May 35th, 1989 - the Chinese Communist Party slaughters their own citizens - protestors and bystanders alike - after weeks of massive pro-Democracy protests

May 35th, 1989 - the Chinese Communist Party slaughters their own citizens - protestors and bystanders alike - after weeks of massive pro-Democracy protests


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Fuck the CCP


You shouldn’t have to be a conservative to agree with that.


Certainly not conservative, definitely agree with fuck the CCP


Not conservative. Fuck the CCP.


As a man who leans left I agree fuck the CCP


Do you think that liberals like the CCP?


We don't, fuck that Winnie the Pooh looking motherfucker


Agreed. Leftist here. Fuck CCP.


Aww the reds and blues can find something to hate together. How sweet. uWu.


Honestly, I think average peoples have much more in common then we have differences. I think alot gets lost in translation, I think we're all abused by the same entities that seek to take advantage of the middle class and below. The powers that be have definitely divided, if not yet conquered. I'd still rather team up with a middle-class redneck than a douchebag in a $5,000 dollar suit, government or otherwise.


Agreed, I’m sick of this liberal vs. conservative bullshit. It’s a manufactured rivalry, created by those who want to hide the real struggle. The truth is, no issue is so simple that it can be boiled down to two opposing arguments, yet that’s exactly what’s happened in the US. You’re either on the left or the right. Liberal or conservative. Democrat or Republican. And the hatred these two sides have for each other has successfully kept the working class from realizing the real enemy is the “ruling class”. Those who control the multi-billion-dollar conglomerates. The companies that lobby against environmental protection and public safety standards. The billionaires that control the media, which tells us what to think, which influences our votes, which gives power to politicians who then cater to the billionaire media moguls. We should all hate the CCP, and we should all hate the United Russia party, but we should also recognize that the US political parties have similar agendas, they just know how to finesse their people better. The US uses the same techniques by encouraging party loyalty, but through creating their own definitions or what it means to be patriotic or free, they’ve managed to divide the people so successfully that you’ll never see tanks mowing the American people down because the most radicalized civilians will do it for them.


Based. We need a new working-class movement against the rich, uniting all workers whether they are black or white, urban or rural, liberal or conservative, atheist or religious, just like the classic workers' movement of a hundred years ago. Not just American workers but all workers. If we reach out to Mexican workers, Canadian workers, Chinese workers, etc, we can fight back against the global rich. American Companies will not move jobs to Mexico or China if Mexican and Chinese workers make the same as American workers. The authoritarianism of the CCP keeps Chinese wages low, for the benefit of both the Chinese and Western ruling classes. Only united can we stand up against the rich and their weapons of rule: the uniparty and federal government through which they exercise their dictatorship over us.


This sentiment is what got MLK assassinated.


Exactly, both liberals and conservatives get screwed over by exactly the same group of people but are too busy fighting eachother to realize that they ought to team up against the people screwing all of us over


Well personally as someone who helps run a small business in Seattle, I just get screwed by democrats. We are incorporated, we are struggling because of the authoritarian power of our government to change lockdown rules on a whim. Now even though we are struggling currently, Biden wants to raise our taxes from 21 to 28%. Democrat politicians in our state are raising gas taxes for the umpteenth time which really hits the pocket book when you have 4 work vans. Raising property taxes making it so we might have to shut down our showroom and do online only. With the past year and a half since Covid began and then Biden got elected, it really feels like Democrats are on a mission do destroy all small businesses until only Amazon and Walmart exist.


Yeah, it’s dumb that D’s claim R’s are the party of big business when it’s just more Democrat projection like usual. These businesses screw over everyone, Republican or Democrat, trying to run a small business, but you’re right that it’s the policies of the left that make this problem worse and worse, like for instance the tax rate, the lockdowns, the minimum wage hikes, etc… You wonder what their endgame is… do they want to raise unemployment on purpose to keep everyone on welfare and voting blue for the rest of their lives, or do they want to give these big corporations a lot of power and control over the population (essentially giving this power to Uncle Sam)? Or both?


