idiot cuts off cyclist

idiot cuts off cyclist

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I wonder how often a pedestrian gets killed on the crossing with it's edges hidden by two pillars.


It is a tricky thing. Here we have a lot of good biking paths, good infrastructure, everyone bikes and nobody wears a helmet. You'd expect like thousands of deaths annually but we have like 200ish. (There are more bikes then people btw), But a lot of places don't have room for all that.


Slow speed streets vs medium-high speed roads in america. People don't get that most of these small cities in europe is slow traffic, low levels of traffic, and very pedestrian friendly. Outside of the very center of a city, america is hell for walkers/bikers. Edit: I put UK not Europe first, it's in france. Scratch that, it's fucking belgium. xD


Agreed. Most of America’s infrastructure is just made for cars if you don’t own an automobile you’re basically screwed getting anywhere.




Many American just have an insane level of hatred and rage in general.


As they say: “pedestrians hate drivers and drivers hate pedestrians. But everyone hates cyclists.”


We do NOT have [email protected] RAGE ISSUES, YOU A$$HOLIO IGLESIAS!! /s


I tend to think it's the failing social safety net. Lots of people with psychological problems, job stress, underpaid, in debt, etc. (so just like every other country, but perhaps worse) but there's no one to even really talk to. Unless you pay them. Which is.. you get the picture.


this edit line was a fucking trip to read lol


Tried to use a pedestrian crossing in Florida once, was so confused.


Went to Florida once - was confused and sweaty the entire time.


The city I live in is changing the speed limits downtown to 15 or 25 MPH because there have been way too many pedestrian and cyclist fatalities. With the screaming from the commuters you would think that we told them that parking would have to be paid with the blood of their first born.


Nope, that’s Brussels, Belgium.


I would argue that outside of major cities is better, particular for cyclists, in the US. In large cities you get more assholes like the guy in the video and people who do shit like park in the bike lane, making you cut out into traffic to avoid slamming into the back of them. In suburbs you tend to have wider bike lanes and tons of dedicated rail trails and other pathways that are only for cyclists and pedestrians. Of course rural areas with high speed limits and no bike lanes are generally pretty bad.


Ehhh.... I live in the NYC inner ring suburbs. Suburbs are fuckin' dangerous, even ones with great transit options. Mainly because suburban drivers are in the suburban mindset. Basically once you cross into where NYC becomes really dense and 'city-like' you are forced to be much, much more mindful about what's around you when you're behind the wheel because you sorta 'know' that people are out on the block and moving around on foot. In the burbs, the default sort of mindset is that everyone is going to obey the rules and those rules are car supremacy oriented. I've been driving in this town for over 20 years and I feel it as I move from out to in. Even older line suburbs, like Westchester, which were laid out pre-automobile, it's just different than actually driving in the city.


>I would argue that outside of major cities is better, particular for cyclists Have you ever tried to go anywhere by bike when the only bridges are [highway bridges](https://i.imgur.com/1gxx8WW.jpg) that you're legally not allowed to use?


The highway bridges don't have bike lanes? That sucks


The bike lanes over bridges in FL are scary as fuck


The highway bridges do not have bike lanes and the street bridges have been removed in the 60s-80s due to high maintenance costs + low traffic volume. In fact, right near me are two roads named \_\_\_\_ Bridge Road. Once they get to the river, there is no bridge. but the road continues on the other side.


How old is this picture? The old Google logo, G+ mentioned in the top left, and Map Maker mentioned in the bottom right of the maps. This has to at least be 10 years old.


I disagree. The suburbs I have lived in had no bike lanes, the sidewalks were in terrible condition, road shoulders either non-existent or in terrible condition too, cars were always making right turns into cyclists crossing intersections, or would pull out of parking lots directly into a passing cyclist, stores never had anything to chain a bike to, and everywhere was miles and miles away and always seemed to involve a stretch of 40mph road with no bike lane or shoulder and cars that had no idea how to react to a bicycle.


