Idiot in Québec this morning

Idiot in Québec this morning

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I love how the water truck casually uses the barrier to complete the turn.


I love how it technically is not only a water truck but a traffic control truck (arrow board and crash cushion on the back). Too bad this idiot can’t drive with the crash cushion down.


>traffic control truck Task failed successfully? Traffic is definitely controlled now!


Well, right after it was horrifically out of control for a few seconds.


from chaos; order


He uses the big rig to complete the turn.


I think he realized too late he was out of options. Don't know what options he thought he had when he stated pulling out.


That’s terrifying. Can you imagine driving along with 40 tons or so and seeing this in front of you? Not a damn thing you can do.


All you can do is quietly hope that 40 tons doesn’t crush you


What do you mean quietly? I’d be screaming my head off!


The fact that the guy wasnt too extreme with his emotions tells me that he was in shock that someone was that stupid or that he is glad he wont be driving what looks to be like a freightliner anymore


I wish some of these dash cams had audio “Fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk…..”


If you listen closely you can hear him go "calisse! astie de tabarnak!" which is roughly the same


>"calisse! astie de tabarnak!" which is roughly the same As a French Canadian I can tell you this is not roughly the same, this is 1000% worse. There is no English equivalent for the casual and profane usage of sacrilegious speech in Quebecois parlance.


Literally born and still live in Québec but ok thank you. I was just saying that yeah he is swearing in this one.


On y pense pas souvent mais "goddamn" c'est pas mal plus cru qu'on pense en anglais, ça veut pas mal dire "maudit bon'yeu"


As a train engineer (driver), I can tell you seeing a car running a crossing with 40 *thousand* tons is just as crazy. Again, not a thing you can do to prevent an accident.


How often does someone cut across the rails last second (and which region are you operating in)?


It's a daily thing everywhere.


Now that's really surprising to me. I would've thought the videos we see online would be an exception rather than the norm. You'd think people would have enough common sense not to cross path with what is basically a metal building hauling across the road. What's the closest anyone's been to getting hit?


You would think people would avoid it but, most can't wrap their heads around the physics of that amount of weight moving that fast. It's often enough that they created train safety awareness for that reason alone. Closest is every single day lol, strikes where I'm at are infrequent fortunately although I've heard of quite a few people walking or sleeping on the tracks getting nailed.


> sleeping on the tracks Wtf??? Suicide is the only logical explanation for that, right?


Drugs and/or drankin


Its a game. If you wake up then you win.


Literally see people doing this all over the USA


He did the absolute best thing he could have, press the brakes but don't slam, find the softest point of impact and brace your self. He won't be at fault that's for sure. That guy driving the white truck is fired and probably black listed from the industry now


This thread is really showing how few people understand how big rigs handle on the road


You can even get a sense of how much weight was there by how little cutting through that truck like a butter knife actually slowed it down. These are basically light freeway trains.


Tell that to the idiot that said he should stop in 300ft lmao


[Some trucks have ridiculous braking capabilities.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ridS396W2BY)


I knew it would be a Volvo.


>The tractor trailer is fully loaded to 40 tons GCW. wow


he’s presumably Canadian, so he doesn’t know what 300 feet is


How many hockey pucks is that?


The funny part about that... NHL hockey pucks [are 3 inch by 1 inch](https://www.dimensions.com/element/ice-hockey-puck) (non metric) xD So... 1,200 hockey pucks.


Wow, that's over 654 maple leafs


They used to be worth a whole bag of pucks each.


654 maple leafs but no second rounds


Sad that this series wasnt even close to their biggest embarassment in the last few years. It hurts to be a fan.


654 Maple Leafs and they still can't win a playoff round.


This is ridiculous. Larger distances use Moose.


In a Georgia rest stop this morning, I saw a sign advising travelers to in keep one Deer apart for social distancing.


It's like 900 hamburgers for the Americans..


Ok but how many bald eagles and maple leaves do you think that cost both drivers and their companies?


Which species of maple?


They asked the American....


So... Lunch at White Castle


Most all Canadians are bi-measurement-ual due to the US's proximity.


Well that and the shift from the Imperial to the Metric System in Canada on April 1, 1975. So plenty of people grew up thinking in inches, feet and yards. Tape measures often come with both centimeters and inches. Carpentry is confusing here.


Carpentery is confusing everywhere


Tape measures are like that in the US too (and have been for at least 35 years).


We use feet, yards, pounds, and inches here in Canada. Speed in kilometers, temperature in Celsius (unless cooking, then it’s Fahrenheit). Basically we flip back and forth with general ease between metric and the standard systems


32C is hot outside and I keep my pool at 85F... but don’t ask me what’s 32C in F or 85F in C, I need my calculator! My fridge is at 4C and I set the oven to 350F... It’s funny how it’s about context about metric and imperial in Canada!


