What life changing item can you buy for under 100$?

What life changing item can you buy for under 100$?


A good pillow. Granted, bedding can be unreasonably overpriced, but $20 pillows at Target are not awesome. Invest in a good pillow. You spend 1/3 of your life on it.


I bought an 'expensive' pillow from €100 to €50 in a sale. It makes so much difference! Any hotel I stayed couldn't offer the same comfort.


This! I'm a side sleeper and last year I got a big foam block pillow, which props my head up perfectly. Never slept so well in my life and don't wake up with a stiff neck anymore.


And replace them every few years You breathe, sweat, drool, spread skin dust and sebum on them. They actually weigh more after some use. So yeah, buy good pillows, but realise they are consumable items, with a finite lifespan (Washing can help)


Blackout curtains! I’ve never slept so well, and could kick myself for not doing this years earlier.


i bought a blindfold but yes, same sentiment, dark dark cave until i want to be awake.


Nice thing about a mask is that it comes with toy when you travel…


I guess it is kinda like a little extra toy when traveling. Could be a slingshot maybe, thanks for pointing this out!


Oof this one hits home, woke up 2hrs early due to the wind moving the curtain so much my room lit up everytime a gust came in. Gonna find a proper blindfold because i'm sick of waking up too early again. Edit: after some research ordered one, can't wait to try it and get some extra sleep


I woke up to 70% sunlight coming through the windows and my body was positively convinced I'd slept in and it was 5:30 in the afternoon. I ran downstairs and scoured the house for pee puddles since my poor dogs hadn't been out since the previous night. I scrolled through my call log and my emails to see if anybody had been trying to get ahold of me. I considered calling a doctor about somehow sleeping through entire day. Then I checked my phone screen again, and noticed it was 5:30 AM and not 5:30 PM.


I tried this, but the problem for me is that my body got so used to the total darkness. So whenever i didn't sleep at my own place, i could barely get any sleep at all if there was the slightest bit of light in the room.


Pair them with a blackout curtain rod, and it’s next level. I’ll never go back.


So it's true what they say... Once you go blackout curtain rod, you never go back.


Once you go blackout you never back out?


Yes! I just installed these in my place a few weeks ago. Everyone’s sleeping better. Best money ever spent!


This!! I work nights and it’s the only thing that could get me to sleep even after melatonin


An emergency roadside kit for your vehicle.


At Costco right now (in the US) you can get a CAT jump starter that’s also a compressor to fill your tires as well as a power station with 120v, 12v, USB plug ins for $99. Perfect for camping and if the power goes out as well.


Splatter screen for cooking. Get one that fits whatever pan you use for sauteeing, frying bacon, etc and you'll have to clean the splattered oil off your stove way less often.


Good windshield wipers. Won't do without.


Spending the extra $3 on each wiper really makes a huge difference I didn't think it would, but it do.


PIAA has wiper blades and refills that contain silicone. Found them in the early 2000 and every time someone I know gets a new car I get them some. They leave a little bit of silicone on the windshield and then after a bit the water just beads and rolls off. Best wipers ever


I use rainex wiper fluid. Leaves behind a film that water beads off. Same result and it’s incredible!


Rain-x is a life saver


Careful with this stuff though. If you don't prepare the windshield properly and apply it properly, it'll show up with nasty streaking which is annoying but especially dangerous driving at night in the rain.


Ohhh...... Is that why my windshield is streaky.


Same goes for the wax that they use in car washes (the automatic ones anyway). It never works as it should and it always leaves streaks because the windshield is never prepared in advance. What I mean here by preparing your windshield is that at the very minimum it should be 100% clean, dry and fat-free (preferably smooth as well, i.e. polished). Then apply Rain-X or wax, make sure it has time to cure, then buff it out completely. Add a little bit to your windshield wipers for good measure (these should always be clean anyway, to prevent scratching). This way you never get streaking, you always have crystal clear vision and the Rain-X stuff works like magic. For like a few months, anyway. Considering the windshield is the part of the car you look at / through 95% of the time, I would think it well worth the effort.