Good points. Generally, I tend to agree, but those suburban sprawls that cover dozens of miles and have 3-6 lane roads with 40-55mph limits with bike lanes is so hillarious. At least here in texas, who would use that lol. I would much prefer being in the city, but like you said, drivers are still assholes everywhere you go. Damn it man.


Where the hell is here


Probably Belgium or the Netherlands


>Here we have a lot of good biking paths, good infrastructure, everyone bikes and nobody wears a helmet. Definitely not Belgium lol (or maybe Flanders but idk about that part of the country)


200 seems like a lot to me. That's on average 1 person killed every other day.


How do you have more bikes than people? Edit: god you dumb fucks are way too literal. I get that in order to have more bikes than people you need more bikes than people.


fun fact: i have no fucking clue


Fun Fact: There were over 100k bikes confiscated by the Germans from the Dutch during WW2. The Dutch still haven't gotten them back.


we will start a fucking war over bikes


War is a cycle


Gears of War no doubt.


That fact was fun


I have more fishing rods than people in my house. I also have more bikes than people in my house.


I have owned more bikes in my life than I have owned people


i think that is a good thing if you owned one vike in your life, anything more and things get cobcerning


The USA, bit instead of guns, you have bikes? That sounds pretty neat.


That's the Netherlands for you


trust me if you go to Amsterdam its just as deadly as a firearm


You are 100% right - my wife and I went and was blown away by their ‘rush hour’


Because 200 people die each year leaving bikes behind, and for just 25 cents a week you can help those bikes.


I am one person, own 2 bikes.


oh yeah i forgot that, its fucking 2am here thanks brain


Lol, have a good Monday morning mate!


thanks eh


>I am one person How do we know you aren't 3 people in a long trench-coat?


I tell my wife that I only have two bikes as well. Luckily she never goes in the garage.


Only 2?


Bikes reproduce by simple division, in a process known as *Cyclokinesis*.


I see that last word and think about a bike with a single eye splitting apart to create more bicycles.


Easy. Count tricycles and kids bikes you haven't thrown out when they outgrew them. Now you have 8 bikes for a 4 person family.


A single person can own more than one bike.


What about a person who is married?


Only unicycles for married people. Sorry, I don't make the rules, I just enforce them.


My house has six times as many bicycle residents as human residents.


My old roommate and I had several bikes between us at one point. It's not hard if you get in to more then commute, and at least one of them is always broken. Oh and the spare parts laying around, so many parts.


I HATE high-long vehicles park right before the pedestrian strips and back road intersections. I can not see shit and if I end up hitting some kid jumps out behind your vehicle last second, its going to be my fault because I could not see shit because of your car.


link to an article. (flemmish) https://www.hln.be/brussel/fietser-post-filmpje-van-eigen-aanrijding-na-discussie-politie-opent-onderzoek~adeba8ab/


In the video you can see how the cyclist crosses the Royal Square in Brussels and wants to turn the passage into the Naamsestraat. There, a Renault brand car just passed him, causing him to suddenly brake. When the car is out of the passage, the driver brakes. After a brief altercation with the driver of the car - the cyclist did not even get off - the man wants to continue cycling. A few seconds later, the same Renault Espace suddenly hits the cyclist with its side mirror, causing the cyclist to fall to the ground. "I was only left with some scratches," he tweeted. The man has since filed a complaint against the car driver. Ilse Van de Keere, spokeswoman for the Brussels-Capital Police Zone, confirms this and states that the investigation into the incident is ongoing. In the video the number plate of the car was clearly legible.


Thank you for what I assume is a translation summary of the article!


No problem I was surprised by how well Google translate did


Google seems to do really well with most western languages now.


They use a neural net now. They switched to it years ago and it's been getting better since, though capabilties for some languages still aren't quite there yet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Neural_Machine_Translation?wprov=sfla1


...and sometimes it [takes on a mind of its own](https://youtu.be/3-rfBsWmo0M)


This guy should translate everything, his pronunciation is on point.


Debatable. I play a game on a mostly European server and it messes up the translation from German, French, and Portuguese pretty badly. I use deepL when I know something got lost in the Google translation.


