[Canada] Other duties include...

[Canada] Other duties include...

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I'm sure this started with "Hey rookie!"


Lol you know it had to!




And it ended with a liter o' cola.


Or, if you get sprayed yer fucking walking back


This was so precious.


I love that he was doing it, but damn if that wasn’t scary to watch him go up to that skunk without glasses or a face covering of any kind


Best part, his partner filming.


The narration really brings it all together.


I’m more surprised the partner had the windows down, if that was me, windows up and finger on doorlock button


Windows up and hands on the horn for the perfect moment.


Calm down Satan


You're the kind of asshole I like to hang around with bud, would have done the same!! Have a good night


And live stream on book of faces.


Skunks don't spray without lots of warning. They stomp their feet and would have their tail up if they were feeling threatened - this one is probably just confused.


Tell that to my cousin's dog who got 360 no scoped around a corner.


There's a way to [chemically break down the smell causing thiols into mostly odorless acids](https://wildlife.unl.edu/pdfs/removing-skunk-odor.pdf), therefore neutralizing the smell.


This was years ago but thank you, I'll keep it on hand for future reference should the need come.


They're super chill but you never know what might trigger their instinct


The younger ones are a little more trigger happy than the big older ones.


I remember my teenage years.


Makes sense


My dad, the genius he is, thought it would be a good idea to use the waterhose to try to shoo away a skunk at their back door.


And then?


No and then!


And the cookies fortune




Wish I had an award for this, classic!


And then it got real stinky


Instead its back door shoos him back


There’s a skunk that has a burrow in the woods near my apartment. They’re used to all the coming and going of tenants and it’s common to see him out scavenging with the trash pandas after dark. Somebody made the decision to walk their dog after dark one day. Both the human and the dog lived to regret this decision. Skunk still roams the yard almost every night.


Second part sounds like a scary campfire story...


we have tons of skunks in our yard. I have startled them many times and have never been sprayed. My dog on the other hand....


My dog has been sprayed once. Never again. That stank was foul and she was a poor pup covered in tomato. Later I found out tomato doesn't really work.


[There's a way](https://wildlife.unl.edu/pdfs/removing-skunk-odor.pdf) to chemically break down the thiols into mostly odorless acids, thereby neutralizing the smell. It's safe to use on dogs.


I'm saving that. You never know when you're going to need it. I started a skunk once but we both ran in opposite directions and it didn't spray. Not something I want to experience.


I love the idea that the skunk stomps his feet to warn them. It’s probably sounds like little a little pit-pat before unleashing the stink.


Is it that potent? What would happen? We don’t have skunks where I’m from but I’d always just assumed they can’t smell *that* bad? I have ferrets and assume they smell similar?


It smells horrible. My brother got sprayed and stank for a week.


I had a friend that ran over a skunk that either sprayed his car or unleashed its stink bag when it got hit and his car had a distinct skunk smell 2 years later. It wasn’t nearly as strong but if you know that smell you would recognize it instantly in his car just a little more subtle and much less eye watering.


Skunks automatically release their stink when they die. It's a pretty good evolutionary advantage; now when a predator does succeed in killing a skunk, it smells like absolute ass anyway. If it doesn't help this skunk, it may help its children.


That dude was just a stoner and didn't want you to bogart their car stash


It smells like urine, and acid, and burnt hair, and chemicals, and vinegar, times 100. It’s in your nose for weeks, even after everyone else can’t smell it anymore, which takes several days, and dozens of showers. It’s pretty awful.


Okay this is going to sound weird, but I love the smell of skunk. Always have.


The whiff of distant skunk basically just smells like weed and isn’t unpleasant to me. I imagine a direct hit is quite another experience.


That’s honestly the difference, because anything close to a strong skunk smell is rank and astringent. Faint skunk does smell very much like weed. Another smell I don’t like, but not “oh this smell’s toxic”, more “I don’t like this smell like I don’t like the smell of cooking mushrooms”.


The smell seems to be stronger on very humid/foggy nights, plus the skunks seem more bold in the fog. At least where I camp. Nothing like zipping your tent shut, suddenly smelling a skunk, and wondering "did I just zip myself in with a skunk?


Probably! We had a dog get skunked when I was a kid and I was like this dog smells good. Dog was unhappy and I just kept sniffing him lol!


omg a kindred spirit! I love the smell of skunk too, probably wouldn't love it anymore if I got sprayed though.


There are two of us! I’ve never met another one in my life lol! I get a lot of weird looks when it comes up in conversation.


I'm actually surprised to see how gross people find it, I've never really thought about it further than "ooh I like that smell" til now. Do you also like the smell of gasoline by chance? They smell kinda similar to me.


I do love the smell of gasoline! Huh.


