Out here rockin Dior while sleeping on Di-floor

Out here rockin Dior while sleeping on Di-floor


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Di-floor 💀


That caption deadass had me rolling


Stole it from hood ville


Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that


Lol I knew this must be from him


Hoodville is the 🐐 TB4L


Everyone who follows hoodville I automatically fuck with


Came here just to comment this as well, in Hoodville we trust 🙏


The caption is damn near better than the actual tweet 😭😭


Reminds me of when all the titles used to be more lit than the post.


Bring back the good title flair


Only in the country will someone have a new mustang and a crumbling trailer.


if your truck is more expensive than your house you know you’re in the midwest.


If your truck has curtains but your trailer does not, you know you're in Arkansas.


Lmao. Used to live there. Very true.


c'mon you can't bang your sister infront of your mom in the trailer - need the truck and the curtains in Arkansas


If you have a home that's mobile and a truck that isn't, you might be a redneck.


I saw Jeff Foxworthy perform a few years ago. Dude puts on a great show


Jeff Foxworthy frantically scribbling this all down.


I feel like this comedy is blue collar, maybe you should take it on tour.


Or the south. I know people that have a plot of land and a trailer on it worth maybe 10k total, and are paying payments for a $50k truck here in Florida.


And they're barely able to afford the payment on the truck, its one missed shift at work from being repossessed.


Are you the IRS or some shit like that? Why are you looking at my bills???


Pickups aren't just a vehicle. They are a hobby. A lifestyle. The big milestones in a southerners' life is when their kids are born, and when they buy a new pickup. They'll tell their grandkids about their pickups like my grandpa does to me.


Any reason they think like that? Other cultures are mad fascinating.




The sincerity of that delivery sent me over the edge.




it's a readily accessible thing that they can all relate to. it really boils down to affordability. you can afford to have that kind of life style and hobby without needing to be too exceptional or above average. it's also well understood and cross generational so it lasts.


It's not even just pick ups. I have a cousin who lived in a hand me down trailer and he worked for Lockheed Martin making 80k actually in the south with no kids.Despite these two things, he went and bought an M5 and put the tackiest wheels on it I've ever seen.


I knew someone with a new F250 who didn't even work a job where he needed a truck. He actually avoided putting things in the truck bed...


Are you in Dallas? Cuz that's all you see in Dallas. This 18 year old concrete cowboy used to come in to my shop with a brand new lifted king ranch with massive off road tires. He lives in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city.


Highland Park? Ford was smart to make a Texas edition of the F150. You see the same thing in Austin and the Houston burbs.


Ding ding ding!


One of the several reasons I hate driving there 😂


That's actually something I used to say... "I'll bet if you look in that dudes bed, it's as clean and pristine as the day he got it..." Where I'm from though, most people who have a truck get a truck because they NEED a truck.


Yeah where I’m from I got a new truck and I dented it getting water from my neighbors well, he had a generator when the power was out, and he just said “always sad when a new truck gets it’s first dent, many more to go” and on we went


I bet he looks rugged, though. 😆


Dude that's most pickup truck drivers lol


I live in a cheap house and drive cheaper cars, but I know a handful of people that have more money in cars then their home


You can live in a car. I can't drive my house to work.


I went to a community college for two years. The number of new cars was crazy. It was like the kids' parents offered to spend their college fund on a car if they went to a cc instead. One of my friends owned a mustang but she couldn't drive it in winter (4 months of the year...) so she had a second pos car drive.


saving money on college expenses by going to community college for two years then transferring, then using that saved money to buy a car, is a lot smarter than spending a ton on the whole 4 years at a regular college. You’re gonna need a car either way.


>It was like the kids' parents offered to spend their college fund on a car if they went to a cc instead. You'd actually most likely come out ahead with this method as long as the car isn't wild expensive


Subaru Impreza WRX with a 2 feet tall spoiler and loud pipes.


Annnnd this guy lives in LA


Someone has never been to an Army base. A bunch of teenagers making less than minimum wage buying cameros at insane interest rates.


Barely have enough money leftover to pay for their supply of drakkar


The average E-3 is making $2,250/mo base pay and doesn't pay rent, utilities or food.


Thats a pretty good deal. Probably makes more sense to save up for retirement or more schooling after the GI bill.


The military doesn't want the smart ones


They do have officers who tend to be smarter and they do want smart ones to be Nukes but I get where you're coming from.


You're right. They have absolutely no use for engineers, medical professionals, cyber security etc....