An SSD for the operating system and commonly used programs if you spend a lot of time on your pc working with many programs and still only have HDDs. ~$100 gets you 1tb So much better, not only for initial startup, but general system responsiveness.


If you cook regularly, a large wooden chopping block and a decent quality chefs knife. Takes so much effort and time out of food prep in a way that transforms your will and ability to take on more complex recipes. So often I see people trying to prepare food with crappy little blunt knives on those tiny polythene chopping boards that slide around all over the place and I can barely watch.




I came to say 4-5 decent cutting boards. I have some 1/2 inch thick boards that get used daily and have held up for the last 15 years. Cooking is so much better with the right tools.


And as nice as wood is to cut on... plastic can go in the dishwasher. Having options is nice.


Some plastic ones can lol, I made that mistake once and the only thing it was good for a soft shell taco form after that. So hey still a win for me


A decent pair of shoes on clearance. Nice shoes, like Eccos, that are good for your feet. You might not think about it, but your feet and how you treat them are crucial for the health of you ankles, knees, hips and back. You're standing on those mfs all the time. They work hard for you, so get good shoes! I'm not talking about designer bullshit or whatever is trendy.


Construction worker here and can confirm, your feet are your most valuable tool. Treat them well and buy good boots, shoes and socks.


>socks. This especially. I think most people who work on their feet realize good boots/shoes are worth it, but the socks make a world of difference as well. I don't care if they're $15 for a three pack, they're fucking worth it.




As a fat footed woman, have you ever tried Brookes sneakers because they changed my fucking life. I have brick shaped feet, and by that I mean have EEE feet combined with a high foot bone and shallow ankle. Brookes are the only ones that did it. For dress shoes, legit Crocs. They make more than clogs and my only heels and flats are from there because the default widths there are significantly wider


If it wasn't for the fact that I know my mum doesn't have reddit, I'd say this was her lol. Except she likes Asics sneakers. And has a "slipper crocs (croc with lambs wool lining, a crocasin if you will), yard crocs and going out crocs" and she has converted me too. My fiancee likes to pretend I end at the knees, then she doesn't have to look at my camouflage crocs.


Almost all shoes are to narrow. We have almost an entire civilisation where people walk around in shoes that hurt them, or are uncomfortable. Just ask around and you start to realise almost everyone has this problem, some don't even know about it. People even get deformed toes and nail problems and they still don't think their shoes are too narrow. Just look at sandals, as soon as there is no back support to squeeze our foot into the tips the whole design of the sole has to be changed. Shoe designers are the first to be lined up when the revolution comes. Some will be spared, but not many.


I grew up homeschooled, so no one forced me to wear shoes on a daily basis, and my feet resemble those you'd see on some bushman far from civilization. I'm female but wear a men's size 11 (US sizes), and I have a thumb-sized gap between my big toe and second toe, plus visible space between my little toes. I'm a control group to prove that modern shoes absolutely deform our feet.


Please tell me you're like 5'1" because i have this really comical imagine in my mind right now


{**Stares at the floor making sad hobbit sounds**}


ME TOO Not the homeschool part, but I was barefoot a lot of my childhood. I have size 11 shoes and a big gap between my first and second toe! I just wear birkenstocks all the time, even with socks. Fuck fashion.


I can’t agree with this more. I was a CP cast member at WDW and we have to buy our shoes and they have to fit “Disney look”. Most of the oldies had expensive Timberlands that I couldn’t afford as a broke college kid so I bought these cheap boots because I thought that would suffice. Turns out, walking around Disney constantly combined with driving the old Safari trucks (the floorboards would heat up and helped to melt your shoes) meant that the boots I bought barely lasted a month. Ended up calling my parents for money to buy a good set of boots and they last the rest of my program. Don’t underestimate a good pair of work boots. Same can be said for character shoes (a type of dance shoe usually preferred by directors and choreographers in theater). A good pair of character shoes can last years and be the difference between being able to walk the next day after a performance or having to soak your feet in Epsom salts to bring down swelling and just general pain.


Just wait, someone will quote Terry Pratchett for you very soon. Sam Vimes' boot theory is perfect for this.


I've been told to not cheap out on anything that separates you from the ground. Shoes, chairs, mattresses, tires... And 100 bucks can buy a really good pair of shoes!


