How do you cope with the fact that we're all going to die?

How do you cope with the fact that we're all going to die?


Well normally I just don't think about it but then some people decide to blurt out shit like this..


Exactly. I plan to keep avoiding it until I'm just gone. I mean, seems like a solid enough plan as any other.


Live your life to the max and embrace it when it finally happens is what I'm gonna do.




YOYO (You're On Your Own)


Technically you live every moment again and again, but die only once.


I think its important to accept morality as then you can plan how to live your life. What sort of legacy you want to leave behind etc. Not saying you have to follow a plan exact, but just general ideas of what you want to accomplish etc. As then you can be content and happy with your overall self


“We just came here to chill and have fun. I guess that’s what life is really all about.” Edit for quotations and a word


I think that it's perfectly ok to not be concerned with leaving a "legacy" and what you're going to accomplish before you die, etc. For the vast majority of us, we're going to live mediocre lives, work way longer than we should at a job that's meaningless, and pass away only to be completely forgotten about in less than a century while the world just keeps on trucking. Just have fun while you can, and be good to people.


Sorry lol


You just ruined many people's evenings.


Hahahaaaaaaa let’s look at cat pictures or eat a yummy snack or leave the light on or put away the laundry I’m not ready I’m not reaDY I’LL NEVER BE READY—


Well it's too late for that now, you just reminded everyone of our impending mortality, you have no idea what you've just done, do you? They were all going to watch some television show and get all wrapped up in that for some fleeting instance and forget about something or anything just for a little while. Now everyone is staring at the stars thinking about how meaningless all of what we do is.


But you're "death has humour" 😅


This reminds me of The Game, which I just lost.


RIGHT LMAOOO i was like “well now i’m thinking about it”


When I was like 5 I used to think about it all the time. Then I realized there's no point worrying about the inevitable. Now I just hope I don't suffer very long in the process. I'm not afraid of death at all, I'm more afraid of my body becoming useless and losing my mind.


Same but it took longer for me, I had a daily (actually nightly) existential crisis.


How did you make yourself stop worrying. Like I’m reading all these comments and they make logical sense yet I can’t help myself but freak out about it.


What freaks you out about it?


Quite a few things so brace yourself. First off, life is depressingly short in the scheme of things. I think 60 years is only 21,000 days. That is insanely short to me and it is nerve wracking how fast 24 hours can go by. Secondly, the 13.7 *billion years that I wasn’t alive felt instant almost like a “snap of the finger”. So I figure it’s the same when you die. From your perspective, after you die the rest of the events may as well happen instantaneously as well. Obviously I won’t be consciously aware of anything but it’s still just freaky. And lastly to not bore you any longer, it’s all just so surreal sometimes. All these systems in life whether at the atomic, cellular, or macro. They are so complex. I think the biggest thing is FOMO. I just wish I could some how stay present to keep experiencing and learning things. Looking at the tech my great grandparents missed out on, I can only imagine what I will miss out on.