Also a leftist, Fuck CCP


Your leaders sure love him.


Mitch McConnell and his wife own a shipyard which does business with the CCP. This door swings both ways.


As long as money is to be made in China a lot of people (and businesses) will bend the knee to China. Lebron James a liberal and John Cena a conservative both are CCP ass kissers. Coca-Cola did business with the Nazis even when the USA was at war with Germany. Coca-Cola would ship suryup to Germany through South America. Coca-Cola only stopped doing business with the Nazis when FDR threatened to put them out of business did they stop.


Yup. Blew me away when I found out. Wasn’t one her boats caught with literally metric tons of fentanyl on it?


We hate the ccp. We are at war with the CCP, Russia too. Not traditional war, not even proxy war. It's a cyberwar/information war. If you succumb to the misinformation they spread to us in their "trollfarms", which is designed to weaken us as a nation, if you let them use you to collapse our democracy, to make us susceptible to disease, you are on their side. If you hate the CCP, make it more than just lip service: defend voting rights, defend democracy, and get everyone you know vaccinated.


You don't have to be conservative to agree with that.


You certainly don’t need to be. Also you should recall it was George Bush and the GOP that originally gave preferential trade status to China...It was the year 2000 when Republicans opened the floodgates for American jobs to be outsourced and American money to flow in and out of the CCP. Don’t forget that.


Unfortunately we have celebrities, Hollywood and massive corporations who will bend the knee to the CCP. They are more loyal to China then they are to America and it’s shocking.


It used to be shocking at least. Now I am more shocked when someone in a position of fame stands up to the CCP.


I'm an anarchist and FUCK the CCP.


Your boy trump feels otherwise: https://www.businessinsider.com/trumpn-tiananmen-square-massacre-china-showed-power-of-strength-2019-6


Leftist popping by to join the CCP hate train. Fuck the CCP.


What do you guys mean nothing happened there.(run, they have ears everywhere)


I'm not even American but Fuck em.


Holy crap they use more firepower on citizens then they send to actual conflicts.


China doesn't need militaries. They use 'soft power' approaches. They take the 'long march thru the institutions' and take over countries from the inside slowly over decades. They lend money to countries they know will never be able to pay them back so that they can grab ports and land and take control over all points of commerce across the globe.


100% this - debt enslavement and information hostaging is the new era of war


couldn’t one country just ignore another ones debt, if they were equally wealthy countries?


It would crash the financial markets


how’s that? honest question


It would lead to massive uncertainty and disruption in the bond markets if a country, particularly the largest economy globally, refuses to honour their legal obligations (paying interest and then full repayment). If the US picks and chooses who it repays, market participants will look at US bonds as risky investments similar to emerging market debt. Think Argentina, Lebanon, Greece ie. all those failed states! The US government then has to offer higher interest rates at debt auctions to entice investors. Nearly all financial securities use the US treasury rates as a benchmark for a “risk free rate”. If this goes up, they will fall. We just had a taste of this as the FAANG and Tesla shares crashed a couple of weeks ago. However that was because investors believed US interest rates will rise due to inflation- so a different driver.


This answer is too smart for Reddit


Debt is mostly held by banks. If a government stops paying their debts the banks have to write it off. Which means they go under similar to when Lehman Brothers had to write off mortgages. Even a rather small country like Greece caused a severe currency crisis in Europe. Now imagine that with the largest economy and the world's reserve currency.


Theoretically, but that's where the actual military comes to say hello.


Close but not quite, it's a SINGLE tactic in a multi-prong modern warfare front, and it's not even a new game, just different rules. It's call economic warfare, been going on for a long time.


