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I remember this story when it happened, and I wanted to see if there was any update. [https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/national/wp/2018/03/11/feature/a-beloved-restaurant-owner-was-deported-a-community-was-in-uproar-then-it-moved-on/](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/national/wp/2018/03/11/feature/a-beloved-restaurant-owner-was-deported-a-community-was-in-uproar-then-it-moved-on/) According to this WashPo article a couple of years later, the wife, Helen, is also an immigrant! From the article "**Roberto’s wife and her sister had both moved to the United States illegally from Greece, but they believed their ambition led to their amnesty. They couldn’t imagine that would no longer be the case**." She is from Greece (maiden name Limberopolous), and she must have gotten amnesty in the eighties via Reagan. This BLOWS MY MIND! This is a double case of leopards eating her face....also coupled with the fact that everyone in their town who just "loved" Roberto so much seem to not give a single shit about him or his family now that they are all in Mexico.


>“I didn’t even see Roberto as Mexican,” said Angela Banfi, a friend and waitress at the restaurant. “He was not one of those Mexicans. He was like a white boy to me.” what a racist sack of shit who doesn't even know that they are a racist sack of shit.


wow that's just openly racist


You say that, but similar comments in my area are met with *"hOw dARe yOu CaLl mE rACiSt"* They *genuinely* don't believe that they're being racist by saying things like that or telling people to go back where they came from. It still confuses and infuriates me every time I see it and I have no idea what they think racism actually is, physical hate crimes maybe?


They'll say shit like people aren't racist unless they're in the KKK or burning crosses or calling someone the N-word. They think that's their reasoning, but it isn't, really. Their reasoning is, "Well, racism is a bad thing only bad people do, and I'm not a bad person, therefore I'm not racist." Getting them to accept the word is asking them to humble themselves and consider that maybe they do and think bad things, and for a lot of people, that's unacceptable.


> or calling someone the N-word. Nope, even that is ok. I have relatives who routinely use the N-word, and yet would be *very* offended if you called them racists. They legitimately don't think they're racist, they're just being 'honest'. To them, it's not racism if you legitimately think n*****rs and s**cs are just lazy...




Spics. My grandfather worked with a lot of Mexicans at his job. As he always used to say "The Spics might be lazy but at least they're not drunk like the n****rs". Of course, the fact that he was an alcoholic himself was irrelevant to this judgement... I honestly think liberals don't realize the size of the disconnect here. Forget 'wokeness' and trans rights and all those other issues. Just getting people to realize that using the N-word isn't ok is still a big challenge...


>"Well, racism is a bad thing only bad people do, and I'm not a bad person, therefore I'm not racist." THIS This is the big hurdle for most people. They see rascism as a trait that makes one instantly and holistically evil, rather than as a spectrum of actions that can range from douchey to abhorrent.


They think that racism is just being an overt white supremacist. They see the world in black and white and don’t understand nuance. It’s a major factor in their overall stupidity.


Yup. If you're not attending a cross burning or goose stepping down the street in your SS uniform you're not a racist to them. Even dropping the n-bomb at thanksgiving dinner will often be met with excuses by like-minded people. "Oh, Uncle Walter was just kidding when he called black people lazy n\*\*\*\*\*s. A black person cut him off in traffic today and he was just upset at the time. He's not racist."


Ugh, I have in laws that use the n word all the time. I hate it. It is pathetic that these are grown ass adults. They have derogatory names for every racial or geographic group and then have the nerve to bleat their religion to anyone who will listen. They are Qanon morons and they also believe they are going to get raptured soon. They have, over the past year or so, been ditching all their old friends and surrounding themselves with people from their church and the worst part is, their kids aren't allowed to play with any kids anymore that aren't from that same church. I suppose it goes without saying their kids are all homeschooled and it is heartbreaking to see how their bright and sweet little minds are being utterly controlled.


This is the exact person who says they aren’t racist because they have a friend who is Latino.


A white Latino


nOt LiKe tHe oThEr iMmIgRanTs


"one of the good ones"


"almost white"


"Dark White"


There you go.


Republican POC and gay republicans absolutely LIVE for the approval of people like Angela. Being told they're "one of the good ones" is their bread and butter, it makes them feel special and unique.


It's the closest they'll get to feeling white. I didn't get it at first because I would see these dark ass Latinos on Spanish speaking tv wearing the maga stuff, I was so confused seeing them surround themselves with leopards. Then it clicked one day when I heard this lady give off her reasons for voting for Trump: the seeking acceptance/approval, the distancing herself from "the bad ones". This was her chance to finally feel accepted and belong with white people, she just had to wear a silly hat to get the pass.


