Neighborhood rises up against HOA board

Neighborhood rises up against HOA board


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HOA’s help sustain original or higher home values. If a house is for sale on the block, don’t drop neighbor garbage cans near it. With no HOA just garbage no cans, too, and 4 foot jungles in front yards from the no mowers. Home values then tank around that.


YouTube, sucks ass why did they pull this!


I got you bro. I think the first link (Part 2) is the one posted here. Not sure though. [Part 2 HOA Meeting Gone Wrong 10/6/18](https://streamable.com/ts76fr) [Part 1 HOA Meeting Gone Wrong 10_6_18 _Link to Part 2 in the description](https://streamable.com/ojhyv3)


is there a mirror?




Or just be helpful bro


I got you bro. I think the first link (Part 2) is the one posted here. Not sure though. [Part 2 HOA Meeting Gone Wrong 10/6/18](https://streamable.com/ts76fr) [Part 1 HOA Meeting Gone Wrong 10_6_18 _Link to Part 2 in the description](https://streamable.com/ojhyv3)


Anyone got a Mirror?


I got you bro. I think the first link (Part 2) is the one posted here. Not sure though. [Part 2 HOA Meeting Gone Wrong 10/6/18](https://streamable.com/ts76fr) [Part 1 HOA Meeting Gone Wrong 10_6_18 _Link to Part 2 in the description](https://streamable.com/ojhyv3)


Fuckin YES! you are my hero


“This video was removed because it violates YouTube’s terms” fuck off youtube


I got you bro. I think the first link (Part 2) is the one posted here. Not sure though. [Part 2 HOA Meeting Gone Wrong 10/6/18](https://streamable.com/ts76fr) [Part 1 HOA Meeting Gone Wrong 10_6_18 _Link to Part 2 in the description](https://streamable.com/ojhyv3)


That actually sucks it was a good watch


I got you bro. I think the first link (Part 2) is the one posted here. Not sure though. [Part 2 HOA Meeting Gone Wrong 10/6/18](https://streamable.com/ts76fr) [Part 1 HOA Meeting Gone Wrong 10_6_18 _Link to Part 2 in the description](https://streamable.com/ojhyv3)


I'll step in front of a train before I live under an HOA.


I’ll paint my house with a Q tip before I join an HOA.


If you own a home you are hostage to your neighbors good behavior. If the neighbor decides to hang nazi flags outside, take all the parking with RVs and boats, turn their garage and driveway into a chop shop, rent their place as a party house, it's your tough luck to live next door. An HOA protects you from the loss of property values like car and homeowners insurance protects the value of your stuff. Sure it would be simpler and cheaper to not have an HOA but it only takes one household to destroy the peace of an entire neighborhood. Are there any adults in this thread?


HOA's are just a bunch of control freaks acting like pigs in shit. If you try to fight the pig he just enjoys it and you still lose. I will never live in another location with an HOA.


HOAs are for fragility. Talk to your neighbors


Hey, it’s me, the adult you’re looking for. What you’re missing is most areas have code enforcement officers that usually handle real issues like what you’re talking about, and are county or state run and are impartial. You’re also being ridiculous because state laws prevent much of what you’re talking about, such as residential properties being used commercially without the proper zoning. Also it’s called owning property and doing what you want with it. If someone wants to party and own an RV and boat, it’s not your fucking business if you don’t own their home.


I wish I could upvote more than once


I agree even though I fucking hate my hoa.


Fucking lol, get out of here dweeb


I'm sure there are some decent ones out there, but most of us aren't trying to metagame about property values, and there are always rules about what can and can't be done without having an HOA. Most HOAs that you see in examples like this are a bunch of aggressively conservative power tripping nutballs trying to nickel and dime people for completely normal things, and people aren't wrong disliking those people and that kind of abusive behavior.


