Adam back: No bitcoin wallet was hacked, nor is even known to be possible. Ransom hackers used a rented cloud server. FBI got a subpoena and took control of it and recovered coins. That's it.

Adam back: No bitcoin wallet was hacked, nor is even known to be possible. Ransom hackers used a rented cloud server. FBI got a subpoena and took control of it and recovered coins. That's it.


It's crazy that the hackers didn't think the location of bitcoin can be tracked. It's also crazy they rented a server. It's also crazy that they hacked a fuel storage and transit company for $5 million dollars and they folded after a weekend. Crazy all around. That's like Blade Runner shit.


Dark side is a ransomware-as-a-service group. They charge 15%. They basically partner up with people who have access to tech that is potentially ransomable. The ransom was for 75 bitcoins. The FBI recovered 63.7... because the dude who did the ransom that used dark side’s code is an idiot. The fbi’s warrant was for the northern district of California. That’s the location of the headquarters of the CEX the dude used to try to fiat off ramp. Dark side’s 15% hasn’t been recovered and won’t be. Unlike the dude who hired them, they aren’t idiots. Sources: Primary, a security firm that had been keeping tabs on dark side: http://www.elliptic.co/blog/us-authorities-seize-darkside Another useful article: https://www.fireeye.com/blog/threat-research/2021/05/shining-a-light-on-darkside-ransomware-operations.html Bitcoin wallet that received the ransom: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/bc1qq2euq8pw950klpjcawuy4uj39ym43hs6cfsegq FBI affidavit explaining the sequence of events: https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.cand.379840/gov.uscourts.cand.379840.1.0.pdf


this makes so much sense and clears all the confusion up made no sense that the hackers would blunder the crypto part of it so easily


They might be prideful and not think they could fail




Fuck the FBI for not making it clear how they recovered the Bitcoin from the beginning. The US position is to dissuade cryptocurrency use. This was on purpose. They just added doubt to the dipshits that don’t stay informed. I can’t tell you how many messages I got today in the realm of... “see, the FBI can hack Bitcoin” The damage control for those turds is going to take some effort.


All it means for now is that coin is on discount. Shit's gonna bounce. Still many returns to come...


Its like mostly conjecture


Dude, this needs to be on the front page.


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This comment hit me in the feels. Dayum that is one deeply buried cobwebbed line


and then?


who handles the original ransom? Darkside or the customer? I thought $4M was a ridiculously low ransom for a key pipeline company.


They lowered it from 20M because it attracted so much attention.


There's always a big negotiation with these deals. There's actually consultants devoted to just coming in to a company and cleaning up their ransomware mess. Whether that's negotiating a lower price to get the data unlocked or simply negotiating to buy time to allow the company to determine if they even need to pay (they might have all the data backed up).


the world is so much more like a movie than we all think


Daaaamn...I would ask you how you know that, but I think I'd rather take the butcher's word for it.


Why not just do the attacks themselves and keep 100%?


I don’t think they had access to the infrastructure.


During the Klondike gold rush the only people who knew for sure they’d get rich were the guys selling picks and shovels. Darkside sells the tools and gets their cut with almost none of the risk. No shovel salesman froze to death in the wilderness, just like the ransomware vendor won’t see the inside of a jail cell for this. Hell they even apologized to america and promised to vet their customers better.


Quality businesspeople. More ethical than Enron, Nestle, or the City of Flynt Water Department.


Thank you for this


This way they are never exposed, they just provide the services. The people doing the hacks are taking all the risk.


Also, access.


Ransomware as a Service. Like Amazon cloud services. They get paid up front and take a percentage on the back end if the victims pay. Nice steady income with a potential upside.




is Dark Side hiring or looking for interns?


They only contact you. Like the murderer's guild from TES


How ... Um....how do you know? Asking for a friend


psst its me ur darksied


Very well said! I just listened to a podcast explaining this, so I thought I’d pop in and add a similar summary, but you did a much better job. +1


Can't we track where those coins end up? Do they simply use mixer platforms?


Since the hacker was trying to off-ramp fiat via CEX wouldn’t they have KYC on him/her, so that FBI can identify?


It’s crazy that they didn’t use monero or some other crypto with privacy features. Amateurs.


or even samauri wallet to pool and split the transactions.


They can hack into an oil pipeline but Reddit amateurs take better care of their fun coins. If it looks like a duck and smells like a duck it’s a false flag.