And airline tickets. Avoid Spirit & Frontier


Ecco have a huge range of choice so there should be something for everyone. Also decent insoles can make a world of difference too.


tbqh, as someone who has been flat broke and homeless before, just a budget mobile phone is quite life changing. not having access to basic modern technology and the information and resources it provides totally cuts people off from almost every aspect of modern society


Safelink is a program to give free smartphones and plans to the homeless or just poor in general. All you need to qualify to get one is food stamps.or any other government aid I believe


I had one of these for a good 5+ years. Even when i was paying for a ohkne that one sat In a drawer if anyone in my family needed to take a phone and didn't have one for whatever reason.


Absolutely. Most places require you have internet access to even apply for a job.


dude same. homeless+no phone= public libraries are now your hangout spot


> homeless+no phone= public libraries are now your hangout spot My local library was literally the #1 thing that helped me stop being homeless years ago.


My library always had quite a handful of homeless people either reading or just chilling, never bothered anyone. There was an older homeless man in particular I think about very often, he was always reading or always typing on a computer whenever I'd visit, and once I was looking at the books behind him while he was on a computer and saw that he was printing out and filling job applications. I saw him very constantly for a couple of years, but at some point I just didn't see him again. I hope he was able to get employed and is living a good life now.


Ladies... get a shower stool. I have a teak Japanese style one.. Shaving is infinitely easier without having to do shower yoga. Also, I no longer almost fall and die while switching legs. And it's easier to dissociate under the water. Edit: dissociate vs disassociate


I’m 1000% with you. I’ve had a chair in my shower for only a couple months and it makes everything easier. I also feel like I can sit in the shower and really REALLY tend to my feet without fear of slipping, falling, and dying lol Edit: missed a word :)


I'm no lady, but bending over to get at my feet is getting harder with time and my in-progress dad bod. I'll be looking into these. Thanks, internet friend!


Sorry, what does "disassociate" mean in this context?


I meant dissociate (the difference is largely grammatical) For me as someone with ADHD that percentage of time in the shower is the only time I don't have to herd my thoughts like cats. I have a hard time turning off my brain unless I am in the shower. I let my brain run rampant to process all my anxiety and then I sort of "wake up" and am better at being a person after that.


I mean you don't have to be a lady... you can use the stool to sit on while crying in the shower or imagining complex arguments whilst doing the "The Thinker" pose.


bought a hair catcher for my bathtub drain for 5 bucks. May be the best thing I ever bought on Amazon.


A weighted blanket - my sleep life will never be the same


I just wish there was one that stayed cool all night, I sleep hotter than the fucking sun and can barely tolerate a throw blanket.


I also would be happy to read any good recommendations for ones that don't turn you into basically an oven at night.


I've got a bamboo one that's not too hot.


With bamboo filling? Or outside lining?


Bamboo cover and small glass beads as the fillings.


Bamboo is used to make the cloth itself. Incredibly soft. Get some bamboo socks. Now those are fricken life changing.


Yes! Now it’s summer I’m struggling as the weighted blanket helps me sleep so much better but I wake up absolutely roasting at some point in the night.


I got one because of the hype and hated that thing. I think mine was too heavy. I felt exhausted after i woke up.


Weighted blankets are great for people who like to cuddle or snuggle up to something when they sleep.


Electric kettle


Whenever this question comes up on reddit i am reminded that electric kettles (jugs) are not part of the basic "moving into your own place" checklist for americans. I dont think i know any australians who don't have at the very least a $10 jug from kmart.


Yeah, cracks me up everytime. Who the fuck doesn't have a kettle.


Here in America I have never seen a kettle in real life.


37 years old and never knew an electric kettle is not an every day item.


Condoms. Your life will change if you DON'T use them!


No kidding


Only if you are having sex.


True . It won’t be $100 anymore but your soul and your paycheck.


Two items that go together -- a fold up cart & plastic tote for bringing in groceries, especially if on a first floor apartment.


They make portable carts that can go up stairs, too. I bought one called a Climb Cart.


A good quality backpack. I got a north face backpack when I was a freshman in high school and I have it to this day 10ish years later!


