C/s "I'm not getting any signal"

C/s "I'm not getting any signal"


Car smells like feet and cheap energy drinks.


At least 3 Monster Energy stickers somewhere on this car.


Did you guys even pay attention. This is a bang guy. Only way he can say he bangs.


Had to stop drinking those. Give me the fucking jitters. Edit: the branding sucks. But G-fuel has been treating me right. Don't have to piss every twenty minutes. Nice solid buzz and great focus. But depending on metabolism, eat accordingly.


100% I drink way too many energy drinks, and I never really get any jitters from too many, or crashes or withdrawals from skipping them for a few days. But bang fucks me up every time. First couple times I thought it was coincidence, like I drank them on an empty stomach or something. Nope, shakes and sweats every time, guaranteed.


See, you did it wrong. You’re supposed to slam it until you feel the blood vessels in your eyes expand. At that point you become god and ascend above the shakes and sweats.


[Sleep? What the fuck flavor is that!?](https://youtu.be/THN73gP786c?t=63)


My HUMMER's in the SHOOOOOOOPPPP ​ relevant somehow


There is a Reddit post where a guy talks about making coffee with bang instead of water. Claimed it could raise the dead, probably can.


I laughed and read that to my girlfriend. The reply was, "Is he in the hospital?"


I remember it being on a thread of dudes talking about the military. Said he did it in the Middle East. I guess the army gets hella free bang.


I had a coworker once who told me ya gotta drink a Red Bull, "as fast as you can," to get the full effect. I told him to get off the God damn counter.


What he really means is you die.


Literally fucking this. Too similar.


that's crazy. the bang shots never give me jitters.


They’re fuckin awful. But I couldn’t have made a 2,000 mile drive without em. Stopped for one every time I got gas (which was a lot in a u-haul) but after like the 4th can a day, you start getting diminishing returns. My trick was to chug one about a thirty minutes before I got to my hotel so I’d have the energy to unpack for the night, shower, get ready for bed, and then the crash would hit and I’d sleep like a baby. Probably shortened my lifespan by a couple years from that trip…


The trick for long distance driving and tiredness isn't to keep drinking energy drinks when you get sleepy. Caffeine doesn't override the sleepy chemicals in your brain. What you should do is chug whatever energy drunk or 5 hour energy of your choice, then take a quick nap. After about 15-20 mins your brain resets the sleep chemical dump and you'll wake up ready to go.


Or cocaine... allegedly.


where did you piss? if i drank 4 bangs a day id be stopping every 5 mins.


There was enough Bang in his system that it just recirculated into pure unadulterated power


Yes but how many Fox racing?


All of them.


And, one “NO FEAR” sticker.


But it covers the bottom 50% of the windshield


Are those a thing again?


Car smells kinda burnt, too.


It's funny because the grommet through the firewall is so easy to get through on this car


I literally laughed out loud when I saw that ground wire. Edit: stupid autocorrect


The experience of this pulling in and then the whole escalation as we went from front to back inspecting it, culminating with the ground wire, had me dying.


Did you ask the customer what YouTube video they watched for instructions? That shit looks crazy bad.


Are there youtube videos bad enough to explain this? I feel like there's some entertainment value to be had if there are.




This is a pioneer subwoofer. That's right, we got one.


Well now I'm going to have nightmares that they do.


Spread the cpu cooler all over the steering wheel. You *really cannot* use too much here.


There's _always_ a youtube video...


Yes. Scotty Kilmer.


I get this reference!


There's roughly a zero chance there's a YouTube video on car stereo installs that is anywhere near that bad. The vast majority of YouTube help videos are actually pretty decent.


idk...I've seen some pretty cringey YouTube videos where it's very clear the person has no idea what to do but they speak in a way that others will follow.


I imagine the inspection was like this https://youtu.be/aDF97Ebilps


Okay, I literally have never heard of this show (sue me) but that was the most entertaining out-of-context clip I have ever seen. I gotta watch that


The whole series is on HBO Max - definitely watch it, it's excellent!