Also known as government backed students loans for some basically worthless degrees and 60k of debt for long time. Gotta keep your citizens enslaved to its government because they told you that you had to go to college and get a degree in gender studies of the African snow beetle 🪲


I've been saying this for the past few years. We're already at war with China, whether we acknowledge it or not. At least, they're at war with us. They're playing the long game, slowly buying us out from the inside


Yep, just like they did in Sri Lanka and in many African countries.


Three Warfares Doctrine.


So a government Cosa Nostra


This guy gets it


They have been working on us slowly from the inside as well...


They need military power. Worst strategic position of any modern major power in history lol.


You’re right, but Xi seems to not be so worried about playing the “long game” as previous Chinese leaders. They’ve always offered the carrot, but are increasingly countering with the stick


Just like any other cancer.


I think most people are so used to short term leadership 4+ years that they don't really understand a country that can have 20+ year goals.


Exactly. In some ways they have an advantage because all of their leadership is focused on World domination while our leaders are only worried about getting reelected and lining their pockets.


That should really ring home how much communist governments fear democracy.


Don’t you know the meaning of the Liberation Army is just to liberate people out of capitalism?


*Liberate people's souls from their bodies.*


Historically China's largest threat was always dissent among its own population


Not just firepower, China spends more on internal policing than on its defense. https://qz.com/59367/china-is-spending-more-on-policing-its-own-people-than-on-its-defense-budget/


This regime is evil and gets a free pass. If they want to play with the big kids, they can be held accountable. Boycott, don’t buy made. I’ve been avoiding them for about 2 years now and it’s getting easier and easier (though I have a feeling a lot of Made in Vietnam is a facade for Made in ). Before you buy that tshirt check to see where it’s made. You don’t need it if it’s made in . Put it back and find another. Edit: since this is top right now, June 4th is heavily censored on Chinese intranet (for.... obvious reasons). May 35th is what Mainlanders used to talk about June 4th.


It's really hard to avoid these fuckoes if you're buying tech. I'm more of a 'buy domestic' than 'don't buy xyz' type of dude, but when it comes to tech, good luck.


It's impossible to completely divest, but you can make conscious choices and not buy Made in China when you can.


Strongly agree with this comment!


r/avoidchineseproducts is pretty solid


I have always wondered why the united States doesn't have the ability to produce the computers and chips it needs. I consider this the biggest national security threat. If china goes to war the ability to get chips goes out the window even worse if it's war with china we loose a vital resource for modern warfare.


Because wall street has been deliberately gutting American manufacturing for 30 years in a never-ending quest to improve short term margins at the expense of long term industry health. We've essentially built the chinese manufacturing industry.


True but I would of expected someone in the military industrial complex to see that and at least be concerned about it, but you never hear people talk about it. I mean people would care that iPhones would essentially disappear if say china went to war with India.


That is where I work, and there has been plenty of discussion at the lower levels. However, china is also really good at bribing leaders and promising huge profits if companies transfer all their technology to china. For example, bill clinton and al Gore transferred all of our missile technology to china in return for campaign contributions. Defense contractors like Lockheed are constantly trying to expand their china business and military leadership all wants to retire and work for defense contractors, so they will never ever do something against the interests of the large defense contractors. China didnt give $1.5 billion to Hunter's company because they thought he was a good financial manager.


I see so classic political BS that's ultimately bad for everyone


Maybe human BS - short sightedness, greed and self dealing. It has been a long time since anyone tried to inculcate loyalty and patriotism as virtues in the US.


Fair enough. Thanks for your perspective stranger. I do wish to see these sorts of things change. This short sightedness is only going to end with the whole human race running into a wall. My place on the social economic ladder doesn't give me much leverage to cause that change, but it's good to know I am not alone in seeing it.


That doesn't apply to the semi industry. Why that sector is weaker here than in China is because we are literally the only country in the world that doesn't heavily subsidize its semiconductor manufacturers. Because of that, it is very difficult to be competitive. This problem is magnified by the fact that it is a quickly changing industry and so requires massive retooling of factories every couple years.