Electric toothbrush. You’re teeth and gums will thank you forever!


Can confirm. Was gifted an electric toothbrush and have been teeth ever since. Gums still send me holiday cards.


Dope. Funny enough an Amazon package of two electric toothbrushes ended up on my doorstep and no one ever ordered them. Addressed to my address but not my name. I read that it's a scam to get confirmed orders and possible reviews or whatever but regardless, I love my free toothbrush. Also in that package were hair curler things that stylists use when doing perms. It was a pretty random but cool surprise.


>and have been teeth ever since. Is this how dentures are made?


Do you brush your teeth with LSD?


Had to read this twice but glad I did.


I was going to say a water pick as well


A muscle massager gun that athletes use. I was a crippled Amazon delivery driver. Desperate for something that would help me become less sore. I swear by this thing. Edit: I didn’t expect this to blow up, but, I’m happy I could help everyone here! This is the one I bought [Here](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0888LQBDR?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share) for anyone who is wondering. Edit 2: Sorry everyone, I was working. I’ll reply to everyone ASAP! Edit 3: There are so many different ones that work just as well as the one I bought. Look into the attachments and reviews by people, on Amazon. It is super helpful! Another user here pointed out AliExpress for the Muscle Massage Gun. I’ll have to find that comment again, but, please thank that user here! Please thank u/colourouu for the AliExpress comment! Edit 4: Thank you for the wholesome award! Wow! This is amazing!


Mmm very cool. I see ads for these a lot online. What parts of your body ended up being most sore and benefitted most from it?


Definitely my legs, back, and shoulders were the most beneficial. But I have used it on my back, and arms too. They sell all kinds of attachment tips for different areas to target.


How do you target your back? My chiro has one of these and he uses it every time I throw something out and have to go see him; it makes a world of difference. I've seen these on Amazon and just never grabbed one cause I'm not sure how I can actually hit the trigger points on my back without becoming double jointed


can you recommend one?


I got mine from Burlington coat factory for $50 and it’s incredible. I type a lot for work so my arms go numb constantly, this has been a game changer for me


Hey, I was having that thing with my arms and it turned out to be a nerve bulging out from a disc in my neck. I went to PT, learned some posture and stretching/strengthening stuff and I’m well on the road to recovery. Not saying that’s what you have, but if it is then leaving it will cause permanent damage.


If you haven't already, be sure to check out ergonomic keyboards. They provided me with a huge amount of relief it was almost instant. I really like the Microsoft sculpt keyboard and mouse.


My wife loves those too. But sometimes I hear her moaning and panting when she uses it. Is she doing it wrong?


Nah, you are doing it wrong if you aren't doing it that way. Try some different spots till you get it.


A rice cooker. Sounds silly but it really did change my life. I've never made such perfect rice before.


Smart bulbs. Put one in a lamp in your bedroom and have it slowly brighten in the morning. It will change your life.


Wut. Dude... my light game is improving today. First the flashlight guy and now this.


Knife- It can change a life


Co-sign. You don’t need to be weird about it like us knife guys are, but if you go to Amazon right now and get a little folding knife- a $10 Opinel for example, somewhere in the #4-#6 range- you’re going to find way more uses for it than you think and it’ll make your life way easier. Or jump in to the world of modern folding knives and buy a Spyderco Delica for $85. If it doesn’t make your life better I’ll buy it off you. 🤷‍♂️


Happy knife, happy life.


