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In 2019, there was a document about internet predators. The filmmakers hired three young-looking actresses and let them pose as 12yo girls on social media for 10 days. They received 2458 messages. Only one of them actually wanted to chat, the rest were sexual predators.


This is why sites like facebook have age limits and why parents are dumb for letting their kids use it when they clearly don't meet that limit. It's there for a fucking reason. If you wouldn't let your kid go to a bar and hang out with a bunch of strangers on their own, wtf would you let them put pictures of themselves up on the internet.


Within three days of death, the enzymes from your digestive system begin to digest your body.


The Australian prime minister shit himself at mcdonalds


Mutineers on ships were hung by their nails. Or if they did something really bad they would get a rope tied around their neck and dragged under the ship to be killed. The ship was covered in barnacles and other marine life that would cut up the unfortunate man. It's called keelhauling (kielhalen in Dutch) and it combines a bunch of terrible fears of mine. Like drowning and open wounds.[this is a video explaining it](https://youtu.be/eNptt6uv_iE)


If a hamster manages to get it’s hands on your body if you are dead, it will use chunks of your skin, hair and other stuff to make a nest. Leaving a very bloody and messy scene behind


I missed the if there and thought they would somehow kill me lol


People that are good at murder do actually get away with it.


Same with other sorts of crimes. If you're good, crime DOES pay.


In 1933, a doctor named Carl Tanzler raided the tomb of a female patient with whom he'd become obsessed and stole her body. He lived with the corpse for seven years. As the body fell apart, he attached the corpse's bones together with wire and coat hangers, and fitted the face with glass eyes. He was only caught when someone saw him dancing with the corpse in front of an open window.


"Hey, how about we ditch this musty looking mausoleum and head back to my place?"


My god, the complete story is unbelievable [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl\_Tanzler](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Tanzler) "Shortly after the corpse's discovery by authorities, Elena's body was examined by physicians and pathologists, and put on public display at the Dean-Lopez Funeral Home, where it was viewed by as many as 6,800 people." wtf


Imagine the smell... 🤢


21 year old girl from South Carolina had a psychotic episode after using meth... pulled both of her eyes out and crushed them in her hands because she thought she needed to in order to save the world. I believe people saw it happen. Edit: typo


2 men were slain with a samurai sword in my hometown a couple months ago. The sword swinger believed he was killing werewolves on the full moon. There was a lot of meth involved. All 3 dudes were in their 60s. Fucking wild


All whales eventually lose the energy to surface for oxygen, so they basically just sink and drown


These are known as Whale Falls. A whale will fall down to the ocean depth, it's carcass creating a transitional ecosystem for the critters below. It's a rich ecosystem. New species of marine life have been discovered by observing these whale falls. It's a great example of the circle of life. [Video of Whale Fall](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XZHms1fX4Y)


That was really interesting, thank you for sharing it!


After the bombing of Hiroshima, "black rain" that contained radioactive material fell, and many didn't realize it until it was too late. Also, according to my Japanese professor, they didn't even have a word for the atomic bomb at the time. I unfortunately can't remember what she said they called it instead.


The called it Pika-Don iirc, Lightning-Thunder


Paradoxical undressing. it happens during the last stages of hypothermia. as your nerves are damaged, the person removes all of their clothing in freezing temperatures because they feel irrationally hot.


People will also sometimes attempt to dig into the ground in the final stages (terminal burrowing).


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyatlov_Pass_incident Also Archer touched on this oddly enough as they do.


There was a medical manufacturing lab in the UK that kept having reports of headaches and weird visions. People would see something at the edge of their vision, but couldn't figure out what it was. It wasn't just one person either, and was causing some serious panic. When they entered a room, they felt a "presence," like someone else was in the room with them, and something would appear at the corner of their eye, then disappear when they tried to look. Turns out, it was caused by a newly installed fan that was vibrating, causing a sound that was too low-frequency for humans to hear it. Hilariously, the guy who discovered it found it using a fencing sword. He had brought it to work and put it in a vice to polish it, but then the sword started vibrating. Me, I would have nope'd out of there, considering the room was haunted, and now a sword is moving, but he was apparently much braver. The frequency is known as the "fear" or "ghost" frequency. It's around 19hz. [Here](https://youtu.be/h-zM3qAzBaw) is a YouTube video of 18.98hz. Mileage may vary, for some people it causes just mild discomfort, others it causes total panic, and still others it does nothing. For me, it caused my eyes to feel weird, and after a good minute or so, I noticed weirdness at the edge of my vision, and was definitely creeped out. I shut it off then, definitely an unnerving experience. It's not entirely known why it triggers such a response. The optical illusions and eye discomfort are likely due to the frequency resonating with your eyeballs, causing them to vibrate. But the actual fear response is unknown. Some theories are that our bodies are able to detect low frequencies, such as that of earthquakes or predator roars, but we just can't hear it. A bit like how deaf people can still "feel" certain sounds. So we become alert and nervous around these "infrasounds," since they usually indicated danger. This, combined with the optical illusions, leads to some pretty uncomfortable experiences. Oh, and don't worry, "vibrate your eyeballs" sounds way worse than it is. It's like super tiny vibrations, and your eyeballs are nice and squishy. It's not harmful in the slightest. At least, not mentally. Certainly feels like you are doing some eldritch ritual though. (Edited due to me being a doorknob and mixing up Hz with kHz)


I'm more astounded that some dude was allowed to bring his sword to work and get it polished....


