Has the AppleWatch really helped you get fit?

Has the AppleWatch really helped you get fit?


Yes. As a 70 year old and 6 month AW owner I have managed to keep much more active with the rings, awards and challenges prompting me to get out and do I stuff. The watch acts as my conscience in this respect.


This The watch helps keep you on track Closing the rings can be addicting


I was 305lbs in March 2020, right before the pandemic. Shortly after lockdown, I ordered myself an Apple Watch and started exercising and CICO. I am now 217lbs and have won EVERY SINGLE monthly challenge badge and perfect month badge and all the limited edition badges so far. The rings and the badges have motivated me more than I ever imagined! I am now a data fiend! I track everything from water consumption, to calorie consumption, to exercise, to sleep, and everything else! Now that I am skinny for the first time in my adult life, I need to gain muscle weight! And I know that my Apple Watch will help me push through to my next set of goals.


If it’s okay can I ask your height?


Oh right. 5'11". Male. European. Non diabetic.


Given the information and your lose weight and your current data I’d say Make a goal. Stay healthy try to gain weight on a long period. I’ll give an example from my data. I’m 24 male 171cm 68kg. I will be hitting at least 80 kg in 6 months. That means each month I must gain 2 kg but also I’ll have to remember that I need to build muscle to do so. That means I should be concentrating on the muscles. I’ll do strength training and related to the muscle exercises at least 1 month or 2 months. To be ready to my 6 month milestone. In this preparation month(s) I’ll track my weight but I won’t stick myself to specific weight that’s because I should be aware however the weight is gained it will help my muscles to build. Whenever you feel you are ready to go for your milestone start your own program. Calculate your nutrition levels. Then make your food list and program of your exercise. I think you get the idea.


Sounds fantastic. I appreciate the info. Really makes a lot of sense how you laid it out.


Yes. But honestly the biggest help is not having to take my phone w me and just AirPods and watch. That way you’re happier to go running and more likely to actually run instead of jog and get annoyed w your phone moving in your pocket


This is a big deal for sure. AirPods plus cellular watch is a game changer.




Hey. I use Apple Music so it downloads whatever music u want to transfer to the Apple Watch via the watch app. I assume podcasts etc would be the same. I think they recently added support for Spotify too but since I don’t use it I can’t say much there bro. I myself have a series 4 40mm. Would’ve rather got the 44mm but this does it nicely nonetheless. What you can do is go in your iPhone App Store and check the apps you want; it should say Apple Watch app available if there is one :)


Helped me lose 40lbs in 6 months so far. Pushing those goals higher and higher every so often or as recommended by the watch itself!


For me, absolutely. I have plenty of friends and family that expect the watch to 'do the work' though, and use it primarily as a Find My Phone device.... In the last year I've lost and kept-off 10+ pounds without the goal of losing weight. I look significantly more fit. 5'-8" male at around 146 lbs now. My goal was, try to close the rings each day -- not dogmatically 'close the rings', but 'try'. Keep it real, and keep it fun. ​ My routine (because context matters): * Coffee: Drink a cup of water before my morning coffee * Drink only heavy whipping cream (with a touch of cinnamon) in the coffee * Meals: Shifted my heavier meals to 'lunch' time and a not so heavy meal in the evening. * Usually do not eat after 6pm * Water: Drink primarily water, and alot of it. Be intentional * Exercise: I do not enjoy running. I ruck around 30-60 minutes at least several times per week * Sleep: Huge for health *and* for weight loss actually.... My watch (and iPhone) remind me it's bedtime which helps me keep a consistent sleep/wake schedule. During the week I sleep over seven hours each night. On the weekends I sleep around eight Edited: spelling


146 lbs is 66.28 kg


Or 10st 6lb


Haha good one. #lbtostonebot :)


I actually get up when it tells me to. I started off with a really high bpm from just walking and that has trended downward.


It has helped with an overall lifestyle change to get healthier. Buying a fitness watch wont make much difference if you aren’t prepared to change other important parts of your life. However if you are determined to get healthier then an Apple Watch can certainly help, just don’t expect miracles.


Yes. I was already a runner when I got my watch, but the watch has motivated me to be active and close my rings even on my non-running days. I used to run 2-3x a week and not do much on the other days. Now I do yoga, walk, do HIIT workouts, or strength training on my off days from running and I definitely feel more fit than I used to.


But seriously… maybe. COVID (working from home and eating better) did a lot more. Having said that, I like using my AW to track my walks and I think that provides some motivation to walk a bit farther and a bit faster. The rings stuff honestly doesn’t do anything for me. They seem sketchy at best. It’s not unusual for my Move ring to finish while sitting on the couch watching baseball. I get that you burn calories at rest, but still it makes it feel entirely silly. All these people posting perfect months or more… I can guarantee some of them just changed the goals to trivially small amounts. I guess I’m a cynic. Lol. Though others I’m sure did it legit and were motivated by it.