No HOA in the UK and this isn't an issue. We have actual laws which govern antisocial behaviour, noise complaints and whether you can run a disruptive business in a residential area (you can't) and which ensure fair access to parking where space is limited. In return, I'm able to do whatever I like with my house and garden and driveway because I'm an adult, not a child who has to ask the teacher for permission. I find it funny that The Land of The Free™ is happy with the 24/7 restriction of your rights to control property bought with your own money, by a group of busybody neighbours, just to fend off the phantom of one imaginary bad neighbour.


I bought a house that was uncharacteristically cheap on a decent street in Manchester, discovered that the reason was the neighbour. She was completely unhinged, gardening at 4AM, going on week long multi substance benders, breeding puppies and dealing drugs/going on the game. Other neighbours told me the council didn’t care they’d been complaining for years. I sleep like a log and didn’t want any trouble so I got along fine with her, one day she decided she wanted to move down south and left. I sold and moved shortly after, her departure meant I pocketed a tidy sum. Problem neighbours are an issue in the UK too and I urge you to knock a few doors to speak to the neighbours before you ever make an offer on a house.


no HOA in my neighborhood. No problems either.


Wait some time then. Eventually one shitty insane meth head will move in an absolutely fucking smash their own place and everyone else's around it. You probably haven't even lived in a house for 10+ years.


I live in a nice suburban neighborhood for 25 years and lived in other nice suburban neighborhoods in different states for 15 years before that. None have ever had an HOA and I've never had any issues with neighborhood problems. And if an insane meth head moved in what could an HOA do anyways if they kept up their house and landscaping? I take what I said back: One house did have an HOA. It's only activities were organizing two parades a year targeted at the neighborhood's children (Halloween and 4th of July) maintaining a small landscaping and sign area at two entrances to the subdivision. There were no "rules" (other than dues of something like $75/year) and no enforcement of individual home's appearances.


>I live in a nice suburban neighborhood for 25 years and lived in other nice suburban neighborhoods in different states for 15 years before that. None have ever had an HOA and I've never had any issues with neighborhood problems. This is basically saying you don't ever need to wear a seat belt because you haven't gotten in a bad wreck. >And if an insane meth head moved in what could an HOA do anyways if they kept up their house and landscaping? Obviously I am implying they will fuck up their property and yours. This just proves again you've been lucky not to have a batshit insane neighbor. >I take what I said back: One house did have an HOA. It's only activities were organizing two parades a year targeted at the neighborhood's children (Halloween and 4th of July) maintaining a small landscaping and sign area at two entrances to the subdivision. There were no "rules" (other than dues of something like $75/year) and no enforcement of individual home's appearances. Again, that is just a shitty run HOA then. This is basically like saying all bananas taste like shit because you are only eating them after they have turned into brown mush.


HOA are non-existent in the UK and this is not an issue.


Lmao in the UK every house is already subjected to the non-crazy parts of US HOAs. In the UK, you still can't have your house be a rundown mess with a ton of broken down cars on the dead grass and have all of your windows broken and your paint peeling. Local authorities can be called if your house is a "blight" and you are still fined and forced to fix it to a general standard. There is almost no difference between a reasonable US HOA and regular UK house laws. Everyone always points out the literal batshit insane HOAs that care about the location of your trash cans or modifications to your own home. That is NOT the majority of HOAs and people online who are complaining about them are just a tiny percentage but loud outcry from the 1% of stupid HOAs.


I feel like every entitled old white guy has the same voice.


I would love to read a follow up on this. Did she ever move her garbage can? Did the HOA hold an election? I need to know.


What a bunch of power hungry pricks. They act 12 and all look 80. If they have such a problem with seeing the trash can, just set your trash bags on the curb. Problem solved, no more garbage can


How did these idiots get power if they weren't voted in?


Taking over a meeting and not leaving


Can anyone tell me what happened if you just don’t?


No! End of discussion.


This screams high school to me


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I would binge the hell out of this on Netflix.




If they can make a show about a paper company interesting, the sky's the limit.