Skunk & Gas club checking in. In fact, here in Idaho we have [Stinker Station](https://i.imgur.com/DnJCHGD.jpg)


Honestly, there’s a reason “bad” weed is called “skunk” weed. I hate the smell of weed, and weed and skunk are often hard to tell apart, so it makes sense that I don’t like skunk either. For those who do like weed smell, skunk would probably be ok too. So it’s likely just a matter of preference, rather than universally disliked. Even in the animal kingdom, it’s not the “bad” smell that wards off predators, in the strength of the smell.


I lived in Michigan and there is skunks everywhere there, the smell doesn't even bother me anymore and I hate smells. Anyway, I had a friend visiting from Florida and we were in the car with my sister when we pass a skunk that got hit by a car recently going by how strong the smell was. My sister and I don't say anything and we're all still talking when my friend stops and gets this twisted look on her face and loudly and disgustedly asks "What the fuck is that smell?! It's like rubber cement and old salsa!"


A skunk sprayed outside my bedroom window one night. My room is on the 2nd floor and the window was closed. It woke me up - my eyes, nose, and throat were burning. My room stank for 2 weeks.


If you throw burning tires in there, I agree 100%


It is ranked as one of the worst smells there are. My dog got sprayed, and would smell a little skunky when he got wet for about a year.


My in-law's dog was sprayed. It was still horrid smelling 4 days after the incident when we visited.


Don't use water to wash them after they get sprayed


Yes, it's enough to make you want to puke. It's horrible. It smells like a combination of 10 day old roadkill that's been set on fire.


You can definitely smell it from pretty far away too. I don’t fuck with skunks lol


Possibly the worst smell on earth that will not come off without time… There are a lot of tips to remove and none of them work. Bathing in tomato juice helps… a little. Dead things may smell worse. Maybe.


Ever smell burning rubber? Condense that down to a smell that sticks with you for a long time just when you drive past a dead one on the road. I don't even want to know what getting sprayed is like, but it sticks with you for a long time. I believe trying to wash it with water is even worse because then it just gets into your pores.




hijacking the top comment to say - please take off your soft drink/mcflurry lids before you pitch them - ive seen this happen several times and was brave enough to pull it off one time


I had this same situation happen to me about a year ago. I went out to meet an uber eats driver, and as soon as I went out, the driver pointed to a skunk with a tim hortons cup on its head and he says "we have to help it!". He then stood behind his car and watched as I went over and pulled the cup off its head. The skunk just kind of stared at me for a few seconds before running off, but it didn't spray.


I think they only spray as a last resort if they are cornered. Don't quote me in that, I'm not an animal scientist.


Yeah, skunks are actually very chill. You don't usually have to worry about getting sprayed unless you're actively fucking with them.


My cats were always smart enough to leave skunks alone. Skunk would show up in the backyard, they'd be "hey skunk" and he'd be like "sup" and then the cats would go back to sleep and the skunk would go back to absolutely destroying my lawn.


What was the skunk doing to ruin your lawn?


They dig little holes looking for bugs to eat.


> What was the skunk doing to ruin your lawn? They smell/hear grubs in your lawn, and they destroy it to get at them: https://www.spring-green.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/skunk-damage-to-a-lawn.jpg


Oh wow THATS what that shit is!


They dig bugs. One time while camping I had a skunk coming into our campsite every night to dig junebugs out of the soil and crunch on them. The junebugs were mating, which is why they were all out. But yea. FYI: the crunching sound was pretty loud.


Wish your cats could have knocked some sense into my dogs


Oh wow...same here! I have two German Shepherds that just love to mess with skunks. It’s a blast.


There's a bit lost in translation. "Back off!" in skunk looks a lot like "let's play!" in dog.


Haha! You’re probably exactly right about that!


question is whether the skunk feels that you trying to pull a container off their head counts as actively fucking with them or not. I was faced with the same situation once but everytime I approached, the skunk would stamp its feet and raise its tail. I was visiting from out of town and staying at a hostel so I gave up after a while, didn't want to risk getting sprayed.


Fun tip: an animal scientist is a zoologist, I like to remember at someone who studies the zoo.


>Uber Eats driver says “We have to help it!” *Proceeds to make OP do all the helping*


Haha well his heart was in the right place, but yea he went nowhere near that skunk. I guess he figured it was best to let the drunk moron do the helping


I was not so lucky when it happened it me. It wasn't a full blast but it was enough. Also I remember saying "Well Fuck" knowing exactly what was going to happen but also knowing I couldn't leave it walking around in the street.


Haha well glad you decided to help it anyways, knowing what your fate would be. Honestly I thought I was going to get sprayed for sure, but I was real glad it decided not to.


Can't let an animal get hurt because humans are assholes


I see you're bold, but are you also daring?




