Finally, a flagship with a 14,000mah battery

Finally, a flagship with a 14,000mah battery


How much SOT now?


not sure yet, but so far it has been running for 6h of heavy use (tethering on, youtube in background, powersave off, max screen brightness the battery level is now 27% and it was at around 60% when i powered up with the extra battery cell


Lol with these specs you can give it OLED burn-in on a single charge with this much screen on time


i normally run the screen at around 30% brightness, im only running it at 100% to drain the battery to calibrate the battery meter


So basically that's around 18 hours of SOT on a single charge. And anywhere from 3-6 days of usage. I'd say job well done.


Yep, I estimate 2 days of real world battery life


18 hours SoT at max brightness, tethering, playing YouTube is equivalent to 2 days real world usage? Sounds like you could go for 4-5 days or even longer with lower brightness and not keeping it constantly awake to drain battery.


Probably, but I use tethering as a substitute for home broadband, since 4G gets me 500mbps and I have unlimited data, vs getting 1TB of data at 23mbps on a fixed line plan Normally I run the screen at around 30% brightness


4g gets you fucking *what*


https://imgur.com/a/2tl07XV 400mbps down, 120mbps up, at peak hour when everyone else is using the internet, and I have unlimited data to boot And around 500ish at off peak times


How the fuck


Our 4g is very good in Australia. We really have no need for 5G. I can support this person's speed. So funny when the US routes "5G speeds" and its lower than our 4g. Then again we barely have a population compared to the US and our lands smaller and less populated around the centre of the country so you can get away with concentrating the towers on the edges of the Australia and put a couple towers the more inward you go.


No idea, but it works


I visited Ocean City, MD and the 4G speeds were 500 over 100. I was blown away. The hotel wifi was 10 over 5.


I get 2 days use out of my iPhone 12 Pro, I’d expect much more out of 14kmah honestly


What about the SOT?


Should THAT ever catch fire on a plane you'll have some pretty creative 'splaining to do


the airport is the final boss of places to bring this phone, ill be able to see if i can get it in when i go to pick up a mate from the airport in a few days ive been able to take it into the courthouse (they have similar security to airports in australia) i doubt id be able to get into the US with it, TSA checkpoints are the dark souls of places to bring DIY projects


The court house isn't looking for the capacity of batteries, the airport is. Idk about Australia, but not far away in SE Asia they look closely at battery capacity even when it is physically impossible to be over 100Wh.


I have a separate phone that I use when I go to Asia (my wife is from Thailand) it's an ancient flip phone, so if it gets stolen, it's not that big of a deal


Fair enough, I'm certain that this wouldn't fly in Thailand. I had to show the spec sheet for a 10000mAH power bank to get it on a plane here (TH) a few months ago.


Last year I was able to bring my ulefone power 5, they gave me some funny looks, but I was otherwise waved through


The label is mostly worn off on mine. Surat Thani gave me trouble with it but eventually let me go.


You can take up to 25,000mAH of Li-ion on a plane.


No, you can take up to 100Wh. It's close to 25000, but at 3.7V it's 27,027mAH. The problem with this 3d printed monstrosity is that it's not labeled. I've had issues with 10000mAH power banks when the labels are worn. I can imagine that this would be nearly impossible.


I've flown maybe 8 times in the last decade, and not once has anyone inspected the power bank I brought. OP's DIY battery there does look like something that would catch their attention though.


~~Just carry the serial number and an info sheet inside the case. If they question it, just show them the info sheet and tell them you already did the research~~ Or just remove the battery and put it in a box in your checked luggage. Still might get a hassle because TSA are just unnecessary dicks


Airport wouldn't let me bring lithium batteries in my checked luggage, I assume because of fire risks or something. I had to bring *everything* in my carry-on, just on a domestic flight. I mean, I wasn't going to toss my oculus, laptop, etc in the checked bag, but I had to doublecheck everything.


Yup checked is worse. I had my spare drone battery taken out of my checked bag and confiscated.


Yeah, fire risk, due to temperature fluctuations in the cargo bay and what those do to lithium batteries.


