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Pouring one out for the homies?


They died in a playful gasoline fight.




♬ *wake me up, before you go go!* ♬


Tragic gasoline fight fire


For those that died in a gasoline fight. Too soon, never missed. 🕯️🥲


Orange mocha frappuccinos!


I just want to point out that this was going on long enough to make someone want to film it. Who knows how much gas she poured out before she was being filmed.


looks like shes standing in a pretty big pool of it 🤣


Imagine thinking, I should record this so I can post it online instead of telling the staff, and/or hitting the emergency shutoff.


For the greater good


For - the - KARMA !!!


A lot of people can't see past the surface.


I wouldn't get out of my fucking car either.


I wouldn't have stuck around. Time to drive away and call from outside the blast range.


He zoomed in on the plate, so maybe he did report it and filmed so they could identify her later for the clean up bill


Then you wouldn't have been able to write that post! 🤔


Trying to get that free hot dog with 10 gallon purchase Edit: thank you kind stranger!


Probably get a litre of cola with it as well.


These shenanigans are getting out of hand




I swear to God, I'll pistol whip the next person that says shenanigans.


Hey Farva. What's that place you like to go to with the mozzarella sticks and the funny shit on the walls??


Wasn’t it shenanigans?


Hey.... Hey bear fucker!




This is going to be awkward, because my safe word is "shenanigans."


So we should quit right meow??


You better not use it then


Sorry we must be out of that


Do we have leader cola here?


WTF is that person doing? That seems intentional. How could you not know you are dumping gallons of gas on the ground?




I thought dymensia at first with the grey hair?




Oh they know, most likely have OCD and couldn’t stop without being at a round number but tank was full.


Is it a possibility? Sure. Is it "most likely"? Hell no.


Yeah no, someone had enough time to start recording this shit. Not OCD to be this much of an idiot


OCD in my experience and what I have gathered from other people who also have had pretty extreme OCD is not some short bullshit thing every time, I have spent hours obsessing over one thing. I don’t really think this lady has OCD probably just a piece of shit, but unless you are calling the cameraman stupid(couldn’t tell by your phrasing), she may totally have pretty extreme OCD and I wouldn’t call her stupid for doing something she can’t really help


Uhhh... What she’s doing isn’t stupid? What makes you think I’m calling the person recording stupid? ????


I was using stupid as a way of representing your use of “idiot” I generally think they go hand and hand, my bad. Your phrasing was just confusing to me, you mentioned someone recording the video then jumped to calling someone an idiot and I at the time couldn’t wrap my head around it. What’s the problem, genuinely, I am not picking up on it.


I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Are you asking me why it’s bad that she’s pouring gasoline everywhere?


Seems we both can’t understand each other, sorry for the trouble.


Let me put it this way. Do you go around recording people putting gas in their car? If yes, disregard the rest. How long until you decide it’s a good idea to take out your phone and start recording? There’a more to this video What’s the OCD here? Why are you trying to defend this? She is literally spraying the ground with gas


I was defending that it COULD have been OCD, I don’t think it was.


That is not how that works at all get off the internet


Not how what works exactly?


Oh she has OCD so she sprays gas everywhere. You serious? Edit: you guys are right, some compulsion to have things be neat and orderly means people spray the ground with gas. 100%. JC people


Oh so by that edit you literally don’t know what OCD is, you need to educate yourself broham. It’s barely ever about just being neat and orderly


Very possible for a person with OCD to do this. They absolutely have to do whatever it is the are obsessed with. Thats why it’s a mental disorder. Don’t think about how people off-handedly say they got ocd, but understand it’s a real thing some people have.


OCD is on a spectrum and I have balanced the line on both sides and I can tell you right now that you are correct from MY experience. I have gone far down the rabbit hole, I know people have had worse but from what I have gone through you are spot on with your statement. You don’t deserve the hate on this comment


Dude seriously just fucking stop. Get off the internet. OCD does not make you SPRAY FUCKONG GASOLINE everywhere cause you need a number to end in 00. Post an equivalent that proves it was OCD or dont reply or go fuck your mother


No it doesn’t, but as the name entails, it makes you obsessively compulsive over certain thing. I having chronic OCD, have definitely seen days where I could give less of a shit about my own safety as long as my mind could calm down a little bit, I would have done anything. I am not saying that is what she is doing, but if the situations were right, I could see myself doing some bull shit like this so I didn’t break (in the past I am better now)


So you spray gasoline on the ground?