10 foot charging cable


A *good* flashlight. The tl;dr here is that you need one more than you think, it’s one of the most useful things you can own, and maglites and plastic crap are not even close in capability to what you can get these days. Many of you have probably seen the feds recommending owning a dedicated flashlight- not the one in your phone. Which is absolutely good advice, because in the event you need a flashlight to see there’s a good chance you’re in a situation where you are not going to be able to charge your phone, and will have better uses for your phone battery. And a lot of you are probably thinking “yeah no worries I have that plastic flashlight laying around here somewhere” or “oh yeah my dad’s old maglite is in the garage.” Guys, I love to break it to you, but the flashlight you have is probably terrible compared to proper modern flashlights. And no, I don’t mean the ones you get in the sporting goods section of WalMart- although some of those are reasonably okay, they’re almost universally overpriced for what they are. And I sure don’t mean this US MILITARY HIGH POWER EXTREME BEST FLASHLIGHT IN THE WORLD marketing traps you see on TV ads and kickstarters. Nowadays you can get incredible flashlights that will light up your house better than your actual overhead lights, turn nighttime off in a 50 yard radius of you outside, or even fire a beam of light across a field or lake a mile away. For less than $100 bucks. Hell, in many cases, less than $50. Now obviously I recommend heading over to r/flashlight if you want to do some research- although fair warning, you might catch the flashlight collecting bug and there’s no coming back from that. But if you want my personal recommendation for some to check out- The Sofirn SP36 is about the size of a soda can, and can put out about 100 times as much light as the flashlight on your phone in a big floody way that fills up rooms easily. Hovers around $60 on Amazon. The Astrolux FT03: this is about as typical looking a flashlight as you can imagine, but the standard model can put out about 50 times as much light as your phone and will blast it out over 800 meters. About $35 if you’re willing to sit around and wait for it to come from China in a couple weeks. The Lumentop EDC18 is a pocket sized flashlight about the size of your thumb that can do over 50 times as much light as your phone. If you don’t want a fancy user interface, go for the EDC18L. $50, or as little as $30 with a coupon on Amazon. Anything from Olight, Sofirn, Convoy, Emisar, Noctigon, Nitecore, Wowtac, Thrunite, Surefire, Fenix, or Zebralight is going to blow your mind if you’ve not used a real modern flashlight before and will be probably be more than enough for a normal non flashlight fetishist. There are plenty of other companies I’ve forgotten to put in there I’m sure but I’ll personally vouch for all of those. EDIT: okay phew I wasn’t expecting this to… do what it did, but thanks everyone for making me feel less like a weird flashlight pervert, or at least feel good about it. Especially thanks for the rewards, that’s pretty neat. I think I’ve responded to everyone who responded so I’m gonna snuff out the Emisar D4V2 gently flickering in candle mode beside me and hit the hay.


On a similar note, a headlamp would be my recommendation for this thread. Great for when you dont have a free hand. I use mine all the time. Going up into the attic? Headlamp. Checking the breaker box at night? Headlamp. Digging out a tough splinter and need a bright light? Headlamp.


I agree! My headlamp made it possible to clip my babies nails while she was sleeping (a near impossible task during the day).


This guy flashlights


I swear I didn’t mean to write a novel, it just fell out of my fingers once I started typing.


I want to find a woman that looks at me the way this guy looks at flashlights.


Just make sure she’s looking at the right end or she might be blinded.


Thanks for this post. Based on your comment I'm now going to buy one and if it lights up a room just half as much as your enthusiasm and passion for the subject, I'll be happy with it. Thank you.


Aw, geez. You gave me an emotion there, how dare you. Thanks! In the words of Galadriel, “May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”




Oh man... I used to collect flashlights when I was a kid. Then I went about 15 years without really bothering with anything. Then I found out that stuff hadn't stopped getting better. It really is life changing.


Dude what have you done to me I’m obsessed with these now


You just solved my "OMG father's day is next week" panic attack.




Good quality socks. Bedside reading lamp. Solar powered external phone battery. Emergency supply kit -- can be as simple as a MANUAL can opener and canned food, a few 2 liter soda bottles of water, and a crank flashlight/radio. (Added:. Note that emergency canned food isn't something you buy and put on a shelf -- it's something you regularly eat that you buy a little *more* of, the new stuff goes in the back of the shelf and you eat the older stuff. Canned tuna, canned beans, canned soup, things you can eat without cooking if the power goes out. )


I wear darn tough hikers every day. $20 a pair but worth it. They're thick wool blend but not hot. On laundry day when I wear cheap synthetic socks my feet STINK


A bidet. Seriously life changing and it's so subtle you don't even realize it. Spicey food makes you crap your pants? So what, cold water on your butt yo! You use WAAAAAAY less TP. Plus if you get swamp ass on a hot day, a little spritz and you're good! For guys you can also clean your balls on the lady setting!


