Saudi Apache monitors the movement of 23 militants and waits for them to group up then fires a single shot that neutralizes them all (June 4, 2021).

Saudi Apache monitors the movement of 23 militants and waits for them to group up then fires a single shot that neutralizes them all (June 4, 2021).

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How far away do helis usually orbit? in these videos the targets always seem so oblivious they’re being watched by death birds in the sky.


I actually saw a formation of 4 apaches today flying over Raleigh, North Carolina. It's fairly common here due to the massive military installations littering eastern side of state. They were about 1,000 feet (300 meters) from the ground and not that far away from me. I didn't notice them until the road noise around me quieted down. Actually surprised me. I can imagine them being farther away I would not notice them unless I was looking.


Yep we have Blackhawks and Chinooks from Ft. Riley fly over sometimes. Cant hear them at all until they’re right overhead.


yet I can hear the ospreys fly over my house on Pendleton from a mile away


No kidding man, ospreys are unbelievably noisy! As loud as they are you can still usually feel them first!


People in Okinawa hates them.


I lived in Oki for a few years about 10 years ago. I can still remember the Ospreys. Moved to Norfolk England last year and there's a US military base close by which have Ospreys too and I'll see/hear them on their runs. Can't seem to escape them!


One of those buggers tore up our hospital's semi-permanent helipad, the unruly blighters! They're cool to see but sound like a chinook flying sideways.


protip: don't move close to military airbases, because that's how you get airbase sounds. you're welcome.


People in Okinawa hate this one trick to...


I don't know why you did get downvoted, but it was hilarious cit.


It's not constructive to the conversation, but it made me chuckle. I'm not savvy enough with the Reddit script, but it would have been tops if the comment was hyperlinked for full effect.


being in them isn't any better lmao


Working on them sucks too


Are they universally hated in the military? I'd read that they had some fatal crashes in development, I can't imagine that would endear them to pilots or anyone else. I've never understood why they're militarily necessary--they seem unwieldly at best--but I'm a civilian and a dumbish one at that.


They’re now the safest helicopter in the Marine Corps. The crashing issue a incorrect meme.


Combines the usefulness of helicopter like VTOL with long range of a turbo prop. After the failed attempt at Iranian hostage rescue the US wanted a something with VTOL, range and ability to carry several people. Gotta remember in a war airports and other landing strips are typically targeted first so anything with VTOL is a huge advantage to being able to adapt.


But other things always get overlooked. Too fast to be escorted by cobras, too slow to be escorted by jets.


Have you seen the size of their propellers? No wonder they are so loud really, they are sporting 2 wind turbines haha


they sound cool tho


I’m in SD. I wish I could have more context because I really don’t agree with the people saying they don’t notice helicopters unless they are looking at them. I guess don’t agree is the wrong wording. But I see and hear them all the time. At least I for sure see them. And that’s in the city. I don’t get how they don’t notice a helicopter out in the middle of the desert.


I know this is obvious but you are only seeing the ones you see


Ok, so not arguing, but if I’m out on a hike somewhere in Arizona or New Mexico. Like way out there, something from where they were always doing stuff in the breaking bad show. How far away is a chopper that can blow me up but I don’t notice it? 1 mile, 5 miles?


From the video we've got here I guess you can just look up the Apache and check out what it can carry. I know where you're coming from but it's not like they're making an unsubstantiated claim, the guys in the video really did seem caught off guard.


Yea, I see these all the time on here. I definitely get it’s me that’s wrong. I’m just always wondering how far away those helicopters are.


To give a slightly more useful answer, hellfire missiles have a maximum range of about 11km according to a quick wikipedia search. This is affected by stuff on the missile (what warhead/engine they're using) and stuff on the aircraft (firing altitude/angle, how the target is marked, lasers aren't perfect on certain surfaces at certain angles and even with buddy lasing it can be difficult to spot search if the aircraft is searching from low altitude through haze). Generally speaking you can halve that range for an 'all scenarios' number, and you won't hear an apache hovering at 5km away even in a desert, they're scarily quiet unless you're in the loud cone of their rotor.


become a terrorist, and find out?