It's been proven that they reject you if you're too smart. Unless you're an officer


Lol, fucking where? A bud if mine is going to law school at night, and his day job is operating a nuclear power plant. He's one of the smartest guys I know and is enlisted with no interest in getting a commission. CTIs have 6 months to be fluent in a language they don't choose. I think that's pretty smart. Did you just get rejected and are comforting yourself, telling yourself you are TOO smart?


And the smart ones get their certs and get the fuck out as soon as their contacts are up.


You think they stay in




Sure if you're infantry and get deployed many many times your risk of death goes up but the vast majority of those in the military aren't on the front line.


I made $800 a month as an E-3. I don’t think this person has any idea what they’re talking about. ****Clarification— $650 every two weeks. I cannot do math clearly. Still aint shit and still not 2k.****


800 a month with no worry about rent, food, and more is actually decent for many. I agree though. Unless this guy was married and included BAH then there is no way an E3 is making over 2k a month.


Bull fucking shit. What E-3 do you know that makes that much money??? I made $800 a month dawg. At MOST. Edit: okay, like $650 every two weeks (I cannot do math clearly). Still isn’t 2k.


Somebody at my barracks at JBLM had a Maserati.


Every time I drive through that base on I-5 somebody blows by at 120+ on a bike.


Yup, a bike in cammies.


Camp Pendleton. But yeah if they live in the barracks they gonna waste lots of money on the car/bike.


Used Maseratis are cheaper than new Mustangs. Definitely not cheaper to maintain and repair, but kids tend to not think that far ahead.


>Used Maseratis are cheaper than new Mustangs do they depreciate that drastically? wtf \*edit\* thanks for the replies although hidden. I guess TIL .


Yup, and they had crazy specials on brand new Ghiblis not long ago. I haven’t looked in a minute, but they were giving tens of thousands off on Ghiblis and had crazy lease specials. They are truly awful cars though. Beautifully designed and gorgeous to look at, but god damn are they pieces of shits. Their interiors are also years behind the competition in design philosophy as well.


You could lease a brand-new Ghibli for $359/month at one point near me lol.


My ex got one, she was posting photos of it on social media (but in a weird way where it took me a while to figure out which model of Masterati). I went to look up reviews and it was widely panned by every reviewer. When we met, her family had *3* of the mid-2000s Jaguar S-types, which ended up on a handful of 'Worst cars of the 2000s' articles, and I remember at any point in time at least one of them was always in the shop for warranty repairs.


Yes, they're one of the worst brands when it comes to depreciation.


Well, with no overhead, it actually isn't bad. Absolutely no living expenses, you get to keep it all (or blow it because you are dumb)


A lot of enlisted out of school have bonuses as well, and that just burns a hole in your wallet.


Sucks they put themselves in such a shit position for nothing. They could really set themselves up long term if they were smart with their money.


You hear about the dumb ones a lot but my brother put away some serious cash while he was in the navy, really set himself up well for when he got out


I knew a few guys like that going in but the majority bought that model year 3series and they had that new iphone with the watch and the tablet and it was all pretty stupid


Yeah, my brother was older too so that helped a lot (23 when he went in). Might not sound like a lot but there is a big difference between that and 18


I put mine into a house. 🙂


So user *not* relevant, huh?


The Army was a long time ago for me. I'm a software engineer now. That house was a great investment though. It actually paid for my Tesla and the down payment on my current house.


Damn bro, gratz on the success and smart investments. 👍


Thanks man.


Lol I'm really looking forward to being able to say your same comment truthfully in about three years, replacing army with navy. Working on my CS degree as we speak hahaha. I'm always happy to read about vets that transitioned successfully.


he has turbines from elon at his house




No you’re right. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking anout


I upvoted you but, I don't think he's completely off base. It's also not negligent to not have an empirically gained perspective. End of the day... My roommate went in the whole 9 hunnid, after going on shopping sprees and weekend resorts. Just because we children, at the time, had less responsibilities doesn't mean we had more financial discipline. Especially when you factor the false security of *your first **salary** job*. It's not the leap it feels like when you were making 12-15 (especially in the city) with overtime. I do get where you are coming from though, and for the most part I agree. TLDR: Just because you have less financial responsibility, doesn't mean you have more financial discipline. But I agree with you.


Come to Germany, go to Stuttgart, check the poor parts of town. Families of 5 living in 2 bedroom ghetto ass apartments…because that AMG has to be outside so you can act rich when driving around aimlessly. It’s pathetic.