It depends what you feed it. A lot of people blame Google, but the grammar in the original text is so bad, that there's just so much Google can actually do.


The fact that we can instantly translate languages at all is still amazing


This is what people seem to fail to understand. I've had someone speaking Arabic complain that I should never use Google Translate; but how am I supposed to navigate Arabic websites then? You obviously shouldn't use Google Translate to make translations to publish. Google Translate isn't to make final translations; it is to make you understand non-translated text.


No, that's flemmish, you can read that now.


Oh good I read that as “the man has since filed a report against the driver, Van de Keere, spokeswoman for the Brussels-capital police zone.” And was like WHAT


Wanted to confirm that the plates were visible, good stuff. Not to mention the cylist was honest about being fine when he surely could’ve grabbed his knee, writhed in pain and sought after ten of thousands of US dollars (or your country’s equivalent) in damages. Just trying to get dickheads like this off the streets is an honorable goal!


Cops in my town are so useless when it comes to such incidents that the best courses of action are to do nothing or smash the car’s window or mirror. It’s a sad state of affairs.


But they'd be interested if you damaged a car probably


Cops love cars


U.S. cops also vaguely resent bicycles due to bicycles being a reliable mode of transportation they can't revoke your license to use and in most cases are not physically fit enough to use themselves.


I think the biggest reason why cops hate bikes is because cops spend all day behind a windshield. They see the world from a motorist's point of view as much or more than anyone else in the world.


I think that is why a lot if Americans are opposed to cyclists, cycling infrastructure, and cycling friendly laws. They think bikes should act like cars when they're pedestrians, they think bikes should act like pedestrians when they're driving, and they don't care to empathize.




I had a +10 year old BMW pull up into the bicycle lane I was using. I slowed down thinking they were going to park in the parking spots next to the bicycle lane, but instead they double parked in the bicycle lane and sat there. I slapped the trunk with my open hand and told him to move or park in the parking spots. One of the passengers jumps out and immediately threatens me for touching his friends car. I call non-emergency and about 30 minutes later the police pull up. Yes, the guy in the BMW, who also got out to threaten me for touching his 10 year old BMW, sat there illegally in the bicycle lane forcing multiple cyclists to leave the bicycle lane and go into traffic. BMW guy and his friend told the cops "I'm not parking, I'm waiting on a friend! Why can't he (me) go around like all the other bicyclists!?" His friend is showing non existent damage and tire marks where he says I bashed my bicycle into the car intentionally (I am not slamming my titanium/carbon fiber bike into a shit BMW). Cops let them go without a ticket. He and his friend threatened me, got in my face during the pandemic without masks, but the police made sure to tell me NEVER to touch a person's car or I could be arrested for damaging his property. yeah, I was the bad guy in this scenario and cops are fucking idiots.


In Hungary everyone uses the bike lane as parking spot especially people with SUVs and/or with the following brands: BMW, Audi... My plan was to print huge stickers that I can place on the middle of the windshield “I promise I won’t park next time in the middle of the road”. I think I’ll be the one who will get beatrn up or fined by the police.


Thing is that a car is, in many cases, a bank’s investment and an insurance company’s liability. This is the same reason why there are reserved parking spots for cops at Walmart. They’ll show up to arrest a shop lifter stealing $50 in merchandise but won’t do shit if someone steals your $1000 bicycle.


That's why you file a lawsuit. This will give you means to get the persons info. Then you say it's too much trouble and drop the suit, wait 6 months, and then murder their whole family and burn their house down. Easy peasy.


Thank you for telling me the results that the plate was legible. Lol


Yup, thought it was Brussels just by the video thumbnail.


Til I would be so confused driving in Brussels. That road did not look like a road


Europe has a lot of old architecture adapted to modern traffic, leaving some of the cities's centennial charms. Hopefully this will circle back and we get the streets filled with people with better public transport systems and accessibility, and people choosing to use less pollutant means such as cycling.


This is a GOOD thing! It's a city not a freeway. You're absolutely not supposed to feel comfortable driving a ton of metal around at 30 mph here. This is a space for people not cars.