Lmao, as a white skinned Hispanic, they don't see us as white either once they learn we're Hispanic. It's super weird being friendly with someone when they assume you're white, then they learn you're Hispanic and their entire demeanor changes. A girl I was friendly with for weeks learned I'm Mexican/Colombian-American and told me to go back to Mexico. I called her a racist and she got the most shocked look on her face and said "actually I'm not a racist". So yeah, we have an easier time in our day to day lives because we have white skin, but we have our own struggles. ETA: just to be clear, I was born in the states. I'm not a foreigner, she told me to go back to Mexico because of my race, not because I'm actually from Mexico.


It’s fun when some of them just try to backtrack “oh no! You know… you’re not that type of hispanic” “Yea what type is that? Explain it to me so I understand.”


Or when they say "oh, you don't look Hispanic" like they're complimenting me, lol. Hispanics can always tell I'm Hispanic too, so it makes it extra weird that I'm told I don't "look Hispanic". That's just code for "why aren't you brown" though, clearly.


When they drop the “good immigrant” shit to justify their bs I drop that my grandpa came over illegally from Mexico. I am *exactly* the immigrant they hate. Refuse to let them off the hook. Funny thing is, I’ve never met one of them who has lost a job to an “illegal” or known anyone who has.


The illegal immigrants stereotype is so stupid. They're simultaneously so lazy that they want to mooch off the government, yet they're also taking jobs away from "hard working Americans" aka white Americans. If a "lazy immigrant" can take your job so easily, maybe you just fucking suck at your job. Also, ever notice how these same people NEVER complain about Americans paying illegal immigrants shit wages so they don't have to spend more to pay citizens a legal wage? All the blame is put on immigrants. Sure is a mystery why that is...


Scheoedinger’s immigrant; simultaneously so industrious they are stealing all the jobs, and so lazy they are taking all the welfare.


A lot of Mexican-Americans see themselves as white too. And are just as racist and hate “those” Mexicans, the ones they call “wet backs” because they see them as lazy. They think they worked hard for everything they have and resent anyone who gets a fair shake or help because they didn’t get it. They’re just a racists as their white friends. They vote like them. Act like them and absolutely cannot imagine what is said about them when they aren’t around. This is how my family thinks and behaves. It’s disgusting.


Tell me you're a white supremacist without saying you're a white supremacist I mean to these people basically a "good minority" is someone who is deemed worthy of having their cultural identity erased and being seen as white. Never do anything to remind them that you're not white, and you're good.


Well, when a leader describes an ethnic group as "bad hombres" and you lack critical thinking skills... This this what you get


My husband's parents say this about me and my family all the time. I think it helps them cope with the fact their son married a Hispanic woman. They just pretend I'm white lmao. We don't visit often. :)


I never understood why my paternal grandmother wasn't affectionate to me until I realized that she didn't consider my Mom (whose father was Lebanese) to be white. To her, we were the mongrel kids of her son's marriage to a brown woman. And I'd be kinda surprised if she never used the word "mongrel" given the way she talked about black people.


Similar situation to my mom and great-grandmother. My mom didn't understand why her father's mother was so mean to her and so nice to her cousins. Then one day when mom and her siblings were over visiting, she heard GGma on the phone telling someone that "my Mic grandkids are here." GGma was from England and didn't like that her son had married an Irish Catholic (Mic is an old slur for the Irish, from back when they also weren't considered white). Mom went home and asked my Grandma what a Mic was and hoo-boy did the shit hit the fan. My Grandfather ended up having a talk with GGma which basically amounted to, "If you talk like that about my family again, you can pay back what I've shelled out for your rent and food and start supporting yourself." She probably still used the slur, but she got the message about keeping that shit to herself.


It could be just ignorance, if they are like me. I used to think people from Mexico, the Middle East, South America, and anyone else with brown skin or a history of relatives with brown skin were "white" like me. I have since learned it's less about actual presenting skin color and more about other people's dismissive and prejudicial and hostile attitudes. I didn't realize people with brown skin were treated differently than people with glow-in-the-dark skin like mine. I wasn't aware. I wasn't reading about experiences of other people of other colors. I wasn't seeking to understand, and so I did not understand. I am learning. I hope your husband's parents wise up. Life is short and they are missing out.


In 1900 in America Jews, Spaniards, and Italians weren't white. It wasn't until the 50s that this really changed.


“Angela was not one of those Karens. She was like a cunt to me”


Nah, she lacks the warmth and depth of one. Truly a POS


> House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and immigration activists held him up as an example of what they said were exceedingly cruel new actions by President Trump. They said his aggressive efforts would ensnare good people, rip apart families and **lead vengeful communities to exact their furor at the ballot box** Not as much as it should have.


I know a couple who never would have met if Trump had his way yet love Trump. Wife's mom came over illegally and live with them. Also push antivax content despite the husband being immunocompromised.