*looks around in Band of Brothers*


I feel like Band of Brothers isn't really a show, just a long movie or limited series. Same for Generation Kill. They are both fantastic, but when I think of shows I think of multiple seasons with long storytelling.


Band of brothers is a miniseries and it's obviously one of the best miniseries there is. The Wire has 5 seasons but I get your point.


It's really really good




_mother fucker_


“The Wire” is the best, after “Deadwood”, or maybe they’re tied. Both excellent television shows.


My 17 year old and his friend installed a system in my car I let him drive. I checked it over when they were done, and they ran they power from the battery under the car and right over the cv shaft, then back and up through a weep hole into the trunk. Fuse was also in the trunk a foot from the amp, lol. Had to explain what a fire hazard they made and what fuses are for...


hey on the bright side, they twisted the wire in the correct direction *and* wrapped it around the screw in the correct direction... i see both of those aspects messed up pretty often in electronics and electrical wiring.


I understand the wire wants to follow the rotation of the screw, but which direction of twist is correct and why?


counter-clockwise twist is correct, because the rotation and pressure from the screw head causes the wire to keep together instead of splaying apart on the end. you can also leave the insulation on the tip instead of sliding it all the way off to assist with the screwing process, then remove after it's screwed down.


Do you people not have terminal lugs?


Lmao didnt realize there was mor pics, this is hilarious


I physically recoiled more for each pic.


Honestly... Customer gets some points for knowing you don't have to run the negative cable all the way back to the battery. Because I've seen somebody do that.


For us amateurs, going through the grommet is the "proper" way, right? And the ground should go to a rear seat bolt that's been sanded underneath for contact? Or is there a better way that you'd see on a pro install?


You want to use a grommet if possible. Otherwise you have to drill through the firewall and add a small plastic grommet that comes with most wire kits. Going through a factory grommet can be risky if you're not careful because you could break a wire in the loom which is bad. Drilling through the firewall is also risky because obvious reasons. Overall just need to be careful and methodical. The "proper" way to ground is to the chassis with no paint between the terminal and ground point. Location mostly depends on where you're installing the amp and how much length of ground wire you have.


Translation, if you can't go through the grommet you have to go through the grommet


Translation: If you can't use the existing hole, you make a new hole.


For the ground check if you can find wiring schematics for your car. Chances are you can find a factory ground point somewhere close to where you need it. That saves you sanding and it's enough for basic installs. If you're looking for a lot of current, depending on the car even starting at 50 A, you'd typically be better off with custom GND connections.


Yes the grommet is the right spot. It doesnt have to be a rear seat bolt but thats generally the number one goto spot


Wouldn't be surprised if they didn't fuse the wire with that horrible install.


"i used to have an inline fuse, but it kept popping and killing my vibes so i just cut a short strip of wire and crammed it into the fuse holder and now my shit is FIRE, yo!"


Why cut a short strip of wire, when a 22lr round fits in so well?


"Audio visual alert fuse"


Nah if it's one if those awesome monster cable fuse holders then you need to use a 45 caliber.


on toyota steering wheels that have a [horn contact plate](https://forum.ih8mud.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Flh3.googleusercontent.com%2F-6hHmY8kZr_g%2FVm45PNXDSwI%2FAAAAAAAA1mw%2Fq5R4zLNiVQQ%2Fs1024-Ic42%2FIMG_20151213_154656.jpg&hash=3bb9ae6554a4e6c5c9602e94be15ae09), you can actually use a [22lr casing if yours has worn out](https://forum.ih8mud.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Flh3.googleusercontent.com%2F-xp07_ZF7pHk%2FVm45PAfvHII%2FAAAAAAAA1mw%2FdWYbptgKZMY%2Fs1024-Ic42%2FIMG_20151213_162749.jpg&hash=b6b18c40bc1c809d9e3ca2300ada5e23)


Haha ^fire


God's I love seeing shitty sound installs. Sadly that's not the worst ground I've ever seen, but it's up there.