Im going to throw a random number that sounds nice. 3 miles up 20 miles away


That is correct.


and hearing the ones you hear


Militaries spend millions researching ways to reduce the rotor noise of helos. plus they can fly up to 20k feet and most of their armaments can fire thousands of meters away. plus they take flight paths and holding patterns to reduce as much noise as possible. and other terrain factors and sound science stuff I have no idea about.




I live in Downtown Raleigh and last year and this year we had a lot of protests and political events, state capital after all. The news helicopters were non-stop hovering for hours. The apaches were closer to me and much quieter.


I live in san fernando valley and the ospreys pass over head from Edwards AFB, and i swear i think its an earth quake starting every time, then i hear the rotors. Dogs freak out, paintings are all crooked now.... Thanks obama.


Lol. I occasionally throw that epitaph in at the end of an unrelated rant. It cracks me up for some reason.


If felt right.


if you are out in a place with zero road noise its much more obvious. While hiking I can hear them from a few km's away but it might just be that its a louder model of chopper. I know in Vietnam they modified choppers mainly the tail rotor and I think added some weird muffler to quiet them down.


You can't hear a shithook until it is overhead? I can feel those things 2k away...


They were probably at 3-5,000ft and going slow. I’ve heard A-10s and apaches at low alt and they come screaming in at less than 2,000ft sometimes, fast choppers especially like to get low out here


Chinooks occasionally fly past here, we're under a flight path of some kind and get lots of private helicopters and light aircraft, with the odd military one. Chinooks are loud and have a very distinct sound. We can easily hear them from a distance from inside the house. My wife isn't into aircraft but always recognises them because of how distinct they are. A few Apaches passed nearby recently, at least a mile off to the side of the normal path. They sounded different to the usual private helicopters, more "thuddy", but we're too far away to identify until I got my 240mm lens on my camera and took a photo. The main difference I've noticed is modern private helicopters seem to be almost just engine noise, the rotors are very quiet. I've often mistaken some for planes as you just hear the drone of an engine passing over. There's a Robinson R44 that goes past weekly and that's got a "helicopter sound" to it, the military ones are always "helicopter sound" and write obvious.


You sure you're not deaf? Lol Chinooks are beasts that can be heard from literally miles away. And you know it's a chinook before you've even looked at it because of the bassy "woof woof woof" noise it makes


I have tinnitus so 🤷🏻‍♂️


Ayyy same here my dude. *laughs in 81mm mortar*


*laughs in listening to loud music and shooting .308 and 12ga without ear pro*


Now that's a silly ass move


Maybe I'm alert to rotary aircraft due to my tour ... but I often hear Chinooks from the nearby National Guard unit while they're dots in the distance. They usually fly, I estimate, 5,000 feet over our semi-rural area. Blachawks are rarely sighted, but a few months ago I heard a pair before I saw them, again approx 5,000 feet passing directly overhead. I've never spotted Apaches around Kansas City.


Maybe it's because I live in rural England, but the few times a Chinook has flown over it's been quite loud and recognisable, and you can hear it for a good while before and after


There is an Apache squadron at RDU


I would assume that in an urban environment it would be more difficult to recognize them, it still baffles me the fact that usually in these videos they are in the middle of nowhere and yet they still seem oblivious to the choppers, which tells me that they are possibly much higher. Are these choppers quiet while in the air?




Our new Sikorsky CH-148 Cyclones are super loud, I live under an air route and hear them all the time over head, the noise is deafening and they vibrate the whole house. They are maritime patrol and anti submarine helos though so I guess noise isn't really an issue for them.


919 checking in!