I lived in Stuttgart! Tbh it's not quite the best comparison IMO, the standard of living even at low incomes is so much better than the USA. Also isn't Stuttgart in particular one of the higher cost of living cities?


Better be, that’s where Porsches are built!


And Mercedes.


>Also isn't Stuttgart in particular one of the higher cost of living cities? Absolutely. It's one of the most expensive cities in Germany. Fourth or fifth I believe.


The standard of living is pretty much the same. The poor in the city need a ton of help to barely get by. The poor in the rural areas have a better life


\>even at low incomes This makes it sound like at high incomes Stuttgart is better than LA also...


Dunno. Wont the cars be cheaper in Germany because they don’t have to contend with tariffs, shipping cost and taxes to foreign countries?


No, they have their own taxes to pay. If I remember right cars and luxury cars were pretty similarly priced as in the US.


Thanks for that info. That’s a bit sucky. You’d think they’d make it cheaper/less for the home crowd.


Sure. I was thinking the same which is why I was looking thought I'd get a cheap BMW or something, but no... :/


IIRC most German cars sold in the US are actually built in the US or Mexico.


Many of the VW come through Chattanooga, I know for sure(used to be friends with many of the German engineers they sent over to train up the Americans).


I thought Stuttgart was a very nice city?


There are some less nice areas of the city, just like there are in the states, but for the most part Stuttgart is all around a very nice city. In particular Stuttgart Mitte is better taken care of than pretty much any US city I've ever lived in.


Somehow makes me feel better about things that even in Germany, people don’t have their priorities straight either. glad to see something isn’t just an American problem


Materialism is so sickening


If you have your basic financial needs met (housing, food, healthcare), understand that some more expensive material things can break or disappoint you, while neither harming yourself or others, then buy whatever the heck you want. Before anyone responds in a rebuttal, take a look at the exceptions I said above again and evaluate whether they can apply to your response. Edit: It looks like some of you would benefit from taking a look at The Flowchart from /r/personalfinance to determine how to spend money. It doesn't require neither homeownership or renting. Just basically having an emergency fund, pay off high interest debt, and making conservative investments for retirement. Here's the link: https://i.imgur.com/lSoUQr2.png


I agree but the only thing that bums me out is when people are still renting but go for a 50-70k car, but most cities you have zero chance of owning a house so floss away.


Depends what is important to you though. I don’t value home ownership in the same way I value the vehicle I drive. That’s all it comes down to.


Same, I'm a car guy, I love vehicles so much. Any and all of them honestly, just so fascinating how far mechanical engineering has come and so rewarding to drive something you've worked hard on or worked hard to afford. A home on the other hand? I see it as very utilitarian, I just need a humble abode with a place to sleep, cook and poop. I do like a nice lawn tho, got that Hank Hill bug lmao


Yea, i do value making something feel like home but i don’t need to own it. As long as i am comfortable in my dwelling i can be happy with it.


why not though? I used to think this way, but then it really hit me that if / when I want to move -- which I can never know FOR SURE won't happen -- if you own your house, you will get all that money back. Without ownership, you would have to sacrifice and save a lot to move, unless you truly do think you will rent for the rest of your life


What do you mean sacrifice and save a lot to move? I rent because I haven’t found a place I call home yet. Renting allows me to be free to get up and move at a moment’s notice should I feel the need to.


Also if your stove breaks you don't need 1k dollars in the bank account for a new one


Owning a house is fine if you have a steady stream of income in an in-demand field that hasn't been automated or depreciated due to cheap labor. It's fine if you're able to purchase before your mid-late 30s/early 40s and can pay it off before planned retirement. It's fine if you plan to bequeath it to offspring. It's fine if you plan to stay in a given town for the rest of your remaining years. Most people of the millennial and gen z generation will be career nomads and will move where the money moves, move where the culture is, etc. Staying in a more permanent place will be more of a priority if a family with children has been established (especially once that child/those children are of school age).


I have no idea how anyone can be a car guy without a garage. I live in the rust belt, dudes don’t want to drive their nice car through the salt. Also if you actually want to work on your car it’s damn near impossible to do much more than routine maintenance in your driveway.


Hell, I'm considering purchasing a nicer car with the intent to live in it. Granted, it's mostly economic pressure, but if my circumstances hit the point where I have to choose between a roof and wheels, I'll probably go for the wheels - I can sleep in my car at night, but I can't drive a house or apartment to work.


A $70,000 vehicle is considerably cheaper than a $250,000 down payment for a house. I think if I’m making $200,000 annually, considering a $70,000+ car is probably not something anyone else should be concerned about.