I couldn't even tell that was a road at the beginning. It looks like a city square.


I take that road occasionally when driving to work. When my GPS first sent me there, I hesitated like crazy because I couldn't believe that it was a road even when I was right in front of it. Anyway, Brussels is fairly okay when it comes to the road infrastructure. It's the drivers who make it terrible.


Driving there with a GPS is a nightmare. "Take the next right turn. Now immediately, take the next r- oh no, too late! Now you're in a tunnel headed for the highway and it'll take you 20 minutes to get back into the city, you muppet." "Take a left turn. Oh, you're now on a bus-and-taxi-only lane with a concrete divider so you can't go back to the regular lane, just because you didn't turn left ENOUGH. Ask not for whom the taxis honk, Driver. They honk for thee." I always drive with my windows closed in Brussels because I never know when I might burst out yelling death threats at Waze.


For what it's worth, Waze is actually *relatively good* because it gets updated sometimes. The worst nightmare is when you're driving your company car which is equipped with a GPS which was installed 2 years ago and which was already outdated at that point. But holy damn, your two examples made me laugh because they are so recognizable.


I drive there almost every week and I still can't really see the difference with a city square. It's honestly a mess, especially if you know it's also a roundabout with (totally incomprehensible) traffic lights on top!


It's going to change soon: https://www.beliris.be/nl/projecten/koningsplein.html


It basically is.


That escalated quickly. Luckily he had footage.


Yeah. The thought that others who aren't filmed get away with this makes my blood boil


Do you ride? Because shit like this is pretty much common place riding in the downtown core. I've never been clipped, let alone intentionally, but people drive like this all the time.


That's why NYC messenger bikers cary tire irons, they will smash your window and disappear in traffic.


+$500 +$400 +700 It's like a videogame Angry Paperboy


This is big brain time


And somehow, being a person completely disconnected fr both parties, I find my self rooting for the guy with the tire iron


Cycling in my downtown I wished for a tire iron multiple times to defend myself.


That's because the guy in the car poses a much larger threat


Car drivers tend to be blind on two wheeled vehicles. But some drivers are really out there not knowing what road courtesy is.


I've been clipped once by a car passing way too close to me. He didn't stop and I barely held the wheel steady. I don't really care tho since I had a pleasure of seeing a car-wide scratch that my metal handles left on the side of his vehicle.


This happened to my dad. We were riding on a very rural country road in the California foothills. Some lady in a very old truck, the kind that have metal side mirrors, tried passing us around a hilly curve. Another car was oncoming and she swerved to the right lane, hitting my dad with her mirror. Luckily my uncle was following us behind (literally the only time we ever had a sag car follow us) and he had to chase her and cut her off before calling the police because she wouldn't stop.


Not if you can remember the license plate and identify the driver.


i cant remember what i ate this morning


Gluten free waffles, Sir.


no reason to


I was on the receiving end of a hit-and-run here in the US while stopped at a light on my bicycle. I told the cops the license plate number, the color, make, and model of the vehicle, and a description of the driver. They never even filed the report.


> Not if you can remember the license plate and identify the driver. The problem is that even with video most cops won't go after people like this. Just a license plate and no evidence? No way they are being prosecuted unless the cyclist dies or is seriously injured.


It always escalates quickly when a cyclist is involved. Frankly I'm surprised more people aren't shitting on the cyclist for having the audacity to ride a bike.


I generally find this sub really good for appreciating that everyone is a road user, and shouldn't get killed for selecting a particular transport mode.


If only we all shared this perspective.


I mean, no matter what the cyclist says to the driver, whether or not anyone wants to argue that he was cut off or not, that shit at the end looks like vehicular assault whatever way you slice it. 🤷‍♂️😠


That’s assault at the very least. In the US, one could argue attempted manslaughter. Which requires intent to cause death or serious bodily harm. While that would be dicey to prove in this instance, you could still catch that charge and have to prove otherwise. Driver definitely was in the wrong as he cut the guy off and then after contact with individual on bike acted aggressively. So motive is also on the table. So vehicular manslaughter / homicide could also come into play had biker been killed. It all comes down to the prosecutor and the way states word their laws. Mind I understand this was out of the US and have zero understanding of the laws of this country in which video took place.