Cadmium poisoning is so horrible the name in Japanese (イタイイタイ病) literally translates to it hurt it hurts. Cadmium poisoning can cause your bones to literally soften; also it can cause kidney/lung disease, chills, muscle aches, hair loss, and fever.


Sunflower seeds absorb cadmium from the ground and eating them excessively can drastically increase your exposure. A friend sent me an article about it because I was going through a 6 lbs box of sunflower seeds every other month.


I am not sure if I wanted to know this. In my culture eating sunflower seeds is a huge thing which I also love doing..... Well, nothing happened until now. It should be safe (?)


As a teenager used to take stuff apart a lot (still do, but now I know what I'm doing). Once opened up a very old tv we found and kept going until I pulled out the phosphor screen, which evidently contains cadmium. The coating had dry rotted or something and promptly turned to a fine dust and flew everywhere. My friend who was helping me was fine, I on the other hand fell ill the next day with cadmium blues. Imagine the worst flu you've ever had, times 10, and it feels like your blood has broken glass in it. I recovered in about 2 weeks and the general consensus is I shouldn't have any long term effects since it was only acute exposure, but holy shit people, avoid Cadmium.


So you’re saying I shouldn’t have just polished off that cadmium creme egg just now?


Tumors can grow teeth


Yep, they're called Teratomas, and can even form hair, skin, some cases report eyes, and one that I heard developed brain-cells. Really creepy...


Ooh, yeah! I learned about these in my stem cells course from college. There was a case of a young woman gradually losing brain function and going comatose. Doctors found out that she had a teratoma (on one of her ovaries, I think-it's been a while since I took the class) and the teratoma contained the woman's own brain cells. Because of the location and the other cells within the teratoma, her immune system freaked the hell out and labelled those teratoma brain cells as foreign and attacked them, along with the woman's actual brain cells, leading to the coma.


holup, braincells?? can that mean..


Harvard here i come


Veteran criminals in the gulags would recruit naïve prisoners for their escape attempts called "cows" for the sole purpose of eating them when they ran out of food in the Siberian wilderness.


Also known as walking supply Source: [Walking supply](https://faroutliers.blogspot.com/2005/05/escaping-gulag-with-walking-supply.html#:~:text=A%20%22walking%20supply%22%20is%2C,the%20length%20of%20the%20journey.)


18th century sailors going between London and Shanghai did the same thing.


Drinking bars had trap doors that would drop. You wake up on boat. Jump or work.


Tacoma WA was notorious for this. Just a few years ago they were doing ground work and found a smooth brick chute leading from an old downtown opium den and speakeasy on Pacific Avenue down to the Foss Waterway. It was a water slide to hell. If you want to read up on the fine art of Shanghai, I recommend Traven’s “The Death Ship.”


You have to pay for this service now.


In the Battle Of Verdun, over a million artillery shells were fired onto a 19 mile wide stretch of land in the first 12 hours. If you were lucky enough to survive until then, the sound alone was enough to drive you insane.


> Of the 800,000 casualties at Verdun, an estimated 70 percent were caused by artillery. The Germans launched two million shells during their opening bombardment—more than in any engagement in history to that point—and the two sides eventually fired between 40 and 60 million shells over the next 10 months. That’s insane. EDIT: [Source](https://www.history.com/news/10-things-you-may-not-know-about-the-battle-of-verdun) EDIT2: pasting from question below According to the source I found, here is what that adds up to… - battle dates 2/21/1916 to 12/18/1916 = 301 days or 7,224 hours. - Opening bombardment of 2M shells followed by 40M-60M fired by both sides throughout the war = 52,000,000 shells (estimated) - 173,000 shells fired per day on average - 7,198 shells per hour - 120 shells per minute I’m not very knowledgeable on the subject, but I’d assume these are fired in waves, which makes those numbers so much worse. I’m picturing waves of non stop bombings followed by silence then more waves.


I visited there in 2005. The ground, after 100 years, still looks like the moon ground...


Just looked it up and it’s insane thank you for this knowledge https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-6b212f13e1d21504ad17255370b5fe3a


[Google Maps](https://g.page/BeaumontHamelMemorial?share) It is a slice of the battlefield that hasn't been reclaimed by farmland. However, if you pan around, you can still see some of the scars in the farms, even they clearly put effort into flattening and reclaiming the land from that battlefield.


Here's a [recreation](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we72zI7iOjk).


That’s fucking SCARY


The little girl who voiced Ducky in the Land Before Time movies was murdered by her father when she was 11, in part, because he was jealous of her success.


Her father also murdered her mother in front of her beforehand


Japan did some horrible experiments on people during WW2 (Unit 731). Vivisection, shattering people’s frost bitten limbs, biological warfare, etc. It’s all quite horrific and don’t recommend anyone without a stomach for horror to read about it. Also, after the war, the people who ran it were never tried as war criminals because the US decided to keep them and their research under wraps so that they could get a hand up on the Soviets.