Exactly! I weigh myself in lbs. but when I look at my driver’s license it’s in Kg. And my height is in cm. I have no idea how tall that is exactly in pounds and inches. I go to the Home Depot and purchase 2x4’s (maybe again some day), plywood / drywall in 4’x8’ sheets. However I prefer metric when working with nuts & bolts. My vehicles are all metric hardware anyway. I only know how to calculate temperature in my head without having to think about it because I have family in Florida.


As canadian we are working with bot metric and big mac per hour mesure all day everyday.




Those water trucks aren’t exactly light either, especially if it’s fully loaded.


"whaddya mean it can't just slow to a stop immediately?"


personally, i woulda just flipped a U


Why stop there? Pull hard right, slam the e-brake, the tires will kick up from under the truck and you can just do a barrel roll over the other truck Land on the other side, hard left out of it, be on your merry way


This guy gets it.


Mannnn, that’d been epic to watch.


[As always, 'Simpsons did it'](https://youtu.be/jey4_Tjy3-I)


"maximum homerdrive" haha that's amazing, so was that clip. See that's exactly what this trucker should have done in OP's video. Sheesh why aren't they teaching this when you get your CDL, smh


First watch I was like "why didn't he just swerve to the off ramp?" Second watch I was like "yeah, still going way too fast to make that turn."


Fast and the Furious has proven he could have just intentionally jack-knifed the truck to flip it over the guy in the road.


Does that happen? That sounds so Bollywood.


I think there is a scene where they steal gasoline (wanna say the beginning of Furious 5) that has something close to that.


Yeah, I mean there could be anything between 0 and like 90,000 lbs worth of shit in there, so like Big truck stop slow I would also like to take the time to mention that all large trucks, semis, box trucks, even fed ex and ups trucks, catch the wind like you wouldn't believe. With a good crosswind it's almost impossible to stay in the lane. What I'm trying to say here is *stay out of my fucking blindspots*


Never considered this but I know that I always floor the pedal when I'm passing a truck. I'll even slow down in the fast lane until the car ahead of me passes a semi then I accelerate. I figure the less time on the side of a semi, the better.


Try it on a motorcycle sometime, the air vortex/low pressure spots are actively trying to pull you in and under the trailer.


My mother saw a woman get sucked under a bus and crushed to death when she was a child. She doesn't remember any gory details, though. She was with her mother and sister at the time, sudden bus-induced mind trauma for everyone


I do the same. I also try not to stop next to them at traffic lights, because I have seen what happens when they blow a tire.


Most people in the sub have been driving for less than 5 years by the looks of it. If they even have at all.


In another post somebody said something along the lines of, "I don't drive and haven't even taken lesson, but what the driver should have done was..." and then proceeded to be very wrong.


I have 1500 hours on Gran Turismo and I can say unequivocally that this person doesn't know what they're doing.


I play truck racing sims on PS2 and I completely agree, people need to just go outside and drive a damn car.


You have to realize most redditors are probably not driving age and they're a great example of the dunning kruger effect


Reddit and the internet as a whole is a great example of the Dunning Kruger effect in action.


Or, even worse, they *are* of driving age and could be taking their stupidity to a road near you.


>dunning kruger effect i had to Google that phrase because i have never heard of that effect before. [https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/basics/dunning-kruger-effect](https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/basics/dunning-kruger-effect)




Half the time the sheer stupidity in the comments are better then the actual videos here. Lemme in.


Its a pvt group.... i wanna join !!!


I second this


Most people in this sub don't realize that they are the subjects of it as much as they are the peanut gallery.




Seriously. The sheer amount of utter fucking retardation in this thread is astounding. "lOoKs LiKe He DiDnT eVeN bRaKe" "B-bUt He WaS gOiNg A lItTlE fAsT"


I am thoroughly disappointed...everyone focusing solely on truck and load weights, cm vs in and feet vs aboot...but NO ONE acknowledged “tabarnak”...geez Reddit, what has happened to us ?!? Can’t even enjoy a injury-free video anymore...have to dissect the damn thing Immediately 😆🇨🇦


He DiDnT eVeN tRy To SlOw DoWn The tractor was noticeably pitching forwards from the heavy braking, and it hit the water truck at about half its initial speed.


Thank goodness it was a water truck. Ooooof


Good thing it wasn't a fire truck!


It was actually an impact truck ( to protect the workers). The water tank is only there for the weight. The driver was probably too tired and took a bad decision. They worked all night and it happened at 5h30 am.