I don't really understand your paragraph that begins with, "Secondly." I think there may be a typo or something in there. There were only 13.7 years you weren't alive? Or are you saying you're 13.7 years old and it feels like it went by in a snap of your finger? If that is what you are saying, I will just add that of that 14 years you probably don't remember anything from the first 5 or so, so really, you only have 9 years worth of consciousness to look back on. I also understand your point in the last paragraph about wanting to see what the future holds and what cool new tech will be invented. That doesn't scare me, though or freak me out. It's a bummer but it's on the level of finding out your coworkers got you a vanilla cupcake instead of chocolate for your birthday or something. It's really about acceptance. It is very freeing to realize there is absolutely nothing you can do to change an outcome. When I was in high school I would freak out if I was late and was going to get a "tardy." I would rush in a panic the whole way to school and barge in out of breath 5 or 10 minutes late. Eventually, I realized that if I'm already going to be late, then there is nothing to worry about. If I had 15 minutes to get to school and it took at least 20 minutes no matter how much I rushed, then there was no use getting emotional about it, is there? Plus, the punishment was the same whether you were 5 minutes or 20 minutes late so you might as well take your time, enjoy a nice breakfast or whatever, and be on your way. Now, that is not the same if there is a CHANCE you could make it on time, then you rush right up to the minute it becomes inevitable that you are going to be late. Like you're making good time but then someone gets in a wreck and blocks the road. You could get all worked up about it or just shrug and realize you're going to be late now no matter what so you might as well relax. As for fear of not making a mark on the world or not being remembered or something, you have to realize the chance of that happening are slim to none anyway. The vast majority of people will live, die, and be forgotten without ever have had a lasting impact on the world. You're probably mediocre. It's just a fact of life. The majority of people are average. Half of people are worse than average. Very, very few are exceptional in a good way. You can't judge the quality of your life based on other people's accomplishments or you will always be disappointed. Grow up. Have a family. Or don't. Ultimately having kids is only going to extend your memory directly by a few decades, anyway. Having kids just provides a chance that your line may eventually positively contribute to the world. They could also do something horrible and screw things up. If you really want to be famous and have your name remembered throughout history, you need a combination of factors in your favor, most of which you cannot control anyway. You not only have to BE great, but you have to have circumstances that require greatness. George Floyd is a good example. I don't think anyone would argue that he set out to change the world, but the circumstances of his death, the sociopolitical factors and where the fight against police brutality happened to be, the fact that someone was there to record everything that was going down, and dozens of other factors made it so he will be remembered for a very long time. His name will be in history books. Frankly, I think he would rather be alive for another 20 years than be remembered for the next 200. Since you can't do anything to guarantee you will be remembered, there is no use worrying about being forgotten, either. I don't even know the names of all our former Presidents. I barely know the names of any of our former Vice Presidents, especially not the ones I wasn't alive for. Hell, who was VP for George Washington? Or Lincoln? All you can do is the best you can. If you want to improve your chances of making a lasting impact on the world, figure out how to make obscene amounts of money and set yourself a goal that will have a lasting impact. Take Elon Musk, for example. He will be remembered for a couple decades after his death, no doubt, and he will be mentioned in history books like Thomas Edison, but if he actually succeeds at getting people to Mars and even colonizing another planet then he will be remembered for centuries. On the other hand, there are obscenely rich people who will not be remembered for anything. Ever see hospital wings named after people and you have no idea who those people are? That's because they donated money to help build that wing, but that's all the lasting effect they had. On the other hand there are little old grandmas who helped raise 10 grandkids and 30 neighborhood kids who think they are the most precious people in the world. They never had a cent to donate and never did anything more lasting than cook meals and change diapers. But they made a positive impact on people's lives and those people were better for it and they treated their kids better for her example, and so on and that is their legacy even if no one remembers their name after her grandkids are dead and gone. The long and short of it is, who gives a shit what people think of you after you're dead? Just don't be an asshole. Try your best and don't be discouraged if the outcome isn't what you expected. Live a good life. Be good to others. Damn sure don't be a hypocrite. Most importantly, if you ever find yourself in a position of having a ton of money.... DO something worthwhile with it, don't just sit on it and buy expensive toys. Cure world hunger. Fund free education and Healthcare. Figure out a way to spread humanity across the cosmos so we will outlast this planet. Or, you know, just keep getting out of bed and doing the bare minimum needed to survive every day and look for beauty and joy where you can find it.


Wow, this comment! (And I think they meant 13.7 BILLION years before their birth have gone by in a flash, as that is the estimated age of the universe?)


As a kid i obsessed for a few years on HOW i would die... would I drown? Would I catch on fire? Would I be in a horrible car accident? What a piece of a plane fall on me? Or the second stage of a launch vehicle fall on me? Would I die if some horrible disease, gasping for air at my last? Or would somebody go full-tilt on me and shoot me and I would die slowly as my blood leaked or gushed out? Eventually I grew past it, bored with it maybe, and moved on. Nobody will care when I go and that's just fine.




Oh boy, here comes the existential dread again


Existential dread that kinda just hits you like a boulder. I know that feeling.


The cold that washes over you whenever the realization hits that one day…you’ll experience death and no longer exist :/


Quantum Leap music starts...


Yeah thanks for that lol


how do you cope with being such a psychopath that you use a backtick in place of an apostrophe?






Anything goes with backticks


Eat some dill pickles. I like the ones with sea salt.


I was gonna say that


“I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.” - Mark Twain


I used to want to live forever. Then my son died from cancer 5 years ago and now I don't. I still live for myself, my wife, my surviving son, but I don't fear death. "But death was sweet, death was gentle, death was kind; death healed the bruised spirit and the broken heart, and gave them rest and forgetfulness; death was man’s best friend; when man could endure life no longer, death came and set him free." - Mark Twain Edit: Updated the quote as it got cut off the first time. Also, thank you for the kind words! Certainly five years later we are so much better than we were. Family tragedy can be a great way to learn that most everyday problems are solvable, especially if everyone chooses to come together. Obviously life will never be the same but my son's path was a very rich evolution of crises, victories, and then peace and relief. Don't be afraid to have children because you fear they might die. My son was an insanely bright star like all children, both a little angel and a damned devil at times and both his aspects make us smile now.