Actually the hackers got their share and it was never recovered. The idiots who hired the hackers are the ones stupid enough to rent a server.


Yes. Looking into it more it looks like a plumber got access to some info they shouldn’t and hired an entity to execute the attack. The plumber obviously lost their cut.


Where is your source on this plumber? Please share, i'm trying to find it and coming up short.


It’s possible, WEF discussed the “digital pandemic” coming after COVID. I expect increased cyber attacks to be used as an excuse to further limit civil liberties.


Just watch the British, they're usually in the lead to spread tyranny in the west. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/bitcoin-faces-fresh-scrutiny-as-police-call-for-new-powers-to-freeze-crypto-assets-in-the-u-k-11623084973


Goddamn, it's the next logical and inevitable step. Like the US government (or any really) will give up their fiscal control of it's citizen-slaves without a dirty fight.


Two words: disaster capitalism. A “black swan” event that takes down key infrastructure causing a cascading array of events that lead to societal breakdown making COVID toilet paper panic buying look quant by comparison. Fear not though, waiting in the wings is Palantir in partnership with the security state to secure our “democracy” from these “COVID like” threats.


IMO, they are only saying what they are saying because the $5 attack is effective for them and always has been. Nothing will protect a wallet from a bit of torture.


What makes you think it's a false flag? Why would colonial damage their reputation? It's also embarrassing for the US government.


In this case it wouldn’t change much though since their cloud storage would still trace it back to them.


What's wrong with Adam's eyes?


this was my question.


They offer ransom to be paid in BTC or XMR. I bet the FBl specifically told them to pay in BTC instead so they could trace it.


Why would they just leave it there? lol. 5 million dollars and can't afford a ledger or something secure and local.


Nano X is on backorder, maybe they were waiting for it lol


Still waiting on mine, it's been almost a month. I have a nano s but I'm starting to expand beyond what that is capable of


I ordered mine May 25 and it's supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Good luck with yours!


Mine is suppose to be here tomorrow as well. But the tracker says it's been sitting in the same place for 4 days. I'm not holding my breath lol. I ordered mine on May 7th


The hub is opening it and installing their spyware before delivering it to you :)


yeah wtf just checked my DHL tracking and it says "Shipment on Hold" with no explanation. This is my first wallet and I am now feeling super anxious to finally get my assets off the exchanges. Hopefully no one hacks either myself or the exchanges before I get my wallet set up! I'm particularly looking forward to removing staked assets from Kraken and KuCoin and staking them from the wallet.


Mine has been sitting in a delivery facility for the last 4 days about 100 miles away. They're taunting me lol. I hope you get yours soon


The FBI has diverted your package and is currently installing malware at a secret facility. They'll see every transaction you'll ever make and if you EVER perform a ransomware attack, they'll steal the funds back.


Trying to get Fiat most likely


Were these hackers a bunch of kids or what? Sounds like such a beginners mistake…


The did "just" hack the companies accounting system. So entirely possible it was just some clueless script kiddies. (of course government can't admit that and must put blame on some Russian hackers)


Any evidence they uploaded their PRIVATE key to the rented server? This seems nonsensical.


Even if the private keys were on the server, wouldn't they have been encrypted?


Rented server more than likely a VPS instance. Snapshot it while runnning, and you get the unencrypted private key in RAM. Stupidity all around.


You fuckin computer guys are wizards.


Fucking right


Computer forensic guys/gals are absolutely wild with some of the stuff they can find and do.


For an analogy, running a Virtual Private Server is like having a glass pane on the side of your house. And the company can take a picture of what's going on every minute, and then refer to those pictures later. Most of the time it works, if you're hosting a blog or a normal service. As you have things to hide, but it's not really in the interest of the hosting company to dump your database, or make private messages public, because the viability of their platform depends on the amount of trust people have in the platform. But if you're doing something shady, then putting private keys on a VPS is a _really bad idea_. And it seems weird that these super-leet hackz0rs wouldn't know that.


only if you set it up that way.


Goes to show how important crypto education actually is


If you plant a bitcorn kernel, you get Wheatherum?


Irrigated by watethereum, fertilized by doge poop and harvested by machinero


its all a show


It's all made up. They just playing they cards to make bitcoin look bad strategically and dip the price... Okay, maybe that's a really large tinfoil hat material.