I think you would be surprised how cops in America would punt anyone like this even with a video. At least in NYC cops hate cyclists and can’t be bothered to do anything about enforcing their safety.


I had a guy [do something similar to me](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtsLjisB3gA), and try to push me into adjacent traffic. I reported it and showed the police the video, the police said they'd recommend charges, but the DA refused. I then followed the legal process and went through my two appeals, they were denied so I made the video public. Then the driver has his friends report the original youtube video, which youtube took down. Luckily the second video with faces blurred and him swearing censored out is still up. He had a waive of negative reviews on his business for a week or two, but they were reversed (which makes sense to me). But the fake positive reviews they left up. ...so basically yeah, good luck. They wouldn't even charge the driver with something minor like verbal threats in my case.


I’m an active subscriber of r/dashcam and remember your video when it first came out. I called the funeral home and made a fart noise when he picked up. I didn’t want to tank his business just wanted to make him feel small for his 15 minutes of fame. What city were you in? I’m a long time urban cyclist. I had a NYC taxi hit me on purpose twice and couldn’t get the cops to do anything about it. It’s nice to see the cops try and help. The DA knows what charges they can make stick. Imagine a jury of twelve randos. Got to be at least one aggressive entitled driver in any jury that hates bikes.


That video was in Philly and occurred, I believe, on South Broad Street. You can tell by all of the cars parked in the turn lane/median...as far as I know that’s the only place that happens. TBH, the behavior in the video seems pretty tame by philly standards...Philadelphians are assholes.


oh yeah. the funeral home, fuck that guy.


"Looks like a civil issue to me" Cops in the US will bend over backwards to make sure that they don't have to help anyone.


In the US you wouldn't have to prove otherwise. You might catch the charge, but it is on the prosecution to prove guilt.


That guy cut him off twice . . . 2nd time most intentionally. I'd take that one to court with confidence (or police report in reality . . . sucks either way). Cyclists have rights to the road in the US)


Prosecutors almost never go out of the way to go after these fucks. Cyclists may "have rights" on US roads, but law enforcement and DAs do the very minimum to protect them against malicious motor vehicle drivers. It's very rare for them to get anything but a warning unitl they kill or seriously injure someone, and even then the charges are likely to be something like "negligent driving."


yeah for sure it was intentional


I have no idea how you are supposed to drive in an area like this without lines or clearly laid out lanes. I just know the part at the end, where he knocks him off the bike makes him an asshole.


Makes me worried how many people would find it justifiable to turn their vehicles into a weapon because someone accused them of bad driving. Pretty scary thought honestly.


“I’ll show you bad driving!” *commits murder with vehicle*


Scarier still is how people just see this as some jerk, as opposed to a homicidal maniac. Think I'm being hyperbolic? Ride a bike in the city, you'd be amazed how homicidal people can get when they see a cyclist on the road.


It’s insane how many people in cars threaten to literally kill you if you’re on a bike. Even when I rode motorcycles. People in cars legitimately threaten to hit you over small traffic mishaps.


Yea, plenty of people are quick to point at two wheels' mistakes but conveniently forget all the times a car cut them off or didn't signal or sped or didn't go fast enough... no no, we can differentiate between different motorists, but as soon as you get on two wheels you're a piece of shit that needs to fucking die.


I mean I’ve gotten doored while in the bike lane and the guy gets out blaming me. People are headcases. The auto industry lobbying to make roads “automobile only zones” was the worst thing that could happen for future transportation,


Car-centric culture is a disease. Our entire civilization and economy is based around cars. Cities are built for them, wars are fought over resources to produce and operate them, etc. all so that people don’t have to walk or ride a bike for their 2 mile commute every day


As a bicyclist, I had a gun pulled on me for doing 10mph OVER the speed limit. I was slowing him down and he just didn't like it.