Its crazy scary how quiet some military helicopters are. How and where they are in terms of terrain also plays a huge part in if you can hear them or not. Like the Bell UH-1 helicopter ( you've seen these your whole life most likely.. in a lot of Vietnam war videos etc ) but these things you can hear from waaaaaayyyy off. Its pretty much the blades of the helicopter ( at least imho ) beating the shit out of the air around it providing lift. I always know when i hear the tell-tale bap-bap-bap-bap sound of the blades slapping the shit out of the air around it. I see these from time to time in my area and you can always hear them way before you can see them. That said, when i was in the military.. helicopter gunships like an Apache are a whole other monster. Very quiet, and if they are behind a hill or small mountain range.. the noise they make is muffled and bouncing off the hills in front of it and you dont really hear anything until they are close enough to murder you ( and they can do this from waaaaaayy off but still ). I was always in awe when theyd pop up over the hills to come into land and you didn't even know they were there. Plus, they are pretty damn quiet to begin with in terms of a helicopter. Being a tanker ( m1 Abrams ) I always loved the fact these guys were on our side. Helicopters are a tanks worst nightmare. Well that and any airplane with a huge cannon like the A-10. Same thought applied though, I've always been relieved that these aircraft are on our side.


These days atgm and loitering munitions seem likely to be a tanker's worst fear


When they are facing opponents without attack helicopters I'm sure that's right. When up against an enemy with helicopters I bet the helicopters are scarier than the ATGMs being used by infantry.


The loud sound of helicopters UH-1 is usually from 'blade slap' of the main rotor. At particular forward speeds the angle and speed of the main rotor can result in the air vortex of a blade 'slapping' into the one preceeding it. Air temp and pressure are other factors. As far as I know, its not the most well understood phenomena. Pilots learn to know at what angle and speed it is likely to happen, and many modern helicopters are designed to reduce the noise - I think 3 or 4 blade rotors reduce the incidence.


> Helicopter gunships like an Apache are a whole other monster. Very quiet, and if they are behind a hill or small mountain range.. the noise they make is muffled and bouncing off the hills in front of it and you dont really hear anything until they are close enough to murder you Reminds me of the time my friend and I were shooting fireworks outside of the allowed times because we had some leftover from new year's. We were in a forest and just as the last pot had finished firing, three Apaches popped up over the tree line and in no time had flown towards us and crossed right before our spot, with the gunner (I think, the one in the back) waving his hand. We had no idea they had been probably watching everything unfold until they were right on top of us. Now, a Chinook is a different beast. Very noisy, very distinctive sound. You could always hear them when they were on exercise. Kind of ruined the low noise of the accompanying Apaches.


10-20 kilometers depending. You absolutely can't tell.


They can target and engage from up to 3 miles or 15,840 feet


Longer than that. The longbow radar range is at least 5 miles. The hellfire range is up to at least 10km. Just it's *cannon* is meant to be able to engage targets out to 1km. Hellfires are getting somewhat old hat. The Brimstone can do 40km, the spike missile 25km. Now the Apache itself may not be able to target from that range, but a tiny UAV up front sure can. Hell, Raytheons put a small anti-uav laser on one, with a claimed range of 10km.


3 miles is 4.83 km


4.83 km is 4,830 meters. Beep boop beep.


4.83 km is 3 freedom units


Thanks bot cant stand the stupid miles


This is the first thing I wonder. They must be incredibly far but are still seeing this amazing footage. They must be too far to hear or see which is crazy for a helicopter.


They can be as far as 8-12km away and still be in effective range, and can be even further for surveillance


Longbow apaches have camera pods on top of their rotors, so they can hide behind hills and the horizon with just the pod showing to do targeting.


Its probably a drone and op put apache for extra upvotes


Why are the corners blacked out/ redacted?


Just a guess: coordinates and other info is displayed there


That’s correct. Target data and helicopter data like location and elevation etc are redacted.


For good idea. Can easily triangulate where the heli is at that moment, from there interpolate ingress/egress route of this engagement, and from that, guess flight plans, source airfield where they flew from, etc. All important information to add to a military intelligence picture. Also said data can be used to work out if their weapon system developments are within published limits, or further.


