the late shift and a girl comes in to buy a personal thing that I knew she needed. She paid in cash and was a few dollars short and instinctively I told her don’t worry about it and I’d cover it. Pulled out my wallet and added it to what she had. Gave her the change and told her to put it forward. I’d like to think I helped her in her tight spot and helped whatever she was going through.


Genuine question: Why is it such a big seal if they’re “only doing something nice for views”? They’re still doing something nice.


HaHa Davis has a channel on You Tube..dude got mad jokes


This is beyoooooooond me


I'm glad people are helping each other out, but I hate seeing these videos so often, the moment you take your phone out to film a kind act it's not kind anymore, its just selfish


Reminds me of a night when I saw a young man scraping pennies for gas at the station. I told him to go fill it up and I’ll pay. He then explained he only had a scooter with a small tank and wanted to get rid of the pennies in his pockets. I later found out it was a mayor’s kid.


I love their "this is legal, we are comedians"


Beautiful always help everyone no matter what spread the love peeps 😊❤❤


Went into a gas station once on my way home from work. I get paid in a few days and was out of money and low on gas. I knew i needed just a little gas to make it to pay day. I pulled in the gas station and when i got to the counter i had 76 cents. I pay for 76 cents of gas and head to go fuel my car. I see the gas continue pumping past 76 cents and my heart sinks. I ended up getting 20 dollars worth of gasoline. I still don’t know to this day if the gas station worker did that on purpose or not.




This warmed my heart, we *do* need more people like them in the world. I'm already trying my hardest to bring other people kindness and I'm under a lot of stress 'cause of that. Seriously one act of Kindness can create a lifelong friendship, PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN THAT!


This is what needs to be on the news, this sparks love and community companionship, not all this racial hate and political separation we always see


I absolutely love these young men. God bless both of you for your kindness. And my thanks to whom ever posted this video. This was so heartwarming. you have restored my faith in humanity!


God bless these men for helping this poor soul. They will receive blessings of their own. I have also lost my husband so I understand how distressed she is. Their kindness was very appreciated. She was probably left penniless or should I say with just pennies. Not every widow is eligible for social security. You have to have the age or a disability in order to collect.


God bless people like these🙏🙏🙏♥️


I had a similar thing happen to me at the supermarket a month ago. My daughter managed to go home with my debit card when she visited and I was using contactless payment on my phone. Well it wouldn't work at the checkout. I was buying stuff for a roast dinner for my neighbour because she often cooks a dinner for me.. I live alone. The guy on the checkout paid for my shopping, but the guy behind me also offered to pay. I cried all the way home after receiving such kindness from total strangers.


Very classy men. God bless your chosen profession


Such kind gentleman. I hope she is doing well these days.


If only we lived in a society where widows didn’t have to rely on the generosity of comedians to survive


When we show empathy and care for one another, it makes the next person want to do the same for someone. It’s really sad to see such a divide in this day and age because things like this video shows that we as humans, though not perfect; are capable of so much more when we decide to love.


I'm not crying! You're crying


For anyone complaining that they felt the need to record this, you gotta understand that videos like this help inspire people to pay it forward as well. I know damn well that after watching this, I'm absolutely gonna keep my eyes open for the opportunity to help someone like this. I probably would've BEFORE I watched the video, but after seeing how grateful and relieved she was, it just makes me want to do good even more.


Why film it though, how humiliating.


Why film it and not just do it? Why do they need to show other people how nice they are?!


I like to think it’s to encourage others to do the same


Honestly I like this, the media so often just portrays the “death, doom, destruction” angle and it’s nice to see videos of humans helping humans. Also this may not be the case for more open-minded people, but those against multiculturalism might see this and realize that “hey, maybe we do all need to help each other, maybe we aren’t so different after all” But what do I know I’m a bit of an optimist


Unfortunately those kind of videos generally go in the direction of poverty porn. Of course it's nice when people take care of each other (even though social safety nets should ensure that people don't get to that point in the first place buuuut that's a whole other discussion). But when you record it to show all of your Instagram followers how good of a person you are, it certainly does add a sour feeling.


