What made you join reddit?

What made you join reddit?


I had a specific question I needed to ask


So, did you find that cartoon?


Oh my god no :( I’m still sad about that


Post it to TOMT - tip of my tongue. They’ll very likely know it!


Good idea!!


Why did you lose your profile pic in these 2 hours






What's the current chicken threshold?


At least 3


And that's pushing it.


But what about the penguins?


We didn’t *see anything.*


Smile and wave boys


I like the fact that I don’t know any of you


We still sometimes never talk.


Best friend i ever had


I always thought it was funny that when you people IRL find out that they both use reddit, they never exchange usernames


I think it's an unspoken rule. If they ever found out, I'd abandon my account


Forget abandon. I'm burning the whole account to the ground lol.


I've been lurking forever since about 2012, I decided I'd just make an account because of this askreddit post. I like reading it during work, but never bothered to make an account. It was just too confusing lmao


Reddits pretty big. Chances are you know *someone* here. Also they post pictures of their feet.


What I like the most about Reddit is that there's very little chance anything I'll see or say here will have any direct impact on my life. So browsing and posting is 100 % entertainment. With other SM it always feels like building your social credit and staying on top of what's going on in your social circle, which I don't mind doing from time to time but it definitely is not relaxation.


My teenagers said I would love it. They were right.


That's nice! They should be awarded the *teenagers of the year* award or something...


i have been browsing reddit for 6 years but did not make an account until this month. I like that you are anonymous and can get unrestricted opinions (good or bad). for instance, I made a throwaway and asked the premed and bioengineering subreddits for career and resume advice and I got honest opinions from experts in the field on ways to improve, these opinions were not filtered because they did not know me. it was really useful tbh. Some even reached out to me in chat to give me advice on job hunting, one hiring manager even told me which companies to apply to.


r/engineeringstudents has been one of the reasons I'm still pursuing an EE degree. I almost dropped out several times.


When all my Google searches ended in +Reddit


Need a reliable source? Add reddit at the end of your search queries haha


It’s also why I joined Reddit When I want to search something very minuscule, I didn’t want to have to go through 10 page articles just to find the 1-sentence answer I needed.


It's the only thing that works anymore since SEOd procedurally generated listicles figured out how to dominate google and searching for small specific details is impossible no matter what terms you use


Why do I keep getting these dumb articles? That's a such a good question and today we are going to talk about why do I keep getting these dumb articles. Why do I keep getting these dumb articles is a question that many people ask on Google, but if you follow our guide we can help you understand why do I keep getting these dumb articles


When I was a young girl, my grandfather used to tell me about an old family secret used to write short articles. Now as I sit on his old rocking chair on my porch, enjoying the evening with a tall, cool glass of lemonade in my hand, and watch my kids run around the yard with Artie the dog, I'm reminded of his words. It all started when he immigrated to the country in the 30's, a poor journalist with only a dusty typewriter to his name, at the time, typewriter ribbons were expensive, as you migjt imagine, so every letter mattered. When he met my grandmother...


This is spot on. Down to one random word being inexplicably misspelled.


You induced that search rage (whilst scanning a non-substantive and irrelevant story) perfectly.


Reddit does have a ton of information, but I highly recommend fact checking stuff and looking twice. Remember, the answers you read still come from strangers on the internet.


It's really good for reviews and stuff, though. They're easy to find, and the idiots that post reviews on other sites tend not to care enough for a reddit post.


That also depends. If you’re looking for say a review on a specific Mazda. You wanna make sure the subreddit you’re on is something like r/cars or r/whatcarsshouldibuy, and not r/Mazda because subreddits are full of hive minds.


Exactly. There's always some super nerd who knows everything about what I'm looking for. Or another person who has 40 years of experience and has tried everything. Or yet another who links to an excellent tutorial. I love having this kind of access to people's brains.


I also love when I have a specific question like: "How do I unlock _____ in the game ____." And there is already a thread about that exact same thing with like 5 people giving tips and guides.


Yup. I know I'm screwed when even *reddit* can't answer my question. Usually about skyrim modding. On the flip side, I actually got useful advice on fixing an 80 year old typewriter once.