Why does everyone assume this video is correct and accurate? I just Googled the key terms and the only matching return was this Reddit post.


Sometimes, although rarely, videos get uploaded solely for r/CombatFootage. Have you tried googling in Arabic? It is a Saudi helicopter after all.


Yea, there is a whole nother level of the internet out there in other languages. Can't expect an English search to be the end all find all search.


I had never considered this before. That's a crazy thought for sure!


shoot there are parts of reddit that aren't in english either


I think this footage is from a drone that might be lazing the target for the Apache. This is not what the Apache’s TADS optics screen looks like. This would also allow the Apache to fire its AGM-114 from greater range without giving away its position by sound signature. The drone no doubt being smaller and having a smaller sound signature, and thus being able to get closer without being noticed. The Hellfire hitting into that area under the giant boulder would exacerbate the effectiveness of the warhead many time over. The overpressure alone would’ve likely killed everyone in that group, even before the shrapnel. You could equate it to the fire cracker in an open palm vs. closed fist analogy.


I was wondering about that. Thanks.


I guess you could say that they got caught between a rock and a hard place.


Rock and a hot place lol


A "rocket" and a hard place.


And I'm going to imagine that access to medical care is not immediate in their situation.


Question: if you already have a drone lazing the target why not just have it also deliver the missile?


Missiles are heavy, so the platform needs to be bigger as well, meaning more expensive and less stealthy.


Not all drones carry missiles.


And this is why I like this group. People with real world experience!


Hey I’m no expert on Apaches, drones, or Hellfire missiles. I’ve just seen them used in combat and have a general idea of how they all function. I’m just a guy in a tank, after all, 😉




They should just say “0” in the end.


Destroyed would be the "correct" term


I like the Russian term for that which they use sometimes "The enemy was *liquidated*."


"Neutralized" is used by the Turkish Armed Forces for both infantry and vehicles or equipment. It is used a lot in this subreddit so probably OP thought it is common for all.


Execution by disembowelment Humans are shit


Working hard to prove your own point huh?


Imagine just chilling with the boys and you suddenly get turned inside-out by a missile launched a few Km away.


I wonder if the "WHOOSH" even registered


Hellfires are supersonic, so no.


Is it safe to assume they died instantly or not?


pretty sure


Probably, unless one was at the right distance to only get some shrapnel then...well you know,,,slow[er] than instant


How stand off is this Apache?


I’m pretty sure the max range on Hellfire AGMs is 8-11km so pretty far.


A UAV with Apache firing Spike NLOS, you will never see or hear it coming


Imagine having to hide under a literal rock to survive, then being vaporized by military equipment worth thousands upon thousands of money, equipment that was fabricated and sold and bought by people that could as well be on the other side of the planet.


The video removed the need to imagine all that


Hey, I'm low on ammo. Everybody skootch together.


Boom. Ope.






So I’m curious what happens afterwards? Will a crew come and investigate what’s left? Either to check for any survivors or to gather intelligence from any items which might remain?


I’m willing to bet not much remains after having a Hellfire detonate inside what’s basically a cave.


Yes. Sometimes they want to know if other scheduled targets were unknowingly killed


What group was being fired upon?


Iranian backed Houthis.


Do they deserve it or not I’m new here lol




Here's how the world works: If you commit war crimes, it's okay. If the other side does it, it's not.


[Their antisemitic motto tells you every thing about them](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slogan_of_the_Houthi_movement)


Ah understood


Saudi Arabia is also super awful though, so don't rush to take sides. There aren't really good guys on this planet. Also, doing indepent research from multiple sources is usually better than taking the perspective of strangers on reddit at face value when making moral judgements tbh


Dude... Lol the unofficial rule #1 of /r/combatfootage is you do not take the moral opinions of people on this sub as justification for the violence you see. Keep in mind that a bunch of these users are ex /r/watchpeopledie edge lords who came here after the ban.