Encourages more people to give back. I agree to some extent, but if kept in good character and given permission afterwards, I see no problem.


We constantly show how mean and ugly we can be to each other, why the hell not try to show the world what a little bit of kindness looks like?


Also people: Show it or it didn't happen.


I'm with you, but at the same time, it's nice to see positivity


Like take it from a different angle . You switch on the TV and the news channels are all about negative news , murder , robbery , politics why not film something positive and show about and put a smile on everybody's face


Totally agree with you here. I think that all the time when I see these videos. I’ve never once thought about recording myself giving homeless people food. Seems to take away from the gesture, in my opinion; almost like I’m making it more about ME.


Too raise awareness to help,that is why


Yes, precisely for that reason. This wasn't some "influencers" trying to promote themselves or push politics. They saw someone in need, did a nice thing, and filmed it. I think that I understand where you're coming from. The deed should be the focus, not the video. But we live in strange days, where hypocrisy, narcissism, and hate are considered virtues. I think that we need more public displays like this to show that not everyone in the world has lost their minds. We need a lot more of this, and less narcissistic self-promotion.


What a heartwarming thing.




First time visiting this sub and y'all came HARD. Beautiful.


This makes my heart feel really good. Bless them all 💕


This honestly hits me hard. People like that restore my faith in humanity. The world needs more people like that.


♡♡ LOVE ♡♡


*No, ma'am. We're comedians.*


hahadavis is a gem. I remember his prison skits when he was starting out lol glad to see him doing good for the world


I was trying to find out who these guys were. Do you know the name of the other guy too?


And then recorded them giving her money cause all they care about is the social media points


*There’s still good in this world Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for*


THIS is what the media needs to show more of. Humans helping each other, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, whatever.




Such wonderful compassion. My heart is full, my eyes are teary. ❤




This is so wholesome. We need more of this care and kindness in our lives.


Ladies and gentlemen... compassion!! The world needs more of this, even on video. What a fine example these comedians have made for us.


Anybody know who these comedians are? I'd like to check out their comedy.


Haha Davis in the burgundy


Thanks friend. Hope you have a great week.


Same to you! 👍🏾




I try to pay for someone everytime I go to the gas station.... the stories I hear are crazy. I always seem to find someone who really needs. I'm not a man of faith, but maybe I'm wrong.


Man those guys are great. Truly wonderful people.


A good deed done whatever the motive is still a good deed.


That’s real love. Comedians don’t have any money.


This video never gets old. These guys have kind hearts.


This made my day (and made me smile)


The best thing I ever saw today ❤ I ditch fb because of the superficial nonsense posts and stick to reddit and only join communities that only positive and help me to have a more positive day. Thank God I did this.


Love is the real surprise. -Theodore Roethke


I can't work around all these people cutting onions, come on...


“Take care of each other” - simple words but so powerful - and irrespective of what color, religion, beliefs... that’s what human beings are for living a short life on this planet


It’s like they want to prove they’re good people by filming it. Don’t record just do it otherwise it comes across like you’re filming because of your personal gain


Faith in humanity restored


Damn ninja onions!!


Those are angels, you don't have to believe in God to see it. You don't need wings to lift people up.


Is it dusty in here? ​ \*wipes eyes\*


Thanks for posting this, it really made my day. Glad that there are so many good people on this earth!


Aaaand my wife just asked my why I'm crying.


I thought it said they were Canadians


Brought tears to my eyes Humans at their best.


*Your life is complete only when you do something for others which they can't repay you.*


Can someone crosspost to HumansBeingBros?


What you need is a functioning welfare system.


Now thats funny, I smiled


Made me cry. Fuck you. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Too many feelings that were scaring me.


Awesome! There’s a Lotta goodness like that in this country that the news never shows us! It’s not in their agenda, they want us to think that the whole country is divided… And it’s not as bad as they make it out to be


anything for clout


Video turns off, money gets taken back lmao


I'm not crying you are! 🥲