The 2 times I've been checked has always been international flights. And both times were at the airport in Beijing. Other than that, I don't think US domestic flight really care, as long as it's in your carry on


It's the opposite dude. Your carry on is more likely to get checked then baggage checked. Baggage checked takes longer, there's no immediate owner to question or find, and most of what gets found is by the xray checking ppl or completely random


What i mean is that your suppose to have it in your carry on bag. I believe it's against the rules to fly with a battery pack in your checked bag is all.


Oh yeah legally, carry on...... But in case you ever really felt the need to bring some "medicine" or self prescribed antidotal remedies .. you heard it first from this guy 😉


I'm not in the US, and these were all international flights.






Nah, if they ask (I mean this isn't shoes on your feet or a water bottle so how could it be dangerous?), just tell them you printed the case yourself and start explaining about your 3D printer. After about 10 sec. they'll glaze over and tell you to move on.


Our security might, but the TSA will probably throw me in guantanamo Bay


Only if you're looking particularly tan and sporting a beard that day.


Would I need the white robe as well?


Just make sure the robe has a pointy hood, you'll be welcomed as a patriot.


Nah, I'll need a time machine to get that response, these days I'd probably get beheaded if I went anywhere near the western US dressed like that




I don't think you should fly with this. This is a cool project, but let's be real, this isn't engineered or tested sufficiently to bring it onto a plane. Lithium batteries are tested to even be allowed to ship via planes, let alone be charged or discharged. I think the risk of anything happening is super low, but the severity of something happening would be very high.


I'm sure through an x-ray it looks almost identical to a phone with a battery case, so you probably wouldn't have any issues at the airport.


> ill be able to see if i can get it in when i go to pick up a mate from the airport in a few days You have to go through security control when you're just picking up someone??


Yes, you have to pass through security to get into the airport gate area where the shops, food court, and boarding gates are


This is how it was in the US pre-9/11, now you just can go in that area at all unless you have a boarding pass. We have to pick people up at baggage claim or outside which doesn't require going through security.


I guess laws are a bit more lenient in Australia


I believe if it's under 25,000 milliamp hour he's good to go.


The limit is actually 100 watt hours. https://www.faa.gov/hazmat/packsafe/more_info/?hazmat=7


Unless rules changed recently, you're allowed however many <100Wh batteries, and while there are limits for batteries above 100Wh (blanket FAA limit of two other batteries between 100-160Wh) larger batteries can (and usually are) approved by the airlines if you contact them before flying and declare it properly at the ticket counter. Source: I work in media and fly a lot with large lithium batteries for my equipment. I print out and carry the FAA regs when I travel because TSA has no fucking idea and sometimes will demand I put them in checked baggage which, safety issues aside, is a great way for me to get fined out the ass if caught by the airline.


Yup, that's what my link says.


So if the battery is 7 volts or under they're fine, anything above that is over 100 watt hours, and a quick googling says mobile phone batteries are 3.7 volts So should be fine, I think


Well W=Amp x V, so this one should be 51,8 Watt.


Anyone remember when we had removeable batteries and companies Like Anker and the legendary ZeroLemon made triple capacity behemoths? Edit: rip my inbox lol


I remember those days, my old S5 had a zero lemon 8500mah monster on it, I even had 2 of them, one in the phone, and a second one as backup


30 sec battery "recharge". Friends searching for power outlets all day and we just pop in another monster battery. Non stop fun.


That's pretty much what I used to do when me and my mates went out clubbing and bar crawling I'd always be the one with a charged phone while they were fighting over the only power outlet at the pub XD


Bet you pulled loads of women with pockets stuffed with batteries.


Being able to charge someone else's phone is a pretty reliable way of hooking up with women when you're in a lock-in and most women use iPhones (this was back when power banks were not really popular) Carrying an OTG cable and a couple of zerolemon batteries definitely scored me more than a few roots lol


He wasn't wearing skinny jeans, that I can tell you.


Is that a spare battery in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


Ahh memories. My S3 had a chungus 7000mAh battery. Made it chunky and it took a long time to charge, but it meant I could heavily use it all day even if I forgot to charge it at night.