Not that large really, government has pushed some bullshit FUD several times this year. This whole story makes 0 sense.


So crazy that it doesn’t sound believable.


Like it's in the name. Block...Chain... Not all criminals are genuises.


The Bitcoin protocol itself doesn't log I.P. addresses. I'm willing to bet that someone at the exchange his or herself, someone who worked in compliance / aml informed the FBI.


Some people sold because some people magically thought, "Wow, the FBI can break bitcoin now?"


I literally read the original headlines on this as "the FBI managed to get the private keys of the ransomware hackers", not that the FBI "hacked" them. The media really likes to exaggerate things it as a whole doesn't understand well. That being said, the ransomware hackers' opsec is garbage to let their keys and funds go so easily like that. (Or maybe they dumped and coinjoined a bunch before getting some of it seized?)


Dark side is a ransomware-as-a-service group. They charge 15%. They basically partner up with people who have access to tech that is potentially ransomable. The ransom was for 75 bitcoins. The FBI recovered 63.7... because the dude who did the ransom that used dark side’s code is an idiot. The fbi’s warrant was for the northern district of California. That’s the location of the headquarters of the CEX the dude used to try to fiat off ramp. Dark side’s 15% hasn’t been recovered and won’t be. Unlike the dude who hired them, they aren’t idiots.


about the 4th time i've seen this posted, any source?


Media are just unreliable.


I mean, fuck media


The media is the virus!


Another wave of FUD


Probably whats happening.


> The media really likes to exaggerate things it as a whole doesn’t understand well. Media in which the revenue is completely dependent on sharing is what’s you’re seeing shared. The exaggeration is what causes people to share it so it’s absolutely written with that in mind. The headline that doesn’t need to be sensationalized in order to monetize the deeper explanation is more accurate, nuanced and fair. People aren’t paying for access to information anymore. Information is paying for access to people.


Pretty much. Too many people think the media has a much more political agenda than it really does. They're just after the money and whatever it takes to make it. I suppose I'm generalizing quite a bit. There are quite a few good outlets with a good international reputation. I just wouldn't mistrust *everything* since you're then likely to trust the first thing that gives you a good dopamine hit, which may or may not be grounded in reality.


If the FBI was able to do this (crack a 256 bit private key) people shouldn't worry about Bitcoin, they should worry about the whole financial system being brought down by hackers. This level of entropy (and less) and similar cryptography algorithms are used in so many places to secure traditional finance it would just be a world-wide disaster... actually not just banking, army, medical records, etc.


I'm happy to see some intelligent comments in a time where people just eat up whatever the media stuff down their throat.


But they broke bitcoin and I panic sold everything! /s


This. Pretty much everything is Sha 256 protected. There would essentially be no computational security.


Except, their black budget counterparts make a point of inserting their own players into the organizations that create these systems. If they can't break the software what do they do? They break the hardware that processes it. They don't give a fuck, they will straight intercept every hard wallet and solder their own chip onto the board if they want to. Which they have done, to backbone routers, more than several years ago. That's child's play to them. Don't you see that?


> they will straight intercept every hard wallet and solder their own chip onto the board if they want to. Which they have done, to backbone routers, more than several years ago. Could could link me to a reliable source about this, it sounds interesting.


https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/05/photos-of-an-nsa-upgrade-factory-show-cisco-router-getting-implant/ https://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/may/12/glenn-greenwald-nsa-tampers-us-internet-routers-snowden


Even if they could do it they wouldn’t do it in such a public manner because that would give away state secrets. They would force them to eat the loss in order to protect such a gigantic cyber advantage.


Exactly. More than likely P != NP.


There are people spreading this kind of misinformation all over social media. Look at the engagement just this one guy is getting: https://twitter.com/CryptoWhale/status/1402013914678939652?s=20 >Let’s not forget that the Bitcoin network is literally built with double SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm 2), which was designed by none other than the NSA. Sure, and TOR was also built by the US gov't, the NSA submits code to Linux-related projects all the time, yet both projects are incredibly secure and the best at what they do. THIS is the definition of FUD


The thread in /r/all is from /r/news and all of the top comments are talking about how the FBI hacked a Bitcoin wallet. I saw one comment saying "the fbi broke iphone encryption so why not this". That comment has thousands of upvotes despite not even being true.