I know it's only a drop in the ocean but I consciously try to avoid Chinese goods as often as I can. The problem is their stuff is in eveverything.


Well you can blame good old cost-cutting American corporations for moving production of goods to China. That’s why US companies that make their products here in America have my respect and usually receive my money.


I work in a niche industry in production. What's really frustrating for me on the floor is when the company decides they're going to focus more on using foreign supplies over domestic to cut costs. The quality goes with it and it really hurts to know I'm putting out something sub par to make a bottom line that was already a great margin (50+% profit) just a little bit better. What's even worse in my case is that all of our domestic supplies literally come from our local county and we ship to every state and about a dozen countries. Not all foreign goods are bad, Slovakia actually makes our best product but, when we went from local to Spain then Peru and with another local supplier to Turkey it's pretty obvious that was a bad call for a product that gets a 10 year warranty. Not to mention it's more of pain to build with. But hey what do I know, I'm just a drop in the bucket


The south Koreans make Samsung, they make good tech, I try not to buy any tech made in that evil country(China) especially tools though, they have ZERO regulations on what they put in their steel!


Samsung sources parts from China


We have to do what we can. China grew its economy moving from small components to finished products. It can shrink on a move from finished products back to components, and then we might well see supply chains shift to the location of manufacturing of the finished products so they lose those components too. This won't happen overnight, it's going to be a long effort.


There's alot of manufacturers that source some parts from China, it's a little hard to get around, as long as said product was actually MADE in a country that doesn't use slave labor to build the product I'm good with that, we will probably never get away from having certain manufacturers that have no choice but to source parts from China.


The CCP is a blemish on the modern free world. It's shameful how the entire world turns a blind eye to their bullshit, manipulation, and genocide just because we rely on them for our economies to function. Absolute shame


Donald Trump was the only one holding the CCP accountable. Now Biden has let them off the hook, they might never be caught again.


What worries me with that is that people are gonna see Chinese criticism as trump speech. "If you criticize china you're racist like trump" something like that. More politicians have to stand up against the CCP


I agree, dems and Republicans alike need to tell the Chinese we won't stand for their BS anymore.


what's more shameful is how the majority of the western world turns a blind eye, and choose not to be vocal about china's atrocities. imagine if everyone voiced their concern about china to elected officials! that would be my dream. the majority of my friend group are ignorant fools and couldn't care less. they are just as shameful imo as the Chinese Commies.


While I agree with your sentiment, when we gave up our manufacturing base China took over. Instead we need to start restricting the CPC’s access to the western banking system, that is a area we still have a wide advantage in and can cause real pain for China. Next, we need to start protecting US intellectual property to make sure that Chinese firms are not profiting off of stolen IP, though that would take a government that is willing to take a hard stance on China.


'gave up our manufacturing base' is a nice way to say that capitalism did what it does. I'm a staunch advocate for capitalism (despite voting in democratic primary elections!), but executives laying off Americans to ship their jobs overseas so their own compensation ticks up a few points is right in line with a free (global) market. So far as IP theft, you have to spend a bunch of public dollars to even get a whiff of Effective Action when it comes to shutting that shit down. Quite simply, they got those job creators hooked on slave labor and addicts will go to some extreme lengths to get their fix. Check out Spalding's book Stealth War if you haven't. This country has been bending over for China for a long time.


US went from 20% to 4% of jobs in manufacturing in 20 years. Japan and Germany are still at \~20% of their workforce in manufacturing, pretty much unchanged from the 1990s. The main difference is the US shipped jobs overseas as a government program, not the free market. Part of the problem is the US subsidizes shipping from China to the US. Go ahead and try shipping something to China. The trip the other way is pretty cost prohibitive.


What are your thoughts that automation is the only way to wean us off and bring back manufacturing to USA. If we can automate what we outsource right now. Keep paying high wages for creative and quality products.


There are more forces that are in play to bring back onshore. It's Friday night and I really just want to let my mind rest but.... Supply chain improvement with near/onshore Lowered cost gain from offshoring Increasing awareness of Chinese pollution, slavery...