Not yet, I came from using another fitness band for 4 years (now Google) and competed and communicated with people all over the world daily for years. These groups were better than me and motivated me to do more, I motivated others who weren’t on my level yet. We had a community of 100s. In Apple Watch I have very few friends who have one & want to compete. There are millions of us AW users where are the groups to compete with?


Go to r/AppleWatchSharing I think and you’ll find some folks!


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I had a galaxy watch before and they keep me up to date on moving about the same. But I walk a lot each day since I have a very active dog, most days I get 4 to 5 miles of walking done with spikes on the weekends, all the AW has done is let me see if I am slacking on certain days of the week and track better. I also burn on average 600 to 800 calories additional on top of just living, so I track that and see if I slouch a day and why. My biggest issue I am working on is snacking, but I have removed soda from my diet and have swapped to la croix to substitute any craving for a fizzy drink.


Yes. I gained weight and got a six pack. No joke. With little help of Ring Fit Adventure on highest difficulty.


Let me say this: There is a motivation behind everyone that has said it has helped. Without motivation, it wouldn't have mattered. But, having the Apple Watch has made it a extremely easy. It has eliminated all the excuses. Once calibrated, it has provided measurements. Could you have done that using other devices? Sure. But having all the stuff in a small device that handled not only the measurements like steps, calories, heart rate, etc. that we wanted, but provided other functions like messaging, answering calls, scanning your boarding pass as you board a plane, pay for stuff with the click of the button, etc... could others have done it? Sure. Maybe it is not as intuitive as it is on the Apple Watch. All I am trying to say is this: there was motivation. there was a desire to be healthy. But measurements were not so easy. The Apple Watch made it easy, and maybe eliminated the excuse. Others may disagree but that is what I think.


ordered the AW6 release week dropped 62-65lbs since. I think the little challenges have made me keep on track to those goals along with challenges app with friends. This is my first watch and it was well worth the investment. 5'7 275 was my start weight and i sit around 210 right now. my settings set to 1000/30/12 but have typically been hitting 1500/90/15+


It has been massively helpful and motivating for me. I finally had a long overdue wake up call last year after struggling with a mild-to-strong bout with COVID very early on. I am 6’5” and was in the worst shape of my life at 380 lbs. Getting to that point took years of terrible habits and neglect. I made the decision to commit to getting more fit and living a healthier lifestyle, and I bought an Apple Watch to see if it could help me on my journey. While it took me a while to get into good routines and start to rise to the challenges of the Activity Goals and trying to close my rings, it ultimately helped to give me the push I needed to keep the spark lit. Being able to track my workouts has given me a reason to push every single day. I’m just short of a year in now and have lost 95 lbs and am still continuing on a downward trajectory. I’m on a streak of closing all three rings and at least one workout every day since Jan. 12th with my goals set to Move: 620 cal / Exercise: 30 min / Stand: 12hr


I've had an Apple Watch for years, but hadn't really used it for fitness purposes. Decided it was time to lose that extra weight, and I'm finding the AW to be really helpful for this, particularly in conjunction with the LoseIt app. I'd used that app before to lose weight, but with AW integration it's even better. Why? The app prompts you to set an "activity level" (in other words, how much you move around during your typical day), but it's a fairly coarse setting with only 4 levels to choose from (not active, somewhat active, highly active, extremely active), which it uses to estimate how many calories you'll burn on a typical day. But, if you select, say, somewhat active, and you don't move around much on a particular day, it's going to overestimate how many calories you've burned. The AW integration takes care of this, by keeping track of your activity throughout the day and showing how much more movement you need before you'll reach the activity level you set. So, for me, that's roughly 500-600 calories worth of movement that is needed (whether through workouts, or just walking around doing stuff). With my AW movement goal upped to 600 calories, it lets me easily see at a glance whether I'm on track to have sufficient movement for that day. This also solves the problem of overestimating calories burned if you're have a hypothetical sedentary day but you did do a workout. Example, if the app estimates you'll burn 2400 calories in a typical day, but aside from one 300 calorie run, you sat on the couch the entire day, did you burn 2700 calories? No, because the app assumes maybe 1900 calories of resting energy, with the other 500 calories being movement. So if you didn't actually move (aside from the run), you didn't burn 800 calories (500 estimated, plus 300 from the run), yet without AW integration that's how it would be figured. But instead of manually entering workouts into the LoseIt app, you just let the app pull in the activity data from the AW/Health app, and it uses all activity (whether just normal movement, or exercise) to count toward your estimated active calories for that day. It's only after you go above and beyond that estimate that you earn "bonus calories". And likewise, if you have a unusually active day, you get "credit" for those calories burned without having to specifically enter them as a workout.