It's stupidly hard to correct misinformation in this day and age, I've fallen for it multiple times and I'm sure it'll happen again. Has me worried about the future tbh


Also that dogshit tweet implies that you can magically break encryption if you know how it works. And the FUD in general implies that you can magically brute force a private key without the collective computational power of the whole planet running to crack it for hilariously long amount of time.


Math is hard man. Most people don't even know what "hash" means, let alone how cryptography works.


It's not really hard, there are just *a lot* of bad math teachers. They make it so unfun to learn and difficult to understand for some people that they just refuse and avoid anything to do with it as much as possible.


What the hell is that guy's deal anyway and why does he have so many followers including fucking elon? he's been aggressively spreading fud ever since the May 19 crash.


He most likely has ultra leveraged short positions on BTC.


This is the internet, we get to see the entire spectrum of the human race on full display. Kick back, relax, grab a snack... and enjoy the show.


Eventually it makes you root for the asteroid in disaster movies.


Twitter is just a scary place


And Truman built the NSA, so that means Truman can hack Bitcoin.


Some people sold because they knew other people would think the same way. It is not about the real value of bitcoin, it is about predicting the move of other players.


Lmao. Imagine being so tech savy to hack the energy system of a country and then getting caught because you couldn't be bothered to use you own server or hide your identity. holy fuck this is hilarious.


People here are VASTLY overestimating the priority, funding, and sophistication of non-tech, large corporations' security. It's probably as ancient and decrepit as their control software.


I work in support for a backup software. You have *no idea*. Any time that a story like this drops, our sales (and thus, a few weeks later our bullshit cases with really bad infrastructure) get a very sudden, very large boost.


Thats good for you then right?


For the company? definitely. eating up more and more market share and upselling these new customers on extra stuff they might not need (but still makes it all smoother). We have a legitimately good product so we tend to take more than our share of the expanding market. Me personally? Not really - lots of more cases, especially with noob customers that don't know how to give me the fuckin logs, and some that don't have a single competent admin on site. In the long run I suppose so but it's a pretty big company - so any long-term ramification of this 'bumper crop' of sales is going to be pretty muted for myself.


Yeah. A competitor of the company I work at got hacked recently. Also targeted ransom ware attack. Supposedly security is now top priority but it's all on paper. No real budget. And I'm still limited to a 8 char windows password without special chars and we have to change it every 60 days. classic post-it on monitor....And all the laptops have their FP readers disabled. I mean that would be at least some basic 2FA. Oh and we also have one of the big brand shitty security solutions that basically drains your battery every time you are in a longer meeting because it decided right then a full scan is needed. At least one can kill it with a reboot.


This is what is so concerning. I dont give 2 shits how these ransomware attacks are paid, but I do care about how fucking easy this apparently is to do and how lax security on these infrastructure are.


hacking isn't the hard part its the not getting found and traced back by the authorities/third party companies that might intervene after the hacking part


This. I have clients with 10 users that have better security than a lot of corporate IT.


Boom. Anyone who thinks that the decrepit old white men running these companies are tech savvy is nuts. They have no idea how vulnerable they are, and when they are told, they don’t listen.


I mentioned elsewhere that I work in support for a backup software. You have *no idea* how bad the infrastructure (security and otherwise) is for non-tech companies. They created it all 15-20 years ago and have been relying on an underfunded, understaffed IT department to just make it work since then. It's got more holes than a screen door. Regular, air-gapped backups at a disaster recovery site are a 100% must fund item for *any* company that wants to be taken seriously and doesn't want to be making payments in BTC.




The worst part is I believe they didn’t hack the energy system, only the billing department. The energy company shit down their own pipeline because they weren’t sure if they could bill accurately. Yes, a massive oil and gas pipeline that distributes 45% of the gas to the east coast was shut down by their own executives creating panic and increased prices because they weren’t sure if they could bill properly. They paid the $5 million bounty, price got pumped, panic ensued, they reopened the pipeline, made massive profits, FBI recovered $5 million and I assume will return to to said company.


What would have happened if the IT hack had been able to infect Colonial's OT systems? IMHO the shutdown of critical OT systems to prevent them from being infected was a prudent move. If the virus had infiltrated the OT systems, the pipeline could have been shut down for months.


Honestly the pipeline system should not be directly connected to the rest of their systems or the public internet. At least that how it works here with nuclear.