Unfortunately that's not an isolated incident. A girl I knew from high school had a son who was immunocompromised. The wrong people got to her when the kid was young, and now she's convinced that the Vitamin K shot at birth is what gave him issues, and she refuses to get him any vaccines. Normal person in high school, but got added to one too many "crunchy" mom groups during pregnancy, and now she's an anti-vax nut.


The antivax movement was started by grieving mothers who wanted to blame someone or something for their child’s afflictions. The sad part is, they never realized how many mothers grieved their children due to illness that we’ve previously conquered due to vaccines.


It's even worse. It was started because Andrew Wakefield wanted to get governments to switch to his MMR vaccine formula


Anti-vax movements existed long before Andrew Wakefield was even born. They've existed just as long as vaccines have, and had their roots in the anti-variolation movements that existed even before vaccines. He just was the one that created the bogus link to Autism that was grabbed onto and shared by anti-vaxxers. Anti-vaccination movements aren't recent... What is recent is the ability for them to amplify stupidity to the masses via social media.


I worked with a girl who was born here, as were all her siblings, to their Mexican parents who crossed the border illegally to move here. Guess which way they all vote? Her bff at work was a refugee whose family came here in the 90s. Guess which way they all vote? It's exhausting until you realize they just don't have empathy.


There's also the delusional superiority. Otherwise they would know they're not 'one of the good ones.' lmao


It's not just a lack of empathy. It's letting feelings control decisions vs facts. They feel like they belong to Trump's tribe, even as the real policies of that tribe seek to remove them from the USA.


Trump is lowkey really good at what he does if he manages to convince ppl like this to like him


Reminds me of a cringe experience I had about 15 years ago. I was with a couple of coworkers making fun of someone and about halfway through I realized they were talking about me and just substituting the other coworker's name. Needles to say that was a necessary humbling and a lesson I won't forget.


... Please don't send her back, we have enough of our own xenophobic idiots already. :(


I thought Greece was so lovely when I was there. As a black dude traveling but was great. It was like Italy but not Italy at all. And the only place that made lamb taste good!


I read your comment about lamb to my Greek boyfriend. Made him really happy ;)


My neighbor, who is a "libtard" hating idiot, was complaining that she couldn't find any yard help after the orange moron was elected. Well, wtf were you expecting? You can't have it both ways!


>she couldn't ~~find~~ afford any yard help


Yeah! Deport all the illegals! MAGA! OK, sure, you'll be mowing your own lawn and paying more at restaurants, but you, of course, realize that's what you're asking for. That's the whiter America you want, right? Wait, I have to mow my lawn? Surely there are red-blooded white Americans who want to mow my lawn for $25? Right? ... RIGHT?


My friend owns a disaster and emergency clean up company. Like if a pipe burst, or there's a fire, they clean it up. They live in Sacramento, CA. He is complaining no one wants to work cuz of unemployment bonuses. The pay is $20/hrs with full benefits. That's a hair over 40k. You can get that at a lot of office jobs without back breaking labor hauling waste, sometimes toxic waste in extreme conditions.


Oof. $20 per hour in California is exactly Jack and Shit. Also Dummy 45 shit all over H1B visas, some good people that I knew left the country as a result, and now we have a shortage of skilled IT in this country. Yay.


Mmm. Brexit flavored.


> Mmm. Brexit flavoured. Ftfy.


They better not be tryin to crawl back here from Mexico. I’ll be at the boarder with my shot gun and red neck… just waitin. (Spit in bucket)


I wonder how she voted in 2020...


Probably didn't. She followed him to Mexico.


what did she *think* was going to happen? ffs


These people don’t really have a strong comprehension of reality.


Judging by the con artists they support, their comprehension tops out at 3 word slogans, and the grammar of a toddler.


Three word slogans?! *Takes long, hard look at the Conservative Brexit campaign in the UK.*


Get Brexit done. Unleash Britain’s potential. Britain deserves better. Ffs


Honestly, I was more enraged it worked than that these types use them.


Vote leave Leave means leave Believe in Britain Take controll See EU later Get Brexit done


Where's "Brexit means Brexit"? The most puzzling of all. - but what does that even mena? - shut up and be patriotic for once! :D


They're a bunch of room temperature IQ motherfuckers...


In the dead of winter. With all the doors and windows open. And no heat.


In Celsius.


oh c'mon that's not right. MAGA is *four* words.


That's why they shortened it to MAGA - just the 2 syllables.


That's the nice thing about reality. It hits you hard and doesn't care about yout opinions.


*votes for man on platform of building a wall to keep Mexicans out and deporting anyone who even looks Mexican regardless of legality or actual country of origin, literally redefining ICE to the current image of the SWAT teams raiding places like Walmart* *Mexican husband is deported* **”well how could I know it would affect me?!”** *shocked pikachu*


“I wanted to keep them out. He’s already here, so I don’t get what the problem is.”