Yep, I was doing things back then with a cool Galaxy S2 and an extra battery in the other pocket lol


I had zerolemon batteries for several phones. Kinda miss that capability.


My S3 had one. These were the days Mophie iPhone cases were popular too. It was bulky but added so much life to that thing! I personally don't miss that much heft. I have an S8 Active that's just a tad bit too thick for my tastes. I do miss being able to swap out the battery though, as that same phone is noticeably degraded.


Yes. My LGv20. And I am *still* using it for more or less this exact reason.


Sammmeee. There will come a time where I will own my first cell without a removable battery :/


I made that transition last year in February. Had to retire my V20. Sad day


What did you buy to replace it?


I got the (hold your pants it's a long one) OnePlus 7t Pro 5g McLaren Edition. I do not recommend it. Since the update to Android 11 it has become laggy when I try to do anything and something is playing pip. Great phone, broke update. Also, the camera seems to try to make everything have a bokeh effect, so edges on text are fuzzy. Sorry for the rant just had this pent up for a while 😅


> the camera seems to try to make everything have a bokeh effect My N20U does that too and I hate it!


Also remember when 2.5 hours SOT was acceptable. Battery anxiety used to be so bad.




I bought a 12000 battery for my wife's s3. It would run for a couple days and sbe loved it. The downside was that fast charging didn't exist and it would take like 16 hours to charge from empty.


I miss Ingress. The players around here got a little on the crazy side and started following people in cars and making shit uncomfortable.


Pepperidge Farm remembers. And I do. I have a 10000mah battery in my LG V20. It's basically a ginormus media player now but damn if it isn't still sexy.


Tbh I would give up water resistance to be able to have this again. I've never dropped a phone I've owned anywhere near water. They should sell an option with a removable back and battery. I'd buy it so fast.


When 30% meant I still had about a full days worth of battery for average - heavy use... I almost wish I didn't remember.


I miss that. Tbh I always complained about not having user replaceable batteries, but every time I did replace my battery in my old phones (with oem, brand batteries), the new battery didn't change a thing. What I am saying is, buying legit, good condition batteries were a pain.


I'd buy 2 and swap them out on the fly. My phone itself would *never be on charge*. Only the batteries.


All i gotta say is QC 2.0 chewed up my note4 batteries...I had five of them and rotated them, but eventually within two years they got thrashed to hell. Well, my first two got thrashed, then replaced with a Trio of Anker batteries, also..not great


Doesn't the thick case affect the ultra-wide angle camera?


Unfortunately it does, that problem will be remedied in the new version of the case, there's a tiny bit of the case visible at the bottom of the wide angle shot I've already adjusted the STL file so the next case I print won't have that problem


**public health and safety**: bruh


**Airport security**: *bruh*


TSA: *so you've chosen death*


just wait until i go to the samsung experience centre with it XD


The counter guy scared, the back guys probably impressed.


They be like 😰 Back counter is 🧐


I'd love to see their reaction xD


they will send it to their R&D


I already offered them $6500 for a note 10 with a 10,000mah battery when it first came out, they said it's impossible So I wouldn't be surprised if they took it to reverse engineer what I did after I reverse engineered and bypassed the herculean glue they use to stick batteries into their phones


it's impossible... without making it chonks like your phone, which they were not going for


It's impossible... For that price. It would be astronomically expensive to build a new phone the way Samsung builds phones.


Honestly a changeable battery as in old phone would be enough for me. No more battery? Pop out the old one, pop in the new one. You can even make a separate usb charger to recharge the old battery out of the phone.


A case to support that sort of mod is well above my current CAD skill level lol, but it is an interesting idea


Make two cases, one for the phone with a spring connector and tab connectors, and one that holds the battery. I've heard the old Sony battery format is easy to adapt. Then you could charge the chonk, and use another chonk at the same time. Even use a battery dildo to run the phone off AC if you wanted.


