These collective idiots making an illegal left and causing gridlock.

These collective idiots making an illegal left and causing gridlock.


What is this absolute abomination?


Six Flags in New Jersey.


Tbh this is probably just awful urban planning if that's the entrance to six flags. Combine that with NJ and NY drivers not wanting to 'lose their spot' in line compounds the problem.


i live on this road there’s a second entrance to the park that was closed, causing this backup either way, this road is awful to drive on after 5pm and is always backed up


I thought they closed it for covid, and then they just never opened it again. Dumb. Shit like this is why I only go on weekdays. I don't have the patience to deal with the morons on weekends.


i never understood that shit. Close an entrance and force people to go in through another entrance, pushing them closer together? Seems counterproductive.


For driving? Yes. For setting up a killbox? HOOAH!


Six Flags Funnel of Death™️


Six flags over your grave


My kids' school did the opposite. They entered different doors based on grade, plus there were staggered arrival times alphabetically. Specifically to avoid this type of bottleneck.


yeah it’s closed pretty often, i think i’ve seen it opened a few times but i could be wrong


Feels like you’re talking about the entrance to Viper.


This is accurate


Bring Back Action Park!


Class Action Park!


That place was mental. The skin I lost on the alpine slide….


Isn’t it open under a different, safer name now


Jesus. At that point I’m parking at a Walmart and walking over lol


car might be gone when you get back lol


Tourist towns/cities always have robust tow truck businesses.




It depends on how close those stores are to the beach/amusement park/attraction. Here in FL, if you park anywhere for too long and you are within walking distance of a beach, your car will get towed.


Live at a FL beach. This is absolutely true. I hate seeing the Publix parking lot at the end of the day with hot, tired people realizing they fucked up and their cars have been towed. Predatory at best


Truth. Years ago I parked at a McDonalds in Daytona Beach. I ate at the McDonalds and decided to walk 100 yards to the boardwalk, play some arcade games with friends, look at some shops and return to the car. All less than 1 hour from parking to returning to my car, only for my car to be towed away. The manager of the McDonalds pretty much told me that even though I ate at their establishment, once I left their property and did not return immediately to my car they called for a tow truck. This was a daily occurrence for them. A $20 taxi ride & $150 tow fee later I got my car back. Worst McDonalds experience ever.




I spent a night in a Walmart parking lot and was kicked out at like 4 in the morning along with every other car. Guy was nice enough though. Said I let you sleep gor six hours time to go.


Its not even a tourist town, its pretty muchh the only thing to do within like a 15-20 min drive (from my experience- i live like 25 min away


And it's never been this bad before. Even if there was an accident, I've never seen it like this. Fucking Covid made Bennies drive even worse.


i’ve seen this road backed up this far, but i’ve never seen people cross over the median to try to get into the park. absurd.


i bet one person tried it, another one followed, and then a whole herd just flocked with them. look at those dudes in the wrong lanes alll together that's outrageous


Yeah, what's up with those four hyperidiots queueing on the wrong side of the road?


A big part of the issue in this picture is people crossing over the street when they shouldn’t (because last time I remember, there isn’t a lane there to even turn like that) and blocking the other side from moving completely.


Yep, you are right! The Exit seems to be a one-way, directional ramp for the other side of traffic, I can't see an entrance for anyone to be turning left into. You can see in this photo: * There is no left turning lane painted on the road. * Just ahead, where a left turn lane _would_ be if it were intended - there is instead a nice sharp curb/median dividing the road, likely to prevent this sort of thing. * So traffic is turning left a little earlier than would be expected, in order to avoid that curb, essentially driving against traffic, then doing a U-turn onto the exit ramp.


Yea it's the urban planning here. There should probably be a light and at least 2 turn lanes into the park here but in this part of Jersey to my memory they have those giant looping right circles so you don't have to turn left?


Why use circles when you can cut across and inconvenience everyone else for your own benefit?