I know everyone is going to say this because, you know, what else can we say about a tragic loss like all of y'all have endured? But I truly am sorry for your loss. No parent should have to endure that.


I'm sorry for your loss


On a molecular scale, reincarnation is right. Thanks Mark Twain.




Also, your moisture content is going to be urinated out by some subsequent creature eventually. Imagine a majority of yourself passing through a vast number of urethras simultaneously and throughout the remaining geological timescale of life on Earth and any subsequent places we may go. I'm the Carl Sagan of pee.


I accepted this thought many years ago but never heard this quote until just now. Thank you brilliant stranger! I can now prove to people I’m not the first person to think this!


“The best moments in reading are when you come across something – a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things – which you had thought special and particular to you. Now here it is, set down by someone else, a person you have never met, someone even who is long dead. And it is as if a hand has come out and taken yours.” ― Alan Bennett, The History Boys


This just lifted so much pressure from my shoulders. It's true, our short lives don't really matter that much in the grand scheme of things. But I like to think there's a bright side to that too. To use a metaphor, we all get a few seconds of free podium on the stage of life, where we can do whatever we want. What kind of act do you play? You can use your few seconds on the podium to have fun, to chase emotional experiences, validation or rewards,... Or maybe inspire someone next to you, so some of the people who come on stage after you can enjoy their time on it more. And after a while, you get called of stage and your act is over. It was only a few seconds, but then again, if it had been longer, would you have appreciated it more? You had the privilege to be alive, to experience things, to fill your stage however you want. The only thing that stays alive is the impact we had on others. Our death means a new generation can face life, hopefully a bit better equipped than ours. And in the end, there's a sad beauty to it, how this machinery of life just keeps on running, while we as little gear wheels get replaced every few seconds.


I have more coins to insert if I die


Best one I’ve read so far. Thanks for adding some levity to the thread.


Something much needed, xD.


Which slot do they go in?


The coin slot 😉


Nothing you can do to stop it. No sense worrying about what you can't change.


This. Old professor used to say something like “the death rate is 100%, so all you can do is choose how to spend the time you do have, don’t waste it worrying about what you can’t change.”


Theres probably going to be a bunch of cyborgs laughing at us 1000 years into the future about how much we were hung up about death being inevitable


And I, for one, choose to not concern myself with laughing cyborgs in the future!


Resistance is futile. Your species will be assimilated.


Your cultural and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own.


That could happen in our lifetime and no one would laugh. If anything, we'd think of all of our friends, family, role models, celebrities, artists, athletes, some of the brightest minds and everyone in between that we couldn't save. With that, we'd weep for the last time.


Death for them is still inevitable, just on a different time scale.


until supernova explosion hits them.


If such a thing happened, they have to deal with the issue of overpopulation and food scarcity...ect. jobs would become competive, immortality would ruin Earth.


I see it as a great benefit. A small or big mistake is only a blip on the map of life. I overspent on a new car, shit, oh well, when I'm 6ft under it won't matter.


It’s not really something I’ve had to cope with because I’m not really worried about it. I’m not worried about “the end” because I’m too busy dealing with the now; trying to get a handle on everyday life things while also trying to make good memories.


I am more concerned about how comfortable will the last years of my life be, will I have enough money, will I be alone, will I be fit enough, will I still have all my faculties? that sort of thing, death will be a release from all that worry


Interestingly, before I was a "death positive" person, I feared getting old and thought it was likely I would take my death into my own hands at a certain age. Now, as a person who needs control I still see the appeal, and I am not likely to age well (I'm in my early 20s and already dealing with a lot of different chronic syndromes and disorders and pain, so I don't see it getting better). However, I am now excited to get old, If only to experience that acceptance that old people have about death.


Live life to the fullest. My mom had a friend who died of cancer recently and she always said “We are born with an expiration date.”


live until you're dead


Everything is temporary. Permanence is only a idea that pulls us away from accepting our world. Acceptance of death is acceptance of life and reality. You will never know when life will end until it does. Appreciating uncertainty as necessary for the continual change in life is acceptance of life. Accept death, and appreciate the time that you have been blessed with. Who knows what comes next, though that doesn’t matter. You cannot live tomorrow today. Breathe and appreciate the now.