Which one do you recommend?


I bought my wife a Wacor Mewatec. We're very happy with it, German technology. I bought myself a Chinese one, Hibbent non-electric and installed an inline thermostat: https://www.hibbent.com/collections/bidet-seat


An electric blanket. I genuinely felt like I could cry when I first got into a toasty heated bed. My apartment was so brutally cold in the winter and I didn’t have the money at that point to keep my central heating on all night. For the record, electric blankets aren’t expensive to run, and most have timers too.


Had a friend growing up that had an electric blanket. Called it Mr. Heaty and it was the best thing ever whenever I slept over.


MR HEATY!! That's cute as fuck


Kind of terrified of heated blankets after hearing horror stories from my uncle about fires from those things back in the day. However, last Christmas I discovered the pure joy of putting a hot water bottle under the covers at the foot of the bed while getting ready for bed. Climb in and your feet are instantly toasty warm. Even found this company that makes these super long ones that almost fit across my whole Queen bed. Life changer in a tiny Irish house with gas heating.


I /really/ like electric blankets. It's so much more efficient than heating your whole room up. I like just keep it spread out on the bed, lay on top of it, and put another blanket over me. It's super comfy this way, I think. Heat rises up through you and gets trapped by the other blanket. No power grid connection at my house, and in the winter if we run out of propane, an electric blanket is a life saver since it lets you sleep comfortably even if the house is cold, in exchange for very little electricity, which the solar power system easily supplies even in winter.


A heated mattress pad is one of the best purchases I've ever made. I think it was a little more than a hundo so didn't fit here, but a warm bed is the best thing ever.


I can't have a electric blanket anymore. I toss and turn a lot and about 15 or so years ago, when one was on my bed it started smoking and burning because it got twisted when I tossed and turned. So no I won't get a electric blanket ever again. That's okay though because I have a cat who likes to snuggle under the blankets with me and we keep each other warm.


In Australia, electric blankets are usually the ones that go on your mattress like a mattress protector. Have you tried one of those? Electric throw blankets are also a thing and they're too easy to confuse by name, especially now I have both!


Is there a 'cooling' version of this? I could really use a more power/cost efficient way to manage to stay cold as I am trying to sleep (especially the pillow).


just stick your leg from under the blanket. and pray that the monster that lives under your bed doesn't grab you.


Came here expecting to spend < $100 on a life changing item, now in credit card debt from all the great recommendations. Life change accomplished.


I just ordered a pair of tuft & needle pillows and am looking at high-powered flashlights for my dad… this thread is super helpful, but kinda expensive. Edit: Ooh! A foot massager!


Handheld vacuum cleaner


A home network DNS. In short, this blocks nearly all ads on every device on my home internet connection. It also blocks tracking. This goes well beyond what an adblocker on your computer browser can do - I no longer see ads in apps on my phone or on my Fire TV. It's a night and day difference. I set mine up using Home Assistant running on Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi. For anyone tech savvy, it really isn't difficult to configure. Additionally, since I did this via Home Assistant, I then also have the overwhelmingly best platform for home automation already set up. If you have a smart home and are currently using the automations built into a voice assistant, SmartThings, or anything else, it's shocking how much of an upgrade this is in your ability to automate your home - I have it set to do things that I never would have even imagined were possible before I started using it. There are many ways to set up a home network DNS. Home Assistant just made the most sense for my use-case. Edit: Specifically, I use AdGuard Home


If you made a video on this topic, I would watch it


https://youtu.be/KBXTnrD_Zs4 imo, this has easier setup for someone who is inexperienced!


High quality cookware sets. You’re looking to spend around $80-$100 on this. Your food will cook better and it won’t stick so you end up saving time on washing dishes. Humidifier/dehumidifier - these are simple, cheap and overlooked small appliances that almost everyone will end up benefiting from. You can buy them for as cheap as $30. Light strips -Hear me out on how this is life changing. There are certain colors of light that can affect our mood and level of awake/alertness. Spending $20-$50 on some light strips can give you some extra control over your sleep schedule and/or the setting of your personal space. Edit: embarrassingly managed to use you’re instead your.