The circles intersect still, they just loop around to the right because NJ doesn't think their drivers can make lefts...Just like pumping their own gas.


I mean. Judging by this picture. I wouldn't trust them with gas either. Actually, after some of the pictures and videos I've seen this year; I'm not sure anyone south of the 49th parallel should be pumping gas.


Are you purposefully typing like Christopher Walken talks?


Went back and read it like him. Didn't disappoint.


Jug handles!




There is literally an overpass to get into the park, which is where the picture was taken from


There is. Turnaround about a quarter mile past this to get to the park entrance from this direction


Definitely the case. Busch Gardens in Williamsburg has it's own exit.


Is this what reopening rush looks like or this is just everyday for NJ?


Typical sunny weekend @ Six Flags. Go on a cloudy weekday, especially before school lets out, to avoid this monstrosity.


Nothing like a 5 min line for Kingda Ka on a weekday morning


Assuming it's not down for maintenance




Wow, really?? I was thinking some kind of concert. If I saw that many cars at the entrance of six flags I’d just go to a park or the mall instead.


Nothing like sitting in your car for hours waiting to pay $50 to stand in line for hours


The lack of variety? Look how dull that photo is, blacks and greys, and exciting hints of very dark blues and silvers. When did the mass market remove fun colours by mutual agreement? Or more accurately I'm sure, when did consumers abandon colours?


Right? I was walking through a parking lot yesterday and 80% of the vehicles there were white SUVs. Then I spied a yellow station wagon, and I felt an odd appreciation for it.


Chick-fil-A every day around noon.


\*Except Sunday


Which is usually the day I want it the most.




Welcome to Costco. I love you.


Carl's Jr. Fuck you, I'm eating.


It looks like a good spot for some Jersey barriers. I wonder why nobody’s thought to put some there.


[There is.](https://www.google.com/maps/@40.1483677,-74.440928,3a,44.9y,34.23h,85.73t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sq6WqMvzrqfPjRT34aIBUFA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192) Just not far enough back, apparently. Even worse, [just before this left, there is a right they can make to get into the park.](https://www.google.com/maps/@40.1483677,-74.440928,3a,44.9y,34.23h,85.73t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sq6WqMvzrqfPjRT34aIBUFA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192) But I partially blame Six Flags as the other way has a tiny sign and looks like a service road.


and just up ahead there's a loop de loop weird looking intersection that i've never seen in my life before... but i'm pretty sure it's a way to make a u turn (by going in the loop and making a left) https://i.imgur.com/IJj4jrr.png


Double jug handle. NJ doesn’t like left turns from major roads.




Lol, it's more like NJ traffic engineers don't like unprotected left turns on major road ways (which is pretty fair and valid, it is statistically pretty dangerous from what I know.) The people of NJ seem to fuckin love em based on this one snapshot of them that I have.


It's not. It's the entrance for that side of the road and it was closed on Sunday for some reason.


Ironic considering this is New Jersey


I thought in NJ u needed to make a right in order to go left?


Not at all intersections. Funny though, because a block down from where this picture was taken, there is a jug handle. This picture was taken on Sunday at the entrance to Great Adventure. We have season passes and my kids wanted to go, but I said not on a weekend because it would be nuts. Mom was right.


Not Ironic at all, yall are terrible drivers Update: Jesus christ guys, glad we agree tho.


What do you expect from folks that don't pump their own gas?


No gas shortages


Ha ha... I can only imagine those recent gas hoarders pulling up and asking an attendant to fill plastic bags with gas.


I always hated that policy driving through jersey, but now I realize that its exactly what we need for same level of idiots. Although it would be easier to revoke their license


If you can’t be trusted to pump your own gas then maybe you are not competent enough to drive?


I thought it was designed to create more jobs? Don't get me wrong, I'd like to be able to just do it myself, but when it's the middle of winter last thing I want to do is pump gas.