What house are you buying with a $250k down payment? If the house is $250k, then you could put down anywhere from 12.5-50k, depending on if you put down 5-20%. The house is also an appreciating asset while a car is a depreciating asset. People are selling houses right now for well over 150% what they bought them for because the market is so hot. You will never sell a new car for more than 60% of what you bought it for.


Any house within an hour commute of the city I live in starts at $1,000,000, being somewhat generous. Any house over $1,000,000 requires at least 20% down plus closing costs, as they don’t qualify for mortgage insurance.


Nothing wrong with renting and buying 50-70k cars. Renting allows me freedom to get up and move whenever I feel like it. I could afford to buy a house but I haven’t found anywhere I’d call home where I want to spend the next 5+ years at.


Why does someone else spending their money differently than you would, bother you so much? This always confuses me. I have no desire to own a home. I also have no desire to buy a sports car. But if I did want to buy a sports car and not buy a house, why the actual fuck does it bother people?


Not so much that it bothers people, just says alot about your priorities/values in a negative way.


So not wanting to be a homeowner is a negative?


No, but having a $500+ dollar car payment while living in a studio apartment/in the hood is lol


I still disagree. Only because I don’t judge people for the decisions they make. If they want to blow all of their money on the things they like, more power to them. Don’t affect me in the slightest.


You say you don’t judge people based on the decisions they make. What do you judge them on? Personality? Past actions? Zodiac Sign? Genuinely curious


I judge them on how they treat me. Anything other than that ain’t my business unless it affects me personally. I’m too worried about my family and myself to care what other people do.


I like this guy


This guy guys


Wait... only how they treat *you*? Not themselves? The environment? Other people? Damn, that’s cold if you mean it how you said it. Also, there’s a weird trend on here of people who are all “DON’T JUDGE OTHER PEOPLE MIND YOUR BUSINESS” but are judging other people for having opinions that they don’t act on at all. It’s like... we agree, everybody can do what they want. And I’m free to think however I do about it. If I’m not bothering you with my thoughts, why can’t I think them?


Shows a level of financial incompetence is all.


When you're making a car payment, you're paying towards something that you own. When you make a rental payment, you might as well burn that money. A car isn't really an investment. But also living in a bigger place than you need isn't an investment either. And in the case of the car, if you take care of it you get some money out at the end. If you take care of the apartment you're renting and rent a nice one, you get absolutely jack shit out at the end.


Not at all. There are lots of other investment options. A Ferrari is a pretty terrible decision unless you have money to burn. Very few people who have money to burn choose to live in a modest apartment with a roommate. Now let me turn it around on you. Why do you feel personally attacked by this?


Until I got to the comments, I thought this was a joke/testament to how ridiculously high rent is in L.A., rather than questionable financial priorities.


Por que no los dos


my big take away from this is the roommate, accurate or not it's give me the vibe that you care more about flexing and appearances than your own privacy and possibly comfort


How do you know they aren’t comfortable?


just assumption and projecting my own feelings; I'm not saying anything as fact


Thank you! Why are people so nosey about other peoples money? As long as it isn’t effecting you, what someone else does with their money that they earned has zero to do with you.


I think it’s projection. People dont like when others do things they would not do, for some negative reason. For example, this car thing. I’d bet anyone that is bugged by this would also say “I would never buy a car like that until i have a house like this” and they judge others base on that. Now, before you react to that… is your reaction to that sorta an example of the same thing? Or to the point, why does someone judging others like this bother you if its not you being judged? We’re all a mess in our own unique ways.


Versace bed set on a mattress on the floor.


This sounds like a Riff Raff line


A Riffraff line is actually just a line of coke and crushed oxy.


Versace Vampire bed set wit tha maraschino cherry mattress on the frozen floor When I played for the celtics I did a lil debbie dunkaroo on chris paul back in 2004


Miami would like a word


Miami is the king of this. If you don't have the money to lease or buy a supercar, you drop $1,500 to rent it for a day.


Ok but those exotic rentals are actually a blast. I did one on vacation and it was about $400 for 8 hours. Had a great time. Highly highly recommend.


Came here to say this. Miami is the king of the ‘I spend $35k and spend like a millionaire’ culture.


Here now, visiting for the first time. It’s a gross display, honestly, although I don’t know if I expected different. They’re not impressing a single person but they’re all out here revving engines like they’re relevant.


It’s so lame. South Beach smells like BO, bad weed, car exhaust and desperation


You gotta admit the people are insanely good looking though. It's insane. Also it's so hot and muggy. It's literally a fucking swamp.