Imagine a consumer engineering a solution that samsung actually tried to kill with the S6 lol


I loved my old LG G5 for exactly this reason. One of the last flagships (along with the LG V20) that had a replaceable battery. Just a shame the battery was miniscule (2800mAh) but it had a [USB-C charging cradle](https://www.androidcentral.com/sites/androidcentral.com/files/styles/large_wm_brw/public/article_images/2016/04/lg-g5-spare-battery-charger-2.jpg?itok=xOGOSyu1) like you say, so you can charge your spare battery separately from the phone. Hell it could even be used as a small powerbank to charge other devices! I had all the accessories for the G5- the charging cradle, Hi-Fi Plus DAC module, the cam module and 2 extra spare batteries. Truly loved the phone (it was one of the first flagships with the secondary ultra-wide cam too), just a shame it was overlooked by the more attractive Samsung S7/Edge at the time.


My flair is once again relevant


I remember they had a charging station for spare batteries for the Galaxy S4


same for the Galaxy Nexus


Check out the Samsung Xcover Pro. Totally underrated in my opinion.


I have it. The problem is convincing a friend to get it so you can walkie-talkie each other, over.


Loved that on my s5. I had 4 and never even had to charge it. Just popped old batteries on the charger and rotated


that's the one thing I miss about my old phone, popping in extra bats


This is why I still think thr S5 was the greatest phone ever made. Removable battery, water resistant, SD card slot, and ir blaster. It was perfect. At least for me on a day to day basis.


I love it, what battery did you use?


i used a generic chinese 10,000mah cell and wired it in parallel with the OEM battery (soldering to the BMS was a nightmare) which gives me a total capacity of 14,000mah


Madlad, much respect


> 10,000mah cell and wired it in parallel with the OEM battery so with the 4000 mah one.... did you tried charging it already? cos if you didn't, please come back to tell your experiences after you tried it


Yeah, this worries me a lot. The 4000 mAh battery will be over-discharged on this first cycle, and then the charger should cut out when the 4000 mAh battery is fully charged. That makes this only an 8000 mAh usable battery, right?




So instead of the charger cutting out it will possibly set the 4000 mAh battery on fire?


Years ago I used to do a lot with electronics but never anything to do with batteries. So it occurs to me to ask, doesn't the bigger battery appear "thirstier" (lower resistance) and thus consume power roughly in proportion to their relative available capacity? Or do batteries not work that way?


Since the batteries are in parallel, that is not the case.


They are both wired directly together in parallel, and the BMS thinks its a gigantic battery They both charge and drain together


>BMS thinks its a gigantic battery ok... >They both charge and drain together so you have discharged and fully charged it already?


[at last, the prophecy has been fulfilled](https://reddit.com/r/Android/comments/aurb4o/energizers_jawdropping_18000mah_battery_phone_is/ehaojei?context=3)


Not quite, but I am still salty that energizer never sent me one of those, even though I was an early backer and paid $1000 (AUD) to secure one But I guess this is close enough


So they just took your money and you got nothing? I used to rock a zero lemon in an old note with a 10k battery, it was great


They refunded my money and emailed me a half assed apology letter that was clearly written by their PR department I had the 8500mah zero lemon battery when I had an S5 back in the day, it kicked so much ass it's not even funny


I remember once buying a 5000mAh battery for my HTC Hero. It was like 1cm thick and had its own cover for it.


I had an 8500mah zero lemon battery for my old S5 back in the day, that thing was awesome, it was even better when you carried 2 of them


back in the day when there were no powerbanks available :D


They were available, I just didn't want to wait 2 months shipping lol


Imagine walking around with that monstrosity


have you modded your phone's battery or are you just happy to see me?