Most places that offer pumping service here (Quebec) will let you pump your own if you so choose. I always thought it was weird that NJ didn't do that. Found out the hard way when my dad got "scolded" for trying to fill up his own car when we first drove to NJ. Pretty funny experience.


Less to create jobs, more to protect unnecessary jobs. It used to be that there were no self service gas stations.


Most of these idiots are from NY but thanks for trying.


Texas here, please elaborate on this


In NJ and some places in Oregon, you are not allowed to pump your own gas. A gas attendant has to do it for you. Source: Lived in NJ for 30 years


Freaked me out the first time


“Honey, lock the doors” … “Hi. Premium or Regular?”


20 cash regular


I stopped in Medford for gas, late at night, on my way north on I-5. Before I got out of the car, I had my head down, looking for wallet and stuff, and I look up and I see this old grizzled bearded scary looking guy at my door. I freaked out too. Then I remembered someone told me about their strange gasoline customs in their land.


Same. I went up to Philly for a concert (Marylander). We wanted beer afterwards and ended up in Jersey. I stopped for gas, got out and reached for the pump and got severely scolded lol.


Lol, how do you end up in jersey looking for beer? Then you had to pay $5 to get back.


How strange, the way its phrased makes it sound as if its some sort of super physically demanding process rather than pressing on the handle with the nozzle in the car


It's mainly for jobs. When self-service gas stations started becoming popular, NJ passed the law to protect jobs for gas station attendants. The safety thing was never really a factor, until you watch videos of idiots filling trash bags with gasoline. It suddenly makes their law look not-so-ridiculous!


Most of Oregon’s population still has a ban on self service. It’s only legal in the counties with low population, mainly East of the Cascades. Physically you can pump your own gas in about half the state but proportionately it’s only legal for about 15% of Oregonians.


Probably a safety issue since the gore point just starts about 100 feet before the fixed barrier. Maybe they could put in some bollards.


This seems like a prime spot for a few cops to rack up a few grand an hour in tickets.


I used to work on Rt 17 in NJ. There is a few mile stretch that has traffic lights (most of it has no lights). Across the street was a parking lot that cops would sit in and get people driving the shoulder to make a right towards Teterboro. The cop would step out and wave car after car after car into the lot. They probably would write 20+ tickets a day.


It used to be coming out of the main gate of Ft Hood was a bitch. Everyone was funneled to one road and traffic light. On that corner was a 7-11, the local cops used to sit in that parking lot and ticket anyone that tried to cut through the parking lot to get to another street. They would make quota in about an hour.


And tow the offenders on the wrong side of the yellow


This is my hometown, our cops have their hands full with ticketing our own drivers. They actually like to go into the parking lot here and ticket the people who are out of state, they keep busy with stupid shit


There are barriers up ahead you can see in the image but people are turning even earlier and driving the wrong way on the highway to get to the entrance to the park anyway. After the park entrance rt 537 basically turns in a tiny 2 lane country road so that explains why there's no barriers further along, but after seeing this they probably should extend them another 500 ft or so just to prevent stupidity like this


Looks like they have some but ended right at the turn. Probably so emergency vehicles could get through from the right lanes.


Hey, I work there! It was a 90+ degree day, so the water park side of the theme park hit capacity very early in the day and caused a bunch of gridlock of people wanting to get in. People started to take the illegal left because the U-Turn Jug-handle (the New Jersey left turn) was also completely grid locked.


should be a 6' tall jersey barrier for 10 miles in each direction there


The entire stretch of road between Six Flags and the I-95 ramps is so fucking bad. Six Flags can see upwards of 50,000 guests on holiday weekends, and the lanes leaving Six Flags seem built to handle a tenth of that. Every fourth of July, there's a fireworks show just before the park closes and it always causes hour+ traffic jams on a 1/4 mile stretch.


Not even that single stretch of road. During peak hours, the gridlock spills out into the surrounding feeder streets due to Google maps giving people alternative route options. Basically, draw a 1 mile radius around six flags, and every road there will be filled with cars.