Bro, are you alright?


Holy shit how many accounts you have? This is super sad dude


More than one person can agree or disagree lol. Your original post was asking how could someone intentionally do this. Someone gave you a reason. You disagreed. I gave an explanation for the reason. You’re starting to lose your shit. Take a break buddy.


Holy shit you fuck your mother. Thats disgusting and morally wrong. What example? No example has been posted showing where someone with OCD would spray gas everywhere or equivalent, in fact I asked you and you didn't even try to deliver. Stop pulling shit out of your ass and stop fucking your mother


Touch some grass, bud


The video in question could be used as an example. Maybe you need to take a break from the internet because you are talking yourself in circle and keep landing on some kind of incest mother child sex scenario.


Not the same dude. Commenting bc it's funny watching you die on your hill.


Nah you right people woth OCD spray gasoline on the ground


I think I know what happened. She probably prepaid more than her car handles and she didn’t want to let the gas station get the leftover. - ps I know the leftover goes back to your card automatically but I knew multiple people that didn’t know that.


Haha imagine being that stupid. Probably tripping on their own shadow


Can you explain a bit further in detail? Not familiar with this prepaid system.


You prepay 100$ but only use 80$ of gas before your car's full the remaining 20$ gets refunded to your card


So the person above doesn’t know about the refund and is purposely spilling it on the ground. Dear lord! Thanks for the explanation.


Wanna know why we are in a fuel shortage? Because there is no IQ test for operating a vehicle.


Want to know why there are so many poor people(for example like the woman being filmed above)? Because there is no IQ test for handling money in general, much less for operating a bank account/credit card etc. . .


I am in favor of a Thanos snap where instead of being random... The bottom 50% IQ...


Gonna be that guy and say "iq isn't a real thing" the idea that you can measure someone's intelligence quotient with a 50 question test is ridiculous. It's been debunked by several scholarly sources.


Thanks, I hate you. And, I know. But, intelligence is still a thing, for sure, and there are verifiably stupid people that should not exist.


I doubt you and the dipshit you responded to would make the cut.


Ooohhhhkay r/iamverysmart is calling, they want their chairman back.


We had a woman at my work a few months ago start filling up the garbage can with gas because she didn't know she would get her money back. She could have literally just asked. These people amaze me.


We don’t have that system in Europe, here we trust each other.


I don't know about continental Europe but in the UK we have basically the same system at some places, though saying you are pre paying is somewhat misleading. It's more like pre approval to pay a certain amount, as far as I understand it the extra never actually gets charged to you. It is also always a fixed relatively large amount so it is rare if ever anyone would want to exceed it.


Can confirm. "Pay at pump" for a UK petrol station allows up to £99* worth of fuel after pre-approval, and the payment will be taken when you finish. The pre-approval, basically, just takes about £1 out of your bank to confirm it can, and then puts it back. ^(*£99 at the one I use)


Yeah - it's very similar except in many US states you have to pay upfront (cash or on card). You then get a refund on what's left over. I tried to always go to gas stations that let you pay at the pump because then it was effectively like the UK system, but I seem to recall some pumps did still ask you to put in an amount before you could pump.


We actually used to allow people to get gas and then pay for it. It only stopped being a think like a decade or a decade and a half ago. Gas prices rose quite high back then and gas station started for the first time having a huge problem with people just stealing gas because they couldn't afford it. This led to almost all gas stations requiring pre-payment first.


Still can do this in the UK. We have both pay at pump via card or pay inside kiosk after getting the fuel via cash or card. Difference to a lot of places though is we actually have people watching the pumps who will stop you doing stupid things like in this video - that amount of fuel would be cause for an emergency shutdown of the petrol station & fire station called.