Just watch parks and rec, it's pretty much the same thing


Thanks, I'm almost done with Manifest and was looking for something else to binge.




It’s funny because America is supposed to be the bastion of freedom. But they have the stupid boards that tell you what colour you can paint your fucking house. It’s pure fascism when it comes to dictating your private property. In Canada, I can paint my house however the fuck I want and if you don’t like it you can screw off. I can build a backyard hockey rink if I want.


PREACH. I give this speech all the time. HOAs in the USA are out of control.


Hoas aren’t everywhere man


People don't have to live in neighborhoods with HOA's, they choose to. Also, I love Canada.


Not necessarily true. Depends on the location. Here in suburbia Midwest it's either one of those neighborhoods or a trailer park, unless you move off to somewhere a bit more remote.


lol what? Maybe speak for your own small area but don’t lump the entire Midwest in to this fuckery. We don’t have any around me


What are you considering suburbia Midwest? Around me in Chicago, HOAs are few and far between outside of affluent gated neighborhoods or condos.


Unfortunately, they can not opt out of an HOA. They can choose to not live in the house, but if it's in an HOA, its in it regardless of the owner. They're horrible.


And Canada loves you! :)


Butttt myyy properrtttyyyy value.


Dictating your house color is not fascism, neither is having to keep your sidewalk clean, or maybe needing permits for hockey rinks. Dont wear it out.


Keep your idiotic opinion off my house.


I'm not talking about your shitty house. What is idiotic is calling it fascism for some annoying HOA to dictate your house color. Maybe save it for situations that involve actual oppression and not some petty bullshit about a fucking paintjob.


But you are talking about my house and every single other house out there. It’s disgusting how you get off forcing your shitty ass opinion on others. You’re disgusting.


You’re mad because you think that word should describe everything?


It's the new 'literally'!


So much for [Fredonia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedonia#As_a_name_for_the_United_States).


https://reason.com/2015/08/13/should-this-purple-playground-structure/ How about not being able to put a playground in for your kids?


It's probably petty and a dick move, just not fascism.


Fascism is NOT signing a contract and then crying when the exact contract you signed is enforced. That’s called being a moron.


The problem with this particular video is that no contracts were signed and the HOA being argued against is an illegal one. Otherwise, yes. Always read the fine print.


I believe HOAs are basically “baked in” to the lots when subdivided for development. So when you buy a home or condo, the covenants to be part of the HOA are in the purchase documents. You can’t buy the property without agreeing to be in the HOA and abide by its rules. But obviously HOA covenants come with procedures. And you don’t want to be acting high and mighty (like many HOA officials do) when you aren’t actually in compliance with those procedures yourself.


Lol, no.


I think the issue stems from the contract being a mandatory part of house sales. I and likely many others would argue that the only contract when it comes to home buying should be between the buyer and the seller, without the involvement of any unrelated third party. Now i know that is not how it is, however that is the argument i think others would use.


wtf are they doing with their lives having these meetings? It's like having your mom tell you to take the trash out. These are adults right?


They're children in geriatric bodies that have nothing better to do than to power trip over garbage cans.


I think you mean Jurassic




Horror stories like this are far too common with HOAs. Makes me never want to live somewhere that has a HOA.


I've owned three properties that are under the purview of an HOA and there's never been an issue. If anything, it's been a benefit because it's served to keep the neighborhood tidy which helps resale values. But, whatever you may think of HOAs, fortunately, not of us are forced to purchase a home controlled by one.


Except HOA fees and limitations hurt resale value. Lol


Highly dependent on the people running the HOA. If they are rational people it can be a net positive for the community. I have moved around a lot and dealt with HOAs before. More often than not the assholes were old, boomer retirees that had nothing better to do than snoop in other people’s business and pick on people that differed in appearance or beliefs. The more rational ones were the ones that had jobs and more important matters to attend to. I believe you because HOAs can be good but more often than not they can be a vessel of abuse for power hungry people.