Imagine myself doing indeed shocked Pikachu face when hearing in the radio from the first generation Indian immigrant why she voted for Brexit: "I think that's enough of the immigrants"


Bizarrely the most outspoken brexiteer at my old workplace was like this. I honestly thought they were joking for a while


It's because people think that they're the exception to the rule. I read an article recently about these rabid anti abortionists who protest the pro-life shit outside clinics etc. As soon as they need an abortion though, like if their teenage daughter got knocked up by a black man, or they'd been banging Jane from accounts, they'd be straight down the clinic. Because they're nothing like all those other non-god fearing sluts who couldn't keep their legs closed. No, they just made one little mistake and on this one occasion only, it is moral to have the pregnancy terminated. Mental gymnastics mate. Makes people do crazy stuff.


How could leopards eat MY face?


Ah yes, the ol “ball don’t lie”


They always think it’s going to affect the ‘bad people’ only.


I don't think that most Trump supporters watch the news. At all. And if they do, it's small amounts of fox and other right wing outlets. That, or this lady really is divorced from reality and she just denied what Trump said about immigrants.


If i remember the article she thought he was only getting rid of the bad ones.


All immigrants are the “bad ones” to republicans… smh people are so dumb


They've been raised on television and entertainment. They view their lives through that lens. They think they have plot armour and nothing wrong could happen to them, because they are the main character of the story. The only problem is that life isn't a TV show.


>That, or this lady really is divorced from reality Considering that is their official platform I'll go with that.


They prefer the phrase, "We embrace _alternative facts_."


Their level of detachment from reality is frightening. I believe all trump supporters must have some level of schizophrenia. /s But seriously, Imagine if, prior to trump and the GQP, someone came up to you on the street and started ranting about Jewish space lasers, Hillary running a pedophile ring in the basement of a pizza parlor, democrats want to enslave you and are using fear to control your mind, Bill Gates wants to microchip you, etc. You’d probably feel bad and think that poor man must have serious mental health issues.


Trump supporters do have a higher divorce rate than the GP.


There was a facebook comment or tweet (it's been a while, a social media post atleast) where a guy was trying to get Trump's attention. He was a off-shore driller and voted for Trump to fix America. Turns out Donny sent his Filipino wife home and dude couldn't leave work. Simular to this, I feel little towards those who put him in charge.


> sent his Filipino wife home Damn, her only options were to either stay in Trump's America or go home to Duterte's Philippines


Nothing. Because a primary facet of modern American conservativism is "If it hasn't happened to me, it doesn't exist" I don't know if its a failure of empathy, or an inability to understand consequences, or what - but its there.


Look no further than Meghan McCain suddenly caring about health care and leave availability for new mothers *only after she herself* went through a traumatic experience giving birth and afterwards. Like, glad you're finally with the rest of us on the right page, but also, STFU.


Definitely a lack of cognitive empathy at least—an inability to imagine the circumstances of others, and a belief that life isn’t fair, but you just “deal with it” when it’s someone else. But when life isn’t fair to you, well suddenly we need to change some things. Probably the amount of minorities in this country!


It's worse than that though - because of the prosperity gospel nonsense that has infested the evangelical south and Midwest - "bad things only happen to bad people - so they deserve it - and I'm not a bad person...."


Probably both.


She thought him being white-by-proxy would protect him.


That's exactly it. For a lot of American conservatives, America has an unspoken caste system or strict pecking order, and the rules don't apply to the people at the top. So they're surprised or consider it unjust when a rule is applied to someone they consider to be of a caste that should be above them.


Honestly this is my gay friend who voted for him then ran into work complications when Trump repealed protections. He thought he was straight by proxy right up until his employers seized on the opportunity to outright lay him off, last I heard he still hasn’t gotten a new job.




Most states are at will employment so they can fire you for no "reason" (even though you get fired coincidentally right after your boss finds out you're gay) Technically it's illegal to fire because of religion or sex or certain protected classes but good luck proving that


There are many institutions funded by churches that claim religious freedom. Could have easily been a hospital.


“He’s one of the good ones”


> Not MY man! He's a good, strong man who respects his superiors like you and me. He's NOT like the others. He doesn't leech off of OUR teat! He's one of the good ones! Trump will get rid of the rapists, gang members, and drug traffickers that Obama loved! probably thought something like this.


If you asked her? Probably something along the lines of 'That they'd recognize that my husband is *different,* that he's an *exception* and one of the *good ones.*" A common theme in these stories is that these people are immediately and horribly surprised when the rules that they supported get applied to *them.* The law is supposed to *protect* them, and bind *other people.* The whole 'American Exceptionalism' thing, expecting the rules to be different for them and theirs because they are 'exceptional'.


Yep, it’s “oh no he deserves to stay! he works hard, is well liked in our community, and we pay our taxes, etc” Never stopping to consider that, statistically, the vast majority of people who are in this country ‘illegally’ are the same way. I feel terrible for her family and their children, but people like that don’t allow themselves to see beyond their front door.