Automation won’t help, it’s actually what caused the problem in the first place. We know this because while manufacturing jobs have been consistently dropping, manufacturing profits have consistently increased. The drop in % of gdp isn’t because manufacturing got bad, it just got dwarfed by the rise of trillion dollar tech companies skewing the percentages. https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/USA/united-states/manufacturing-output


That's the thing, it going to take all of us making conscious decisions every day not to buy products from China. Our leaders will not fight this battle for us because they are all compromised. I am a big hypocrite because I order things off of amazon all the time that shows up as made in china, but we have to collectively stop. Only our economic might as a massive collective will afflict damage on them.


A truly Stalin like Mass Murder...


Manufacturers already utilize a trick of assembling a legally allowable percentage of a product in another country (or several others) and installing the final components in the home country so they are permitted to print “made in…” even though only the final step was done at the last stop.


You are exactly right. It's very hard to avoid made in products and sometimes we don't have a choice but most of the time I avoid their products. I have never bought anything from Amazon or Apple and refuse to eat at McDonalds or KFC or Subway etc. I can't sit back and support war criminals who kill millions around the world through sanctions or invasions or drone strikes with no regard to human life. Remember when those torture videos and photos were released from Iraq where they were killing and torturing hundreds of civilians and nothing happened. The only people who to prison were the people who leaked those photos and videos. It makes me sick that no one is been held responsible after 20 years of wars, started on lies and over a million dead. I totally feel what you are saying.


👌 spot on!


Just chiming in here, good friend of mine is Vietnamese and they also have quite a bit of manufacturing that is decidedly not controlled by the ccp. In addition, they are constantly under threat of being taken over by china, with their territories becoming more and more encroached upon, so made in VN purchase will definitely not support china.


I feel you bro, I do tge same, I buy only from others, "no more china"


As awful as the atrocities of Jun 4th are, sadder still is the fact it worked. China today is not any more democratic than they were in '89, but there is virtually zero effort to democratize China and oust the CCP. 30 years ago, hundreds of thousands of Chinese people turned out to fight for something they believed in, today the most controversial thing mainlanders will rally around is that Jack Ma should be beheaded for having too much money. For obvious reasons I'm not lumping HK and Taiwan into this but make no mistake, the Chinese populace don't turn a blind eye the fascistic actions of the CCP, they outright endorse it. [Around 95% of Chinese citizens](https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2020/07/long-term-survey-reveals-chinese-government-satisfaction/) are supportive of Beijing's policies. The CCP didn't just succeed at crushing pro-democracy protesters on Jun 4th 1989, they eradicated the hunger for democracy by decades of population control, systematic brainwashing and an iron grip on freedom of expression and free enterprise. It all started with the Jun 4th massacre. It can happen here too.


Didn't foresee upvoting a "libertarian nationalist" today but here we are.


I feel like that gathering any actual opinions from a survey of Chinese Citizens would be impossible.


I work with a few and only one of the 5 will talk shit about the ccp government.


What is even worse about all this is that China under the CCP has surged ahead of the entire developing world. They’ve proved to much of the world, and particularly most developing countries, that the brutal efficiency of authoritarianism works better than the chaos of democracy. And the sad thing is they’ve pulled all this off with the assistance of the free world, or at least the politicians and CEOs of the free world.


> the Chinese populace don't turn a blind eye the fascistic actions of the CCP, they outright endorse it. You can't draw that conclusion. They know their government is capable of mass murder. They're not going to tell opinion polls what they really think.


No. Not all of them. I've met a fair share of Chinese civilians who believe that everything their government does is right. That Americans are propagandized sheep. It's a sad situation all around :(


Oh boy, now you’re going to piss off bing




I think regardless of whether you're a liberal, conservative, or whatever, we can all agree here on one thing: fuck the CCP.