Just don't use the reddit search function to find anything on reddit


What does the '+' sign do in Google? It's surprisingly hard to Google it.


Not sure if + does anything, but site:reddit.com will restrict all searches to reddit. This also works for any other website, but other than reddit I’d only ever use it for youtube. Maybe if you’re googling for porn and want a certain site but who does that




Porn site:pbs.org


On Reddit, you can decide what you want to engage. Facebook is more of who you want to engage


Agreed. Was tried of being disappointed by "friends" on FB. Am now entertained by strangers, anonymously.


Once Facebook implemented the “unfollow” feature, where you could stay friends, but not see their content, I unfollowed over half of my 65 friends, mostly people who just spam posted whatever BS they thought was funny every 30 minutes. A few days later, I thought to myself, “If I don’t want to see it, why am I even bothering with this?”, and deleted my Facebook. Reddit is the only “social media” I use now.


Not to mention on Facebook (and even more so on Twitter), it just seems like a free for all with the trolls doing their shit and it being visible. Unless a subreddit is pretty much unmoderated here, trolls doing their thing to stir discontent gets downvoted and thrown out of the way. You gotta find it if you want to see it.


> Facebook is more of who you want to engage It used to be. These days, it isn't even that. I'm getting post after post from Groups in which I have a modicum of interest, and hardly seeing any of my friends' posts. You can really tell it's a social network designed by the most antisocial of people.


I can't even remember, good question though. Feels like eons ago since I've joined and don't remember the purpose.


I joined 13 years ago, and trying to remember why, I think it was because of r/programming, but now I'm just guessing, lol.


The Digg redesign did it for me.


Yup, I was part of the mass exodus from Digg.


Ancient club checking in. I have no fucking clue. I think I was cruising Fark and kept seeing links to Reddit, and decided to create an account.


I guess we all joined just to see what's this shit and now we're addicted


I like following subjects more than people.


Best answer


Definitely! I come to reddit to not be absorbed in other people's lives and also for the many subs that provide tons of info like r/science and r/OutOfTheLoop, or just plain cool stuff like that of r/interestingasfuck or r/Art. It's nice just learning new stuff and seeing cool new things rather than caring about status quo or the newest Instagram trends and whatnot.






That is a good answer. I'm going to follow that person.


Yes! Reddit, stop trying to make this facebook with chat functions and stuff. I don't pay any attention to the name of the person I'm replying to, and we aren't going to be friends! I reply to comments, not people.


I got my username randomly generated because I couldn’t think of anything else at that moment and just want to join Reddit. Ended up with people thinking I’m into philosophy so much. Changing username is the only feature I need.


Me too. Randomly generated


Nothing suspicious here, totally believable. Totallyyyyyy……. 👀


nothing suspicious about u either


Yeah, I am kind of in the same boat.


You Shall ~~Not~~ Pass!


In fact..I have loads of interests and people in my life may not be into them. Its a way to discuss..learn and laugh about those interests all in one place. Just different subs. It basically lets me be....err...more of me.




Yea it took me a week to get addicted lol


Yup and it's great to see so many passionate people out there about a particular subject I like. People geeking out on subreddits are so... Cool.


People figuring out What’s this thing in 2 seconds is fucking brilliant. Like that screw is from a nuclear warhead from a Russian submarine made in 1977.


I don't use social media. I hate social media. People accuse me of being a hypocrite because I use reddit. Reddit is much more of a forum than a social media. A person is not typically the forefront of discussion. Furthermore the vast majority of us are anonymous. Reddit does not check the boxes that describe modern social media.


Yes. YES. The golden age of forums (late 2000s, early 2010s) is long over and I really miss it, that's why I joined Reddit. It's as close to a forum as it can get and it's still very much active, unlike most "actual" forums that died out around 2013 or so.


Yeah but fuck those forums (that still exists) that make you register to view a fucking attached image.


The worst was when you found a technical support forum that you couldn't see images without an account, but you need an admin to approve your account and they all stopped watching the forum 10 years ago, so now nobody can ever see what the solution to the problem was because it was included in a screenshot.


Digg v4.


I'm a digg refugee as well, are we the boomers ?