I always bought cheap cookware until I won 3, $100 skillets in a raffle. I love those things. They're literally the best. I never knew how much my cheap ones sucked.


You can't get a full cookware set of any quality for only $100. Individual items like a cast iron or carbon steel pan, sure. But a set of anything will be more than $100.


Right? That comment confused the fuck out of me since the *cheap* cookware sets i find are easily 60-100. I'd be expecting 200 probably


Bidet attachment for your toilet


I read Biden-attachment and was like wtf is that


It scares you off the toilet by saying "Listen, Jack, I'm not taking any guff from you today."


Come on man, poop.


A long charging cable, I saw prettymuch the exact same comment on a similar thread and thought I’d try it out - life changing lol


A second monitor for your computer. It saves so much time and makes work easier.


A fire extinguisher


A tens unit. When I was a kid I had both of my shoulders partially dislocated. They've always ached and hurt since then. As I got older the pain got worse. Especially if I've done anything during the day that utilized my shoulder. A friend brought over a tens unit for me to borrow. I loved It so much that I bought my own. I used it daily for 3 months working my way up to the highest level. The pain went away and never came back.


What is that, can you comment a link to a website for it?


Foot massager. No joke, these things make you realize why certain parts of your feet or lower back hurt after a long day at work. I started using one a few weeks ago and it's helped my posture and my ability to stay on my feet for long durations by leaps and bounds.


I bought some screwdriver head keychains. A flat head, philips, and a hex. Now I never don’t have a screwdriver.


A water pick. An absolute gamechanger.


You can marry the love of your life for $100 in the state of Texas. I don’t know how it helps but it’s great to have someone.


not an item but a turtle. i have had mine since he was a baby and he will look at me when i say his name, hand feed, and when i play with him he will walk to me. him and my other one both do this. there names are hulk and thor, hulk is a yellow bellied slider and thor is a Cumberland slider ​ edit: thanks for the upvotes this really blew up btw ik its a weird question but does anybody that upvoted live in or near daytona


Oh man I love turtles so much. There's one at a pet store near me and he's so social, always follows you when you walk next to his tank. I feel sorry for him he needs some company What's the silliest thing either of your turtles have done?


buy him, please


I can't man I have too much responsibility on my plate already :(


fair enough


For me, it was a wireless power bank (phone charger). Story time: A whole bunch of us got our flight canceled in Amsterdam. I was literally second to last in line so we had to wait like six hours to get served. I made friends with the people around me and everyone had their phones dying. And we didn't have enough European plugs, as well, there aren't any plugs in the line to charge us up. Some had iPhones, some had Samsung, we all had different ports. People wanted to call their family back home to update or use their email. So I pulled out my power bank and got 5 people to have their phones topped up to like 15%, enough to get them through the final stretch of our ordeal until we got to our hotel. I also had a situation where my phone usb port stopped working and just used my power bank everywhere. I bought it for $30 CDN online.


Yeah, and buy a BIG one. I carry a 20000mAh when I travel - that thing can keep me going for days.


My brother always carries a mini power strip when he travels. If he needs to charge he just asks anyone that is already charging to let him use the outlet. Then multiple people can use it.


Squatty Potty


My wife and I just got a cheap foldable step stool to sit on when we give our son a bath, doubles as a whatever you'd call the generic version of a squatty potty.


The SP is, although a great intro to the concept , a bit gimmicky. I showed my ex husband them and he was like “wtfffff that cost damn near $100 (am in NZ), hold my beer” and went to the garage and put together 3 pieces of nice wood… voila, a squatty potty.


I made one as a Christmas gift for my husband Few years back. He loves it. We call it the Stool Stool.


if reddit has taught me anything, a bidet attachment for your toilet


This is boring but a fire kit! Blanket, gloves, ladder and extinguisher.


A really high quality electric toothbrush. ​ Save yourself agony and maxing out your credit cards on dentist bills.


But even a good toothbrush is not a replacement for a dentist visit. It's still a good idea to go once per year


Getting your foot sized properly and a pair of good shoes. You wont notice it when youre young but you will when youre older. Knees and back will thank you.