Fun fact, in China today, where these experiments happened, when a room is messy instead of saying it looks like a “pig sty” they’ll say it “looks like the Japanese invaded”. Ex: parents to child- “Clean your room! It looks like the Japanese invaded in here!”


The astonishing fatality rates that can be found in so many battles in the First World War weren’t accidents or unfortunate byproducts of the technology - they were factored into the battle plans. By the nature of attritional warfare it was calculated how many men would be lost every week and commanders drew up enough reinforcements to replace them. This was called “Normal Wastage”


I remember reading about the German plan at Verdun. The idea was to attack a target the French couldn't afford to abandon and force them to throw more and more men into the neat grinder to hopefully deplete the French army. It almost worked too some regiments of the French army reported an over 100 % casualty rate. Edit: I'm gonna chuck this here since so many people are asking. it's possible for the casualty rate to be over 100% becuase when men die or become wounded they get replaced to keep the unit at full strength and if those men become casualties as well it's possible for a unit of say 1000 men to suffer 1200 casualties over a particularly long and bloody battle like verdun.


IIRC Falkenhayn's original plan was just to take Verdun, as it was indeed an important piece of the French defensive apparatus. After it failed, he was like "meh, I just wanted to see them suffer anyway", but the attack was indeed a failure. Germany's mistake in this battle was to always leave the same troops in Verdun. If you were a Landser in Verdun on 18th of February and didn't get killed or injured, chances were you stayed there until 21st of November. France on the other hand constantly swapped divisions, moving in fresh troops for a few weeks, then moving them back in a quieter part of the front once the men were worn out by the fighting. Around 70 % of all Poilus at least spent some time in Verdun.




My dad had brain surgery for a tumor and his personality changed immediately. He lost all his social rules and became the friendly, joking, gregarious salesman he’d always been at work, but without any of the depth of personality. He remembered everything, and still did research for almost a year after that, but his social rules and any kind of deep personality were just gone. Doctor called it compensating for the loss by filling in with the salesman bullshit, and that’s a very salesman thing to do (ive been in sales for 35 years and know the drill). It was hard on mom to take care of him because as she said “this is not my husband, this is the salesman people see when he’s away from me”. Shit eventually went to more “normal” brain cancer sickness and he eventually passed after a year. It was so weird to watch and know that there was a whole part of him that the surgeon scooped out that day.


I’m sorry for your loss, friend. My dad had a massive heart attack (1/3 of his heart died) and while he was derived of oxygen we think he lost part of his brain function because he was never the same after, personality wise. He went from sarcastic and funny to sarcastic and mean. It was just an overnight change. I hope you’ve been able to make peace with your loss and have fond memories of the man he was as well as the man he became. Loving someone who changes like that is hard. I also hope your mother has been able to make peace with her loss as well. Wishing you and your family the absolute best.


On the flip side, rarely, sometimes a traumatic brain injury fixes things. There was an OCD patient who couldn’t handle it any more and stuck a 22 pistol in his mouth and pulled the trigger. The bullet went through the roof of his mouth into his brain were it stopped. It disrupted the negative feedback loop between his amygdala and frontal cortex. He was cured, and didn’t really suffer any other consequences from the blast other than a bad mouth injury that healed.


A guy I used to know had a stroke in his 30s and has total, irreversible amnesia about his previous life. I wonder if anybody has told him he was a creepy stalker.


Guess that worked out well for him then. Okay ish at least


Girl I went to school with was in a car accident and after recovering was totally a different person. Both of her were cool tho. EDIT: Typo


Same here, she was one of the pretty popular girls and was a bitch to everyone before. After the accident she was as sweet as roses, became a hippie and changed her last name to "Wing"


Had a. Buddy with the same situation...both of him are a little tweaked...but god damn he loves to grow plants now.


Sorry for laughing but i think it’s hilarious that he suddenly is a plant enthusiast




I used to hate fresh Tomatoes. Like the concept of popping a cherry tomato in my mouth and munching it made me feel sick. A few years ago I stood up too quickly under a low cupboard and smashed my temple full force off the corner. Felt fine that day, minor bruising. Few days later I had a nosebleed in the shower and passed out from a crazy migraine. Turns out I had concussion. Anyway, now I love tomatoes. Like since after the concussion I love the little red guys, they’re delicious. Looked into it and apparently a bit of brain damage can completely change your preferences for food. That concussion changed my brains perception of them or something and now I’ll eat them without hesitation. I often wrestle with myself as to whether I do actually like the tomatoes, or if my brain is just telling me that I do. EDIT: Shit Reddit I didn’t realise you were so interested in concussions and the tomato related after effects. For those asking, I do realise that I am my brain, but at the same time I’m also conscious that I never decided to like tomatoes, so it still feels like it’s not my choice. More that that the choice was made for me by chemical processes in my brain, but I get that that probably sounds stupid since it’s “my” brain it has to be “my” choice etc. But….is it? Double Edit: r/myappetitechanged


And so Denethor, son of Ecthelion discovers his love for tomatoes.


A chance for the cherry tomato, to show its quality.