Amen. Fuck the CCP


Quick plug for r/avoidchineseproducts


Thank you, didn't know this existed.


Conservative AND liberal approved. The CCP can rot.


I completely agree. It's good to see both sides can become one every once in a while.


We are all Americans after all!


May 35th huh?


IN China, June 4th is a heavily censored term, so May 35th came about as a sly substitute I’m sure they’ve censored that, too, but it captures the sentiment of having to evade tyrannical oppression


If they've censored May 35th, we'll just have to start calling it April 65th.


Or August 25th. That's Winnie the Pooh's birthday




Perhaps March 69th would be a decent distraction too


June 4th 1989 was the day I woke up and saw the world for what it was. Fuck the CCP....


June 8th 1989 was the day I woke up... literally... that’s my birthday.


Interesting. Could I also get your name, address, a d mother's maiden name?


Sure, that’s Michael Cringleberry, 123 fake st and Susan Hingleberry. Why?


Now I've got you, Cringleberry!!! *villainous laugh, twists mustache*


Wait a minute... ducks can’t grow mustaches, you’re a FRAUD!




Oh interesting. I was wondering how the hell there were more than 31 days in May.


Let’s fucking go my birthday is censored in China




We should really stop buying anything made in China but that's not going to happen


BUY INDIAN !!!! hmm world biggest democracy ...


Modi is all kinds of fucked up


Better than winnie the pooh


Everyone is better than that bastard


What are we looking at here? Tiananmen Square I presume, but could someone describe what is happening in this pic?


In early 1989, Chinese people started pro-Democracy protests in China. About a million people gathered in Tiananmen square to protest. The CCP deployed a quarter million troops to stop the protesting/demonstration. This picture is of the military rolling in to stop it.


At some point those tanks or similar ones will gun down a few thousand people in the square, then run over their bodies, turning them into paste which will get washed down into the sewers.


*To prevent body identification. They also used troops who were from other parts of the country, rural regions, so that the troops felt no remorse while killing them.


Then attempt to erase it from history. Many Chinese nationals do not know the truth of the massacre.


CCP: *Historically Lies* USA: Are you responsible for Covid-19? CCP: ...No. USA: Alright so clearly you're telling the truth. Sorry for being so racist against you


When the People's Liberation Army liberates the people from being alive.


Let's admit it. .. China's a problem, what are we going to do about it?


lesson in accounability - making them face that the pandemic was the product of their bio-weapon lab in wuhan


First time upvoting something as a non-conservative. Feels great to be apart of this country when everyone can come together to agree on something


you havent read alot of the posts here then see non-conservatives which are expressing their dislike of truth being exposed to the light of the sun


i normally disagree with this sub but glad to join yall in saying fuck the CCP.


Should be bi partisan to hate dirty commies


100% fuck authoritarianism in all of its forms.


Isn’t it nice to take a break from the constant red vs blue he said she said to all just communally hate the CCP?


I dunno there seem to be a lot of rhetoric against the left in here regardless if this is bipartisan.


But, Hollywood puppets will apologize them no matter what


John Cena is a bootlicker.


based r/conservative


The left screams Hitler about everything under the sun when meanwhile the People’s Republic is *still*, *to this day*, making the man blush.


But it's pride month so all those companies tacitly supporting human rights abuses are heroes for putting up rainbow stuff in LGBT friendly countries. Mondelez loves equality... AND questionably sourced palm oil. Oreos were maybe made with slavery... Oh look a rainbow logo.


Raytheon Technologies, one of the nation's top defense contractors and manufacturers of unmanned war drones, recently rainbowized their logo. They were also awarded a perfect score by the Human Rights Campaign for corporate equality and put on the list of top companies for the LGBTQ to work for. Biden also named Raytheon board member Lloyd Austin as his defense sectretary, but the dude is black so of course [that's all any outlet cared about](https://thehill.com/changing-america/respect/diversity-inclusion/535414-who-is-lloyd-austin-americas-first-black-defense). Being on The Right Side of History™ has never been so fucking easy. Just pander pander pander and you are automatically in.