LOL I saw State Government owned Corrections vehicles, 2007ish Impalas, with their strobes grounded under the rear seat bench with 3 inch screws that pierced the top of the fuel tank. A lot of smelling gas complaints from COs and Probation Officers. Lights were installed in house by an inmate crew....Fleet Management told all Executive Management of Corrections there was an emergency recall on all Impalas. Wouldnt explain the recall, just noted a flatbed was coming to get their vehicles. The recall was bringing them back to the garage and replacing all the fuel tanks. Ahh government. Dont even get me started on curtain airbag shunts for Express Van prison transports...that was another million dollars eaten by the unsatisfied hunger that is government waste.


Jfc. That's bad. What happened to the airbags?


There were options when installing personnel cages for prison transport when it came to the side fillers (the area between the cage and the B pillar). There were rigid and soft. Rigid were for non curtain airbags. All we had were Rigid. In his infinite wisdom the manager had this bright idea to cut the connectors on both side curtain airbags and solder in a shunt with the same resistance as the air bag igniter to keep the CEL off. SOOOOO Corrections found out and Fleet Management had to pay a Chevrolet Tech travel and labor to install brand new side curtain airbags in 50+ Chevy Express vans. It was a mess. Pretty much the worst place i've ever been a part of and have to note that i had ZERO to do with the decision making process at this location and usually laughed at their enormous fuck ups weekly. In this particular incident a service advisor came with the tech to see the job and help with billing and the ROs for 50+ units. He was laughing so hard and asked why they did that. The main manager just raged, yelled, cussed and essentially threw him out of the shop. The main manager sold used cars previously.......again thank you Government.


There are people in this business who have no business being in this business


Aside of the Chevy tech and service advisor, sounds like no one else was officially part of the auto industry. Because it sounds like the real repairs were farmed out to actual ASE techs, the main manager was just a promoted guard.


I came from a VW dealer. Wanted more holiday's and better insurance through Gov. After my short 3 year stint at a government garage, i was done. Keep my ASEs up to date but moved to Fleet logistics with another government cabinet......CLEAN HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!


You rise to the level of your own incompetence.


His ingenuity is admirable, but the implementation is not. 10/10 for the creative thinking, 0/10 regard for human life.


> have to note that i had ZERO to do with the decision making process You know a place is shitty when people say things like this.


80s-90s Crown Vics with radio installs on the deck in the trunk. When you use 2" screws to hold the transceiver chassis down it goes right through the fuel tank. I was left scratching my head the first time I pulled the tank straps and filler neck off and the tank just hung there.


Had a 92 Crown Vic. I am definitely guilty of having done this and I miss that car so much.




Eh, private corporations do the exact same shit. Nothing special about govt work here.


**Stop.** *Just stop*. Please, I'm begging you. You are triggering my PTSD so bad from when I also worked in government, lol.


Were they drywall screws? They’re always drywall screws…


I have a customers car in my garage right now. Front bumper cover held on by sheet metal screws....


Do you think it could have sparked in the tank if the screw wallered out the hole a little enough to jiggled around?


It's possible once or twice, but the fuse would likely blow. Assuming they fused it. If not then absolutely.


Forgot to say... NO CIRCUIT PROTECTION!!!!!


I love the word wallered.


How easy is a fuel take swap on a 2007ish Impala? I had an old one (72) and it took a mechanic almost no time at all to drop it and replace the rotted to shit line out of it that was dripping fuel on top of the tank.


This was years ago, from what I can remember they werent bad. Maybe paid 3.5 or 4, honestly i cant remember. The biggest issue was the price for the blown plastic molded tank from GM, and the quantity.


Sounds like the inmates were going for some payback.


lol it was a trustee that worked at a Valvoline once to avoid going to jail for unpaid child support. Seeing as how he was an inmate...his employment with then was very short. He was in a local county facility, he was working on STATE prison units, but yes indirect payback.