That would require paying more minimum wage workers and they gas companies would never do that. It doesn't help that US gas companies actually lose money on each gas sale. They only make money if you come inside and buy something. So the gas station itself is not exactly their top priority. it's just a lure for getting people into the store.


Yeah I've heard, it's crazy how different is over there compared to here. I've had some of my comments (I work in a petrol station as part of my job) blow up with replies about US petrol stations when compared to the UK and, as you mentioned, the biggest thing is not paying the employees enough to give a shit, essentially. Customers are too used to getting their own way and with violence and firearms prominent, it just isn't worth it. Over here, it's pretty much the opposite. Someone does something stupid and we shut their pump down. Hell, we'll even call them out on it over tannoy to ensure they get the point, which embarrasses them nicely when other customers are all looking at them.


A small correction--violence and firearms aren't that prominent. They exist, but only a minority owns firearms and a very small number of owned guns are every used in crimes. Gas stations in certain areas do have trouble with it--and your comments are accurate enough in those places--but the vast majority don't and while gun crimes are a thing, the vast majority of people will never have to worry about being anywhere near such a thing in their lifetime.


Well, that's good to hear at least.


Not sure where you live, but here in the upper Midwest you can definitely pump gas and then pay inside… done it many times myself. Usually the attendant has to approve it when you select “pay inside” so I don’t know if they take a look to see who you are or something.


It's possible there are some places it is still done, which is why I said "almost all." I have not seen this anywhere I have travelled in the US, so I believe there aren't that many places like that. Also, gas is especially expensive up here anyway. But if you all didn't have a lot of trouble with driveaways, then it makes sense that this is still a thing there.


Well in the Netherlands there are cameras above each station, if you drive off without paying they’ll report you to a debt collection office and they’ll request your details from the DMV. They’ll nicely send an invoice to you with a bunch of additional charges, so it’s not worth it. There are people who steal license plates and do these kind of things. So there is that.


I don't think gas stations here can do that. They can report them to the police for theft, but they have no way to charge them. I don't think the DMV is allowed to give away personal details like that without your permission. It's considered a violation of privacy. In any case, it's been years since I've heard of it happening. It was just a brief period.


Yeah true, but here they got special exemption for these kind of things. And if you fail to pay they send a “bailiff” with a court order and collect whatever is of value, and of course there additional charges etc, so in the end it’s easier to pay ;) But the gas pumps are also courteous, I once forgot my wallet, no ID no cash or cards, I just filled out a form and could wire the money within a few days. Just gotta ask for it.


In Australia we typically insert the nozzle and wait for the attendant to acknowledge, so petrol flows. Once done we go into the store and pay. There are various pre-pay options (typically via a smart phone app), but the normal is fill then pay. I guess we are just honest.


Where in Europe? Many European countries have automatic pumps, so that you don't have to waste a time going into the shop. You put in debit/credit card in machine and select amount of money you r card gets charged. If you fill in less you get difference back. The person is plain dumb and irresponsible, because she has caused quite a big spillage and contamination, hope she will never have any children.


As an American, I don't know where you get this idea there is any trust. I've prepaid for gas for 20 years every time.


We do in Finland.


Really? Never been past Denmark yet… good to know.


Yeah, I've not seen a pump without it in many years.


That's adorable


I was being a bi sarcastic, but it’s true though.


Except, that's not how it works for card. Swipe card, pump, amount gets charge to the card. You don't tell them an amount at the start.


Pay at pump and pre-pay are two different things. It can also depend on your area what sort of payment options are available. In my area, you can swipe your card at the pump, get your gas, and that amount gets charged, like you said. But you can also pre-pay with cash or card at the register. You tell the attendant how much you want, and if it doesn't take it all, it either refunds to your card or you get cash back. The assumption here is that this lady may have pre-paid with her card, but not realized she could get a refund for overpaying. All she would have had to do is hang up the nozzle when her car was full.


My wife happens to be a cashier, and ran gas station at her store. At pump or register works the same way, no difference; even when customer states a limit.