There are some good looking people, sure. But also some creature beasts, too. All said, the average is a 4 lol


Yaahh. Knew a girl whose mom went to jail (bc she was forging shit) to pay for the BMW and it's like... Why did you get that if you knew you couldn't afford it in the first place. Who gonna raise those kids now? The car? 305 til i die... in debt!


And every conversation turns into: (Something, something)... Gonna do my IG live... (Gibberish)... Get into crypto...( Garbage, garbage)... Buy this stock... (Assorted nonsense)... Open a dispensary....


"You work for money. I make money work for me."


I dated a guy with a Maserati who had two roommates a while ago. They lived in a really nice apartment at the Americana Glendale but still...


Was he Armenian?


Nope Afghanistan


ive legit never seen afghanistan used as an adjective before. TIL.


they’re usually referred to as a nationality as Afghan ~~or Afghani~~ Edit: Afghani is their currency


woah, thanks


LMAO and pronounced Glendale with fourteen extra syllables.


People in Glendale are the worst drivers


Yep. My neighbor has a maserati and rents a two bedroom apartment, with a roommate.


Okay but you can get a used Maserati for like 35k. They don’t hold values like at all.


Only in California who make 120k+ and still have a roommate, also miserable


I knew a guy who lived in an efficiency apt in West Hollywood and drove a Rolls-Royce Corniche convertible. Fake it til you make it, I guess…🤷🏽‍♂️


I always thought it was funny how many people have crazy nice cars in this area without having a parking spot. I really wouldn’t want to get my nice ass ride side swiped parking on some of these streets with such little room to pass.


Washington DC…Hell the whole DMV would like to have a word…If there was a “Keeping up with the Jones’s” competition the DMV would probably come in 3rd place behind LA and ATL…


People in Tysons Corner drive their BMWs to Walmart


[The most Tyson's Corner picture on my phone lmao](https://i.imgur.com/75haAMK.jpg) Because nothing screams "I totally have actual money" like "I have a Geländewagen that says BENZ"


oh we talkin about thaaaat part of the DMV.


I know a girl who tags Tysons Corners every time she posts a mirror selfie... taken in someone else's mirror... someone who's child she babysits. Granted, she lives nearby. In a cheap apartment complex with 2 roommates. But that's none of my business. *takes a sip of tea from a clear cup*


When I read this at first I was like wow I didn't know department of motor vehicles employees flexed so hard


Preach, I see way too many luxury cars in front of run down homes around here. Makes zero sense.


Not just L.A. know a couple people living like that in Miami.


If my choices are nice car with roommate or mediocre care without one, I'll take the nice car. 1. I don't really mind other people. Just stay out my room. 2. If I lose my house I still have a way to work and a place to sleep. If I lose my car I'm in trouble because wtf is public transit in my state? Granted, it wouldn't be a Ferrari or Mustang. Probably an SUV so I have "plenty" of room to stretch out.


Oh my God what a title


Lmfao title is legit funnier than the damn tweet


Meanwhile in NYC full on millionaires take the subway or bike into work.


I love NYC for this, there is more money in the city than anywhere in the country(world?) but most of them tend to have some class.


Atlanta: hold my beer I lived in a condo building in Buckhead with a bunch of reality “stars.” Most had roommates, were renting (owned nothing), but had Bugattis and Maseratis. I hated living there.


OMG... I lived in LA for 6 years. I was friends with a guy who drove an $80k vintage Lotus but lived with 6 people. XD


Clearly this fellow has not been to Lagos, Nigeria.


They drive Ferrari there?


Of course they do. Lagos is a mixture of the poor and extremely rich. The rich people stay on the island and they drive exotic cars. Just like LA, some live the fake life.


LoL @ people not knowing the drive Ferraris in Lagos. Africa got some people so rich it's ridiculous. On vacation, I had one ask me if the show Who wants to be a millionaire is a horror show because he wouldn't know how to live with just a million.


Atlanta is getting like this too and cost of living is too cheap for that bs in Georgia


San Diego is the town of a street parked Tesla.


See also: Miami


You can live in your car, but you can't drive your house!


this is true - on my semi-luxury vehicle purchase journey, i have not only realized this but made it a factor in my decision making. i can mobile camp in that shit, mortgage free.


posting the tweet is fine but how you copy hoodvilles caption??


1000% Miami too


And Mayfair (UK) and Cape Town (SA) ... 😂


Nope. Miami too


Miami too.


Clout demons