I know when it comes to the mechanics for my work, I go to a source of guys who are known to do things the easiest work around, improper way of doing things, including living basic life.


I'm curious what the worst ground you have seen is


The wire was about 3ft long and duct taped to the sheet metal.


I saw one ran all the way back up to and tied in with the radio ground.


To be fair here, this used to be recommended by old school car audio installers to avoid the whining noise caused by a ground loop. I'm not sure of the "theory" behind it, but I've heard it claimed that you need all audio devices on a common ground to avoid feedback. Most modern devices have filters that block this sound or circuits to clean up incoming power, but cheap amps could be pretty annoying if they amplified feedback instead of music.


The concept is sometimes called 'star ground' in electronics. Meaning every point that needs to be grounded is connected to 'ground' (chassis etc.) at a common point. That way the ground end of all the connections is at the same voltage, and there is no possibility of one grounded point having a very slightly different voltage from another. That's what causes noise to appear in circuits, or rather, not be removed. In the case of a car I suppose the chassis would be one big ground point that you could connect to at different places. But if there was any noticeable noise I'd consider running wires to a common ground point.


[Or you could really go nuts](https://partofthething.com/thoughts/building-a-low-pass-filter-to-remove-alternator-whine-in-my-car/)


Iv seen that as well


Nailed it!


Reading threads like these makes me feel so, so much better about my self-installed car audio.


Yeah even half added installs are better than shit like this. Installs like these are dangerous


When I was 16 I installed a couple of red marker lights under my dash of my ranger. One day while going down the road the wire caught fire. I had to grab the wire and rip it out while going 55 mph down the highway. I learned that day how stupid I was.


You're in good company [with Jim Lovell](https://www.airspacemag.com/history-of-flight/in-the-museum-space-capsules-180958440/)... >Flying a F2H Banshee, Lovell searched for the USS Shangri-La. It was slightly more challenging than he’d expected: He was using a light he’d invented to illuminate his knee board, and it accidentally short-circuited his instrument panel, so Lovell had to locate the carrier by the trails of phosphorescent algae churned up in the carrier’s wake.


This must be the origin of the story Tom Hanks told in *Apollo 13.* He just said his instrument panel went out, not that it was his own fault. :-P


You guys are lucky, I've gotten wiring where the ground was soldered to the negative battery terminal. I've also had grounds on non-grounded screws in plastic.


Not stump but worst ground ive seen is a wire just hanging aand thats as an electrician


This is art. What could make this worse? Routing a wire through a drilled hole in a window seal? Grounding to the steering wheel airbag?


Ideally you also want to take power using a piece of solid core household wire jammed into a fuse socket alongside the fuse, on the supply side, too.


We had a car come in with "everything" for a amp install right after this that had household electrical wire for us to run. We sold them a wire kit.




Came here to say this. And this was before the internet was there to get a billion videos on how to properly install shit. My friends and I did some clean af installs.


Absolutely! My buddy and I had a budding side business doing installs in his dad's garage in the late '90s. We had done our own and showed them off and word got around at school. Next thing you knew, we were the local experts having done a dozen or so cars for decidedly low profits such as "a case of beer," or "two extra large pizzas." We even did a few on barter - sound system for them and suspension work for us. Good times!


I'm so grateful about random YouTube videos, random (official) repair manuals floating around on the internet. I got a beat up car as a first car that should go to the scrapyard, that I bought priced accordingly. Thanks to all the online resources I am able to keep it running for the third year to come, and no end in sight yet. Chassis is rock solid, engine and transmission a bit meh but it runs and runs and runs. It's getting in a better and better shape, and only now got more expensive to buy a similar one but less fucked up - just because it was so cheap and I needed tools.