Don’t you need to pay HOA fees, over 20ish years you would more than likely break even. If not lose money. more and more people avoiding such a place making it hard to sell.


Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but I don't quite follow what you mean when you talk about breaking even over 20 years with an HOA. HOA fees largely go to communal upkeep of a neighborhood. Every HOA differs, but things your fees cover might include snowplowing, garbage pickup, landscaping of common areas, etc. Most of these are things you'd have to pay for privately if you weren't part of an HOA and the cost might be even higher since you don't have the benefit of economies of scale. So, each month I pay an HOA fee and get services in return. I am essentially "breaking even" every month. The big financial benefit of an HOA (in my opinion) is that it helps keep a neighborhood from deteriorating, which keeps your property values high. As for people avoiding homes that are part of an HOA , I'm sure some do, but here in Denver, it hasn't slowed the growth and price increases of large developments that are all part of HOAs.


The problems arise only when these utopic minders of other peoples' business are on the board. They very often take out personal grievances on residents and it gets really ugly. People get fined for classic cars in good shape if the paint is faded. People get fined for having too many people visit due to the death of a loved one. Old ladies get fined for not promptly shoveling their walks. Sure, some are okay, but many do a lot of damage as well. At least they can no longer legally ban minorities, which was their original function. My aunt and uncle's HOA rules indicate that no lots were to be sold to "negroes". They mostly ignore that one now.


Honestly If you’re the type who wants to avoid an HOA, you are the reason the exist in the first place.


HOAs were made to prevent racial minorities from moving into white neighbourhoods.


HOA exists because some people don’t want random power tripping civilians telling them what they can and can’t do with their own home?


HOA’s exist so you can resell your house for as much money as possible. Also so your neighborhood remains beautiful and peaceful. The only people who think differently are the type of person HOA’s were designed to protect the rest of us from, I.e., “I can park as many cars on my lawn as I want!!”


So you're the sort of person who screams and shouts when someone has 2 cars at their mother's funeral. Doesn't make you a nice person, despite what you think.


I have no clue what you are talking about. You seem to be replying to the wrong person.


People who defend HOAs always seem to think there is this dichotomy where a neighborhood is either a pristine, Archie Bunker paradise *or* there are cars parked on lawns. Like it’s fucking *always* “do you want cars parked on lawns??? Cuz that’s the alternative!!” Severe shit like that can be—and verrrrry often is—governed by ordinances at the municipal level. Find me a strict HOA in a city that *doesn’t* have a rule against parking cars on your lawn in a subdivision lmao.


That’s probably because it’s true. City inspectors will tell you the same thing.


Weird. I don’t live in either of those types of places. I must be in the twilight zone.


It’s more of a situation where you’re use to the lower quality neighborhood and you just don’t know any better.


This reads “I act rich”


Started from the bottom now I’m here. It’s relevant.


Found the cock from the video


Hahahahaha, the dudes more than likely 60+


Thanks for announcing yourself.




Ok, I am young and do not own a home can someone explain to me what is happening in this meeting? What is the HOA board? From what I'm gathering they are giving this lady a hard time for having a garbage can outside her home. and are they threatening her with legal consequences?


Stay far, far away from them, young one.


