I really want to unblock her

I really want to unblock her


Blocking is not immature, remember that it helps you in the process of healing and maintaining NC. You are protecting yourself from any unwanted actions and emotional distress. If blocking prevents her from contacting, and it lets you live your life, then keep it like that for your mental wellbeing. Stay strong, it's a rough journey for sure.


Blocking is not immature. Sometimes its necessary in order to heal and move on. I had to force my ex to block ME because I couldn't help myself. Maybe try taking a break from social media? Try to keep yourself busy, talk to a friend, do something nice for yourself. You deserve to be free to find happiness 🖤


Social media can be quite toxic. This person does not sound like someone it will be beneficial to you to remain in contact with. You don’t need to hear about her life after you, you don’t need to know a thing, despite how much you cared. She has clearly made her choices and you don’t want to become embroiled in whatever mess she has carved out for herself. You don’t have to blow up your own social media accounts, but post the kinds of stuff you normally would or nothing at all and BLOCK HER.