Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer

Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer


All aboard the hype tuk-tuk!


I wonder what kind of tech Tuk Tuk’s have in the future?


1 extra horsepower


wow DOUBLE the power??


The sign on top that vehicle said "why walk when you can FLY" LOL... That was actually funny ngl...


resistant wheels is out of the question


It seemed pretty good, I've been wanting wingsuits for years so I hope they have interesting mechanics. I know I'm gonna be running like hell from that robohound, man that thing looks awesome. But we can't forget about the Tornado near the end. If this game has dynamic weather along with the return of Levolution..epic. I'm still keeping my hype in check but , I'd be lying if I said that trailer wasn't a relief and it kicked ass. Hopefully it releases with minimal issues and that it pushes COD to up their game. I don't want " the death of COD " competition is better for everyone especially the players.


The typhoon got me gasping but the tuktuk unironically has me hyped more.


"Why drive when you can FLY" was written on the roof


That tuk-tuk looking modernized as hell. That wingsuit dude bailing on his buddies lol




Guy: "There are leaders and there are followers. When I lead the way out of the tuk-tuk, you should have followed."


If the tuk-tuk ain't driveable in game then the whole thing is a bust


If Hardline had a drivable couch, I think we're safe


yeah the tuk tuk was the thing that caught my eye as well, so out of place and yet it fits perfectly with the mayhem lol


I saw Damavand Peak and knew it was gonna be good lol


And Noshahr Canals, best deathmatch map IMO.


BF3 feels


I hope it will be almost like the one from BF3, cause BF4 version sucked ass.


Yes, I loved Noshar in BF3! I remember spamming grenades around every corner and camping between the middle containers. So fun!


Also a good rusgh map, so underrated. You have to fight your way to the land which is already hard and then you sre in thid labyrinth of containers with a huge open field at the end. one of the best rush maps


> Noshahr Canals god I still remember back 9 years ago in my highschool days i obsessed the hell over 24/7 servers on that map. I still remember getting accused of cheating for getting 150 kills on that map.


It's not Damavand Peak. [Here's](https://www.gamesradar.com/amp/battlefield-2042-maps/) all of the launch maps.


Well it looks very similar and has the same transition from the top to the bottom so my guess would be that they expanded on it a bit and gave it a different name


Spiritual successor is what I’d call it.


Expanded on it a bit? It's apparently like 3x the size of the largest BF map we've seen. It's also the map with all the ice. Seems like the cliff drop is the only similarity to Damavand.


I was crying when I saw that


I know, I almost dropped my phone looking at this trailer. I feel like my pockets are ready.


Damavand peak was one of my fav maps


Bro, rendezook on a launch trailer. This marketing team is insane ahahah


ya ikr haha! I was like wow i think they are basically saying "we fucked up, this will be another (fun-oriented) Battlefield game"


As someone who played and enjoyed BF4, can someone sum up how they "fucked up" with BF5? I totally missed that entry... *Edit: thanks all! Stoked for 2042


Lots of PR mistakes. The game itself is in a pretty good state currently, but before, they were constantly changing the time to kill, redoing gun statistics, nerfing some guns, then un-nerfing them, and there was a long time where there was just no no content, despite constant content releases promised. Weapon and player skins were also a problem, and that is what Dice focused on the most, and that came with a whole other set of problems voiced by the community.


So sad we didn't get Russians in a WW2 game


The eastern front is where the majority of WW2 European battles and deaths took place. It’s a shame that we never get substantial movies, games, or media about it, because companies in the West just give us the Western front. BFV wanted to focus on “the unknown fights” or whatever, so the eastern front would have been perfect.


Try enlisted for Russian ww2 gameplay it's even made by a Russian developer


Eh, BFV isn't that bad tbh. Just awful trailer. They screwed up Operations, the best mode in Battlefield history, but whatever. The biggest problem I had with it was that we just had WW1, I wanted to go back to modern and then WW2. apropo frumi nume


Naw biggest issue was the ttk changed every few months so either it took a reasonable amount of bullets or it took a full mag of smg to kill anyone. Which wouldn’t be the bad in a bf4 system where you can choose another weapon type but bf5 didn’t have that so if you’re medic you have smg and like 2 kinda dmrs


They wanted it to be live service but content release was far too slow, and twice they ruined the gunplay to entice Christmas noobs to keep playing before reverting it back both times. Besides that it was a totally solid, if not unimpressive entry. People like to complain because there were female soldiers in a WW2 game and it didn't contain all of the most iconic WW2 locales. Also some people got pissed that not everyone was in historically accurate uniforms because I guess they forgot battlefield has had customization for a decade now. The actual gameplay of BFV was the best in the series with some really solid novel new ideas like the POV squadmate reviving and the simple but useful fortification building features, which should make you excited for the new game, even if BFV wasn't your bag.