That skunk spray is nothing to play with


I hit a skunk on the highway by accident one day. My car smelled horrible for about a month.


Farm dogs.... Lol. I've heard that tomato juice will help remove some of the smell quicker.


How many farm dogs did you hit...


My mom used mouthwash to rinse our very thick furred dog and it worked for the most part. Only a few rinses worth of it and she was already livable. The smell didn’t actually fade for quite a while and wow is it memorable.


My dog got sprayed in the back yard directly in his mouth... he was foaming and it scared the crap outta me. I called the local emergency vet and explained what happened and asked "can it... hurt him or....." and she chuckled.... "he'll be fine.... he'll stink for awhile... but he'll be fine "


No hate against you, but tomatoe juice is a myth & does very very little, a common misconception is skunk spray is their piss. It's actually an oil from their anal glands, Dawn dish soap will get it all gone in about 2 washes, thanks me later next time the doggo gets blasted.


Dawn dish liquid is by far the best thing I've used to get the smell off after the initial spray. It's still going to linger, but not anywhere nearly as bad. Cattle Dog Duffus owner.


Yes, let me just go to a carwash that has a tomato juice option.


Broooo same!! It was summer. So I couldn’t run the ac cause it blow skunk into the car. I legit couldn’t drive cause I would smell after. It was so bad!


I’ve killed two skunks with two different cars. Both being my first two cars. Hated my life, the smell was horrendous.




"Skunk style is immensely strong, and immune to nearly any soap. When it's properly used it's almost invincible."


I have a story of a polar opposite situation. When I was about 12, we had a skunk in our backyard that wasn't leaving. I can't remember who, but somebody in my house called the police, and an officer came by to assess the situation. I swear I turned away from the officer and skunk for about 5 seconds, and all of the sudden I heard a loud BANG! Turned around to find the officer had shot the skunk dead. I ran in to tell my mom and when we came back out, we saw the officer driving away holding a bag with the skunk out his window. (You could smell it right when you walked outside) Back then I thought he was such an asshole. Only now that I'm remembering this story, that I realize maybe it was a rabid skunk. Maybe my feelings towards the officer was unwarranted all these years I realize now haha


Who calls the cops because of a skunk in their yard?


They're the only game in town for people who don't have animal control services 🤷🏻‍♀️ And of it was indeed rabid, it needed to be dispatched. Still sad that no one explained what happened to the young kid though.


Fair points.


suburb shit baby. even tho i’m from the country i kind of understand it, when yards are fenced in and children are all over what are ya supposed to do. it’s not like they can just pull out the 22 or whatever, i’m sure actual towns have ordinances on firearm discharges


Yep. I'm fairly certain 99.99999% of all cites in the US have laws against discharging a firearm within city limits unless at an approved shooting range.


Geez, that's terrible. No one talked to you about what happened and why?! That would've destroyed me.


Nope. But I grew up kinda rough. Drugs, abuse, poverty, that sort of thing. So my lessons were more or less my own to figure out. It's all good though, I feel I'm a bigger person because of it.


I'm so sorry. Years ago I was the cop in that situation...in a trailer park where i couldnt use my firearm. There was something definitely wrong w/the skunk so it needed to be put down & tested (it tangled w/a dog). Of course, everyone is out watching the show i had to ask several parents to take the kids away (most did not) so they had to witness me beat the skunk w/a shovel. Not one of my best memories


Damn, a cop in my town got the boot for killing a small critter like that with a fire extinguisher, I guess he just beat the shit out of it and naturally there was a bunch of kids on a field trip watching him. Now he is a private dick, and he drives around town like a fucking asshole. I think it was a possum he killed? Some kind of little varmint type critter. Anyways yeah fuck that dude, he was the DARE officer when I was a wee laddie too.


I packaged it up & took it w/me for testing. So i think everyone understood i was doing for a reason not out of aggression and the trailers were so close together using a bullet would have been reckless.


You're okay now but 12 is such a vulnerable age to see something so violent against an animal and my heart just broke for 12 year old you. I'm glad you're okay but shit that's so upsetting. I'm sorry that happened to you.


well, at least it wasn’t in the african savanna seeing a lipn rip its prey’s throat to actual pieces, just a clean bullet wound.


Those are animals though and does it for survival. That's pretty easy to understand, even for a kid. It's different when there's humans doing shit to animals for what may seem like no real purpose at all


seeing an animal shot at 12 isn’t scarring lol, every kid who isn’t from the city/suburbs has experiences with it.


In an entirely different atmosphere and with explanation. That situation and this situation are completely different.


You just changed a decade long thought of your own realization and volition. Mentally, you seem better than like 90% of America man.


I had a dog when I was a child. My dad hated dogs, but let us get one. One day I got home from school and our dog was gone. Mom said the dog ran away. Several years later, my brother in law told me he shot it at my mothers request.