When I was young, I did this. Had to wiggle the fuse occasionally whenever the A/C went out


Time for some nostalgia. I had an 1972 Impala company car and as a young single man wanted some cool tunes but this was before 12 v amplifiers existed. However I did run into a friend that had built a prototype for a 12 v amplifier with tubes and a steel chassis that weighed about 30 lbs and was 7 inches high and a foot square. So I bought that from him and put it in the trunk in a box. As separate car speakers didn't exist at the time, and the back seat was huge I took a pair of AR3 speakers and wired them to the amplifier with relatively long speaker wires, so when we headed to South Padre or Galveston I could pull out the AR3s and put them on the top of the car and we would be the only music on the beach at the time. When driving I had those speakers sideways in the back seat. Great tunes! But yes I am sure I did a better install job and ran better lengths of fused power and wires than this one. [https://vintage-speaker-review.com/2020/03/acoustic-research-ar-3-speaker-review-and-specs/#:\~:text=The%20AR-3%20speaker%20had%20been%20designed%20by%20Edgar,than%20the%20later%20AR-3.%20History%20of%20the%20AR-3](https://vintage-speaker-review.com/2020/03/acoustic-research-ar-3-speaker-review-and-specs/#:~:text=The%20AR-3%20speaker%20had%20been%20designed%20by%20Edgar,than%20the%20later%20AR-3.%20History%20of%20the%20AR-3) Oh, another fact. An igloo cooler with 2 cases of beer and ice would fit between those two large speakers in the middle of the back seat and a run to Austin from Houston required exactly two cases of beer for two people. This of course was when it was totally legal to drive with an open container of alcohol in your hand at any time in Texas.


Awesome tale man. I love hearing stories from old guys


Were you heading out to get Aerosmith tickets? Number one priority of the summer!


I had a '72 Impala. Sold it last year. Mine was a four door sedan with the 350 4-barrel. A whole 155-165 HP at 10-17 (down hill with a tail wind) mpg. I did not even bother trying to install a better radio (than the barely working AM radio). We just drove around with a bluetooth speaker. My grandfather (who owned it before me) didn't care about having a radio.


> This of course was when it was totally legal to drive with an open container of alcohol in your hand at any time in Texas. I think it's still legal in Missouri


Passengers only.


Every time we went to Missouri in college, we’d pull over behind the “Welcome to Missouri” sign and make the youngest person hop behind the wheel while we grabbed beer out of the trunk lol.


The case of Bang energy drinks really ties it all together.


What, no fire? Power wire in door spells fire.


Crushed clipped are are the best!


Seen the crack head two doors down from me blow up a cherokee that way . First the windows popped like gun shots then the car was up in flames


Sounds like a cool self-destruct feature


What do you want to bet there isn't a breaker/fuse by the battery either?


No doubt there is not.


As someone who does audio installs on the side this shit is perfect advertising for me. Cheap CCA cable, pinched wires, no attempt to hide exposed wires, and garbage grounding wire/location are perfect examples why people shouldn't play with electricity without knowledge/experience. I can almost guarantee that power wire is also unfused. Saving a couple hundred bucks doing it yourself isn't worth it if you're just going to create a moving fire hazard.


> this shit is perfect advertising for me Sadly you know it's not. There seems to be 3 groups of car audio guys. The competition guys/shop workers who just do everything at their place. The guy who just wants to drop his car off and pick it up the next day done. Either because he's fed up doing it himself (your customers) or he just wants the shop to do everything. And lastly, the above. The amazon wishlist kid who paid less for a "2500W" amp for l did for wire.


With those install skills, I'm just shocked they're not getting any signal!


Saw a dude in high school run his amp power wire like this through the driver door/a-pillar junction. Except he didn’t have any large gauge wire, so he ran 2 pieces of 18ga twisted together at the battery and at the amp. Also, critical to the outcome of the story he fused it at the amp. Anyway, he decided to show me how it bumps, when suddenly there was this smoke trail from the battery to the amp as all the insulation burned off


I used to rig my old rides with shoddy sound equipment. But with today's vehicles and their mass of electronics, no way would I attempt to do what I did in my younger years to my modern vehicle.