It’s comforting really Who wants to live forever……..if love must die?


The world has only one sweet moment set aside for us.


Who waaaaaants to liiiive foreverrrrr


Who daaaaaaares to loooove foreverrrrrr


and all we hear is radio gaga


There’s no chance for us?


It's all decided for us


Freddie is immortal 🙌


There can be only one


The peace is quite attractive.


Hope I find my dog aswell


“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” – Will Rogers


Imagine the relief and peace. At last...


This explains the time loop fantasy.


When I die, I'll just go back to what i was doing before I existed.


Life is the short amount of time between two infinities


Against the great background of the unfathomable space/time of the universe a human life is shorter than the snap of one's fingers.




What’s to cope with? One day you’ll rejoin the universe as star stuff.


Thank you, Carl.


I just enjoy the life I have now and not care about things I can't control.


Never bothered me in the first place


I haven’t. Anxiety about how and when is on my mid daily. I do live my life well and to the fullest though.


Same. Wasn't much of an issue up until about my mid 30s. Has been ever since. Turn 40 next year. The depression bogged me down for a bit. Its got better but damn its still on my mind lol


It's comforting. Soon, this will all be over.


I agree. I try not to acknowledge the part of myself that wants to die, but it's certainly a comfort in the face of mortality.


Let me protect you


Now kith.


I work in retail. People make me embrace that one day I will be dead.


It certainly is comforting, because all my suffering and worries will be over for good when I return to the void.


It'll stop any day now


Same, but if I express that to people they assume I’m depressed and/or suicidal lmao


What used to bother me about dying was the image of my body 6 feet underground as the rest of the world above me kept going. It made me sad to know people would just keep laughing and enjoying life as I just stayed in eternal darkness. Then I realized those above ground are just living their short lives too. Eventually we're all going to be together in whatever comes after life. Somehow the knowledge that the whole human race will be together eventually kind of brings me comfort. Sure we're all going to the unknown, but we're all crossing that path together.


Can I just say, this comment makes me really happy. I somewhat recently just realized my former religion isn't true and I've been so freaked out about death that it's been really hard to get back to living normally. But the idea that we all still get to be together makes me really, really happy :)


Reading these replies comforted me too. Thanks.


Dying always felt like leaving a party early while everyone got to stay and keep having fun. It always bummed me out the most when I thought about death, I’d never get to experience the future with everyone else. But this idea is comforting, remembering that eventually everyone is going to have to leave that party too. perhaps we even get to pick up that party elsewhere.


For what it’s worth, i’m glad this is the time at which i joined that party, it could’ve been worse


Or even join the eternal, even better party in heaven.


Livin it up


I dont think about it. Death sucks and its natural but I'd prefer not to wake up in the morning and think "well fuck me Charlie I'm going to die one of these days"


It sucks but its the only game in the cosmos.


Why worry about the inevitable. Besides what else is left to do when your 80 years old.


Spend the day on Reddit!


Being dead is the same as stupidity, it's only painful for other people. Seriously though, anything you cannot control, (which is pretty much everything except your own reaction) needs to be let go of, this mindset has given me peace more than anything else, went through years of suicidal depression and shitty times, and now i'm actually ok, mostly at peace with spikes of happiness and sadness but mostly peace, our minds and the incessant chatter about things we cannot control are the main cause of our dissatisfaction with life, everyone needs to take a step back from their thoughts and see what your mind is actually doing, observe the type of thoughts you have and their purpose and it soon becomes clear that there isn't much intelligence at play with the involuntary thought processes that occur in the unobserved mind, its mostly egoic and negative, everyone knows how powerful the human mind is but hardly anyone is paying attention to what its doing 99% of the time, look at how much depression and anxiety there is in the world, i believe this is why, unchecked negative thought patterns, so thats how i cope with death and the impending doom, can i control it? Nope, so spend no time on it at all, my mind would love to play with the notion and get all worked up and cause me anxiety but once you start checking your mind regularly these kind of negative thoughts just dont get any traction, its real its helped me, try it ;).


Be prepared at all times. No one is promised tomorrow.


stay strapped or get clapped






It honestly is a weight off my shoulders. Knowing that not just I, but everything I love will end. There's a freedom to that, an ease that in the very long run, not much truly matters.


"eh fuck it might as well have fun while I can" is what I say to myself


It will feel just the same as before you were born.