My best friend of 20 years turned out to be a child molester and none of us knew until my other friend’s daughter came forward having been a victim. Found that out months ago. Still not ok. Now none of my friends talk. Update: I have to go through everyone’s comments but it sounds like we all are fucked up. All we can do is try to break the cycles of abuse. I was abused too at one point in my life much like my friend who did this. But that’s no excuse to perpetuate the cycle of abuse. Update 2: Not sure what asshole or Russian bot put a wholesome award on this but I blocked and flagged your ass. Shame on you rot in hell. To everyone else my god I have never had a post blow up like this. Thank you all for sharing your stories and kind words. I’m about to call my friend and see how she’s doing. Be update: someone just gave me a silver and told me to get fucked? I don’t really understand Reddit at all.




It might be a good idea to talk again as like a damn support group damn. Not to pretend I know what yall are goin through


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mummy_brown Mummy brown is a paint hue partially made up of ground up Egyptian mummies. There are paintings made of dead people.


Adding onto this! Besides "Mummy Brown" or "Egyptian brown", we used to EAT MUMMIES because of their supposed medical properties. That's why there are so few of them left.


Who the fuck is ‘**WE**’, you got a mouse in your pocket‽


In extreme cases of scurvy, your scars break down and old wounds re-open. Collagen keeps scars together and that collagen maintains itself throughout our lives. But without vitamin C, that process begins to halt and the collagen breaks down. Eat your fruits and veggies folks.


The weirdest thing about scurvy is how it’s showing up in well off people. Some modern diets cut out all fruits and vegetables, leading to very low vitamin C. People then start getting weird symptoms, like bleeding gums.


There was a guy at my mate's uni who subsisted on nothing but cheese and bacon rolls and cheap cordial for a semester. Went to the doc. Doc took ages to diagnose him, because, naturally, *who the fuck gets scurvy in the middle of Brisbane, Australia, in the 21st century?* EDIT: Yes, I'm well aware of the urban legend. That also doesn't preclude it from happening in real life. If you're telling me that it's an urban myth that uni students have shitty nutrition, well... Plus I met the guy. Scurvy Bob. He fucking hated the name "Bob" instead of his preferred diminutive "Rob", but, let's face it, "Bob" sounded more 18th-century piratical. He was fine with the Scurvy bit.


Lol reminds me of a friend at uni who would buy one of those metre long baguettes and a packet of ham every day, make a giant sandwich, then spend all day eating it for every meal. There was also another who used to buy big round sourdough loaves open them with a hole in the top, and put an entire fish n chips in it, put the top back on and eat it like a giant burger.


Lol now I'm imagining the Simpson's when Homer was trying to finish a 10 foot sandwich for days on end and ended up getting sick.


And the stupidest thing is it takes literally ANY amount of vitamin C to halt. (And the scariest thing is scurvy doesn’t just reopen scars: broken bones that have healed will unknit too) Several years ago I was recovering from surgery on my leg (one of many) and I had an external fixation on my leg. Basically a metal cage with nine metal pins anchored in my bone and coming out and connected to the cage. I was adjusting the thing daily to basically regrow bone to heal a bad break. So those pin sites were moving. I have lots of (well, 9) teardrop shaped scars on my leg now. I was 100% non weight bearing and couldn’t do much cooking, so lots of frozen meals and food ordered in. And then at one point in my recovery, the level of pain in my leg exploded, and those pin sites and the other incision sites all started to reopen and weep. I was freaking out, calling my doc, doubling up on my pain meds, etc And then I came across an article about scurvy (some kid that had gotten it freshman year of college after ingesting nothing but fried chicken and beer.) I drank a very large glass of orange juice and felt better within like 30 min. It’s such an easy fix that it should be the first treatment given for certain symptoms. “Look it’s not scurvy because duh but just in case it is scurvy here is some OJ drink that up while we finish your intake paperwork.”


How fast can scurvy set in? Obviously your situation made any early symptoms of scurvy very clear, but for the average person it's probably the furthest thing from their options when things start going awry. Also it's definitely unsettling to think we're just a big fleshy patchwork of collagen fibers holding our bits together and it can all easily come unstitched if left unchecked.


For me it took like…6-8 weeks. And from what I understand it takes about that long to have symptoms kick in. That’s 6-8 weeks of ZERO vitamin c. Because ANY vitamin c will start that clock over again. It’s genuinely very hard to do.


Instant food fixes are magical and its so wild to think about how fast your body will start using resources you give it. I got a stomach bug at one point, one of those ones where your body just empties from both ends (sorry). I was messed up for days, super dehydrated, couldn't keep anything down. I could literally feel myself just getting weaker and weaker. In a random attempt to ingest something, anything, I ate a little activia yogurt my mom had in the fridge and literally an hour later, my stomach was totally fine again. Turns out those probiotics were everything I needed, it was absolutely incredible.


Mortgage means "death pledge".


Everyone loves to comment about Prions and Mad Cow. So this is another Prion story, but much more unsettling. Basically, a company called Lyodura sold dura mater grafts. Dura mater is a layer of the meninges of the brain, and if you suffer traumatic brain injuries a dura mater graft is needed. Nowadays, a synthetic is available, in the 70s this was not the case. Instead the dura mater needed to be harvested from corpses who would willingly donate to Lyodura. However, to produce more dura mater, they began paying doctors to remove dura mater without consent, and because it was harvested illegally, this meant there was no record of the individuals it was collected from. Lyodura sterilised all dura mater together, and this lead to the perfect storm. All it took was one individual to die of Creuzfeldt Jakob disease and to have their dura mater harvested, before being collected and mass sterilised. Because Prions are quite indestructible, it is believed that nearly all Lyodura’s dura mater became contaminated with the disease. It is unknown how many individuals developed Creuzfeldt Jakob disease because of this, but the number was certainly high.