Im tearing apart a 2018 camaro right now thats all smashed up with all the bells and wistles but the owner had installed 2 kicker 10's qnd used one of those speaker wire taps and ran a mess to every door, like why did you do this?! Odds are this car has a built in plug for a woofer as is in the trunk lol


as someone who doesn't know a lot about cars I can sometimes find that I'm lost as to what's wrong in some of these posts. *but* as someone who understands electronics & wiring, this shit gave me anxiety...


There's often a lot of little things going on with a vehicle that the owner or previous owner caused, and believe it or not many mechanics get lost. Mechanics who deal with multiple models and manufacturers **at random** have to have expert troubleshooting skills, and most learn a lot of those skills through years of moving tools from one part of the shop to another at a very fast rate. I don't consider myself a mechanic, because I build a lot of hot rods and pro touring cars from the ground up, and it's not the same. It has its confusing and aggravating moments that a lot of mechanics could relate to...but some of the things that are posted here make me want to give the OP a Xanax bar. There's been a few diy jobs I've seen here where I would have said some pretty off-color shit to the owner (if he's the culprit) before I could catch myself. Edit: made a correction


I'm not even an electrician or anything, but it feels like at least half the time I visit someone's house, I see something like this going on.


It’s the case of rainbow unicorn flavored Bang for me.


I feel that case of Bang says everything we need to know about the customer 😂😂


This dude deffinitly tells other people he knows how to hook up decks and subwoofers... Lets see the stereo wiring!!! Lol


Actually has factory h/u. That's why the signal grab coming out the door speaker is running straight from the door panel to the sill plate.


Surprised he didn't have the ground wire in a small pot of "earth."


“I’m just not getting the Bang I was expecting.”


The case of cotton candy bangs told me all I needed to know....


All the COQ-10 you could ever need.


I’ve seen a lot of bad installs and done a few questionable things when hooking up speakers for my friends back in high school but this is pretty bad lol


Those pictures smell like cheap cigarettes and crappy weed.


This has nothing to do with the kick ass wiring but what do you use to lubricate that door hinge/bar? My honda is starting to creek.


lithium grease


Cool thanks yo.


I have this same issue on my Silverado, and your question inadvertently helped me. Thanks :)


Right on man!


That's what you get when you have jiffy lube do your car stereo.


Best buy is back installing again? Good for them.


Saved a $250 install charge but now has a $500 repair charge. That's econ 101 in action boys.


I’m not sure why, but the case of Bang makes it that much better


"You mean in the car or to your head?" "Whut?" "Never mind."


Looks like a shart circuit to me. That’s some fine workmanshit If I’ve ever seen it.


Half the people on r/CarAV.


biggest douches ever, if you have some questions with oddity hardware due budget issues they have absolutely no problem shaming you for it. It works and is solid, but pretty much all of them can go fuck themselves now.


To be fair, like most larger subs on Reddit, about 80% of users don't actually know anything worthwhile about that particular topic. Take a look at /r/MechanicAdvice. Half lame jokes, half dangerously incorrect advice, and occasionally decent advice. Even JRITS has descended into mostly memes and shitposts. Unfortunately CarAV is heavily biased towards SPL so if it's not an 18" sub in a box the size of a small car on 10k amps they don't care. I wish there was a more SQ oriented car audio sub.


Never visited the sub myself, but as someone who does electrical/programming and installs on the side I'm curious what you mean specifically?