“Ah shit. It’s gridlocked up there. Let me just do this illegal thing and gridlock more spots.” _nailed it_.


Avoid that area at all costs when six flags is open. This picture is all over my towns fb pages


Same. And Jackson police were asking people to stop calling about it.


I wonder why they aren't actively patrolling that intersection at all opening hours for the park.


From the police dept website: The Traffic Safety Bureau is now a part of the Special Services division and is currently staffed by two police officers, several Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers, and one clerk. The unit is overseen by Captain Convery along with the Traffic Safety supervisory responsibilities being shared by, Sergeant Vidalis and Sergeant Bosley. Sounds like they are too small a municipality to deal witih Six Flags traffic... two regular traffic officers lmao.


Seems like six flags should be paying for some upgrades


*Welcome to Six Flags. Fuck off and deal with it*


*And make sure to keep giving us your money. now fuck off and deal with it*


Agree but this is America so instead we give businesses tax breaks to set up shop in town


sounds like they have enough to pay for upgrades then


For sure. If only we had the political willpower to make businesses pay their real costs =(


Just park one there and use the massive influx of ticket income to hire more.


They could sit one of those guys out there for a day and pay the salary for a new cop for a couple months at least.


For real I see 10k (maybe 5k, seems like the fine from obstructing traffic isn't quite as much as I assumed.) in tickets right there in this static picture. ...or they can set up barriers to stop this from happening. Literally anything is better than the nothing they are doing.


Obstructing traffic, blocking a highway, crossing a double yellow, driving the wrong way (some of them), failure to signal, failure to yield... Once the cop comes out with sirens then you get failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, which is probably considered reckless driving.


This is where the city works with the fire department to shut down the park until this problem is solved and six flags offers to cover the additional staffing or pays for infra upgrades. Shut. That. Shit. Down.




Lots of PD's will require a business to pay them in order to have officers directing traffic in and out of their business. Six Flags is notoriously cheap, so that might play into it.


no need to direct traffic. thats an illegal turn. a cop standing there handing out **HEFTY** fines to anyone that tries to turn will stop the fuck out of that shit.


Or like just put up a barrier...


looks like they did, people went in to oncoming traffic to go around it.


Philadelphia had a turn like this near the stadiums. Cops fixed it in two days by standing out there and ticketing every single person. I heard from a friend in the traffic police that they levied something like $50,000 in fines at $75 a pop.


I mean, did the jackson police do anything about it?


Not that I heard. I saw a few videos later after this where it was "cleared". But I don't know the details.


It was an extra bad set of circumstances, because for over a year due to Covid we (Six Flags) have had a reservation system, so you'd have to reserve a spot online first and we'd know how many people were coming that day. This was the one of the first weekends since getting rid of that reservation system, and oops! the park is full and there's nowhere for you to go.


In addition, the road that all of these illegal turners should have taken into the park (on their right) looks to be closed. So they're trying to avoid getting in the back of the line. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Six+Flags+Great+Adventure/@40.147588,-74.4425416,17.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c164831c62ca1d:0x2bd60c6088332f46!8m2!3d40.1364714!4d-74.4425788!5m1!1e1


Wait are you saying the park was full so all those cars blocking traffic are just sitting there? Not just waiting for a light or something?


It was a 90+ degree day, so the water park half of Six Flags specifically hit capacity almost immediately. Everyone in the left oncoming lane is trying to get in but can't. Everyone in the right lane is trying to use the jug handle to make the left turn, but it's backed up and they can't. So stupid assholes get impatient and just cut across oncoming traffic rather than wait for the U-turn lane.


This is insane. Those cars on the left aren’t even pretending to look like they’re turning an illegal left. Just in complete opposite lane of traffic.


"My desire to be comfortable outranks your desire to benefit from the order of law."


But what about the safety and security of the common good? Don't you care about that?


“My desire to be comfortable…”


Did he stutter? He wants to be comfortable.