They used to not use anesthesia on babies when they would do surgery


The world's most prolific living serial killer is a man called Pedro Lopez. He was convicted of the killing of 110 girls. But he claims he has raped and murdered over 300 His current whereabouts are unknown https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pedro_L%C3%B3pez_(serial_killer)


There’s a rumor that the family members of his victims tracked him down after his release and killed him, but that’s never been confirmed.


Wait so he was let out of prison?


_There's_ the right follow-up question!


Man ... it's even worse: He was released from prison in Ecuador, and then later on imprisoned in Colombia for another murder, and then released again


Samuel little in the US has confessed to currently 93 murders investigators believe there are many many more he doesn't even remember killing, he has killed so many. they bring him pictures and he goes, " oh yeah thats so and so, i killed her at a drive in bar b cue joint in texas on a wednesday night..." and theyre like son of a bitch, no one knew where or when she was killed but us, and the body count keeps rising and rising.


the way he recounted murders in the same way i would describe my morning commute, is the creepiest shit i had seen in a while. the way he described the women, some in glowing terms, was enough to send a shiver down my spine. that dude is just a bit less human than the rest of us.


In the 1800s a LOT of dentures were made using the teeth of dead soldiers.




It was advertised because the dead were largely young men and so presumably the teeth were still in decent condition.


"like new"


"One previous owner"


The symptoms for a heart attack can be a lot milder than what is shown in movies or TV shows. I have seen people coming in with some discomfort and then passing due to a massive infarction when we did the angiogram. -Edit- This blew up over the past couple days. I didn’t have time to really look through all the comments, but to all those that have lost a loved one, I’m really sorry for your lost. I guess the one piece of advise I would like to give is to really look after yourselves, keep your cholesterol levels and blood pressure in check. Lastly, quit smoking if you already haven’t done so!


A friend of mine clerked in a woman whose only presenting complaint was “an impending sense of doom”. She died of a huge MI.


Quite a few years ago. My grandma took my grandpa to see his (their) GP and while at HIS appointment the doctor noticed the symptoms of a heart attack on my grandma. The doctor had her sent to the ER. She had a massive heart attack and she said she only felt a mildly nauseous. She's most likely only alive because the GP used to be a cardiothoracic surgeon but gave it up to be a small town doctor..


My grandma walked around with a heart infarct for months due to nobody recognising it and her being too proud to admit she wasn’t feeling well. There really needs to be more awareness about the less obvious symptoms of heart attacks.


A friend of mine just felt like she had indigestion and a bit of a “something is stuck” feeling in her esophagus.


It turned out that a friend of mine had a heart attack whilst at work and we just never knew. Sure, he was in some pain but nothing too major. He managed to finish up his shift, and walk two miles home with me afterwards, and didn't go to hospital until a couple days later due to the pain still being there. Edit: clarity


Terminal lucidity is the return of mental clarity or memory or consciousness shortly before death. This happens to around 10% of people with dementia. :[


My grandma was in a care facility for the last year of her life, due to dementia. My uncle and mom have a bad relationship and were arguing in her room over what needed to be done for her and she yelled at them in the most conscious manner, "Chuck! Heidi! Stop fighting this instant!", and then passed right there. She didn't recognize any of us for weeks before this. Good to know why that happened.


Those are the most "Mom" last words ever.


She wasn't even one of the people arguing but got the *ultimate* last word. Impressive.


"You two are gonna be the death of me!"


I felt my soul moved an inch closer to hell for laughing at this


i work in a hospital on many different wards as the equivalent of a carer i guess, so i’ve looked after many people at the end of their lives, many with dementia and lots without. it’s extremely common knowledge with staff that most end of life patients appear to get a bit better before passing away. it’s so heartbreaking to tell relatives/visitors that no, they’re likely not making a miraculous recovery and they should probably say their goodbyes whilst the person is a bit more lucid. what’s even worse is the number of people i’ve sat with and held their hand whilst they’re in this slightly more lucid state; truly brings me to tears when i have to answer where they are and where their family is. thankfully i’ve never had someone pass on my shift whilst the family is still travelling in, you get pretty good at recognising when someone is in their last hours.