Didn't Obama get a Nobel Peace Prize for all his work in sending out record amounts of drone strikes?


He got the award *before* ordering record numbers of drone strikes on weddings and hospitals. The award was basically just for not being Bush. We see how that went.


I stopped caring about Nobel prizes after that. He did nothing to deserve it.


*General Lloyd Austin. Dude is more than qualified to be Sec Def and you'd have a hard time finding a O7-10 not involved with some defense contractor after retiring.


I agree, I'm going by the rules of how [past picks were judged by the media](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/checkpoint/wp/2017/07/19/trump-to-nominate-raytheon-lobbyist-for-next-army-secretary/).


My apologies. Took it as you saying he wasn't qualified.


The left hates the CCP too.


Do you have any actual examples of this that aren't one random twitter/redditor?


For over 4 years now, the rhetoric has been the left opposing China and the right supporting it. Have some examples. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/04/15/trump-china-coronavirus-188736


Leftist here, aside from tankies, who are wannabe totalitarian shit turds, everyone I know on the left fucking hates the CCP and the entirety of the Chinese government. That includes me I absolutely agree with most of this post FUCK THE CCP




May 35th is a hell of a day


They were gonna do the same to Hong Kong, but Trump got intelligence that a bunch of Chinese troops were on the border of China and Hong Kong and told the CCP to not even try it.


Gonna need a source on that, bud.


In August 2019 https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/trump-says-china-moving-troops-to-its-border-with-hong-kong/ar-AAFKCgV In December 2019 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7714099/Hong-Kong-students-banned-staging-protests-forming-human-chains-school.html


May 35th?


as posted by another user "IN China, June 4th is a heavily censored term, so May 35th came about as a sly substitute I’m sure they’ve censored that, too, but it captures the sentiment of having to evade tyrannical oppression"


Ah, yes. Who can ever forget May 35th?


as posted by another user "IN China, June 4th is a heavily censored term, so May 35th came about as a sly substitute I’m sure they’ve censored that, too, but it captures the sentiment of having to evade tyrannical oppression"


Thank you, I didn't know that. I was just using the opportunity to be a wise ass. In China there are three T's that are forbidden: Taiwan, Tiananmen and Tibet. F\*\*\* the CCP!


And bing censored tank man, fuck CCP, fuck bing


Left-leaning here - fuck the CCP!




I found out that every article about Bush reaction to Tiananmen Square silence was from 2015-2020. When you go back to the news before 2000 - He suspended diplomatic visits and military sales to China - He did executive order for Chinese students which visa may expire so they won't go back to China Ofcourse he could escalate it even further, but saying that he looked the other way around or silent is modern day propaganda.


Truth, ask older Americans who lived through it. It was very much televised and written about.


Fauci: Why would China release a virus to kill their own people? That's ridiculous!


Hmm, good point. The Hung Kong protests that were going on aren't in the news anymore.


I want to engage with every one of the thousands of comments here and elsewhere about this, but it makes me so depressed. That people died in the most horrible of ways and there's basically nothing I can do about it except learn more of the horrifying ways the CCP acted then and now




God bless America


Still the same country


Wait, I heard this was a Peace Parade of Good Will.


Rookie numbers. The ccp just killed over 3.5 million people with the global pandemic they created to spread communism.


The one thing all sides of the political spectrum SHOULD agree on. That this is barbaric and deserves an international punishment.


The comments: May 35th? May 35th? May 35th was one of the early colloquial terms for the date, June 4th 1989, as it’d been heavily censored by the Chinese Communist Party Fun fact, this is also mentioned [here](https://reddit.com/r/Conservative/comments/nsiznf/_/h0mp5gz/?context=1)


Obligatory, not a conservative but will happily stand with them to say fuck the CCP.




Oh man i cant even imagine the fallout.


This is the path we’re on...