Very basically: The "HOA Board" (Home Owner Association Board) is the group of people selected to run the community and make sure rules are abided by. The idea is good, in that they make sure that people in the neighborhood aren't devaluing the houses by making their yard an eyesore, bothering neighbors, etc. They have a legally binding set of rules that everyone living in that neighborhood must agree to when buying a home there, and they must be elected by the neighborhood. Sometimes they also take care of "common areas" - a club house, community pool, landscaping, snow plowing, maintenance of the roads, etc. You typically pay a HOA fee monthly for this. However, many HOAs turn into nitpicking every tiny issue and the elected people getting a power trip enforcing the rules. For instance, this HOA apparently has a rule that you can't have your trash barrels out in the open. The HOA members (especially the older guy who apparently has too much time on his hands), took a picture of one house and brought it up at this meeting, telling her that they will fine her if she doesn't comply. Then the owners brought up that apparently the board isn't even a legal board (probably per the bylaws of the HOA), because they were not elected via a quorum. Many HOAs have strict rules about how board members are appointed, elected, and how many there must be. For instance, I lived in a condo complex, and the bylaws required there to be at least 5 members, their term was 2 years, and they had to be elected by a quorum (I believe it was at least 60% of the owners). The idea behind the HOA is good, but there are a few issues. One, nobody wants to be part of the board. Every year when there are elections, it's the same people running. Nobody even tries to run other than them. Everyone else just wants to complain about how bad the board is, bitch about the way it's being run, and complain about stupid crap like "the kids are making too much noise in the playground", "there is a loud motorcycle that drives through here once a month", "my neighbor parked in my spot for 2 hours the other day", and other mundane issues. Two, unless the board is a good one, and the people running it have normal everyday jobs, they have nothing better to do than to look for problems, and dole out fines for all of the most minor infractions of the rules. My board was pretty good. They only fined people after multiple and flagrant violations like leaving trash (not trash barrels) outside their houses for days, and animals got into it, not moving their cars for snow plowing (which means the vendor can't do a good job clearing), etc. But my grandmother lived in a 55+ community where, I kid you not, they complained that her bird feeders were attracting birds, and those birds were pooping on the roofs. Now, she didn't have a massive collection of bird feeders, she had 2 little ones, because she liked seeing the birds. It wasn't attracting huge flocks of pigeons or other annoying birds, it was attracting cardinals, chickadees, and robins. A few things about this meeting. It sounds like it was specifically called to address trash barrel issues. This means that it's not open for other discussion. Board meetings are not public, and normally only include the board. Yearly meetings are open to the community and still have a set agenda. You can only speak up when called, can only bring up new business when the meeting opens to that, etc. So in general, the meeting wasn't really open to the complaints of the community. However, it sounds like the board was not a legal board based on the people making comments. Their enforcement of the rules, therefore, is likely not really binding. The older guy seems to have a power trip and refuses to hear anything going against what he has to say. He should be allowing for objections, even if he denies them. Slamming the table and overtalking everyone is not the proper way to handle it. The two women on the board were trying to keep things in order, were trying to run the meeting per the rules, and I don't blame them much. The guy is an ass and shouldn't be on the board. That being said, all the people saying "I nominate X for treasurer, Y for President," etc. aren't going to get a legal board that way either. There are specifics about how this has to be done. I don't envy any of the people in this community because it's going to be a shit-show. A bunch of all new board members, none of which probably have done it before, a community that only this small group seems to want to be involved, and a "former board member" guy that is probably going to be a thorn in their sides forever, even if he is never on the board again. If I was here, I would move.


Is that an American thing, because in nz we don't talk to our neighbours at all


Unfortunately, our sense of community is disappearing and being replaced with BS like this everyday lol.


Oh forgot to explain thr boards duties. Typically the board oversees project management in the community along with enforcement when people refuse to comply, as Ive explained in the other comment. They alocate funds to manage roads, community parks, pools, gyms etc. Sometimes things are cast to a community wide vote, though Ive personally not seen seen this despite being an HoA guard.


HoAs are basically LLC entities that place rule sets over a neighborhood. Everyone who buys a home in that neighborhood has to sign a contract that says they agree to abide by the rules. But the thing is a lot of HoAs take things too far over little things because the mindset is "if we let one person get away with this. Things will completely devolve over time." The commitees on these boards are typically just volunteers from homeowners in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, what also tends to happen is even in these low level governs, corruption can and does happen. Im citing that specifically because the lady was serving for 4 years as stated in this video when the term of their power is only supposed to be 1. Whether or not she was just re-elected for 4 years straight is unspecified in the video.


got it thanks for the explanation!