"It's my God given right and freedom to be an absolute inconsiderate asshole!"


Nope. No they don't. "Fuck you, I got mine."


"My lifestyle is worth more to me than your life."


Oh mercy me! I keep forgetting I'm in the colonies


*Mr. F*


We shan’t be telling your mother about this


Thats new jersey for you. Theres a reason its called a jersey left, and also why they have right lane jughandles to turn left. Everyone there doesn't know how to drive. Im legitimately afraid of driving in New Jersey


I have lived in Jersey my whole life and never heard that term, that's hilarious. And yea there are some real morons here.


I had always heard "Pittsburgh Left" but according to wiki there are other places where the same type of term is used. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pittsburgh\_left](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pittsburgh_left)


I've always thought a "pittsburgh left" is specifically when you are at a green light and you make a left turn without yielding to cross traffic, specifically because pittsburgh has very few actual turn lanes in the city cause all the roads are narrow and on hills and other stupid bullshit. The OP picture is just straight up crossing a median to make an illegal left.


I’m from Jersey. We got a lot of idiots here but New York drivers are even worse. If you can manage to drive here, you can drive anywhere in the country.


I grew up on NJ. and as bad as NJ drivers are I really think that it is a component of being the most densely populated states. I moved down to Richmond during college and in the cities you see all the same dumbasses doing the same dumbass shit that you see in Jersey, but you don't see that typically in the more rural areas since there just isn't enough people for this shit to come up.


As someone who has lived in a rural part of NJ all my life, I'm afraid that shitty driving is not merely a characteristic of areas with high population density. The idiocy spreads far beyond the bounds of the cityscape.


This is when you take that barrier and you extend it aaaaaaaaall the way out to the real entrance


Just use yellow, plastic or concrete cones because to me they look funnier and I get the feeling they would piss more of these people off than just a concrete wall. "It's right there. All you have to do is squeeze-- oh well you scratched your car."


I would ticket every car in the wrong direction. Fuck those people


Yeah I’m surprised there are no cops just waiting for it. My city would jump with joy getting to send an officer to just watch.


The local police posted a Facebook status telling people to stop calling about this because they don't care https://m.facebook.com/story/graphql_permalink/?graphql_id=UzpfSTI1OTQzMTk1MDc0NTc1NTo0MjE1OTIxNTY4NDMwMDg3


Screenshot for those without FB?


[Jackson Police Department](https://m.facebook.com/Jackson-Police-Department-259431950745755/?ref=stream) Sunday at 12:17 PM We are WELL aware of the heavy traffic in Rt. 537/Monmouth Road leading to Six Flags Great Adventure. It’s that time of that year. Security and the authorities working there have all been advised. Please be patient and refrain from calling us to further advise us of the traffic situations unless you have a police emergency and need our assistance. Dispatch is being overloaded with calls for the traffic situation. Everyone is doing the best they can to accommodate everyone and get everyone in and out safely. Thank you all and stay cool today!!!!


Actually doing something about the problem would be a great way to get the calls to stop


Ikr. It's like if they don't do their job, ppl will complain their job hasn't been done. Crazy how that is


A jersey cop doing their job might cause worse gridlock from all the people stopping to take a picture.


How's this the best they can do? Stopping the left turns is all people are asking. The left turns are already banned. If they're being overwhelmed by calls about this it surely makes sense to send one officer out there to ticket people who try it. Just a police car there will stop people doing it.


So they don't "not care" they are just aware of it and further calls about it block other emergencies from being reported.


This is the second draft of the cordial Facebook post. Those who actually called the PD were given a much abridged version that was not as polite.


If the photo is a good representative of the situation, I think it is that they don't care. Unless there's an especially pressing incident, like an active shooter, that may require all officers to attend. They say that they're doing their best, yet even a single officer stationed at that junction would vastly reduce if not pretty much stop calls to the police about it. And if they wanted to go all out, and be more than just a physical presence, they could even start to direct traffic.