I was about to say that anti-zionism is not antisemitism but then I saw the "اللعنة على اليهود" in the bottom lmao


But according to the Wikipedia, Houthis have officially denied being antisemitic.


Well this maybe due to ethnoreligions being bullshit, so it might be more likely that they're saying they're anti-Jew not anti-Semitic, which makes sense since they too are probably Semitic ethnically speaking... BUT that still doesn't make it less bad, I'm a Muslim for example and would probably be categorized in the "radicalists" section according to someone, but I don't consider myself to be anti-Jew, Sure all three religions disagree but that has nothing to do with being hostile to someone especially if they were not hostile to you. I mean I wouldn't say "Curse upon the Juice" for example. ​ Tl;dr even though they technically may not be "anti-semtic" Houthis are bad and everyone that has slogans that even mildly encourages genocide is bad, and that's it.


Don't ask the people on this sub. Research it and form you own opinions, this sub is literally a bunch of people who want to watch others get killed so our opinions may be a little off. Also, the majority of people I've argued with on this sub are violently american, so they'll support most wars the US does.


Whoa buddy. I support all wars. Not just the American ones. I don’t mind watching some Russian and Ukrainian action or whoever is fighting Pakistan this afternoon. My opinion: just watched a video of 2 dozen men die in an instant and it was terrifying to see. One second they are planning something and the exact next they are all gone. Turned into a pile of charred meat. This is the brutality of man and instead of reading about it in a book 20 years from now we get to watch it happen on HD video. Imagine someone had a GoPro in WW1. You telling me you wouldn’t watch that shit? Or someone got to film a close encounter line formation battle in the Napoleonic Wars? Because it’s all the same shit just different flavors.


I would, that's why I said "our". My main point is to form your own opinions though, and not to take the word of some random person on the internet.


Honestly, I don't think there are any "good guys" in this war


Some guys wanting to listen to local ballgame


In between a *rock*et and a hard place


Nice. Except a rocket is unguided and usually fire and forget. Where as a missile is guided and tracked until it hits the target, either by a human operator or by itself (computer). But it’s a good pun. 4/5.


"Hmm, that helicopter way off in the distance has been flying slowly and never left our view, probably a coincidence. "


The footage is from a smaller drone spotting and possibly lazing for the firing airframe, which is far further away and probably not even in line of sight.


Modern warfare…. Scary shit…..


more like “I see a black dot in the distance. Must be a bird I’m sure”


You know how birds hover, Ahmed


[You say that...](https://www.reddit.com/r/blackmagicfuckery/comments/nnklxr/falcon_using_wind_and_thermals_to_stationary/)


Who are these militants?


Apparently the Houthi. If it is, wikipedia says their motto is like "death to everybody" especially jews.


I know little about the Houthis, or the conflict in Yemen, so I have no comment to make. I was just curious who they were.


Battlefield kill sound plays 23 times.




The guy who's late to that gathering will now always be late




"One shot 23 kills" medal unlocked.


Not funny... but actually hilarious, if that makes sense.


It's a war they are at. War brings death. It wasn't meant to be funny. When these apache pilots RTB, do you not expect them to boast about the killings? Won't they be known for their feat at least for some days? If it was a non-Muslim country, I would say they would celebrate by drinking some liquor.


How far away can an apache pull this off? I'd imagine they could hear the helicopter if it weren't a pretty good distance


As some other here said it's most likely image from a smaller drone painting a target for the Hellfire. With the target painted the Apache might as well be on a different zip code.


A hellfire missile can be fired from about 10km away,so probably pretty damn far


I’m curious, can they not hear the Apache overhead?


And this is why I would not fuck with an army that has these tools at their disposal. One moment you're chilling with your resistance fighter homies and in a blink of an eye you're reduced to pink mist. Come to think of it there are allot of worse ways to die.