*beast within takes over and I devour you whole*




Really? You have so much time that you start terrorising your neighbourhood with this Kindergarten shit? Where I live, we say: "Jeder macht sich seine eigene Hölle selbst" - Everyone makes his own hell.


I am going to deliberately misinterpret him but Sartre said that "Hell is Other People". He was correct, both in his original interpretation and the one i am using here.


Is it common to hide the trash cans? Ignoring the obvious power tripping, its bizarre as hell to see people to concerned over trash cans. Where Im from everyone gets a trash can by the municipality and everyone keeps it on/near the driveway and once in a while theyre rolled out into the street for the garbage collector. Its really nice that they are usually placed on the driveway because there has been many times I've had trash that I would probably not have bothered to haul around but I was able to just quickly throw it into someone elses bin without having to trespass


I live on a hill, HOA makes me have to pull the cans up and down the hill


Yes, that's a very normal community regulation.


This is nextdoor.com in real life


But nobody was talking about their missing cat that was definitely killed by coyotes but they can’t admit it.








Well that's good of the mods!




I didn't gst banned


I have an HOA for my condo association. It’s actually really good. The Boomers were upset they couldn’t FaceTime and play video games with their grandchildren during COVID, so they had the cable company come in and put in fiber. No charge. These people sound terrible though. Ugh.


I think Condo HOA's are better than neighborhood HAO's


Obviously all case-by-case. My neighborhood HOA is optional, $40/year, and just covers snow plowing and keeping the neighborhood signs pretty. I actually like contributing to it for those things. But some neighborhood HOAs…..yikes.


There are good ones, and bad ones. The ones where the board is made up of all retired people tend to be the worst. They have nothing to do, so they LOOK for issues.


This - the ones who try to get on these boards (a microcosm of government) are the last ones that need to be on these boards.


Exactly! When we put in WIFI for the community, the dues did not change. Well run and funded communities are great, never a special assessment. Bidding wars on getting in. I've seen my property value increase 400% all due to a better HOA brought in 15 years ago. I should say, specifically a smart bookkeeper came on our board.


These kind of people have nothing good to do with their free time but spy on their neighbours, be judgemental and try to have some power over someone. These kind of people aren't there to make the neighbourhood better, just their sense of power. All 3 of them, their attitude, looks and behavior shout grade-A karens


24 karat, solid gold assholes.


The women were trying to run the meeting per the rules. This meeting was apparently about one issue, and therefore it isn't open to other issues. If they want to bring something to the attention of the board, they have to typically write to them and request a meeting, or express it at the annual meeting during "new business." While I don't think they are innocent, they at least were being reasonable (for the most part) and trying to keep things in line. The guy is just a power tripping ass though.


End of discussion ^end ^of ^discussion


Anyone else realize the blonde women all the way on the right is Moira?


As in Moira Rose?! If so, how f*^%ng dare you compare Moira to that lady?!


If i could upvote this twice i would


I'll throw an upvote on it for you.




Yeah! Fuck HOAS and the loser boomers so preoccupied by property values that they force the people living around them to be unable to have their OWN HOMES in the manner which they see fit. These disgusting cancers must go!


I don't know the specifics of this place, but when you move into a community, you are well aware of the rules. If you don't agree to them, then don't move in there. If this is a new rule, then it would have had to have been voted on and added to the bylaws, which isn't a trivial thing. It takes a lawyer, is amended into the deed, etc. I lived in a condo complex with a board. Their job is to maintain common spaces, make sure the place doesn't look like crap, and people aren't causing issues. But yes, they can say you have to do certain things, like not have trash in your yard, not paint your house an unapproved color, etc. If that's not something you want, then avoid houses that have an HOA.


Can we just dissolve HOAs. They just seem to be money sucking schemes


Yes. Just vote them out. Be the Ron Swanson of your HOA.