The diva cup. Absolutely life changing for anyone with a period! I am not kidding.


Ugh. I love the concept, and I’ve tried them and similar cups but I must have a weird vagina because I don’t get good results and i only have a couple more years of periods to go so I’ve sort of given up. Quarantine took all the pressure off.


I never had good results with the divacup or similar style. After pregnancy they caused so much pain... but there is other styles, menstrual disc instead of cup, that work better for me. If you Google Softcup that style worked great for me. There's a fancier brand, Nixit, that I love but since it's $50 maybe try out one of the similar styles first to see if it even works for you? The nixit one is a very comfortable texture, holds its seal and didn't cause me any pain. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in trying out cups. I was really relieved when I found it since for some reason after my second kid any other style cup would cause me agonizing pain no matter the stiffness of the cup, and I hated having to go back to pads and tampons.


Ruby cup for me but YES. It's been 5 years now and we're going strong. I don't dread my period like I used to. I love never worrying about whether I'll have to make a run to the store for more period products. And I LOVE sleeping in without having to set alarms to take a tampon out to prevent TSS.


It looks like it would be so much cleaner, but I can’t even put a tampon in without feeling extreme discomfort :( edit: thank you everyone for the nice replies, i ended up falling asleep shortly after i wrote this comment


See a pelvic floor physiotherapist!!! Pelvic floors can actually be too tight (which is not often talked about) it can be due to past traumas, anxiety, or just our bodies being a holes. Physio can help significantly


Period panties are the best! I used to love a DivaCup but after having an IUD (since removed) I can't use it without pain (for reasons I don't understand). But period panties are the absolute best.


I actually didn’t know those existed, I might have to try it out!


There are lots of smaller, local brands around as well as bigger ones like Thinx. I have pairs from both Aisle and Revol. Revol are much cuter, but both are super comfy and so much better than pads, tampons, or cups.


I’m a Knix fan! Their customer service is top notch.


My wife uses an IUD and a diva cup. I'm so sorry that you ladies have such a hard time with the internal plumbing. My limited male experience has taught me that none of you are the same and all the advice is bad.


I like the lily cup much better. I can’t use tampons either but the lily cup is comfy.


Beat me to it! This was my first thought; menstrual cups are such a period upgrade. Nothing disposable to run out of, and you can empty it as needed, wearing it for up to 12 hours at a time, which is great for lighter days. I also just feel cleaner when using the cup. Absorbent solutions (tampons and pads etc) are great, but it’s nice to not have to deal with dryness or pads bunching. Period days involve the cup, and period underwear for backups/overnight/heavy days, and nothing else. No stress!


I bought an electric lunchbox on ebay for $30AUD. I love it. You can cook basically anything you could cook in a pot on the stove but its got stacking layers for different things. Very compact. I usually make rice & curry for my lunch but it's also great for omelettes, boiled eggs, porridge, soups, ive seen people even do cakes & puddings. It's really handy at work, best little gadget ever.


Cast iron skillet


The amazon kindle has changed my life. It allows me to read in the complete darkness of my bed and is lighter in weight than any mass market paperback and certainly thinner. The current models all feature a dimmable backlight. Combined with the e-ink display that is easy for the eyes makes it possible for me to read LOTR right now with our baby sleeping in her crib in the same room while the lights are off. They can also be purchased for around $50 for a certified refurbished or $90 for a brand new one. I also recommend the kindle unlimited subscription that has thousands of books included if you read alot of books each month, it's $10 a month (and a new kindle comes with 3 months free).


I don’t know if anybody here has said this, but a back scratcher!


A couple dumbbells. You don’t need much equipment to work out, so a couple 20 pound dumbbells is enough to gain muscle and get looking good. Also I got a book called “men’s health big book of exercises” for somewhere around $20 and it taught me so much about building muscle and it made me realize everything I was doing wrong when working out. The book was pretty life changing for me as well


80$ worth of DMT would certainly change the ever loving shit out of your life


With the Ultimate power of flex seal, I can seal up the holes in my life


A pair of cheap "audiophile" headphones. (Grado, Koss, Phillips, etc.)


a knitted cardigan.