I looked after my dad who had altziemers for 3 years. He couldn't remember who I was or anyone else for that matter. He eneded having a fall and when we came to the hospital we where told he wouldn't survive the night. It took 11 days of palative care before he passed. (Worse experience ever) during this time he was unconscious until the day of my birthday when he woke up opened his eyes and started speaking very quietly. He motioned me over and said hi son and told me he loved me and was proud of me. This was the first time in 3 years that he knew who I was. He then spoke to all the family, his brothers and sisters, mum and my sisters before spending the day laughing and joking with us all sitting up in bed like before he had this illness. That night he fell asleep and never woke up again and passed a fee days later. I was told that this was very normal but it really opened my eyes to think he had been in there all this time not being able to communicate with us. Update: Wow thanks for all the up votes and awards I have never had this happen to any of my stories on here before. I'll try and reply to all that I can once I get through them all. My dad didn't mention his illness or what it was like living with dementia when he was lucid but he did tell us lots of stories about his youth that we hadn't heard before. He seemed to remember his whole life like it was just yesterday for that one special day. My only advice for anyone going through having a loved one with dementia / altziemers is to be patient with them and try to remember they may understand everything that's going on but just can't respond. They still love you the same even though they act so different. Big love to you all. ❤


Fuck dude I'm so sorry. What a lovely but terrible story.


Damn, hearing your dad say “hi son”, after 3 years of not remembering you, must have been so terrifying and yet amazing simultaneously. I’m sorry for your loss, at least he had a great final day :’)


My Dad's been gone for 10 years. One more "hi son" would really hit the spot.


My grandfather had this. Was basically comatose from dementia, nothing left of him. In his final moments, he opened his eyes, told my grandmother he loved her and then just faded away


There were Holocaust survivors that died shortly after being liberated because their body couldn't handle the increased calories when they were fed by the soldiers that freed them


This is called refeeding syndrome for anyone curious


In the HBO show Band of Brothers, in one episode they get to a concentration camp that had been recently abandoned by the Nazis. The soldiers free the imprisoned Jews, but shortly after have to corral them back into their "cells", specifically to avoid this from happening. That was heartbreaking to watch.


That episode ( and series) doesn’t pull any punches for sure. I love seeing the troops get on the civilians for not telling them about the camps too. “You’re telling me you couldn’t smell the stench”?!


[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kidnapping\_of\_Jaycee\_Dugard](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kidnapping_of_Jaycee_Dugard) A convicted rapist managed to abduct an 11 year old girl and keep her as a sex slave for 18 years, even forcing her to bear his children, all while being monitored by parole officers who remained clueless to what was going on for nearly two decades.


Her kidnapping happened exactly 30 years ago today. His wife was in on the whole thing.


Another thing I've wondered. How TF do these people find each other. I could kinda see it nowadays but before the internet? Did he take her on a date and ask her "so, what are your feelings in kidnapping and imprisonment of young women?"


Right? Forget kidnapping, I was nervous to ask my girlfriend if she liked Lord of the Rings when we first met.


> I was nervous to ask my girlfriend if she liked Lord of the Rings when we first met. "Well, LOTR is okay... How do you feel about kidnapping?" Match made in heaven.


When the hobbits are taken to Isengard - do you see yourself more as the Uruks or the hobbits?


same kind of thing happened to Elisabeth Fritzl. Her father locked her in a soundproof basement for I think 24 (?) years and forced her to have 7 of his children, one of which died as a baby.


When they finally saved the kids, 6 of them had never been outside or seen sky, the youngest of them, i think a boy around 4? Told everybody soo happy this was the best day ever, because in the short walk between house and car he could see the moon. He was so freaking happy.


Actually two of the kids were adopted by him and his wife and lived a "normal" life. As infants, they were taken upstairs and he pretended the daughter, who was assumed to be a runaway, left the children at their grandparents doorstep for them to take care of. They grew up like normal kids and were raised by their (grand)father + grandmother, while their mother and siblings lived a few meters away underground. edit: speaking about being happy - i remember one comment about those freed kids, that they were completely fascinated by rain as well. So crazy to imagine that. edit2: Grammar and clarification


He chose those particular children because they were the noisiest.


Never heard of that part of the story... I'm sorry for those kids.


I once read the book about Joseph Fritzl, the child's name was Felix and they had to burn him in the stove to get rid of him without anyone noticing :( Edit: sorry I realise I have the name wrong, apparently its Michael The book was called Monster, i think.


This happened two miles from my house. I got my car tinted by a man who lived next door, and his business was ran out of his garage. No one here had a clue and it’s terrifying.


I live close by as well! It’s insane the things we have no idea are going on that’s right under our noses.


Child marriage is legal (either explicitly, implicitly, or through loopholes) in 48 of the 50 US states. Most child marriages are an underage girl impregnated by the man they’re marrying. One other thing to keep in mind is a majority of teenage mothers are impregnated by men 20+ years old.


It’s actually 45, which is still too high. The five that have banned it are Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Rhode Island.


The mathews and the hart bridges in jacksonville are about to fail, the pilings in the river do not touch bottom. I'm a commercial diver and I refuse to drive on these bridges. Edit: https://www.fdot.gov/maintenance/bridgeinfo.shtm Here you can read terminology and bridge ratings for every bridge in Florida, on the latest report Mathews has a "health index" of 96 but a "sufficiency rating" of 44, while the Hart is 90 and 30.


That's my hometown. I hate those bridges. I hate knowing that several people I love drive over those bridges on a constant basis. They're just one more thing on the list if reasons I don't like Jacksonville.


Why tf are those bridges still open for public?


Still considered to be in [“fair”](https://www.news4jax.com/i-team/2021/05/27/a-look-at-the-overall-condition-of-jacksonvilles-7-major-bridges/) condition by the Florida Department of Transportation. I live here and avoid them as well it’s a mess.