I'm 35 :( Fuck how did this happen


Yea I can't believe this was so far down. I needed a Digg replacement


Definitely expected this to be closer to the top. I guess it was so long ago now (over a decade, I think) that our numbers are relatively small


I'm in the ten year club, so that's probably about right. Digg replacement/migration, and I liked it better than Fark.


So long ago now and Reddit has grown so much that the Digg refugees aren't close to a majority anymore


Most of the top comments are from accounts less than a year old. Damn zoomers need to get off my lawn.


I still miss Digg, and hope Reddit never goes down that path. So many of us 10 year club members are Digg refugees.


> and hope Reddit never goes down that path I feel like Reddit started down that path with the redesign and will complete it when they finally turn off old.reddit.com (assuming they're foolish enough to ignore Digg's fate).


Yeah, the monetized posts slipped in the feed, the move to highlight profiles and users… reddit is going down that path, but this time theres no viable competitor to move to that Im aware of.


I cannot stand the look of any of the new reddit changes. I use RES and it looks exactly the same as it did 5+ years ago. Night mode, disable sub specific style sheets. Easy to read, easy to navigate, simple.


It's easy and popular to shit on new reddit. For a fucking good reason, it's atrocious. I'd put up with the look and cramming in ads if the user experience wasn't also a massive downgrade. I hate how you click on a link and it just loads like 4 comments and you have to click again to actually see what you clicked on in the first place. I also hate how every so often reddit magically logs you out randomly and spits you back on new reddit like maybe there's a chance this time it won't offend me. It will reddit, it will always fucking offend me.


It’s already happening/happened I think fam. It’s just a slower burn than Digg was.


I disabled the new bullshit interface on day one and never looked back. Reddit still [looks and works fine.](https://images2.imgbox.com/dc/05/kprxIQA3_o.png) Couple that with ublock origin, and my reddit experience today is indistinguishable from when I moved here from digg over a decade ago.


I always check these posts to find others from the great Digg defection of … shit, ‘08? Feels like ancient internet history at this point. Personally, I held off on getting an account on Reddit until a few years later. I was holding out for a different alternative, but nothing really viable other then Reddit ever came along.


The big migration happened in 2010


Yep. Digg V4 came out Aug 25, 2010. I think I gave it maybe a week or two before I moved to Reddit.


Found the fellow old timers! Who also got their start on Digg from watching TechTV, Screensavers?


Yupp, that was awful. Have never seen such a fall from grace.


Dude. Diggnation. Totally rad show. Ugh. I miss the internet as it was. Kevin Rose is a man from the future, out of time.


I remember this back in like, '09 I think? I was one of the migrants. The whole ordeal was quite noteworthy in Internet history, but seems to be largely unknown to newer users.


Reddit comments. You can not predict where conversation will go.




No, I can't eat apples, my friend is a doctor.


Then we all gonna die!




Washing machine


Balsamic vinegar


Mark my words. That’s how WWIII is gonna start, and it won’t be pretty.


Can't wait for my future grandkids to ask me how ww3 started so I can just tell them: "It all started many, many years ago, with a young boy falling into a gorilla pit."


Oh, I can't eat apples, too. What a coincidence. Or actually I can, but only when they're cut into smaller pieces.


Do you like shove the whole slice in your mouth, turn your chin up and just let it slide down your throat?


How do you like these apples?


I had a pizza for you but I ate it all


I was super bored and lonely on Christmas Eve about 11 years ago and wanted to talk to people.


There are a massive amount of people on here who seem genuinely lonely, but there's always people to pop on on their streams and say hi. Myself included


I'm not as lonely anymore, but I'm a very extroverted person that can be really shy. Reddit gives me a chance to interact with strangers when I'm bored and no one else is answering my messages.


I can't even remember what made me join reddit 2 years ago


I used to read f7u12 aka rage comics. There were too many Reddit references so I decided to check it out. Never left. That was 10ish years ago. This is my second account.


Being anonymous. Now that doesn't give you an express right to be an asshole but it is exactly what differentiates Reddit from other so called social media and that includes LinkedIn too. You don't have to be 'interactive' enough to be noticed like that Black Mirror episode where people were so desperate to be in someone's eyes. Honestly I find Reddit more peaceful and informative and somewhat consoling too than Facebook, Instagram etc.