I lived in a historic district and that was pretty crazy. If I wanted to do ANYTHING to my house, they wanted to approve it..that it fit the age and style of house...well according to them. I was given a stack of rules and regulations and all the hoops I was to jump through just to be able to paint my porch railings or get a new front door.unless it was an emergency fix. So my door I put in where a window was originally..i told them son was backing the truck up and hit the house putting a big whole through the wall that was just the right size for a door....yeah I didn't consult them about sh*t!


The thing is, you knew that moving in, or should have. It's a historic district, and the laws of the town spell out what can be done. You don't have much of a leg to stand on there without a legal battle.


We inherited the house and we did make everything as close to original as we could.. I just didn't jump through all their BS hoops to get it done. Lived in it awhile but town living sucks so sold it and built a house on the farm...where the only thing I see sitting on my front porch is fields and trees. :)


I moved in to my place and it had a hairdresser sink in the basement, not approved for install by the previous owner. I asked for permission to simply REMOVE it and they said "no, it was not approved in the first place". So removing it would make sense? Lol nope, they wanted a certified plumber to come in and remove a sink. So I said fuck it and put in a whole new sink to match the illegal wall I put in so that I could run illegal wires to my illegal heater and network outlets for my new man cave. Eat shit HOA.


100% on Rotten Tomatoes


This must be that rugged individualism and freedom I hear so much about.








Yes - having a clear and detailed agenda circulated before the meeting with sufficient notice that anyone needing to prepare for the meeting is the ideal. But unfortunately, that often relies on the Secretary having their shit together. I am involved in an organisation (not a HOA) like this. I was Secretary for 2 years - detailed meeting minutes were sent out within hours of the end of a meeting, 4+ weeks notice was given of any meeting, significant items were detailed in the agenda and locked in no less than 3 weeks before the meeting, and the minutes & agenda were resent with a meeting reminder 7 days before the meeting. I had my shit tight. But the Good Ol' Boys didn't like the meetings being so regimented and precise, so I got turfed and one of the GOBs pulled their daughter in as Secretary. Since then, minutes are nonsensical bulletpoints, notice and minutes are rarely seen more than 6 days before a meeting, and because the notice is so short, doing anything other than basic housekeeping is all but impossible. You can't even vote them out of the job because that requires notice, issued by the Secretary. It's a Catch-22 Committee. Plus you need a Chair who can actually facilitate the meeting, rather than pontificate pike chugalugs in the video. But also having the pull to acknowledge tangential points, and defer them to General Business at the end of the meeting. Yet another thing we lack.


But they’re NOT the board! They never got voted in!




Did you even watch the video? lol


Because these people are threatening legal consequences without having the power to do so. I would definitely want to “waste my time” going to a meeting to get those people to go away. These kind of pretty despots rely on no one attending these type of meetings that is actually ready to confront them and step forward to serve more efficiently and fairly. It was refreshing to see this calm, effective coup!


Umm...it says there in the video repetedly that they were not voted in.


These people tried to deal with the trashcan problems more than the MLB.


Haha, fuck the astros and fuck the mlb for the terrible handling of the situation


Non-HOA property values [increase faster](https://independentamericancommunities.com/2019/06/18/new-research-busts-myth-that-hoas-protect-property-values/) than HOA ones.


When we bought our home the very first thing we told the realtor was "no HOAs, zero exceptions".


well duh. everyone hates hoas. however, it's the expensive areas that increase faster because it prices out undesirables. you dont need an hoa if everyone there is wealthy.


Whats funny is not including "fines" just the dues even cheap places the cost of hoa far exceeds any potential for gained value.


Two Karen's and a Chad, the series.


This is like my HOA, they are a small tyrannical dictatorship ruling their neighborhood with an iron fist, stumping out any attempt at protest from rebellious peasants unwilling to eat cake.


Worth reading your by-laws to see if you can remove them from office. Most constitutions/by-laws have provisions for a "Vote of No Confidence".


What a nightmare lol. This is why my dream is to have no neighbors.