Sounds to me that even more people should contact that police department.


Or look for the nicest looking car and hit it. Fucking demo derby time.


Yup. Have a cop pull up and ticket everyone. And maybe charge them with something like public nuisance or disturbing the peace.


Is it really just a ticket to drive in the opposing direction on a motorway?


You're right, I do think it's a more serious problem to drive in the wrong direction.


How can you be so selfish collectively?


I think they can be so selfish because it’s collective. A lot of people won’t want to do something because they know it’s wrong. They see one other person, and some of them will do it because “the other guy did it”. Now people see a couple people do the wrong thing and think “well I’m not in the wrong because everyone is” or something. A couple more iterations and BAM, you’ve got asshat street right here. Without the one guy who’ll do it because fuck everyone else, o bet a lot of the people fucking up wouldn’t have done it at all.


Yeah, to add to this, seeing this and knowing that if you wait and turn properly at the end of the street all those guys that are cutting the line will get in before you can be even more frustrating. Knowing that following the rules will put you way behind people who aren’t makes following the rules much less appetizing.


That picture fills me with a surprising amount of anger.


Good ol Jackson New Jersey, that six flags entrance is always annoying and then people like this somehow make it worse.


This happens every day in my city. Fuckers try to turn left and get stuck due to lights, but then the opposing side gets a green light but no one can move because of them... Selfish pieces of shit, the whole lot.


We have that happen at an intersection outside my office all day every day -- every few days a cop is there and they grab dozens for "blocking the box", yet it keeps happening because these drivers are majority chancer idiots.


Is that a Starbucks parking lot?


Entrance to 6 flags great adventure in New Jersey. About a 1/4 mile behind them was an entrance to the park on the right hand side that these people didn't pay attention to.


Some of the cars seem like they’d be going wrong way on a highway. Hope that’ll at least get their license suspended if nothing else. 😂


I have fond memories of a relative performing a three point turn just so they could reverse through a no entry one way chicane, like that made it ok because they were pointed in the correct direction.


Sometimes you just gotta make your own cognitive dissonance.


The definition of cognitive dissonance is that *you* make it


To be fair the signage traveling in that direction isn't great, and you don't have a lot of time to move over if you miss it. It looks like it's less than 100 feet between the exit ramp and entrance ramp. I think they should put in more prominent signage to inform people traveling from that direction. Most people going there are probably coming from I-195, so they probably don't think it's important despite this happening all the time.


Yes, this is a complete failure of the authorities and highway planning. But in the short term, they should have cops directing traffic.


When I saw this, I knew exactly where this was taken. I've seen some Hella traffic there, but nothing this idiodic.


That’s a lot of tickets


it’s exactly zero tickets because the police refused to come out


can you blame them? look at that traffic!


I don't understand what the police are for if they refuse to do anything about this situation.


Police: You get a ticket! You get a ticket! Everyone gets a ticket!


Herd mentality.


Turd mentality (I live in Jackson)


Amazing that not only do you have the assholes making an illegal left, but then you have the assholes being assholes to the original assholes by trying to “cut the line” by driving on the wrong side of the road. Asshole to the power of asshole right here.


You would think the park would do something about this like talk to the city about a turning lane or penalizing the people breaking the law lol


I can feel my rage rising


If that is the traffic getting into six flags great adventure, then imagine what the lines for the rides are like. The idiots that are illegally entering the park all have the Flash pass to cut lines on rides. They figure it works with traffic too. "But officer, here is my Flash pass. It comes with preferential traffic law exemption."


I see a sea of bronze suvs


What a fucking shit show lol monkey see monkey do If it were me and i needed to turn left there (which I wouldn't because of painted median, volume of traffic and its clearly not allowed there) I'd probably keep going and find another route because nobody aint going nowhere in that fuckery lol


Why this looks familiar? Oh yes, I am Indian.


Weird, it doesn’t LOOK like Florida...


New Jersey, many of these people eventually make their way to Florida.