They were pandering HARD. Sniper women with a robotic arm in a “realistic” WW2 shooter? You can have fantasy or you can have realism, when you randomly force fantasy into a realistic game it breaks the immersion for me. Why am I fighting a whole team of Japanese women infantry? Who is this for?


What if you have to tell your daughter that there were not many women fighting in ww2? Do you really want to have that conversation? Them putting women in put them on the right side of history Edit: Ugh you guys. Was anyone around for bf 5 and the dev saying these things? It wasn't me. Haha


"Right side of history", you mean historical revisionism to accommodate modern ideas? There where women in WWII, but they where either isolated to being rear-guard personal like nurses, or staff. Or they where resistance fighters, or in the Russian military which was 2% female. We don't need historical revisionism when we have perfect examples such as the 588th Night Bomber Regiment "Night Witches", or Lt. Lyudmila "Lady Death" Mikhailovna Pavlichenko who was a sniper, or Guards Senior Sergeant Mariya Oktyabrskaya who was tank driver.


Reminds me of the BF4 trailer when they put the ATV in the elevator. They know this is the kind of wild stuff players would be trying to do, and they went all-in with this trailer!


Yeah, that was nuts. Really cool to see the DICE team speaking directly to fans with that.


That's how you fucking sell the craziness of Battlefield. Well fucking done Congrats to the team, you can tell you guys worked hard


Yeah I've seen some people in this thread complaining that it looks "dumb". Have they seen the Battlefield 4 trailer where they drive an ATV out of the crumbling skyscraper, screaming "LEVOLUTION!" Battlefield trailers are *supposed* to depict dumb fun, this trailer was awesome.


>Battlefield trailers are supposed to depict dumb fun I don't know, I think almost everyone would agree the Battlefield 1 reveal trailer was one of, if not the best BF trailer, and it's night and day difference in level of grounded-ness.


BF1 to be fair was probably the most historically accurate game they’ve done. Wouldn’t make sense to make it goofy at all. BF3/4/2042 is present and near future allowing a little bit of goofiness Edit: for fucks sake people, not most historically accurate game of all time, just most historically accurate game battlefield has done in terms of things like uniforms, guns, small details, locations, theaters of war, Lawrence of Arabia, the Australians, etc


> BF1 to be fair was probably the most historically accurate game they’ve done. Did you play the game? Hellreigel simulator was a very fun game, but certainly not historically accurate


“The most historically actuate game they’ve” done is what I said. Not the most historically accurate of all time More accurate than a British woman with robot arm and a cricket bat in what was either Germany Belgium or France


They really captured the true spirit of battlefield which is half the team sitting on top of buildings as you solo cap objectives all match.


As it was always meant to be


And that one guy in a chopper destroying everyone going 50-1.


Rendezook ftw


Did anyone else expect the ATV to detonate C4 when it hit the helicopter? I got a good laugh out of just booping it




The BFFs crew were talking about BF6 on a recent Neebs Gaming stream, and the possibility of BFFs coming back. And they said that they are going to "try to make it happen." Keep hope alive...


Man, BFFs is one of my all time favorite series on YouTube, so sad a lot of episodes were under Machinima Copyright and all a pain to look for, but those guys are awesome. If they can make a comeback I'll be stoked. LEVOLUTIOOOOOOOOOON WOOOOOOOOOOO!


I hope it returns! Lol


Some clips did tribute to the fans such as the jet. I am sure they are aware of this.


The homage to the jet clip was fucking awesome


Hour 1: how the fuck do I get a tuk-tuk on the buildIng. Hour 5: tuk-tuk strapped with all the c-4 incoming.


Every BF veteran: if it drives fast, its getting slapped with C4


Or take the elevator (Shanghai)


Jeeps and C4 go together like laxatives and prune juice: explosively.


Yeah expecting that stuff but still we get nods from actual gameplay mechanics like the rendezook


That reminded me of a me trying to pull that off and my stupid ass forgot to put the C4 on the ATV and it literally just booped the chopper like it did in the trailer


I expected the helo just explode on impact. The mild collision and spiral out of control was a little anticlimactic but funny nonetheless.


Hopefully it means better vehicle collisions, instead of the usual Battlefield jankiness whenever a moving object touches anything


Not having it just explode was *far* better, with some nice physics and stuff with the heli spinning out


I'm glad they gave it an actual title and didn't just call it "Battlefield"




Would be dumb after we just had 1.