My understanding is that the systems *are* separate, but because the extent of the hack was not initially known, they shut down the pipeline control system to prevent a potential cross infection. Even with the separation of control systems from the corporate / business systems, hackers have been able to penetrate [SCADA systems](https://www.verdict.co.uk/water-cybersecurity-scada-hack/).


Ah, SCADA systems. Everyone's favorite weak point.


It wasn’t the energy system. They just hacked the accounts payable department for one company that owns this pipeline. The pipeline still flowed. The company just couldn’t bill for it. Then everyone in Florida went nuts and filled up Walmart bags with gasoline.


Funny part about the Florida panic is we're really not impacted by stuff like that. 🤷‍♂️ 🤣


EMAIL FROM EXTERNAL SOURCE BLAH BLAH YOU'RE NOT GOING TO READ OR EVEN NOTICE THIS. Hey Mike, here is that file you wanted signed. Sorry it took so long. Thanks! Attachment: newagreement2021.pdf.bat


Ps. Don't forget to buy ten $500 gift cards that we'll pass out at the company picnic. Just send me the picture of the front and back. Don't tell anyone, I want it to be a surprise!


They didn't hack any energy system thought. They put randomware on the computers of the company making it impossible for them to process payments, so the company shut down they pipes.


Never underestimate our ability to be lazy :) If you start you SecOps at that idea, it helps you find your blindspots


Doesn’t add up... IMO


My tin foil hat keeps telling me that this was a way to get people against bitcoin while driving the fuel prices up to hide the fact there's some money laundering going on with one of the six companies that own the colonial pipeline.


This makes more sense than the hackers getting their seed phrase hacked.


This entire story is sketchy AF. Even if they got a hold of the cloud servers how did they get their hands on the private keys? You think a group capable of hacking and demanding ransoms just left the PKs in a text file on c:\\privatekeys.txt ?


So apparently there were 2 teams involved, one with the actual toking down of the pipeline and other with the ransom. The ransom team was complacent and got fuckd over. It seems only 80% of the total was recovered. They rest was already taken by the other team


They clearly won't give away how they we're able to resolve the situation though. Was curious about it


Exactly. I don't believe a word of what's in the mainstream media.




Is there a source that says hackers left the bitcoins on an exchange other than people spouting rumors?


Is there a source that say anything either way? Why is the doom and gloom btc is hacked theory the only valid one? You know what they say, the stupidest answer is one of the most likely Software people can be the best in the world at technology *x*, but it’s back to stack overflow for different things




Doesn't make sense, most exchanges ask for your name and identity card before you operate. They wouldn't fuck it up that hard to give their identity.


There's no way a ransomware group would use a wallet tied to an exchange. That defeats the whole purpose of using cryptocurrency to begin with. You might as well just ask for wire transfers through a bank.


They didn't use the tor network when creating and operating the wallet? Something doesn't add up here. Who would be that stupid?




FBI/CIA/NSA are all up in TOR.


Doesn't it make you safer than not using TOR?


Every time Bitcoin dips there's always multiple explanations as to why. It seems like, had Bitcoin not dipped, these would've totally flown under the radar, but when it does people search for things to blame, like Trump or the FBI, or 2 weeks ago Elon Musk, etc.


Except for the Elon muck nonsense you can actually time the significant price drops to the to the exact moment he tweets. So those clearly had some effect.


Thanks Satoshi!!


I'm not certain that's even the case, e.g. they got hacked and the rented server space story Doesn't make sense More likely is the hackers had it on an exchange either to convert it to fiat or they were in the process and once uploaded to an exchange they where able to take control of it either through hacking the exchange login or via supena or threat of reprisal to the exchange. Pretty easy to trace where the coins go with BTC... The hackers could have alternatively gotten BTC and converted in relatively small amounts to monero through multiple wallets and inter wallet exchange, or asked for monero to begin with... Al be it asking for monero to begin with would bring much negaitive light on the coin and create issues for the whole black market and would not be a good idea. So really, you extort a huge solum of BTC you need to have dozens of wallets set up and accounts set up at exchanges... So you convert the BTC into smaller amounts less then say 5-10k US send it in concert to monero and send back out to a new wallet, then send inter wallet a few times in monero to loose the tail. It still takes alot of effort to move millions illegally gained. Even then if you take to long they will catch on... So holding BTC legal legit and exchanging it in a wallet to wallet with smart contracts and no exchange is even better except BTC is not a fungible coin so providing that service gets you in trouble for helping in a crime and can be easily proven. Exchanges do not want this business, to easy for gov to shut down your business because you have criminals using your service, even offshore is hard they can block you, go at you with IP and DNS banning, sieze accounts via banks for fiat etc etc These ransomware hackers appear to have been super amatures


Honestly, I find the entire story sketchy af... a group capable of hacking the keystone pipeline but to stupid to realise that demanding ransom in BTC is a great idea.... if you want to get caught? Who would seriously believe that stupidity? I would expect that a real criminal network would know of privacy tokens, and demand XMR instead. Probably it's a way to spin the narrative, that BTC is bad... but that they can catch you either way!