Or die trying.


I just play all the games i can


Nobody gets out alive.


Vacations are only fun because they end. The same goes for life.


Heavy thinking!


We're ALL going to die. It's inevitable, unavoidable, and completely mundane. So why worry about what we can't control? It'll happen to all of us eventually, I'll face it when it does


In one way of thinking, I find the transient / temporal state of being to be incredibly refreshing. Life would not be such a special, amazing wonder if we could waste all of time. What would press us to create our own internally-valuable experiences if we could always delay until later? I think the incentive of experience is the mere fact of temporal passing, the hand-off that is the chain of generations of life, and wonder of new creation. Life simply wouldn't need to create anything without the cosmic deadline of passing and it would be a less interesting world as a result. P.S. - I think the thing after "this" is nothing-ness. The universe has it's cycle just like us. When a sun explodes, it doesn't go to heaven. A black hole might be the most permanent thing out there. P.S.S. - stone cold sober all day, all week, all month, for the inevitable retort.


Optimistic nihlism! Nihlism is the belief that life is overall pointless. Throw some optimism uo in there and you have the perfect mindset. Yes we are all going to day. No there is no guarantee of consciousness after death. No this universe was not made for us. Anyway, the optimism part: If all the bad things that ever happened to you are just forgotten when you die, then why should you care now? So what if ur crush rejects you. So what if you are embarrassed in front of your friends. So what if this assignment is really difficult. Its not like ur gonna care when ur dead so why should you now? im not very good at wording deep shit like this but i hope someone gets it


I used to get super freaked out thinking about the fact that there might be nothing after death, my consciousness will just cease, then I realized that’s how it was before I was born too and that somehow has calmed me down. It’s still freaky, but I try not to think about it too much 😅


Death is something we think happens to others, which is why it’s so emotional for us.


Death is the ultimate motivator for living a life you love. If youre lucky, you get about 80 years on this floating spaceship we call earth then who tf knows what happens. The fact that youre gonna die is every reason you need to go try all the things you always wanted to. Bc when this life is over... its over, you dont get to press respawn (unless you believe in reincarnation).


Meditation. The pure consciousness within us never truly dies it appears in everything. Honestly death to me is fascinating. If there is nothing well then ill have a nice nap eh. But if there is something then I'll take it head on with a smile on my face if thats even possible.


I like this! I had a discussion about this with friends at a bar one night and came to the conclusion that if we all go nowhere at least we’ll all be nowhere together.


Acceptance is the last stage of death....


What if it isn't? That's what scares the shit out of me. Not existing anymore- who cares... but to think I will spend the last few seconds of my life scared and not wanting to go and being full of regret is what freaks me out. I just want it to be peaceful at the end


Death will be like before you were born. Before your first memory. Did you feel happy? Sad? Did you feel board in the hundreds, tens of thousands, billions or trillions years before you gasped your first breathe? No. And believe it. Trillions and trillions and trillions of years will pass after you die.... Help me... I live with this dread every waking second. This doesn't seem like it should be possible. Existence. Doesn't seem POSSIBLE *Que crazy pin board meme trying to explain why this shit is wack


Wouldn’t have it any other way


The sweet release from chronic pain


Death has been walking with us, stalking us since day one. Fear is the first enemy and old age the last. (Couple others in between) Where there is fear, there is no love.


Everything alive will die.. even some single-cell organisms that will live (after billions of splits) till the end :-) As for me, I worry that people will think I was a messy housekeeper.


Actually, some animals are immortal and only die from physical trauma. Aka being eaten by something bigger.


its comforting why would i need to cope..?


living is so much scarier than dying, there is nothing to "cope" with.


Thats a problem for future me.


I don't waste my god damned time.


I get excited. Like damn, no need to do all this BS for eternity. It will all be over. :)


If I’m going to die and be forgotten eventually then that means everything I fuck up doesn’t matter so I won’t let my mistakes mean more to me that they do to the world around me.


The same way I "cope" with the fact that we can't levitate or have neither heat vision nor gills. Doesn't even cross my mind 95% of the time, and when I do think about it, I don't really care. it is what it is.


I get excited for it. Hopefully reincarnation exists and my next life is better than this one, I might even get a girlfriend in my next run through.


Stressing about it only wastes the limited time you have here.


And its VERY limited indeed!


As long as it's not excruciatingly painful, I'm OK with it. I want to go in my sleep if possible, thanks. Atoms returning to the universe, etc. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust makes a lot of sense, actually.