Fuck a hoa … I paid 400k for this house and it’s mine !! U can suck a dick lol not mine but a dick nevertheless


I’ll get downvoted for this but if you want to live like that, totally cool, just don’t buy in an HOA. I’m fortunate to live in a small neighborhood with an awesome HOA but also our neighbors all for the most part abide by the rules. Prior to this I live in a huge neighborhood where it was ugly just like this video and had a ton of folks who complained about the rules. They literally make you sign a statement at closing with a copy of the rule book then had neighbors blow up and say exactly this. We paid for it, shove off. Just Find a place that there isn’t an HOA. I don’t get the rationale behind it.


"My authoritarian regime is fine so they must all be."


Again, if you don’t like the authoritarian regime that is totally based off of a democracy.... move to a country or neighborhood that fits your specific set of values.


Not at all what he said. In fact, the one other instance he cited was a terrible situation.


Yeah, honestly I didn't read it properly and just did a snap reply. Reading it thoroughly it now.


The housing market is shit in most places so a lot of people don’t have the luxury of finding someplace else. Imagine you found your dream home, only to find out you can’t make any changes to it because some board of geriatric fucks gets to decide on everything for you. That would suck and HOAs are leeches


Another unpopular opinion, the housing market is not always like this. It’s a pretty narrow minded view. Patience is a key to finding a “dream home.” Just like car shopping, everybody falls in love with a vehicle and then 2-5 years later falls in love with another one. Homes are materialistic things. “Loving” a combo of wood, brick, and a bunch of insulation is a ridiculous concept and a shitty argument.


“Loving” a combo of wood, brick, and a bunch of insulation is a ridiculous concept and a shitty argument." I really can't argue. But loving *where* one lives is a good argument. People shouldn't buy a house for its future monetary value, they should buy a place to live that they like. And they should be allowed to freely do so. HOAs dont increase value any faster than non HOA neighborhoods, they just cause heartburn. Your city has codes against broken down cars and run down houses and outdoor hoarding. Support those, and HOAs aren't needed. And then you can paint your house any fuckin' color you want, as you should be able to do.


LoL agreed. You are freely able to not buy in an HOA. Your point didn’t really make any sense to my main points. This whole argument is silly. I know people hate them. I don’t like them but to bitch about the rules of one when you go in knowing what they are and then cry about it makes zero sense to me. The solution is simple and if people think they’ll buy into an HOA and get away breaking the rules... HOA’s literally hire management companies quite often to do basically nothing but rule enforcement and seldom do homeowners win those legal battles. That being said, it’s a free country, as you pointed out, freely buy anywhere you want.


There was a day this spring in my city where there were precisely 17 homes for sale, all in HOAs. There was no opportunity to buy outside an HOA. And very little opportunity for the rest of the year. It’s not as simple as you say it is.


It’s simple really. I bought this , I own it ,I’ll do with it as I please. Murica


LoL and like America and the great litigious society we live in, they will take you to court and in the end can even foreclose on your home. Murica!


What are you preaching man ? Fuck that I bought it I own it. Your cynically insane to be happy about it


> cynically insane /r/BoneAppleTea


All I’m saying is that is an extremely naive way of thinking. You pay dues to your HOA for a reason. I’m they provide valuable services also. Some do yard maintenance, in condos they’re responsible for the structure you live in and insurance, maintain nice looking common areas, pools or work out facilities. Do they suck at times? Totally. Should the people in this video be pissed? Absolutely. And they did the right thing, vote out shitty leadership and change the rules that the majority of homeowners agree with. But this whole I bought, I own it.... I’m just telling you like it is. HOA’s take people to court all of the time. In awful ones they’ll take you to court for painting your door the wrong color. But they also prevent your neighbor from doing some truly obnoxious shit too. I know it’s not popular opinion but if you don’t like the idea of someone telling you what to do with your house, don’t go into an HOA or you could learn the hard way.


Sounds like propaganda for communism


Sounds like a troll.


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Not everyone is able to have the privilege of choice. Where I live, properties without HOAs are more than double the price of ones with HOAs.