They asked for XMR and required a 10% premium for paying by BTC, apparently...


So... the government said no to XMR but offered BTC instead? That alone should have made clear what the government was going to do....


Hackers were a bit too confident about their ability to anonymize their ransom through mixers...eventually putting it into a Coinbase wallet, lol


I will admit that I have never tried to obfuscate any funds, but wouldn't using a DEX to convert BTC to XMR already been enough ?


Is there even a non-custodial DEX that allows you to somehow swap native BTC to native XMR (no wrapped coin bullshit, or similar things)? Would be genuinely interested to find out how that would work...


Bisq is non-KYC and allows converting BTC to XMR, but it’s CEX, not DEX.


It was the company that paid, not the Govt


Wait until I tell you what darknet markets have been using for the past decade.


Don't tell them. They won't believe that BTC could actually be involved in anything criminal.


None of this answers the most fundamental of questions. How did they get access to private keys? Having access to cloud server is irrelevant.


Third party wallet host, case closed


How is it sketchy? They done fucked up. They picked the wrong target. If it had been any other company they would have gotten paid and then laundered the coins. A one day passing headline on CNN. Then forgotten about But in this case they got the attention of the US gov and several alphabet agencies. Probably panicked and started making mistakes. And on top of the dumb mistake of using servers in US




FBI = Find Bitcoin Investigators


So basically the keys were in a rented cloud server?


Coinbase in a nutshell, I think...


This is why you use monero


Theoretically XMR would be prone to the same issue if you were storing your keys on that server


#TotallynotSatoshi clarifies the situation


Yea...not buying it.


All that trouble and couldn't bother to transfer the booty.


Is the whole story just a fake ? How do we know any of this hacking actually happened


Still doesnt explain how they got the key.


They didn’t hack the wallet… they didn’t have to, they just took the server 🤣.


Not your keys, not your coins. Especially when they weren't even your coins to begin with.


Tin foil hat : it never was about money. Just to show US infrastructure is vulnerable. Even more tin foil on top of tin foil: it was FBI itself hacking so they can create fud about BTC.


I don't think they'd create FUD about BTC directly, but I wouldn't dismiss they wanted to send a very clear signal to the "bad guys" that they have tools and can disrupt their efforts. I also think they "got lucky" on this one because of how stupid the bad guys were. A rented fucking server? Might as well have hacked into the FBI system and stored it there ...


So many assumed that the FBI “hacked” bitcoins security, it shows how little they really understand about how crypto and blockchain works. Bitcoins blockchain has never been in question it’s processed hundreds of billions of transactions without ever being comprised. The only legitament threat would be a 51% attack where 51% of miners get together to attack the network. This could hypothetically be possible due to the concentration of large mining pools in China but even then it’s not as easy as people make it out to be. Also if that were to happen all the stolen Bitcoin would essentially become worthless since the one thing giving Bitcoin its value no longer exists.


These ransom hackers make millions per year, we need more of this happening. They take out companies, data and a lot of time/money/work ransoming files and servers.


Damn those hackers look like middleschool students who found their hacks online.


They got hacked just like any of us would, or have, been hacked; they did something stupid like leave their private keys on a rented server. They should’ve followed this sub and learned that’s a bad idea smh. Or I suppose not been assholes and ransom attacked in the first place but hackerz gonna hack I guess


Satoshi Himself


Take note hackers, do not rent cloud servers. The FBI gave you a really good tip going forward.


In the meantime, BTFD


Reminder that this man, Adam Back, is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.


True as it may be, it just doesn’t sound as sexy as ‘we got the Bitcoin back by hacking the ransom wallet’. Most people won’t look at the details, and believe it at face value.


Saved me a click with a clear concise title


Satoshi naks?