I work at a gas station too, and there is a difference, at least in my area. If you pre-pay at the register, you must give an amount. That amount is charged, and whatever isn't used is refunded. If you pay at the pump, the card is pre-authorized and a hold is placed on your funds until you finish pumping. If she had paid at the register, she may not have known that her money would be refunded. If she paid at the pump, she was charged after she replaced the nozzle, and the hold on her account was lifted. Other commenters have already pointed out that it works differently in other places, so I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm just saying it may work this way where she is.


You realize you can pay with cash?


Thanks captain obvious


Well no it isn’t. You kept mentioning cards. The person above was not familiar with the concept. You failed to mention a cash refund.


It asks you how much you want to pay for before you pump, but it’s really like a maximum amount shut-off. IE: I prepay for $20 of gas, tap my card, it pre-approves $20.. then I select the grade and fill up until the pump turns off at $20 worth of gas or the tank is full, whichever happens first. (If my tank fills before $20, the money is not charged in the end )


Interesting, what a weird system. Where I live you can just tap your card and it charges the exact amount for what you put in at the end.


That's what it appears to do as a user, but it actually places a hold of, say, $100 on your card when you tap it, then when you're finished, it charges the exact amount. That's exactly the same as the "prepay" system, except you don't choose the hold amount.


Or maybe the pump has no card reader or it is deactivated if there is an employee in the shop, that's pretty common. And if it is in an area where some people leave without paying, you have to go inside, prepay in card/cash, fill the car and go back to take the receipt/change.


You can do whatever you want. Prepaid or pay as you go. It’s up to you


Really ? so weird !


I think we had a gas station attendant who tried to stop a theft get killed somewhat violently and it was the last straw of similar events. The result was this “pay before you pump” system.


Umm in Europe you don't usually prepay though? And using credit cards rather than debit cards isn't as common either.


I once met a person who would pay cash and if the tank was full and money left over he thought he was not allow to go inside for his change. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


😂😂😂 the cashiers must live him 😂


What if you prepay in cash


Prepaying with a card doesn't work like that, they only charge the card what you took. There's no stating the prepay amount with the card. Swipe card, pump, receipt. Cash on the other hand is different. Hand over cash, pump, and if the car is full before amount is used, go back for the change.


Depends on how you pay and where you get gas. If it's a credit card, they'll generally preauthorize for a certain amount. This is not a charge, more of a temporary hold. Once the transaction is complete, only the actual amount is charged. Debit cards don't have the ability to preauthorize or hold. When using a debit card, the amount that would be preauthorized is actually fully charged. You'll get a refund of the difference a few days after the transaction is complete. Some gas stations don't do this however. It really depends on location, but it is common in certain areas of the US and Canada.


Not true even when you prepay is asks you authorize and amount usually 150/200$


Authorizing, and pulling the amount is two different things. The amount isn't pulled from the account till well after the transaction is over. It isn't common to actually pull the full amount, and the change returned. Reason is, that would count as two transactions, and actually will cost the gas station an extra fee. Since credit card transactions charge fees to the business, some even require the card to run as a debit when possible, and still only shows as one single transaction a few hours to a day later. Also, never came across a pump asking for amount authorized, they just put an amount in. So what happens when someone is filling up a large vehicle like a travel RV, they make multiple transactions to top off the tank. Often $80 at a time. Truck stops likely don't set the amount that low, due to the volume of semis. It would take too long at those places.


I didn’t know that


IQ dropped by 2 after seeing this


Person bouta bring the the car to the dealership saying she got a leak too


Italiano eh


What in the world??




Something along those lines.


No way, that’s not possible this is matrix level glitch here


What in the actual fucking fuck is she doing?


So the question that pops into my head is: someone does this and then the next person, unaware, pulls up with his hot exhaust after bring on the road for hours. Would that be enough to set the fumes on fire?


Yes. My first job was at the petrol station. All spills larger than 20cm in diameter had to cleaned up immediately. Using the sand to soak it up and then remove. Shi has spilled like 5-10 litre there, that's very dangerous.