“Historically, our bridges have a grade of like a B compared to a C nationally. We have a lower number of structurally deficient bridges than other states of the country,” said Kathleen Ruvarac, vice president of the Florida Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers This logic is absolutely terrifying.


I think this is unfortunately pretty common across the US. I live in Seattle and a report came out a year or two ago that mentioned that a significant amount of the bridges in the city needed immediate repair or replacement. Guess how many are being worked on right now? 1 or 2. Hope we don't have any earthquakes for a while.


I am saving this comment in case something happens to the bridges...


When you blush so does your stomach :) Edit: A lot of people keep asking its the stomach lining that starts to blush it happens when you are nervous or embarrassed


Thank you, weird nerve stuff, very cool


That the U.S. is not, as we are frequently told, a democracy. It is a republic, in fact, run by a few wealthy oligarchs.


That our best ISO standard models and data for high voltage electrocution to the human body (necessary for my field, I work on EVs), comes from two main sources of information: 1) data from livestock inadvertently touching power lines or electrified railroads, and 2) from a whole bunch of German scientific papers dated between 1942 and 1945…


The USA has lost 6 nuclear weapons that were never found.


I smell the plot to the next Call of Duty campaign… Never mind, that just happened in Cold War.


It’s actually the plot to a Tom Clancy book.


It's worth noting that nuclear weapons don't stay "fresh" for long without proper maintenance. A weapon that was lost decades ago couldn't detonate anymore by it's own. You'd have to first Sum Of All Fears it by bribing some Russian nuclear scientists to restore it to working order for you, which while possible, isn't a skill set super easy to come by for your average garden variety terrorist.


The Junko Furuta case. Reading about it gave me nightmares. She was held captive for 44 days and basically tortured by her classmates. Some parents knew what was going on but did nothing about it. Since the criminals were juveniles at the time, they are free today. Edit: For those who haven't read it, I would honestly say that you shouldn't and don't look it up. It will do nothing but make you furious at the least and disgusted. At worst, you won't be able to forget the details. There's enough shit going around, spare yourself this one time. TW: abuse, rape [https://japaninsides.com/44-days-of-hell-the-story-of-junko-furuta/](https://japaninsides.com/44-days-of-hell-the-story-of-junko-furuta/)


It terrifies me that people like this are born everyday


Holy shit that article is not for the faint of heart or stomach. It’s absolutely shocking what they did to her.


It’s crazy how they’re out, free to enjoy life this very moment.


Please.. this is the ONLY thing I can never read twice. Once is enough to read this in my entire life.


Anders Breivik was told to have laughed when massacring kids in Utøya


The real-world process of human fertilization (i.e., not in a lab) is so random that just about anything that happened differently during and after your parents having sex would have resulted in someone else (or no one) being born instead of you.


Its wild to think that SO many things have to line up JUST right for pregnancy to occur. The human body is a trip.


Seemingly 100% healthy people with literally no reason to believe they would have any reason to, can still spontaneously drop dead. Cherish every day! Edit: just thanking for the upvotes. The topic is just a bit grim but, glad it gets people thinking about making their time here count, perhaps. Love y’all. ♥️


Had a friend who was in a pokemon go group chat with me who just up and died. We were talking about the event that was going on and he stopped responding. Everyone thought he was just busy and carried on the conversation without him. A few hours later someone in the chat said he died. Just walked into his kitchen and fell over dead. Everyone named a hoh-oh after him since that was his pokemon go buddy. It was the first time a lot of us had experienced sudden death like that, so we were all really shaken for a while. He was only in his mid-thirties.


bananas are berries but strawberries are not. . .


Ok, that was the smallest post with the most wtf factor without relying on something gruesome.


The emergency switches inside the Challenger capsule were all flipped when it was recovered from the sea, meaning that the crew was still alive after the explosion. They fell for 2 minutes 45 seconds. Nasa officials knew the disaster was likely to happen due to cold weather and asked to postpone the launch but were denied by the federal government because they wanted the launch to happen on the same day as Ronald Reagan’s State of the Union Address.


You only know of the serial killers, murderers and rapists that get caught or want to be caught, there are lots and lots of them that are so good they don’t get caught.


The Azure swimming pool in Pripyat was in use until 1998, 12 years after the Chernobyl disaster. It was mostly used by the liquidators.


Over 46% of ocean waste is fishing nets. And commercial fishing kills more animals in the ocean than any plastic does. Idk why this isn’t talked about more.


Our lips and anus are made of the same skin type or material idk how to say without it being weird


And connected by one really long tube, would make sense since they both ends to the same tunnel.


We are essentially, odd shaped donuts. Edit: To my fellow flesh donuts, thank you.


And when two people kiss, they form long, bendy tubes with assholes at both ends.


Rainbow Valley at Mount Everest is named so because of the colorful coats of dead people The Blue Mustang statue at the Denver Airport, Named Blucifer by the locals, killed its creator when a piece fell and severed an artery in his leg. If weird “ghost” stuff is happening, make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working.


>make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working. Ah yes, the Reddit Classic


Everything I hear about the Denver Airport is bizarre


Cows don’t convert grass directly into protein. They have enormous colonies of bacteria in their stomachs that have population explosions when they eat grass, live, breed, die, and then the cows digest *them* into protein.