Also, I don't care about people's personal lives. People on social media only post pictures of the best of times. At least on Reddit people also share their normal things.


Exactly like the shroud of superficial-ness is not present here.


If fact, people are pretty brutally honest about how *shitty* their lives are on Reddit.


"lmao bro I have no friends, i wanna die" "lmao same"


"lmao bro I have no life outside videogames" "lmao same"


"lmao bro i suck at videogames and i have been playing for a decade" "lmao same"


Can this whole thread stop attacking me personally


Lmao same


you are not alone bro


They are really trying to change that though. You can now follow people which I absolutely hate.


Following here in Reddit is just useless in my opinion. In every thread in every sub-reddit we get a new hero.


I don't actually know what it does but I don't want people following my posts for any reason. I keep getting doxed by my father's family and I suspect this account will have to go again soon.


But what does following change in that scenario? The moment they have your username, it's over. Following just automates the process a little. They can always just keep your profile page up and manually read everything.


Someone was wrong and needed correcting.


So you’re at home here


There's a relevant xkcd but I'm lazy.


I'm surprised this isn't more towards the top. I browsed for years and then had to make an account to comment on something. I was downvoted. It was worth it.


My friend was boasting about it and how you can pick and choose what you see and that it’s so diverse compared to Twitter. Deleted my Twitter account after 2 weeks if Reddit.


Yeah, I got absolutely nothing out of Twitter. So much more to experience and learn on Reddit, more substantial conversations, the ability to choose what you see, and anonymity, to boot.


my experience with twitter is that it’s only really for celebrity’s and other high profile people


Twitter is 350 million people desperately trying to get the attention of a handful of celebrities. Thanks to the anonymity of reddit, I could be Carrot Top and none of you would have the slightest idea.


I like that you drive your point home that you could be a celebrity and no one would know using Carrot Top as your example. I think you actually are Carrot Top.


If he would've said Will Smith or something it would've clearly been an example. Carrot Top is oddly niche and specific. This guy is Carrot Top. Change my mind.


Secret Santa


I watched videos about r/askreddit and people had cool storys and i was like '' this seems like cool community and place to share ur storys''


I worked 12 hour shifts by myself and somehow came across someone talking about askreddit on facebook. I googled every sort of “— — askreddit” I could think of and was amused hours on end


I love the creepy/unexplained/paranormal story threads, it's one of those topics where you'll always get answers you've never seen before. I even have an alt account where I collect those threads for later reading.


Besides what others have said, I also really appreciate that the downvote means something. You don't get a free pass to be an asshole. On the other side, you know a comment or post is likely to be good because it has plenty of upvotes and awards.


The ability to downvote was a major reason I joined. I think people forget that 10-12 years ago very few things had a meaningful downvote capability. But honestly, for "community-driven" content to work, the community has to be able to say "no" to things.


You don't know how much it bothers me that Twitter doesn't have downvotes. Its so dumb.


Last man standing user base large enough to avoid being singled out


9gag was getting boring


9gag was getting worse. I joined Reddit as a rebound for uninstalling that eco chamber of toxicity, hate and shitty jokes. Never going back.


Me but with ifunny instead of 9gag. That place went to shit


For me it was a mixture of 9gag becoming to boring and too edgy. Today it feels like half the site is waist deep into the alt right pipeline, with the other half being fully immersed in it. Holy hell that site became a toxic hellhole.


The exmormon subreddit. It was literally a life saver for me. I was an 8th generation Mormon - active for over 40 years. When I'd express doubts and concerns to those I knew, I was gaslighted, shuned, and exiled. In reddit I found a community who understood what I was going through, where honestly and truth were valued. Edit: spontaneous exmo testimony meeting below. Ha!


Ayo always good to see! I got out when I was 15, can’t imagine being 40.