I don't feel the need to cope, unless you associate the practice of coping with interpretation of logic; It is the natural cycle of conscious life. Besides, I would rather die at eighty, as opposed to living a demoralizing eternity.


I don’t honestly, I’ve thought about it but in all reality when it’s my time to go it’s my time to go. I just live my daily life acting like it’s my last.




I think death is part of the cycle. We all have a time, and us humans being in the same circle of life that everything else is makes us all part of the greater whole.


Out of sight, out of mind.


When life is good - *10th Doctor style* "I don't wanna go" At the moment because of university stress - BRING IT ON ALREADY.


Smoke some more weed


Death is just a doorway to something else.


I'm old and rich, so people pander to me.


Just accepting the fact that it’s going to happen at some point.


I believe in life-after-death


I wanna be reincarnated as a bird. flying around looks fun as fuck


I was just talking about this the other day. Imagine seeing all the shady shit that no one else sees. Like seeing mafia leaders meet up or see Osama alive. Wild shit.


Just bad luck if you're reincarnated as a chicken locked in a small cage while pumping eggs all day.


Or maybe a blow fly that flies from pasture paddy to pasture paddy!


But you don't have any choice in the matter. You just may get reincarnated as a dung beetle!


Hyacinth macaw!


I'm a Christian. I believe that when I die I will go to Heaven. A place of no suffering, no pain, no sadness. I look forward to not being in an imperfect world anymore. When I die, I will accept it.


Fun fact: The Bible doesn’t really describe heaven. So there could be plenty of suffering. Sleep tight.


meeting Jesus and seeing my Grandpa again


this universe obviously doesn't exist for no reason. Do you seriously expect to just cease existing when you die? In a universe where we only have 5 senses and perceive time in a straight line, whos to say there is no greater domain to ascend with 50 senses and 5 dimensions? Until the day you completely understand existence will you be truly dead. But right now, we don't even know what happens upon death. Anyways, even if we just cease existing upon death then it's still a win-win scenario. You either don't cease existing and ascend elsewhere, or your existence was pointless and we will all just be better off in eternal rest.


>this universe obviously doesn't exist for no reason. Do you seriously expect to just cease existing when you die? This is the very essence of hubris. We can't conceive that we are meaningless in the vastness of the universe, and there must be more so our sacred essence won't be lost. ​ >Anyways, even if we just cease existing upon death then it's still a win-win scenario. You either don't cease existing and ascend elsewhere, or your existence was pointless and we will all just be better off in eternal rest. This is the underlying principle of [Pascal's wager](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascal%27s_wager).


The universe obviously might exist for no reason.


The five senses thing is so antiquated. Even grade schools talk about other senses (not to mention that taste and smell are pretty similar, anyway). Your perception of your body in space is a sense. Balance is a sense. Feeling heat is a sense that’s usually considered distinct from touch, etc.


The sooner the better


I don't care.


I cope with death by thinking about deeper thoughts like if I die will I be put in my last dream before I died or that were in a simulation


I'm probably not dying today, tomorrow, or next year or even this decade, so I don't really care.


I don't fear it at all, I just feel normal about it. Like its just another part of life.


Fuck the rules. Just live to be happy.


I believe there’s just more of the same after. Helps me not worry and take everything too seriously


I can’t do anything to change that fact, so I don’t give a shit about it.


So many things have almost killed me, i just accept it and try to live the most fulfilling life i can But there is one thing that scares me, out living my loved ones, most of my friends died young so i just want to get to die with them or before the P.S. i mean the ones that are left


Its our passing on to the next lvl


I try to focus on what I can control. I primarily focus on surrounding myself with positive people and vibes!


I desperately don't want to have to live past 60, so hoping I die young so I can eventually be happy?


I mean all life can only exist for like 0.000000000000000000(probably more)1% of the universe existence and the majority is just decaying matter


well, human life so far is only about 93% fatal so i am going to be one of the 7%


You'll no longer have thoughts when you die.


Don’t think about it. Why ? For what ?


Thank fuck. Living for eternity is the cruelest thing I can imagine.


I procrastinate


I just accept that it's inevitable. It's going to happen to everybody at some point in time. What good would worrying about it do? Only stress about the things In life that you can actually change.


You might as well scream at the sun....


Acceptance. And ... no day but today!


I don't like being alive very much, and honestly never have. Maybe not existing anymore well be better than constant low-grade misery.


Like all my problems, I ignore it and hope it goes away