Actually, you’d be surprised about how well these kinds of streets (usually) work. [They’re pretty common in places like the Netherlands and Belgium](https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2011-09-22/removing-signals-and-signs-from-intersections-just-might-make-us-safer), where cycling is of course a very popular mode of transportation. Basically, the idea is that normal streets with stripes and lanes cause people to run on “autopilot,” more or less. The fewer* obstacles there are, the more comfortable you’ll be with going faster, the more and more you get tunnel vision and only see what’s directly in front of you (here’s a [basic diagram of how it works](https://image.slidesharecdn.com/lec-171022172238/95/vision-and-driving-9-638.jpg?cb=1508693070)). Taking away those stripes forces people to slow down and take stock of their surroundings, (usually) forcing them to be safer drivers. Now of course this isn’t appropriate for every road — you wouldn’t want to do this on a highway where the goal is for people to get to point a to b as quickly as possible — but it does make sense to do this in more residential areas or areas with a lot of pedestrian/cycle traffic. Of course, there are always gonna be people who either willingly break the rules or are just idiotic (like the driver in the video) and endanger people, but that’s unfortunately going to happen anywhere. Interventions like this generally boost the safety of the street for everyone involved.


Don't know if you're from the USA or not, but these type of city squares are typical throughout Europe, we try to preserve as much old infrastructure as possible, especially in the oldest parts of a city, so we don't dig everything up to pour asphalt and paint lines. Most people are smart enough to realize where they can drive and where they can't drive, there's plenty of signalisation for those who need it.


It's safety through uncertainty; traffic signals and paint provide a false sense of security, as do wide lanes, and clear right-of-ways. [Not Just Bikes - Why Cars Rarely Crash into Buildings in the Netherlands](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra_0DgnJ1uQ) It's the same principle as used in Poynton UK, where a signalised 4-way junction was split into two mini roundabouts, dramatically reducing crashes and congestion. ["Biggest fallacy is that drivers need rules" Wendover Productions \(~7:00 in\)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4PW66_g6XA) The default mode for most people is to not kill people, believe it or not, so creating discomfort demands attention, and people paying attention results in them avoiding killing people


Lmao I just realized the concept behind the absurdities of Greek roads! 🤣


Got the plates though right


[Yep.](https://old.reddit.com/r/IdiotsInCars/comments/n3fmal/idiot_cuts_off_cyclist/gwpkfv0/) The comment reply to OP's link has a translation.


it’s a good thing he got the car’s plate number


man that road has to be torture to a bicyclist's ballbag


All you have to do is stand up!


My bike shorts create a nice pocket that my junk sits in.


Yeah. WE KNOW.


I know right, I'm fucking jealous.


Now imagine [Paris-Roubaix](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE-s56OP3rs).


I bike through there regularly and never had a problem, the car driver here was just an idiot, so I'm lucky I guess! A more common yet less serious problem is the state of our paved streets, some are so bad it feels like you gonna get catapulted off your bike. Most not far from where that video was filmed btw.


Summary of this thread: people who know dogshit about Belgian driving laws, hate cyclists and I would never want to meet in traffic.


Sums it up pretty well 😂


That was on purpose and with malice. Hope he pressed charges..


Attempted murder charges


Those are some bumpy roads for a street bike.


That’s what I was thinking. A bike ride on some cobblestone sounds really bumpy and uncomfortable


It’s like the two nuns that rode through there on their bikes. The one asked,” have you come this way before?” And the other replied, “no, it must be the cobblestones.”


Yeah, you could see it in the video. it's crazy.


Reminds me of the joke of the two nuns riding their bikes in that city. Since this was not their normal route, one said to the other: “I’ve never come this way before”. The other responded: “It must be these cobblestones!”


I bike a lot. When a car deserves it and you give them something, never get in front of them afterwords. People get riled and will try to murder you.


Yep. Typically I find taking a quick detour makes more sense than continuing to ride near the angry person in a car.


What a fucking piece of shit.


As someone who grew up on motorcycle, there's one thing every driver should know. "Right of way" is a fun concept until a taxi or bus force you out of your lane (regular occurrence on a motorcycle). Rules on paper are good, but the reality is always assume the bigger vehicle is out to kill you.