This. Over 5 litres (in the UK) requires an emergency shutdown of the entire petrol station and fire department called. 5 litres with a fast pump is about 2-3 seconds worth of fuel.


Even diesel?


Diesel was considered even worse, because of skidding/skipping hazard.


I love how she took the time to close the door but not screw in the gas cap first.


Some cars actually don't have one, the door is the seal. Considering her stupidity though, who knows!


Looks like a Ford. My Ford is 12 years old and doesn’t have a cap. They’ve been around a while now


She threw that away the day she got the car. I'mportant people like her can't waste their time on weak sauce fume covers


wanted a round number but couldn't top off any more




I was thinking absolutely smashed, but it's daytime.


Can smell the gas over that post


How do some people make it past brushing their teeth without choking themselves?


When we had people spill gas on the pavement, I'd have to go out, put the Out of Service cones out, pull out the bag of cat litter I'd secreted under/next to the trash bag in the refuse bin, and dump it all over the fuel spill to soak it up and then sweep it into a container for hazard disposal. This idiot? I'd have needed five bags of cat litter. >.>


Geez, at least put it in a tarp in the bed of a pickup.




Why though??


WTF am I looking at?


Just because you “PREPAID” $50 doesn’t mean you need to use it all!!! 😳


Now we need a license to poor gas in a car


I’m not sure of countries, but many states in the US require you be a fully licensed driver in order to pump gas (not sure if it’s a state law or gas station rules).


Understood. It makes sense. I do not think it is the case in Europe. Also a license to pour gas could become mandatory if such behaviour are repeatedly happening. You usually need a license for actions that represent a danger to others and yourself. And this is really the case....




Technically this is an idiot *out of* a car.


Seems fake but idk I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t




Ehh. Close enough.


Watering the pavement




Seeing that makes me want to run over to emergency shutoff before she starts car, due to potential sparks or other unknown ignition points. Or better yet hit shutoff before it gets to this point.


Did they not hear or smell anything?


They should not be driving that car.


i want to see her light a saggar and lean on her car at the same time


How drunk is she?


Don't pumps in America have like safeties so they don't flow when they aren't inserted? Where I live this is impossible, although tbh I haven't tested it.


This is Europe dude, not America. Also, the thing you're thinking of is to stop when the tank is full, it doesn't stop the fuel from coming out at all. This isn't impossible anywhere. Pull the handle, pull the lever and hold it and gas will come out, in or outside of the vehicle.


She is probably thinking my car use so much gas. I just filled it up and 5 min later it’s empty again.


How come the filmer didn’t hit the emergency shutoff?


R we fucking I sane, says alot about people today




Craig David comes to mind...


God I hope this was done to get attention, otherwise, they’d have to be utterly stupid.


she must be high


Super troopers has to get 5 gal for free hotdog!


*Insert women can’t drive jokes here.* On a serious note I hope they told the cashier and I hope no one got fucked up by that puddle of gas. I think this one had 1 to many morning coffee’s with meth as sugar and heroine as creamer. 🤷


This hurts my brain.


Waiting for someone to tell me this is fake, just like the guy filling the back of his truck.




Did this person really attempt to wipe off the cap area afterward.


Did any gas actually make it into the tank?


She gets free gas (somewhere else?) but her employer reimburses her as long as she provides a receipt. That’s MY THEORY.


At least he has no possibility of reproducing with that aim.


This, kids, is why we say "NO" to drugs...


She paid for 8 liters shes gonna use 8 liters, not her fault the tank was too small


"Why is my car taking in 69420L of fuel?


Cocaine is a helluva drug!


Jesus christ Woman. Are you crazy?


Former gas station manager(Speedway) If a person uses their card inside and pays for $35 of gas but only uses $30, it will only charge the card $30. Like within a second of you putting the nozzle back into the base the money goes back on. Can’t speak for other companies, but I was fairly impressed by this system. Side note: I did not like that if you use your card outside at the pump there’s a chance a hold will be put on your card and ranges from like $10-100. I don’t ever recommend using any kind of Apple Pay at the pump because that’s one of the biggest hassles you’ll encounter


She had a mask on at least🤷‍♂️