Cows are bacteria ranchers. Cowception.


Leaf cutter ants are farmers too. The feed the leaves to a fungus and then eat that, not the leaves


In 2018 my sister was murdered. We know who did it. We keep track of where he lives, he has moved 4 times since my sister disappeared. The police also know he did it. There’s not enough evidence to bring him in or charge him. Her body has still never been found. If I go after him he becomes the victim and I won’t be able to be a father to my children. He gets to be alive every day. He’s a serial rapist. We suspect my sister was not his first murder. From our interactions with state police and FBI my impression is that our situation, while a nightmare, is perhaps not as rare as you would normally assume or hope.


If FBI is connected I assume he has been on the radar for a few years


the FBI got involved because we received a ransom demand from out of state and a caller pretending to have her that was trying to extort money. they got the phone number from the missing persons posters we put up. dead lead, but it was helpful to have FBI attention due to the additional resources they have access to, and the clout they bring.


Same- but my Brother in law. He was a victim of a double murder to top it off. Killed while he was sleeping on his couch. Police are pretty sure who did it. Couldn’t extract a confession and there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him though. He lived in the house, that makes any DNA evidence left behind hard to point to as not belonging there. He may have stayed with the bodies for a few days before taking off. Left 2 peoples corpses to rot in the heat for at least a week. I trusted the cops, and like you said, I have kids and couldn’t go after him myself to get justice. Worst part was because it was a double murder the local news at first reported it as a murder-suicide. And started calling his parents non stop. Asking some shitty questions about a guy that I never saw hurt a fly. My brother in law was a gentle guy.


My sister was murdered in 2018 as well. We also know who did it, where he lives, and I look him up on the state court records every so often to see what other crimes he’s accruing. The police know it’s him, have evidence, but the prosecution still will not file charges. The one witness they had died while waiting for trial, so her death may never find justice. Sadly, unless some other evidence or witness comes to light, this bastard gets to be alive every day as well. All I can hope for is karmic justice as this point.


From 1928 to 1972 my province would sterilize people who they found to be mentally handicapped. They figured this was the ideal way to stop the spread of mental disease


Beagles are the most popular breed of dogs used in testing because they are the most forgiving to humans


Ow.. gotta go smooch my two beagles now.


With the permafrost and tundra thawing out bacteria and other microorganisms that we know nothing about are becoming active again


Youtubers who 'find' animals in distress with the camera running usually put animals in distress to look like heroes. Source https://youtu.be/p7nVntZpJLM Other videos are it there


I was at a restaurant once and a bird flew in, smacking into a mirror and falling over. I got a napkin, picked it up, and brought it outside. It seemed shocked, but otherwise fine. I stayed with it a bit, hoping it would fly off, when this woman came over and asked what I was doing. I explained and she said "oh! Well, I'm a vet so I can take it from here" so I said okay, and gave her the bird. She then proceeded to take selfies with it. Really didn't sit right with me.


On a similar note, you are not finding and "rescuing" an "abandoned" baby deer. It is the natural behavior of deer to hide their babies in bushes and such while they go feeding somewhere, and regularly come back to nurse them and check on them. You find a lone baby deer, just leave it alone. It doesn't need your attention-seeking human ass.


There are dogs and cats on YouTube that made more money than you and your parents working your whole life.


My mother saw no end of disturbing things when she was a nurse (circa late 1950s-1960s). She worked on psych wards where people got disturbing treatments (lobotomies, "sleep" therapy, etc,). She also worked on a paediatrics ward in an area where there was pretty wild poverty and the kids were in rough shape. Awful era and living conditions way back when.


What is sleep therapy...? I can google it but not sure I want to just yet.


From the shady website I've found It basically means sleeping for 18-22 hours per day Not so great


TIL I've been engaged in therapy for most of my life.


I think that is called depression


The guy that started the “vaccines cause autism” scare in the late 90s condoned and conducted child abuse as part of his fraudulent study, all in the pursuit of fabricating evidence to support his own business ventures and a class action lawsuit against MMR vaccine manufacturers. Edit: as many have pointed out, H. Bomberguy’s recent video is outstanding. My daughter is autistic and my soon-to-be-ex-in-law’s have been INCREDIBLY anti-vaccine ever since her diagnosis. They wave Wakefield’s paper around like gospel but I know they haven’t read it because they told me it was “dozens if not hundreds of pages of research” when it’s only 5 or 6 pages in total. It’s infuriating. H. Bomberguy’s video is a good way to break down EVERY. SINGLE. POINT. that the anti-vaccine crowd likes to use. Edit 2: I should paste the link to that video here. Thanks to everyone sprinkling it through the comments https://youtu.be/8BIcAZxFfrc


Just to compound his shitty existence, IIRC "his own business venture" was actually a competing vaccine.


That is correct. Former doctor, now Mr., Andrew Wakefield filed a patent for a measles vaccine BEFORE publishing his study that claimed the combined MMR (measles, mumps, & rubella) vaccine should be split into individual shots. He’d hoped to make money on both his own vaccine and testing kits regarding the fake medical condition he claimed to have found.


Most serial killers won't ever even be noticed, never mind captured