I deleted all of my social media because it just felt toxic and self absorbed (of course this isn’t the case for everyone but I just recognised that it didn’t feel like a good influence for me personally) and figured that if I followed the right subs (e.g. relating to my interests such as painting, literature etc.) then reddit could be a good substitute. It also feels a lot more authentic here, you’re not getting all the generic crap like ‘look at how perfect my life is’ so often. I think this is where the anonymity works wonders because people don’t have the same focus on self image like they might do otherwise.


funny how once people lose their names and faces, you start to see who they really are


Considering how insignificant these things ought to be for the kind of person you are, it really is wild. For the most part it seems kind of futile since whatever image of yourself you try to present to the world will always be different to how you are actually perceived from person to person. Seems like a lot of effort to go to for something which ends up being largely out of your control anyways.


The anonymity helps, I think. It kind of reminds me of the internet in the late 90's to early 2000's. It's mostly just a forum with strangers. If someone was being a dick, you ignore them and usually don't know who they are. Other socials don't have that. When someone's being a dick, you know them in some way and it changes how your relationships are in real life. I'm here because of that. And r/aww.


It's a more democratic social media. It doesn't matter who you are, there are no reddit "influencers", almost none cares about who is posting, only if they like the post or not.


I think the only person on reddit I'd consider an influencer is Rick Astley. And that's because of the rickroll that happened to him several months ago


It's all the fault of that one friend that introduced me to it. Now it became an addiction.


The Disney Magic Kingdoms app gaming community. Oh, and cats.


I can have an afro here


You afro looks cool man


Thx, I'm jealous about the amount of karma you have lol


I hope You’ll get there soon mate


Thx. I actually the first day active on this app and it's weird how much fun it is to collect karma lmao


It's a life long journey


Well here you go, I'll contribute with an upvote




Search for something very specific, and almost always the top result is a Reddit link…especially anything tech-related. Have some weird problem? Someone on Reddit has already had that and someone else has already found the solution


Someone told me about it after I told them about the site 4chan I learned about from someone else It's much safer here I think I'll stay


4chan is the hell of the internet


That one CGPGrey video about "what is Reddit".


I enjoy open discussions and true stories. This seems to be one of the last stronghold of old, free spirited Internet.


"True stories"


>true stories I don't believe most 'stories' that hit the front page when people are motivated by karma, clout, or building up followers. Subreddits like ChoosingBeggars, MaliciousCompliance, etc. with mostly text posts are just creative writing or people playing out their fantasies to see how people react


I quit Facebook. At least when I encounter a bigoted idiot here, I'm not related to them.


Well you think you aren't related to them. The wonder of anonymity.


Dad, is that you?




Luckily you’ll never find any of that here




Specifically the one about redditor's wives being neglected. I came across those and wanted to see what the hullabaloo was about, Welp and got sucked in.


I had a bunch of anxiety when COVID first hit last year and I couldn’t sleep. My husband pointed me in the direction of r/aww and r/wholesomememes . When my thoughts became too much, I would scroll through them until I fell asleep. Felt like a small, safe place in the world.


The porn is the reason also the memes EDIT I did not expect for this to blow up like it did I literally posted this in English consultations ( they are a mandatory to do before an exam in Germany at least in saxony )


Same. Came for the porn, made a real account for the robust, well structured comment sections. Everywhere else comment sections have ridiculously short character limits (Twitter) or once you leave the post the comments become a jumbled up, disorganized mess to the point you can't even find your own comments again (looking at you Facebook)


I initially joined for the memes that were all seeming to come from Reddit into Twitter and Facebook. But what really drove me to Reddit was when my ex cheated on me and left me, r/exnocontact really helped me through it.


Memes are born on Reddit, have a midlife crisis on Twitter, and die on Facebook Aw.. Thanks for the award! Super cool of you


Instagram becoming more and more boring every day.


The fact it is the opposite of twitter. Reddit's just a friendlier place than twitter


Twitter is so extreme now. I come to reddit to read the same topics and soothe my screaming brain that there are reasonable people coming to reasonable conclusions out there.


I was having a conversation with a friend about how I wanted to improve my life and become more productive. He then introduced me to reddit. It was April Fool's day and I hadn't realized. I am not more productive.


For safeties sake I had to leave Facebook I dabbled in this so yea. Ok I could read a book but I love the randomness of it and some kind stranger's have been super supportive