She thinks *her* immigrant is special. But everyone else like him? Beneath her notice.


He was supposed to hurt the *right* people.


I really think that these people think that the world is the way it is by it's very nature. It's like, they don't realize policy exists. They think america has always been like this and this is just how things are. That things can't really change


I should feel bad, I really should. However watching these morons get exactly what they deserve brings me small comfort.


You shouldn't feel bad. Trump was very clear and open about who and what he is. She saw the same stuff everybody else did. And she voted anyway.


Feel bad for their kids, but that’s about it. Their kids didn’t have any choice in the matter.


I try not to engage in Schadenfreude too often - it’s not good for a person spiritually or emotionally. But just like diets can have cheat days, sometimes it’s healthy to indulge.


>Schadenfreude I've been on a Schadenfreude binge for the last 5 years.


You can have a little schadenfreude, as a treat.


Reminds me of those "Latinos for Trump" signs I saw a year ago. I smh so fucking hard


Both of my parents voted for Trump...twice They're Colombian. I also live near Hialeah FL and the amount of Trump flags I still see on a daily basis is genuinely concerning and hilarious at the same time.


Gaaah this hurts! I'm Venezuelan, and seeing all these Venezuelans cuck for trump was so baffling. Like.... did you not just run away from that shit bro?!?!?!


It's because conservatives in the US constantly lie about democrats being communists


And many immigrants from Latin America are deeply socially conservative Catholics


Clearly the guy who cheated on all three wives, went on an execution spree, and gassed a crowd so he could hold a bible upside down is the guy for the socially conservative Catholics.


Yes, that's good and all, but whatabout *hunter biden*?


He said he was against abortion for people who aren’t him, that’s all they need to hear.


Communism is basically a real life boogeyman for a lot of people from Latin America. Use that word and they'll jump on anything else.


It's the same for white middleclass republicans.


The reasoning is: "I ran away from communism, reps say dems are communists, so I gotta vote reps"


Cries in Cuban.... My mom: keeps saying that there’s absolutely no politician that reminds her of Fidel Castro more than Trump. My Uncle: Still voted Trump cause “The communist democrats want to riot their way into destroying our history”


Cuban here and yeah. My family passes for white. But often I remind my parents. "You know we're not really white, right?"


Shit like this is why my childhood homie's white-passing Mexican parents told him to tell people they're Italian and never speak Spanish in public. They were scared to death of being identified as Hispanics by white people.


Same here. Colombians but they're still insist that they're white smh.


From my experience in rural America, Colombians aren't considered white, they're 'Mexican'. This is not how I think, but it's highly likely that's how the majority of people in my super republican area think.


It's just an illustration of how "latino" doesn't really mean fuck all other than from a Latin American country. It hasn't even been 200 years since the Spanish Europeans still existed as the ruling class with varying degrees of mixed races between them and even part of the vice royalty staff. They fucking persecuted whites whose only sin was not being born in Spain, so this idea of whiteness and Latins always breaks down at any level of analysis. Places in Colombia and Argentina have "latinos" that are more "white" than Americans in the South west. With a single Mexican or native ancestor.


Hialeah! I don't miss that city even though I was raised there. With that said, I'm in a similar situation. Cuban parents who talked about how Trump should let Mexicans die at the border. It was disturbing to hear.


One of my neighbors had one in his window and it was mind boggling. I even tried to talk to him about it but he was too far down the Q rabbit hole. Smh


Their offices are right down the road from Jews for Hitler


I know you were probably joking, but a "Jews for Hitler" group actually sort of existed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Association_of_German_National_Jews > A possible reason why some German Jews supported Hitler may have been that they thought that his antisemitism only was for the purpose of "stirring up the masses". > The seemingly ironic fact that a Jewish association advocated loyalty to the Nazi programme gave rise to a contemporary joke about [the founder of the association] Naumann and his followers ending their meeting by giving the Nazi salute and shouting "Down With Us!". > Despite the extreme patriotism of Naumann and his colleagues, the German government did not accept their goal of assimilation. The Association of German National Jews was declared illegal and dissolved on 18 November 1935. Naumann was arrested by the Gestapo the same day and imprisoned at the Columbia concentration camp.


The guy choose very badly, sadly. Or, perhaps he thought he was one of the "good ones", which in that case, good riddance


Yup a suprising proportion of immigrants are pro-trump and are surprised when other trumpers attack them 🤷‍♂️


Yep. The GOP offers that special sauce of machismo, greed, religion, and racism that is just irresistible to some immigrant groups, especially the men.


