Best school for non-business background

Best school for non-business background


At Kelley, we've had lots of students who come from non-business backgrounds. We've had students who were professional musicians, schoolteachers, scientists, and more. We appreciate and support those students in their learning, and they are great contributors to the classroom and the community. Happy to chat with you further about this and provide some examples of student success stories--feel free to PM me.


Booth lets you customize your entire MBA to learn exactly what you want. This can be as broad as you imagine to solidify the fundamentals if you're not business inclined/have a strong background, or very focused if you want to drill to a specific topic.


I actually wonder if that would make it the worst school. I think a school with a broad general curriculum that gives me exposure to the most areas would be best


You can take nothing but broad exposure courses for your entire MBA at Booth if you choose.


It allows you to pick exactly what you need and customize your education for your targeted career path. The value proposition of a flexible curriculum might be less compelling for someone who needs the basics, but by no means would it make it a worse choice.


Wouldn’t booth be the worst of the M7 for getting a good general management education given the extreme flexibility? I think there is something to be said for learning the fundamentals with your section. I know US news isn’t reliable for much but they rank the top 4 general management schools as HBS, Stanford, Kellogg, Wharton. Booth doesn’t crack the top 10


I think Wharton is probably the best mix of fundamental core curriculum + flexible electives. HBS case method is fantastic for certain areas, but gives me pause when it comes to finance/accounting, etc. As a non-business background person, you would most likely have to study on your own time to master the fundamentals.


It’s amazing how tus sub jumps from T25 to T7 in a second, I’ve talked to a couple of students and alumni from Ross who said that it’s totally doable without a business background, not a piece of cake, you’ll have a hard/bad time, but the support from others and the school makes it possible


Great feedback from the comments so far. I would add that you have an opportunity to be proactive now (before applying) and start building your business background- through various online options (Coursera, MBA Math, etc.). Not only will this start getting you back into "student mode", but it will expose you to some of the content you're going to see in b-school. As an added bonus, it's another way that you can demonstrate to the adcoms that you're serious about an MBA, able to take initiative and that you have the quant potential to succeed. They're looking for that from all applicants, but especially those coming from non-traditional backgrounds (which it sounds like you are). DM me if you're interested in talking more about your profile and how admissions consulting services can help.