You dont have to fear because for the most part the saudi army is incompetent AF


That is probably what these guys thought as well :p


I’d imagine concussion part of the blast can be lethal so being in that area tucked against that rock probably amplifies it and gives you an even more lethal strike.


I have no clue whatsoever about anything military. So what I always wonder with this kind of videos: How far away is the Apache? Can they hear or see it? As soon as I heard a helicopter, I'd nope out there real quick.


They should have worked from home and use WebEx/Zoom for their meeting


Everyone is dead Dave


So that’s what Dollar Cost Averaging means…..


It’s like watching ants in an ant farm as a kid. Gives me nostalgia.


You engaged ants in an ah-64 as a kid? Sweet


"Jesus Christ how many goddamn fire ant nests are there in this damn field! Time to wipe em' out with my AH-64!" "BOOM!" "Take that you annoying fuckers!"


40 - 50 feral ANTHILLS


Really hoping this doesn't get buried and someone can answer this: Does someone go in there afterwards and like... clean up? Is there a team that checks the remains for documents, may be buried or moved the corpse bits that remain? Or does what's left just sit there for nature to deal with? And what about the weapons they had?


Purely speculation, but I don’t believe a clean up crew would be needed here. 1. Because it’s not a cover up 2. Because I don’t think there’s enough of anything left in that area to clean up or salvage. They’ve returned to dust.


But what if there are weapons or something like that, metallic things that survived the blast? And in situations like this one, where an airship shoots people out in the middle of no where


You show me a gun that survives a rocket attack and I’ll buy it for sure haha. The resources spent sending a team into that region will out-cost (in terms of manpower and risk to life) anything that they can retrieve from there. If they wanted something from them they would have sent a team in, not a big ass missile Edit: 10 of them show up in an $800 pickup truck I highly doubt there is anything of value there to someone sitting in an Apache attack heli 8KM away.




what the fuck


It's a thing in some video games, where you can use ingredients or learned skills within the game to apply magical effects and/or features to an item. In this case, the user above you is stating the pilot and gunner had enchanted their apache.


You just clued in someone from r/combatfootage on a Minecraft joke, wtf parallel universe am I on.


Timeline is weird as shit, I agree, lol!


Ur on Reddit my man anything is possible.


durr war is like bibeo game


a Hind-D?!


(watching video of people getting obliterated by a gunship) oh my god. mine craft.


I like how you can tell who is most likely a civi and who is most likely a vet based on the reactions in the comments. All the civilians who aren’t used to war: “oh my god this people just dies” Veterans: “that Apache had efficiency V applied lmao. Apache goes shooooowsh”


yeah the guy bringing up mindcraft is totally a hardened war vet


How you know that? What if he was just a mechanic in the air force who had a lot of coffee breaks to shoot the shit around? Do you know how the military works or do you think everyone is given a rifle and made to go into combat? Isn’t it still less than 1% of the military (at least US) has even been in a combat zone let alone actually been in combat?? Very few vets are hardened in the fires of war. Unless you are from some bum fuck country ya know


it’s infinitely more likely that he’s 13


Press right on the D-Pad for Tactical Nuke


Do you have the source on the date? Im following the war but i haven't seen any attacks yesterday.


Are these dudes houthies?


Saudi are only at war with the Houthies as far as i know so probably.


Probably, but could also be AQAP, heard they’re active in Yemen and clash with both sides occasionally


poor yemenis saudis' atrocities has no excuse and US defending them is unforgiving


Our tax ryials hard at work.. what a worthless war


Imagine one of them goes for a piss and then boom all his friends dead, that’s how religions start... the magical piss


The Saudis are wealthy enough to re-engage with a second missile for that last guy. The US definitely would and has. Why not at that point?


Jack Pershing would say hold your fire, then tell the last guy to go home and tell them we fucked your mothers.


Money well spent.


What is that, like $6,500 per kill?


> neutralises You mean murders?


That must have been so satisfying I love when weak enemies group up and I just annihilate them all in an AOE attack