I think that some of us forget that just because we shouldn’t assume all immigrants are shitty people, it doesn’t mean shitty people can’t be immigrants. My family is pretty diverse and even some of my darker skinned Central American step relatives are borderline white supremacist fascist. I guess than in our little safe space of south Florida, they consider themselves to be white enough to not be one of those dirty no good others. Makes it really confusing when I’m the whitest guy in the room and they say racist shit. I feel like it would be racist to point out that I wouldn’t consider them to be white if I were to use the standards of a typical racist white supremacists but at the same time I find it annoying when they use racial slurs and say demeaning things about black people. I guess my point is that you can never underestimate people’s ability to be stupid and shitty with no self awareness.


"Los negros" "los indios" and those are some of the more restrained ones. Im cuban decended and I have to deal with the sameeeeeeee shit. A bunch of racist ass, immigrant family members who are most certainly not white but think and act like they are.


I’m Cuban and my girlfriend is half Nicaraguan and half Honduran. My racist uncles would definitely have considered my girlfriend an india, putomaya, or whatever other racial slur. The rhetoric would be that they aren’t as smart or that they are back stabbing and traitorous. The women all slutty and cheat on their partners. My girlfriend’s family are a bit more brown but are always talking shit about los negros being violent thieves who are lazy and live on government handouts. Both my uncles and my in-laws are Trump supporters.


>Both my uncles and my in-laws are Trump supporters. Sounds Cuban man.. they love the machismo and posturing and the strong man attitude. Plus the racism, they love the racism. >My girlfriend’s family are a bit more brown but are always talking shit about los negros being violent thieves who are lazy and live on government handouts. Dont you know that melanin content correlates directly with laziness? Silly person /s >putomaya Hadn't heard this one before but it makes me want to slap people. >The rhetoric would be that they aren’t as smart or that they are back stabbing and traitorous Right out of the white racist playbook




Reminds me of the time my Mexican immigrant (she became an us citizen in the 80's) mom cried after beating me, telling me something along the lines of "I don't want any of my sons with a no good ni***r" after finding out I had a black gf. Funny the girl was half Mexican too.


Caste system brainwashing from the Spanish is so fucking alive that it makes you wonder if you're actually in 2021. Some of us are as brown as Kotal Kahn without his war paint, but will stay trying to pretend to whiteness. And all it fucking does is just divide us.


> She also expected me to do all the things she used to do for him (21yr old man, she did all his chores). That sounds par for the course. Toxic masculinity is ingrained in Cuban culture. Luckily my mother taught me to cook, clean, do laundry, etc so I wouldn't be fuking useless >She was blonde and blue eyed. Still not white to republican LOL >Never again. Hey were not all like that. I get where you're coming from. Some of us cuban descended people are progressive or even a socialist like myself and do not fall into these stereotypical traps. >In my experience the idea of white is beautiful is strongly ingrained in the central/south/Caribbean countries. Yes. 100%. Its internalized racism. >They're super racist, like day before I started high school I was informed that if I brought home a black man I was told similar things as a child. "Yo no voy a pelar pasas" basically means " i won't be dealing with no nappy hair" if you decide to give me a child with african decent. Its super fucked. >Tira flecha Im not proud but I used to do this and I'm sorry you had to go through that. I'm in SoFlo as well but I've rid myself of those horrid prejudices. But you're right, we learned that from our parents.


I have never heard "tira flecha.". Yikes. Sorry that you had that experience. Sounds like you managed to get out of a bad situation.


Yup as someone from Central America I can’t agree more about how much my family members love trump. It’s insane to me


It’s like everything they supposedly hated about the left and communism is suddenly acceptable if it’s done by fascist on the right. It’s like a team sport to them, tribalism. They don’t care about freedom, democracy, or liberty. They just want the same government they left but with different branding.


Oh yeah I agree. I went to so many Christmases the last 4 years and my family had completely changed. I’m not saying they weren’t republican before but now it’s all they can talk about. Qanon, they literally yell trump at random times for a long period of time just because. But we’re the sheep right


My aunt is literally a professional political commentator on one of those local spanish cable news channels. She went all in on the Q bullshit and my mom has let her stay at our house when she visits for Trump rallies. My household is all Cuban democrats, so yeah. We all think she’s a moron but we put up with her for my Grandma who lives with us. I feel like we are harboring a terrorist every time she visits. Me and my mom always spend like a week talking about wtf is wrong with her, when she leaves. Last time she was talking about pedophile rings, adrenochrome, aliens, BLM being part of Hamas, and antifa being led by the jews. Worst part is that she is actually pretty articulate and very convincing. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m educated and actually follow politics, I’m sure she would have convinced me of some of what she talked about. She also does seem to actually believe in that shit, although she does also get paid for writing and talking about it. She is a fucking interesting case study and I’m also sorry for all the harm she is doing.


You could not have said that any better.


Outside of the internet they're not going to realize that you are one of the ones siding with them. They'll just see another one of "THEM"


I live in the Bay Area. Oh boy, is this some weird shit. Our cleaning crew, one dude, totally undocumented, he had his truck with Trump stickers plastered all over. Like, dude... c'mon.