Next games be like: Battlefield Zer0 Battlefield: Battle Harder 2 Battle 2 Field




Battlefield: Battle of the Field


I'm seeing so many people saying "That doesn't look like Battlefield." They have not played enough Battlefield if none of that was familiar to them.


I've been playing BF since 2002 and that was 100% a BF trailer. They werent paying attention if they say that.


This has me so hyped, I remember being meh about BF1 and BFV. This trailer screams a mix of BF3 and BF4 looks amazing.


I have no idea how anyone could say this doesn’t look like battlefield. I don’t mean this negatively, it looked like a trailer of all the top multiplayer moments from BF4 with a different setting. I saw people say this looks like COD Advanced Warfare because of the squirrel suits which makes no sense.


That's the milsim community saying that


Lol milsim in battlefield? I like me some realism but the only time BF was ever realistic was Project Reality BF2


And Project Reality became Squad...and as a milsim guy [Arma 3 and Squad] I gotta say it is silly to expect milsim out of Battlefield. It was never even close to milsim. It was certainly closer than CoD and all those other shooters because it was THE best option for a combined arms games for a long time. But yea Battlefield is not milsim, and it's always been a little silly and very unrealistic.


** jumps off plane to RPG another plane ** yup thats a battlefield game alright


then proceeds to get back in said original plane *battlefield*






As soon as the plane started pulling straight up I was yelling at the TV there's no way they're gonna do it


They're going full on nostalgia mode


and I fucking love it!


I thought he was gonna do a classic air maneuver to slow down and pull up to get behind the other jet but when he jumped out I about shit myself in excitement.


was fully expecting a jihad jeep as well when the jeep crashed into the helicopter


omg I miss my slams and my jeep...


I couldn't believe my eyes that they put it in an actual trailer.


Love the throwback to ejecting a jet and shooting down the one that chases mid air, and of course getting back into the jet. Edit: [The original if anyone was wondering](https://youtu.be/FOaGhE_sejI) Edit the edit: [This is the actual original, my bad.](https://youtu.be/k-wFI9vTqto)


I was like "it's odd, but definitely a 'only in battlefield moment'" I'm super stoked now


[The REAL Original](https://youtu.be/k-wFI9vTqto)


Rendezook is what you’re looking for.


Cackling like a madman when the pilot jumped out and used a rocket on the other jet, the madmen at dice new they had to get ridiculous to win people back


And it's a reference to an actual Battlefield 3 kill: https://youtu.be/FOaGhE_sejI


It's a lot older than that, rendezooks were being done way back in bf1942. https://youtu.be/5fMZLYsWLuw


Jesus Christ the music instantly transported me back a decade


We back bois


a full 5 minutes of pure hype built over the past 5 years paid off, the battlefield we know and love is back! (also nice rendezook in the trailer)


Who knew you could become sexually attracted to a Trailer


finna make me act up bro trailer got me acting unwise 😩...


Remember. NO PRE-ORDERS. Edit: yes. I'm aware people can do what they want. However as much as I love battlefield, EA can not to be trusted. Ever.


Yup I'll wait a week after the release to get this game for 30% off like the previous one


I mean I for one really hope that doesn't happen


Holy shit! I’m super hyped for Just Cause 5!


This trailer was more of the "only battlefield in moments". Which is cool but a bit cartoon-y. I was expecting more of a gritty, serious story or plot based trailer. Also that squirrel glider suit at the end is 100% teasing a BR mode.


“Press f to apply for vet benefits” Immersion!!


"Your injuries are not service related" Ah, there's the realism I needed.


No BR mode confirmed.


They’ve actually stated that their big grand mode isn’t a BR, they were very clear about that. There’s still the unannounced mode being worked on by DICE LA but they described it as a “love letter to battlefield fans” which I don’t take as a BR.


Hahahaha good one friend


Great trailer, told us so much about the game and I love how it focused on ‘Only in Battlefield moments’. I’ll always be disappointed not having a sequel to 2142 but this looks like the best sequel to BF4 anyone could hope for. The callout to 2142 in the title is awesome too.


Well it’s a call out to 1942 and 2142 as an era in between both centuries


Yeah that’s fair! I’ve just got so much love for 2142 it’s always at the forefront of my mind.


It seems like it's a sequel to Final Stand and a prequel to 2142, which is the best we can get that's not 2143.


Hope they bring a really good main music theme for this game.


*doot doot dodootdoot*


More like Doodoot doot do-doot doot


Yeah. BF1 and BFV were amazing musically. I wonder how they'll do it modern day.