>It was actually an impact truck Well, it did its job


How much distance would be needed for a truck like that to stop at that speed?


Beacoup de hockey pucks


This should really be the top comment now


it is


Exactly. I always give them extra room and try to stay out of their blind spots because of that.


This!!!! I really feel like people need to understand how much inertia is really behind a Semi. Truly the kings of the road!!!


Most people on this sub understand nothing about cars or driving. Half the time the real idiots are in the comments


Idiots? Yo wtf? You're lucky I'm about to pull into freeway traffic or I'd clap back.


Unfortunately these idiots in the comments are the same ones behind the wheel


This sub*


True, also, if he gone left, he would have toothpicked that flat bed probably so fast it would have t-boned the cab killing the driver.


People think that because we have more tires, we have more brakes and thus… can stop quicker. I wish I was lying when I said a woman who cut me off told me and the officer this.


He was just helping the other guy get unstuck


Should’ve done this in the Suez Canal.


Don't be silly, trucks can't swim


Not with that attitude! Slap a couple water wings on that bad boy!


I don’t know why the truck is getting this much hate. Video starts, the car on the left and the truck is slamming on the brakes. Construction vehicle is literally blocking the whole highway and doesn’t clear. Edit: brakes instead of breaks LOL


Exactly. Why the hell was that water tank just sitting in the middle of the lanes of an active freeway? Clearly the water truck driver needs more training. Semis can't brake hard.


I agree with you 100%. Maybe the truck was going a bit too fast but for fuck sake, what the hell is the construction truck doing? Doing this is just fucking dangerous.


Semi was going a bit fast, but the water truck caused the accident. Water truck Driver pulls out totally perpendicular to the lanes and doesn't manage to make the turn - total fucking amateur hour. He could have gotten out and moved one cone, then been able to merge in, only taking up one lane instead of fully blocking all three.


The construction crew should have blocked the entire road off farther back before this clown entered traffic. They have lights on their vehicles, flashing signs, cones, even LEO will help out. This was just pure apathy.


No one was doing what they were supposed to be doing, the truck was moving fast through the construction zone when it should have been slowed down too much slower (something I suspect is because the speed limits were not set low enough), that truck/area should have been closed off or the approach for the truck widened so there wasn't stupid cones in the way and it could slip onto the highway, there should have been lights way way way back slowing everyone down or stopping them plus the lack of flashing lights and warnings was lazy. We have a major highway being upgraded right now and electronic signage that is variable has been installed for kms on either side and you get slow down, stop, speed limits whatever.


Or just run over the fucking cone. Most will survive and if they don't survive, it's still cheaper than replacing 2 trucks and lots of tickets for this dumb move


We have no idea how fast the truck was going. The car in front of him decelerates at a much quicker pace. We literally have no idea. Stop using a car that is slamming on its brakes as a frame of reference.


But they're driving a construction vehicle, rules of the road, common sense and physics do not apply to them and everyone around must bend to their will.


What's the speed limit there? Because MI it is 60 mph the moment orange barrels start, and understood it drops to 45 mph where work is going on, and prepare to stop. It doesn't matter who causes the crash, truckers speeding in construction zones when a crash happens don't get to keep their CDL's or jobs. If it ruled the trucker caused the crash, expect jail time too. One thing I've been seeing now that we're in orange barrel season, someone needs to send a memo to Ontario truckers that they need to slow down here. It would suck for them to lose their good paying job. There was a trucker from TX a few years ago that almost spent a lot of years in MI prison for killing a few people in a crash. He got lucky the jury put the blame on the signage.


In New York they put up signs to say what the speed limit is during construction. I can't tell how fast the semi was going, but this was rank incompetence by the construction crew.


And sometimes construction speed isn’t too different from the regular speed limit. A highway under construction near me is temporarily 50 mph from its usual 55 mph.


Probably doing 105kmh. Or 63 mph. That’s what trucks are governed to in Ontario and Quebec.


Most people in here seem to think a 18 wheeler and a pickup truck have the same handling and stopping distance, so I can see why they're confused, lol


Actually, if you watch and listen closely, the trucker was still under power and didn't start braking until he was almost passed the Honda, that's when his front end dives down and drivers side mirror starts shaking. Yeah, it's completely the work trucks' fault, and there's nothing the semi driver could have ever done about it, but he may not have been paying attention as much as he should have behind the wheel.


wHy DiDnT hE jUsT sToP


People never driving a truck in their life thinking they know everything.


Only thing I can think of is the truck could have seen the water truck and took the exit, but that is a risky last minute move and the truck was still moving at that point. Definitely construction vehicle is 100% to blame.