Well it would probably keep the cops off of his back.


Culture camo


Almost like most of Latin America is still extremely conservative and religious and are highly susceptible to republican recruiting for those reasons.


And Republicans saw that and decided naw let's go racist against those groups instead.




Well, would kick him out. The wife is probably okay.


Yup there's a women from Honduras that came to the US about 15 years ago and ran for Congress as a Trump Republican, basically her whole platform was stopping liberals and ensuring that Trump can do what she wants. She lost her primary to a guy that made comments about her 'background.'


This is a thing with a lot of minorities who act against their best interest. There is this attitude that many are sold that they’re still “above” other minorities. He’s thinking “I’m not a Muslim” or “I’m not black” or “I’m not like those *other* undocumented immigrants, I work hard and marry white ladies while they do drugs and steal.” And people assume that their mindset of “I’m above the others” translates to the folks in power. That being “one of the good ones” makes them immune, or that joining in the hatred of other minorities will make the ones in power embrace them. It sometimes works in limited social settings, but never in the long term.


‘When Helen Beristain told her husband that she was voting for Donald Trump in last year’s presidential election, he warned her that the Republican nominee planned to “get rid of the Mexicans.”’ So it wasn’t so much the husband who merits the schadenfreude, but the clueless wife. She voted against her and her family’s interests and her husband bore the results. Another case of “no, not me or mine- we’re one of the good ones” “I understand when you’re a criminal and you do bad things, you shouldn’t be in the country,” Helen Beristain told the CBS TV affiliate WSBT. “But when you’re a good citizen and you support and you help and you pay taxes and you give jobs to people, you should be able to stay.” So only some, but not all, and certainly not mine. Got it. Maybe this experience has has opened her eyes to the world outside her bubble, that things are more complicated than they seem and that the people she voted for are having an active impact on her- “Instead of changing in the couple’s favor, the laws evolved to make her husband more vulnerable to deportation. Helen Beristain told the Tribune that Trump’s deportation measures — the ones she thought her family would be exempt from — are harming “regular people.” “We were for Mr. Trump,” she added. “We were very happy he became the president. Whatever he says, he is right. But, like he said, the good people have a chance to become citizens of the United States.” NOPE. NEVERMIND. She’s an idiot. Strongest case of cognitive dissonance I’ve seen yet. LAMF all the way! [source](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/04/04/the-last-ditch-effort-to-save-a-trump-voters-husband-from-deportation/) **EDIT/UPDATE #1:** Wait, it gets better (worse?)! “She also revealed that **she, like her husband, had once been an illegal immigrant**, though now she is a U.S. citizen. She is originally from Greece. Twelve years later, she flew back to Greece because her dad was fighting cancer. And four months after that, she realized that she couldn’t return to the U.S. because she’d become an illegal immigrant. So, she said, she flew to Canada and crossed the U.S. border with the driver’s license that she’d obtained when she was 16. She said she also had a Social Security card that was marked “not valid for employment.” It was 1991. Then in 1993, she made an appointment with the U.S. Embassy in Greece, where she came back to Athens, went through some paperwork and gained a legal visa to enter the U.S. In 2002, she said, she gained citizenship. That was more than 15 years ago. **She acknowledged that laws could have changed since then and that the process may not be so easy anymore.**” [source](http://www.southbendtribune.com/news/local/wife-of-granger-restaurant-owner-facing-deportation-says-she-regrets-voting-for-trump/article_65151376-10b7-11e7-ba7c-6783f924ac92.html) There’s so many layers to this, My head hurts from smh. **EDIT/UPDATE #2:** Looks like actions have consequences. They had to uproot their family and their lives” “In July, Beristain’s wife, Helen, and their three young children also moved on, leaving Granger to join him in Mexico. “If we are not together, what kind of family is that?” she said in a phone interview. In the municipality of Zamora de Hidalgo, the couple started a small pancake house to offset the lawyer fees. Their children take classes online because their parents fear they’d be targeted as Americans attending school in Mexico.”


>"Whatever he says, he is right" Fuck her


>"Whatever he says, he is right" Then \>Husband deported. ​ So why's she mad?


>In the municipality of Zamora de Hidalgo, the couple started a small pancake house to offset the lawyer fees. Their children take classes online because their parents fear they’d be targeted as Americans attending school in Mexico. Oh god. This is so terrible but so satisfying. So is she an illegal in Mexico now? Because that would be the perfect ending to this.


Hah, i hadn’t thought of that. Wonder how Mexico deals with that, though she is married to a Mexican citizen, so maybe she’s ok? Who knows? I feel bad for the kids, to have their lives uprooted so abruptly and drastically and now having to live in a foreign land, despite the fact that they’re American citizens. . . . Just goes to show you.