Little detail - PAC known as Pan-Asian Coalition may return [https://imgur.com/a/4Fm8XWG](https://imgur.com/a/4Fm8XWG)


A legitimate 2142 prequel then. Fuck yes.


That super tornado is maybe teasing the story from 2142, climate ravaged earth leading to the resource wars


and yet almost 100 years before the main conflict


Climate change and insane weather rolling right into a new ice age. By 2142 much of Europe is frozen over. We aren’t there yet in this setting, but the crazy weather does tease the future


Two thoughts: 1) you'd expect to see wild climate before the north becomes totally uninhabitable, as it is in 2142. The only temperate maps were in northern Africa, and the rest were uninhabited snowy wastelands. 2) they had a Titan assembly bay and hover tank in Final Stand, which is presumably before the events of this game since Final Stand was the conclusion of the "War of 2020" in BF4. They're clearly not super worried about a one hundred year gap between the games.


Jets. Quad bikes. Choppers. Quad bikes colliding WITH choppers. They even put a Rendezook **in the trailer.** Battlefield is coming back home ❤️


The whole trailer is full on “only in battlefield” moments!


Not my kind of trailer. Ignoring it's disjointed structure and jarring music cues, the trailer went in the direction of showing off the more ridiculous "only in Battlefield" moments that, let's be honest, most of us are very unlikely to experience. What about the moments which make every Battlefield match immersive and mind blowing? The charge to the objective in Operations, reviving teammates under fire, or strafing a group of enemies from the air. What they went with instead just comes across as a poor man's Michael Bay trailer crossed with a Twitch highlights compilation


This has been the case for every single Battlefield trailer in the last decade. The trailer isn't bad, you're just too desensitized. You want to see actual gameplay, not scripted in-engine cinematics. This is totally acceptable and I feel exactly the same way. I do agree with the disjointed comment though, would have rather the music built up into a finale.


Fine with engine cinematics. The BF1 trailer was mostly cinematics and it still got across what the game feels like when playing. I really don't think this will be the case with this game


I respect your opinion, but this trailer is showing veteran players that Battlefield is going back to its roots of crazy action and gameplay freedom to do crazy shit. Will the average player be able to pull off a rendezook? Probably not, but having the ability to do so makes me very happy.




Yes 100%


Maybe I'm getting old but there was a bit too much going on there for me tbh


This is how I felt! My friends seem all hyped and I'm just sitting here thinking we didn't actually see anything of substance.


Tbf that's how the reveal trailers usually go, I'm still in wait-and-see mode until the gameplay reveal


It is the reveal trailer. On June 13 we'll see what it actually looks like.




This was hype, personally liked it.


was i the only one not impressed or " wowed" by the trailer?


It felt like a meme trailer with a shitton of fan service that showed very little that was genuinely compelling or indicative of a good battlefield game. In fact, it felt more like BFV's trailer to me, which is very disappointing.


Yeah honestly. I was hoping for it to blow my mind because they axed BFV so early but this just didnt do it for me. I was more hyped when the pacific trailer dropped. IDK just seems like its the same team from BFV putting out crap all over again.


Looks pretty crazy overall. Not sure yet if that's a good thing or not, i'll wait to see the gameplay reveal.


It’s battlefield, it’s a good thing.


*we want the beta* *we want the beta* *we want the beta*


i like the setting, but this trailer really didn't do anything for me tbh. the music was not on point this time, and it felt to try hard. Still not long to the gameplay revel, thats what matters. BF1 still has the best trailer to date.


Guess we will have to wait on the gameplay, that was some cringy ass choice in music though.


Was not a fan of what sounded like “Yeeaahhh” over again.


It was Motley Crue/ Kickstart my Heart and its a great song, just was a stupid song for this trailer. They should have just had the guitar going.


Nah it fitted it perfectly


ATV vs heli callback to the bf4 multi trailer is nice. But the fact they put a rendezook in the trailer is nuts lol.


This trailer did not get me at all. Yeah sure the idea with that jet scene was pretty decend but it did not give me these goosebumps i got back in the days. I dont know if its my age or the disappiontment from previous titles. I still will be watching all the gameplay footage and so on but the hype is not there. I wish it would...


Same here, I think when you go back and have a look at BF3, BF4 and BF1 trailers they all give off a feel of "you are in a war" where as this to me at least gives of a feel of "you are in an arcade shooter, look at this jet snipe lol" bit harder to get immersed.


I have only one criticism. The music was distracting, at best. Just 4 minutes of remixed BF theme, would have been leagues better.