And depending on cargo, that extra turning that would have taken could easily have led to a rollover event.


I have to say once you understand the vehicle he overtakes is also hitting his brakes hard his speed going past that car makes more sense instead of a semi overtaking a car, the car was out braking him.


Yeah, and it's not likely it could have veered enough intentionally to make that exit without twisting out itself. Dude did the one thing he could and reduced his impact speed as much as possible and kept all the life saving stuff in front of him.


Flip your own truck to make the exit, or hit the water truck in the easiest way to try slow down. I think the truck made a decent decision.


flipping your truck near a construction zone without any way to tell where the workers are seems like a terrible idea. Way better to hit the idiot than possibly smoosh some oblivious construction worker.


Don’t blame the trucker. The construction truck driver pulled out into live lanes with a car and big rig bearing down on him/her, fucking idiot.


Looks like he hit the barrier even before the truck hits him. That guy had absolutely no idea what he was doing.






On est certain que ça se passe au Québec quand les seuls mots prononcés sur la vidéo (autre que la radio) sont des sacres!


On dirait la voix à Patrick Groulx. C'est pendant un tournage de son émission job de gras?


Il dit calisse a 00:10








Maudit-esti d'caliss








Non, c'est "Fuck, Fucking fuck, fuck, FUCK!"


I sincerely hope y'all are blaming the truck that pulled out in front of the car and cammer...


Quebec and our never ending road works


You should see the amount of cones just leading to the Iles-aux-tourtes bridge. Mind boggling


I saw Quebec and wanted to hear some Québécois swearing...that “calice” at the end didn’t disappoint :-D


I loves fishins in qwee bec


Dude, it's Kébèk Tabanak


Yup can confirm


How are ya' now?


Good 'n you?


On notsobad


Who doesn't love fishing in Kay-bec


Everyone loves fishin in Cabec!


I'm surprised we're not fishing in qwee bec right now


To be fair.......


Tooooo be fairrrrruhhhh


I Love sushis and sashimis


So each construction concrete barrier is 10 feet. In the beginning of the video we see the semi truck pass 4 concrete barriers. It took the semi truck 2 seconds in the video to pass the 4 concrete barriers before the car decelerates, and they pass the orange cones/orange stuff. Based on this the truck was going 40 fps or 27.27 mph before the water truck was visable on the road. I'm not sure how much distance was between the truck and the water truck. However, after impact the truck traveled a further 17 cement barriers. Meaning that the semi truck had a considerable amount of weight in it to keep the force going. If there is a math nerd out there, please break it down further. But the semi truck isn't flying down the road, the camera makes it look fast because everything around it isn't moving. There was no possible way for the truck to make a huge stop with the weight it was carrying.


“Distracted driving” “he’s going too fast look at how he zoomed past that car” “he wasn’t even applying brakes look how long it took for him to stop after impact” 1) The SECOND the room pops up he tries to swerve right. 2) The car was SLAMMING ON THEIR BRAKES and thus it APPEARED as if the trucker was zooming when in fact the trucker was trying to slow down with their load being in mind. 3) Imagine having the front of your car absolutely OBLITERATED and then have people say you didn’t even try to break based solely on your movement after impact. Who knows if some of his break pads were shot after that, or if some of his tires got spun around, or if some of his tires weren’t even touching the ground anymore. 4) A bobtail (load less cab) can’t stop abruptly so why would a cab carrying thousands of pounds or just sheet metal/logs be able to stop quickly without endangering more lives than what this trucker did? The load can help in breaking but that same load forces the trucker to do a gentler brake so as to not flip the load/keep momentum from letting the load slice through the cab. This trucker did the ABSOLUTE BEST a trucker could do in this situation. 5) If you don’t know how a specific vehicle works, don’t comment. I’ve never in my life driven one of these rigs but I’m not okay with being an ignorant fuckbag spewing bullshit just because I THINK I know what I’m talking about so, I do my damn research and talk to people who have experience. Y’all need to do the same. Edit: Thank you for the correction on 4. I’d been informed very wrong lol.


>A load less cab can stop abruptly Actually it can't. Although they don't have to slow the load (as they don't have one), it actually greatly reduces the braking ability. Google "bobtail truck braking".


Oh wow, I have a newfound understanding of why my more experienced friends/family stay away from them. Maybe not as much lethal power as a trailer in normal situations but in the right conditions far more lethal than a trailer. Yikes. Thank you!


Yea a truck with no trailer is still something like 20,000 pounds so its going through just about anything that gets in front of it. Bobtail trucks in rain especially are scary. They don't like to stop.