I have a weird subwoofer, it's the bass module of the [first generation BOSE Acoustimass](https://www.whatsinside.info/bose-acoustimass-am-5-se-5-501x-inside/). You connect the stereo output from the amp to the bass module, and from that the two little tweeters. Sound is very good, and they cost almost nothing. Since the audio in and output is stereo, the bass module sound is different if you connect just one input to the bass module (ignoring the tweeters). I had a very small bridgable amplifier back then, and the stereo output of the amp just wasn't enough to do anything nice with it. Long story short, I asked if it would be a problem to bridge it, and if not, how would I bridge this specific sub? or if I would do that, will it blow up? After all, it's not your random subwoofer with the wires inside directly connecting to the wires from the amp. Idk what they said anymore, but got so fed up with the way people responded that I just left that subreddit. I did bridge the amp, from the bridged outputs to two pairs of cable as if it were a stereo output. Works solid, could have saved me the headache from that sub lol


It takes less time to run thru fire wall. But it always comes down to "yeah bro my cousin does installs cheap"


My chewed up fat hands really went at that fire wall... darn these sausage fingers!!!!!


Shit like this used to be the bane of my existence when I was installing audio. Luckily I worked for a high end shop and we could turn away cars if they were total shitboxes. My favorite was a dude with a stuck civic that wanted a remote start who refused our quote and had his homebody install it. Long story short he hit the remote start in gear and jumped it into a shopping center window a couple weeks later.


The footwell gets worse the longer you look at it


That fucking ground wire lmao


What’s up guys! It’s ya boi @carsmellslikeadirtygymbag. Today I’m gonna show you how to wire up up a bangin system so you can get to bangin bitches when they hear your ride sounding like a vibrator in a night stand at the red lights. If you haven’t already make sure you hit that like and subscribe button and go check out my friends over at Bang energy and give them a big thanks for sponsoring this video!


My 18 year old self is triggered.


The flat of Bang Energy is just too perfect.


I worked in a hi-fi shop in the 80's-90's and we did a big car audio business. Often someone would come in with a self-install that didn't work. My favorite was where all wires from hood to inside went thru a jagged 1" hole drilled in the firewall. No protection at all. Scary as there was no fuse, either.


A ground is a ground, it should work


Awww... he painted the wire to match. How thoughtful. 10/10 would recommend.


I bought a used Jeep and someone did this with the wire for the auto start. I didn’t notice till after we bought it and it didn’t work. I disconnected it and planned on removing it. Stupid thing started to smoke under the hood! Couldn’t figure out why we could hear an alarm for 10mins (since alarm didn’t work, didn’t think it was ours). Went outside it stopped. Next day go to get in the Jeep and all we could smell was smoke. Pop open the hood and the smell was unreal. Unhooked the whole thing and then went over all the wiring just to be safe. Found a melted wire under the headliner. Pulled out the whole wiring harness. Wire to the lights on the visor mirror had melted and melted the sunroof. Now everything works and we know the wiring really well lol.


What year and model Jeep? The 2011 and up Grand Cherokees had a recall on them for sun visor wiring causing fires.


Litterally drinking a radical skadattle as I’m looking at this post lol


Was this... for those light strips on the floor? Is he not aware these kits have 3m tape... and instructions?


At first I was like yeah thats a lazy install but I don't see a serious problem... didn't realize there's more than two pics lol. WOW, just wow.




People still wire stuff through the door frame??? Come on man it’s 2021.


This looks like every "system" I've seen in cars. There's almost no in between, it's stock or some shit show like this.


Sir, you might want to ask for a refund from the toddler that installed this mess.


This whole submission reeks of; "A little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing."


I'm surprised they aren't getting a shocking amount of signal


oh my god..... that is hands down the worst DIY car system i have ever seen. The guys at the shop are going to love this


Bro you gotta throw the whole customer in the bin.


I imagine no fuse on the power wire just be slammed in the door? How hot can an 8 gauge wire get....


Damn, even with no prior experience I somehow hooked up my sub way better than this. How does someone screw it up that badly?


Holy short to ground Batman! Slam the door a few times and bam 💥


I've used to be an installer at a car audio shop many years ago. And sadly, this isn't even the worst I've seen. We used to charge double shop rate if the customer was in there before us fucking around with it. Edit: Spelling