Honestly I'm not impressed. Seems like they're doubling down on the things that people were frustrated about by Battlefield 1 and V. Instead of listening to the fan base, the future war setting is going to enable them to make whatever ridiculous cosmetics they want without the "not realism" crowd complaining. They want that because it'll allow charging for microtransactions. I don't know. I love the Battlefield series but the past few iterations of the game have just gone downhill from its roots.


Look at the cosmetics, those looked like plausible equipment that you would find in 2042, I see nothing too far fetched or ridiculous.


Yeah but look at the specialist. Why didn't they just make 4 characters without a name, why did they have to give each one a name and a story, instead of letting players create their own one


The specialists are honestly weird. We have 128 players...how many medic-girls will I see running around on BOTH sides? It's honestly just weird. It works for a game like Rainbow Six Siege but on a massive scale?


This is what I'm worried about all my friends are hyped but I'm just seeing battlefield and CoD becoming the same game.


idk wtf u are talking about! this trailer is LIT


the FUCKING RENDEZOOK this trailer is bf4 fanservice turned to 11


Holy shit the rendezook call back


Was I the only one not “wowed” by it? Seemed like a reskin of BF4? Maybe I need to see gameplay


I thought a reskin of battlefield 4 is what people wanted lol


Yeah I was pretty disappointed but I can't tell if it's just because of the overtop scenarios they're showing off in the trailer. That stuff doesn't do it for me I'd be more excited watching the actual gameplay.


It seemed quite bland and inoffensive. Obviously playing it safe and trying to add "fellow kids" moments such as a mid air bazooka. That said, I'll be happy if it's a solid game and plays like BF4. My one hope is that they've really sorted out a system for server instances and clans... None of that BFV rubbish.




Now that's Battlefield!


It seems as though a lot of you will never be satisfied. You want it to be different and complain when it is. You want it to be like BF4 and complain when it is. What the fuck do you guys want


I thought this sucked tbh but the real show will be the gameplay trailer. abolish 100% cinematic video game reveals, imo.


Now that reveal made up for A LOT!


As an avid BF player, I couldn’t help but cringe at this trailer. Nothing about it was good. It is nothing like the core battlefield experience, reminds me the COD Advanced warfare. Uh-oh.


They literally had a pilot ejecting to shoot a chasing plane with an RPG. That is the definition of battlefield.


Y’all just love to hate almost anything. 0 gameplay and you think the game is already horrible. “oH mY gOd nOt ThE cOrE eXpErIenCe”.


Was this made by a 9 year old? The game is probably going to be great but this is really bad, it's a bunch of unrelated clips combined, where's the music? it felt like a gameplay trailer but with no gameplay


I don’t know man, I felt like I watched a trailer for Just Cause 6 and not Battlefield. I get that they are celebrating the franchise by showing off the “only in Battlefield” moments but I can only imagine what new players to the franchise would react to stupid scenes like the dude rocketing the jet or the guy casually flying in a goddamn tornado... I love the BF franchise for its immersive gameplay but this was not it in the slightest


I love the fan service and call backs! Quadbike to the face, Rendezook, and maps that looked similar to Operation Whiteout, Dawnbreaker, Noshar and Demavand Peak? I’m fucking hyped!


Straight memes. 4 wheeler on skyscraper Rendezook animated. Cmon dice, gotta be better. Liked the tuk tuk tho


bruh what are you disappointed or what? cant tell


I'm hyped for this one! I hope it plays like battlefield 4.




So we had levelution... now we have WEATHERLUTION. MAN I'm pumped!


That jet eject RPG kill was such a cool thing to put in for fans.


This might 100% go against the grain right now but I saw little to excite me. It's a reskin of BF3 and 4 in the newer FB engine. Maybe that's what people want, though. The 13th will tell us more.


So they basically mixed together Battlefield 3, 4 and 2142….I’m in!


> Xbox One and PlayStation®4 supports 64 players. 128 players and massive-scale maps are available on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and PlayStation®5. as per https://www.ea.com/games/battlefield/battlefield-2042


That was terrible


Is it weird that this trailer made me feel nothing? Will have to wait for the gameplay reveal I guess.


Wow, that looks... generic.


I’m really excited!


Is it coming to Steam at launch?


Considering EA's catalog is on Steam now I'd assume so.


Yes, it´s now available for preorder.


Thought they were gonna put jeep stuff in the trailer when I saw that atv flying into that heli.


I'm so down for this. Will need to see more gameplay, but judging from this trailer they've at least learned what the players want from a battlefield game. Big maps, awesome vehicles, and some fucking epic Battlefield moments.