As someone who once worked as a test driver for the development of Volvo's rigs I can say for certain that he could've done *nothing* better. He likely saved both his own life and the life of the water truck driver. His brakes also probably not shot, they were probably *melted*. He couldn't have take the exit, unless his load was a single layer of unobtanium across the bottom of the container he would've flipped the truck. Friction can only slow ya down so much folks, and this is about the limit. Could he have stopped sooner had he intimately know his brake's various thresholds? Yes absolutely, by about fifteen feet. That would put him *at least* another 30 yards down the line


Counter to point 4......a "load less cab" which I assume you mean no trailer (pro tip, that's called bobtail :) ) is actually harder to stop than an empty trailer. The rest of your points are correct just thought I'd throw that out there for you


Cris de Calis! I don’t know how to spell it but I heard it enough times growing up to know someone fucked up.


Close enough! It's "Criss de Caliss", most single S words in French being silent. For example "comprends-tu" which translates to "do you understand" has a silent S at the end. It's why there's a slight Sss sound at the end, like a snake.


It looks to me like the cam truck is slowing down the entire time. He passes the car because the car is also slowing down, but can slow down faster than the truck.


People blaming the trucker recording for going fast aren’t realising that he’s not, the car he passes is braking hard just like himself but a small car can brake way faster than a rig


Sure the truck mightve been going too fast to stop, but i feel the bigger issue would be the tanker truck pulling out and blocking the entire road.


Fr, good thing he saved the 30 seconds it would have taken to move the traffic cones out of the way so he could pull out into the left lane /s


Lorry was driving at normal motorway speeds, the only reason you see it overtake the car at the start is because the *much lighter* car was out-braking the heavily laden lorry.


It’s like I missed the part of the video where they all saw what the speed limit is and exactly how fast the truck is going.


Definitely not the semi's fault. Didn't brake? He did, you're just blind. Construction zone? Maybe a bit too fast, but it would've ended the same way. The other truck is a thousand times more of an idiot anyways. Wasn't paying attention? He started braking immediately. As for why the truck couldn't stop? Both that the brakes aren't good enough and that the brakes seemed to fade. The truck slows down at the beginning just after the driver presses the brakes. Then the brakes start to get too hot, which is why the truck all of a sudden stops slowing down.


Actually, based on my own experience as a trucker in the US, it looks like the semi was only going about 35mph or 40mph when the video starts, which is actually on the low end of most construction zones I've seen (not including zones within major cities/residential areas) But even at 40mph, semis take a while to come to a stop. Further more, we dont know if the semi is loaded or not. If he wasn't loaded, it could actually take him longer to slow down, as there isn't as much weight pushing down on the tires, which means less grip on the road and more risk to start skidding/jack knife. The semi did nothing wrong here. There was literally nothing more he could have done in this situation.


These people saying that it's the big rigs fault are the same type of people to brake check them on the highways then can't figure out why they get smashed...


No flag men, flashing lights, signs, nothing-- You watch your doom coming at you and theres nothing you can do.


Typical construction site in Québec, unfortunately.


maybe distracted maybe not. We don't know how heavy he was. Could've been 70-80k loaded. Very hard to stop. Those rigs don't slow down like corollas


Could be much more weight than that in Québec, as well


Yeah, here they are usually loaded to 40T, so almost 90k lbs


Yeah we get alot heavier up here. Fun research time. Google "Michigan millipede" and keep in mind weight limits on trucks are dictated by the number of axels..... Lol


Curious of the speed of the big rig prior to impact. It looks like a construction zone and maybe it’s the camera view but it also looks to be excessive speed.




Eau look! a water tank.


Something that's kinda ironic about this whole video That truck that got hit with the water tank... That yellow thing sticking up from the rear? Those trucks are designed to have an appendage in the back that's designed to absorb a collision. They're parked in front of construction sites to protect workers with the yellow thing down Well those shock absorbers don't work from the side haha


colisse, tabarnac, colisse,, eeeeesti




Looks like the water truck was driverless and rolling.


Water/Traffic control truck. There is an arrow board and ironically enough a crash cushion but it’s in a vertical position and not deployed.


Tabarnak, caaalisse!


Thank you for your service! By destroying one of those Tic Tac alien space ships.


Alright, this is for everyone. I showed this video to multiple people five times: 1. Asked if they think the truck driver was speeding. 2. Asked them to observe the dotted white lines. 3. Asked them to observe the traffic cones. 4. Asked them to observe the Honda that was braking at the start of the video. 5. Asked if they now thought the trucker was speeding after watching that. Out of the 10 people I showed this to, only 1 thought the trucker was still speeding. Goes to show that 9 out of 10 dentists still approve Colgate.