“…when you’re a good citizen…” Ah and herein lies the rub. He wasn’t.


“But they’re not talking about my husband, they’re talking about those illegals from the news” Smh, lady is duuuumb, AND she agreed to have it reported on a national news site so now her name is associated with her poor decision making skills. Feel bad for the kids, man.


“When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”


Seems like Immigration cops don't bother identifying the "good people"...


The good people are easier to deport... just saying


That should be carved on Trump’s mausoleum to be immortalized for all time, except have the “Mexico” part erasable so that people could fill in their own countries so they can see how quickly tables can turn against any people’s. A president in the 21st century was elected in this country based on this platform. Smh.


I never really sat down and processed this statement but this fucker really said Most Mexican immigrants are criminals and he's assuming by the nature of probability maybe 10% ( some) are good people but the way he says it is in a "but I wouldn't know anything about that" type of tone. I know a ton of Mexican trump supporters here in California and this makes me upset even for them .


I think it's important to mention that she didn't really regret her vote, because if she did she'd vote for someone else. In the article she says she wishes she didn't vote.


What were they expecting? "Oh you voted for Trump? You can stay then, immediate citizenship for you." There is an epidemic of stupidity in this country that, to me, is mind boggling. I've tried but I cannot understand the mindset. The lack of any form of common sense is frightening.


Have you watched any of the All Gas No Breaks/Channel 5 stuff? America is absolutely wild


Hey look, I feel 0 sympathy....


God this makes me sick to my stomach. My uncle was deported in 2015 and I haven’t seen him since. My family was so supportive of each other during all of this and thennnn voted for trump. Twice. I just don’t understand! How can u be so ashamed of our legal system when it comes to the treatment of Hispanics etc but yet vote for somebody who wants to make it even more difficult for people like my uncle to come to America? Like my uncle was a legal citizen. He was deported for weed. It makes me sick.


Obviously I don’t know your family, but perhaps their hatred and fear towards certain people is more powerful than their love for your uncle.


There's a meme going around that Republicans won't support an obviously good policy unless it personally affects *them*. I can't think of any examples right now, but, like, someone will be opposed to paid family leave, have a kid, and realize that, actually, now that *they* don't get paid family leave when they want it, we should have paid family leave in America. They're just too stupid to understand when other people need a policy change but they come around when they're the ones who need it themselves. This post proves that that's not true. They're stupid through and through.


Lesson to be learned: don’t vote for someone who hates your husband


Second lesson: Don't marry someone who would vote for someone who hates you.


“I didn’t even see Roberto as Mexican,” said Angela Banfi, a friend and waitress at the restaurant. “He was not one of those Mexicans. He was like a white boy to me.” That quote says it all.


I read a follow up article about the case that after a couple of months no one was bothered about the deportation anymore. Life moved on quite quickly and the wife was angry about the lack of support from "their commiunity". lol


Gotta love it when people leave a country to come live the American dream only to vote against that very thing like morons. Also, I don’t actually love it. It’s fucking infuriating.


Also interesting how many union folks vote Republican, since, you know, how much Republicans support unions.


I lived in a red part of Wisconsin years ago. They all voted for Scott Walker. Then they cried when teacher's unions were being taken away and the only school in the town was in danger of closing. That's what finally made my parents go liberal.


He didn't vote, his "I'm not racist but" wife did.


But in our home country, the communist formed a dictatorship that oppressed us and took away our freedom of speech! We lived in a police state where cops could put you in jail for just speaking out or protesting. Also, blue lives matter, just throw protestors in jail, disenfranchise voters, pack the courts, overturn the election! We can’t risk the communist taking over and taking away our freedom of speech, our rights to protest, and our fair elections!


But.....but....but IM WHITE! Those laws don't apply to me!


My mother was born in Germany to a GI and German. She was born off base, so she had to be naturalized. She also a Trump supporters went deep into anti immigrant job stealing stuff. Fast forward to 2018 - she gets a notice in the mail requiring her to present her naturalization paperwork - and she was completely beyond angry and puzzled as to why SHE, an American who has spent her entire life minus 6 months, had to prove she was an American because she has a social security number, and worked, and contributes, and voted for Trump. I found it to be a bit cathartic. Does my mom now think she made a mistake? No, she got hooked into some OTHER emotional triggering disinformation campaign and just like a goldfish, forgot all about how for a short time she felt like 'them'


I'd be bringing that shit up constantly. I managed to convince my parents that Trump and the Republican part were contrarian twats. Now they are much more progressive than I ever thought. They still have issues, but damn it's nice to hear them rooting for M4A and voting for local progressives.


“Oh my guh, who could have guessed this would happen?” *loudly sips dumb juice*


They don't get that its really not easy immigrating here. There are people who try for years and something as small as a clerical error or a lost letter can get them deported. Its nuts.