Cyclists have every right to get mad, they're the ones that will pay the most when anyone makes a mistake on the road. I can't stand drivers bitching about cyclist as if they aren't in a metal cage with all the safety features. You get on a bike and almost get broken by some asshole that doesn't wanna give you space on the road.


I wonder how many cyclists talk to cars after something like this and then immediately get ran over


They’re not an idiot. They’re a piece of shit.


As a dutch person, i wish the guy in the car a great time in the deepest pit of hell


>in the deepest pit of hell Belgium?


We do not speak of the forbiden land...


Dit filmpje is opgenomen in Brussel, België.. gênant




Sucks that there's a whole group of people who harass anyone that's on a bicycle or motorcycle. People will just find things to hate for the fun of it.


You couldn't pay me enough to ride a bike through a major city. I trust no one.


I did bike delivery for 3 months. Idk if it was malice or negligence but at least one person almost hit me every single day. And one person did hit me. E: wanna add that i always rode with a hi vis vest, lights, a helmet, followed traffic lights, signaled turns, and stayed as far to the right as was safe. People in the city just dont care.


All I ask is that you remember these words whenever you come across someone who is riding through a city


Oh I do. I’m excessively paranoid whenever I see bikers when I’ve driving


You can just feel there's going to be a lot of civil conversation when you see a video on r/idiotsincars with a cyclist and almost 2000 comments.


The Mayor is involved now, car driver can say bye bye to his drivers license [https://twitter.com/PhilippeClose/status/1388836142297100288](https://twitter.com/PhilippeClose/status/1388836142297100288)


That isn't an idiot, that's an asshole


Similar thing happened to me two weeks ago. Car cut me off close to a speed bump. He overtook me with high speeds and suddenly stopped in front of me (probably didn’t know that there was a speedbump ahead), causing me to brake and fall off my bike. Then, he just took off. My shoulder hurted like hell and got my leg bruised. It was a weird experience considering that we live in a closed community where the maximum speed limit is 25 kph.


Bye bye license


Look man as a cyclist you do what you want. But just remember your bicycle doesn’t have airbags or any other protective devices so it really doesn’t matter whose fault it is if you get hit by a car you’re gonna get fucked up whether it’s your fault or the other person’s fault. Ride your bike accordingly.


That looks like assault with a deadly weapon.


So glad the cyclist had a camera and got the plates


When it is that narrow, drive on the middle. Make cars pay attention to you.


That's not an idiot, that's an asshole.


I don't understand why drivers hate cyclists. I'm working on my driver's licence. As a driver you have to keep an eye on everyone.


As a cyclist and a driver of cars, I hate both cyclists and driver's of cars. Last night I'm on my bike and some dum fuck making a right on red without stopping nearly takes me out while I'm in a crosswalk with a green light, and then this morning I'm in my truck and get stuck behind three idiots on road bikes sitting through a green light because they're discussing where they're getting breakfast, and then they ride 3 wide up the street taking, so no one can get around them. Fuck everyone.


Why can't people these days just admit they were wrong and apologise... it's always aggressive retaliation 🤦


Protip: don't confront people about their driving, especially if you're not in a car yourself. You don't know who's crazy enough to pull shit like this. It's better to be alive than feel the satisfaction of telling some asshole off. To be clear for all of the people that are going to misinterpret this, the driver is 100% at fault and should face some kind of criminal charges.


Dude that’s an assault, and hit and run. You have his license # plus video go file the case


Some people from the comment section...i swear some people shouldn't be allowed to get out of their house.


Especially not in the two ton vehicles they're all so fond of.


Sweet sweet Belgium


You love it but you also hate it


Never forget, you may have the right of way, but you are squishy and the car is not.


That's not an idiot but an asshole. Pretty sure you can take her to court for assault and for unsafe driving since she is supposed to keep a couple feet away when surpassing


How fortunate that you can clearly read his/her license plate. I bet that there would be no consequences for almost killing a person by attacking them with a vehicle whatsoever.