Damn, that's grim. I guess it's probably better that you didn't find out as a child? But finding that out any time isn't great.




Humans forcing the rookie to be a bro.


Defume the police!


woo that's rank


Defunk the Police!


I was doing a burglary alarm responce once at a movie theater. The culprit was a baby skunk that had its head stuck in a Tim Horton's cup and somehow blindly wondered in through an open door during hours of operation. When they closed up and armed the perimeter, the poor little guy set off about a dozen motion alarms. It was the Cineplex on Fairway in Kitchener Ontario just as it was nearing completion of construction. Wild times.


Lots of good memories in that cineplex


Have I been in quarantine too long or is that cop an absolute RIDE 😍


Yes and yes.


Mam.. do you know how fast your were going?


Yes! Why did you stop me? I was almost there!


Sorry ma'am, you have been sentenced to 30 bonks on account of you being guilty of horny


Sorry, you'll have to wait in line.


Because you should wait for me.


Sorry officer, feel free to *bonk* me


Sorry, I came as fast as I could


Nah, he's a beefcake.


We don't have those in Ireland, is it like a "bleedin' stunner"?


The term is geared toward men, but you have the gist of it.


I fell like he's more of a snack. When I hear beefcake I think of big ripped dudes like the Rock.


r/BadgeBunnies NSFW


Well god damn that is definitely a NSFW sub. Was not expecting any of that lol


Yea I tagged it now




*oh yeah, that's the spot*


Please proceed to /r/hornyjail






Yes but helping animals makes anyone like 10x hotter


I shooed a fly out the door instead of killing it today. Sup.


Indeed he is. Had to rewatch to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me. Most of the cops I’ve seen in person totally ruins my fantasies but this guy—yes sir and thank you.


Thank you Canada,very cool, *eh?*


All the cops around me are morbidly obese. This guys a snack, though.


It's very competitive to become a cop in Canada, or at least in cities. It's not a bring your own gun and just show up deal like some places.




You're a ride too sassy😍


Oh stop it you 😘 (Please continue, it's been a while)


I wish everyone was this straightforward


I'm bi-forward or pan-forward, is that allowed? 🤔


Oh yes, allowed, warranted and wanted.


He's a fuckin' DADDY I would totally smash.


I think the conversation before this was "Hey rookie, go deal with that"


Nothing to see here, folks. It's just the usual textbook skunk head de-cupping they teach in the academy.


This gave me a good giggle 😄


He is VERY careful to not be right behind the skunk.


I saw a skunk like this one time and I called my dad for advice. He told me that they won't spray if they can't see you so throw a blanket over top, pull the jar off, back away, and let the skunk escape. I asked if he had done this before and he responded "oh, hell no!" Animal control did show up and use that exact technique.


I'm proud to call Canada our neighbor. The best hat the U.S. has ever had.


The US is the best diaper Canada could ask for


really? im sure there are better diapers than us lmao


I was just trying to be nice


like a true canadian lol. godspeed buddy


I enjoy making fun of Americans as much as all Canadians. But truthfully having a world economic and wartime super power as our primary allies is extremely convenient. Making fun of Americans is no different than making fun of your best buddies.


honestly we could use a change at this point


He is a Canadian cop? I tried to look at the patch but couldn't make it out.


Cat’s head in a jar now this skunk’s in a cup....what’s next today Reddit? A giraffe in a trash can?


I'd rather disarm a bear trap. At least they don't panic


Bears? Nah they panic.




In my little town we got a rookie cop. Within a few days of him being there. The whole town was talking about how he was running around downtown trying to shoot a skunk.


We know about that. It's a Toronto skunk. My jurisdiction.


Quit trying to take credit for Mississauga skunks. That's clearly a Mississauga skunk, I don't see a skunk bike or a Starbucks cup on its head.


How bad is the smell of skunk spray? We don't have those here in Sweden. On a scale from 1 to surströmming?


I’m glad you labeled this as Canada so I didn’t have to worry if the skunk got shot at the end


hes soo fine


He is hot af 😍😍😍


He’s fine as hell too.


I tell ya, if he had ended up injuring that poor animal, it would have raised a huge stink about it!


Yay! Wholesome cop post!


Good guy Lt. Dangle


Hey get back in that car and call animal control to help, you crazy person.


On Saturday I was leaving my house to go on a bike ride, and I forgot my water bottle so I turned around and there was a cop parked on the next road over, so I yelled "hey cop, make sure no one steals my bike" and did the point at my eyes with two fingers, point at them, then point at my bike and went back inside.




I love he got the cup THEN WAS GONE lol


We know who the rookie is


Partner staying in the car to film


Wild skunks running around the neighborhood?


Above and beyond the call of duty. Good job!!!