I've just never seen something like that, so I thought it would be pretty strange walking around with an uncovered brick (found out he made a cover as well)


been using it all day (and had the phone in the case for about a week before i actually did the modification) i wuite like the added thickness, it lets me hold the phone one handed without triggering the edges of the screen, and the extra 80g of weight isnt really that bad, this phone is in a similar weight category to the ulefone power 5


Fire Hazard: check


/r/DiWHY material right here. :')


Damn man that is epic. I have a Nexus 5 that still runs well but its battery is the only issue(aside from cam quality). I've always wanted to mod it. Maybe I will one day. Just a suggestion, maybe uploading a video in this sub/ in YT might help others might wanna try this out


i wanted to record it, but i only have one phone lol, and i have no intention of ever touching the battery in this phone again getting the solder to stick to the battery tabs that connect the cell to the BMS was a nightmare, this is a very difficult mod to perform unless you have a high temperature precision soldering iron, a very steady hand, a magnifying glass, and a 3D printer though i do have a spare OEM battery, i could solder a battery onto that in order to document the process but the final boss of this phone mod is definitely going to be repositioning the wireless charging/NFC coils, since i need to extend the length of the flex ribbon so i can position the coil in a location where it can be used (right now the extra cell is sitting on top of the coil) the quick and dirty thing to do would be to solder wires to the motherboard, then solder the other ends onto the contact pads, but that is risky, permanent, and overall just a bad idea when i eventually have the guts to do the wireless coils ill get my wife to record it on her phone


Can't wait to see a post on r/tifu when and if it explodes..


What about the Energizer phone


I did place an order for one of those, but instead if getting a phone, I got a refund and a copy pasted PR apology


my Mi A1 got me all day battery life too, and it was pretty slim. Got about 6-7 hours SOT and came home with ~40% left.


Mi A1 was an amazing phone! I feel Xiaomi went kind of downhill after that?


Nah not really and coming from a A1 to this Moto G 5G+, I'm getting similar if not much better [battery life](https://i.imgur.com/NTCmjWY.png). Considering the OP has a 14A battery it seems a bit, off?


G7 here https://imgur.com/gallery/cTe25tw 25% remaining after 4 days since charge and 12h SOT with everything on auto.


Noice.gif Like, I think the OP might need to run it a bit longer and maybe grab some [battery historian](https://bathist.ef.lc) stats.


Not sure how the inners work either but I'm not sure the phone would know it's got a knew ticking time bomb, I mean battery glued to the back. But I dunno


With me it was the perfect combination of a Xiaomi phone with a stock rom, I went to the mi9t after that and with all the bloatware and the Android system battery drain that was never ever sorted. I don't think I'll be going back to Xiaomi anytime soon


I had to replace mine last week because the USB port became damaged and it was almost impossible to charge :(


How about you avoid all the hassle and get yourself a powerbank


VecUse this won't wear out the charge port on my phone, it's more energy efficient than external chargers, and is actually lighter and more compact than duct taping a power bank to a phone case


I guess the power port concern is potentially valid but I've yet to wear out a USB C port with heavy use. Theyre a lot more resilient to wear. What I used to do when I traveled a lot was keep a battery pack that has fast charge and a tiny cable in my pocket. Id just have it charge periodically when I stuck it back in my pocket. Rapid charge would get me at least half my battery before grabbing it again typically


"Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should."


They did, but the lead engineers phone died when he was about to show us a funny meme, at that point the project was greenlit and the rest is history


I think everyone needs to look at this. This is what it would take to get you a 10k or bigger battery on your phones. So everyone complains every year about phones not having bigger batteries, but this is what that would look like. So maybe we can complain a little bit, like nobody needs a phone as thin as my Note 10+ was, my S21 Ultra is a much nicer size IMO, but I think going beyond that is just too much for regular users who aren't going on week long trips away from any source of electricity, or users who just keep their screens on all day for 3 days straight. Perhaps what we really need is for Google to create and open up a new standard for Android mods like MagSafe or the MotoMod platform, push it with Samsung and Pixel phones and watch the entire Android world open up to mods like extended batteries or speakers or cameras or storage or whatever the hell else people can think of. I do have the Moto Z2 Force with the projector mod and the speaker mod, they're great, and I wish they'd continued to make actual flagship level phones with the Mod feature included because I'd still use them if that were the case. If that was reality I'd be using one of the battery extender mods too, the one that adds wireless charging and a big ass battery.


idk why but I have a string feeling that might blow up


But why though? My S8 Active lasts 4-5 days between full charges, it's epic. Once you disable and uninstall the bloatware, lock down the GPS to "Coarse" only, and firewall off all the phone home that third-party and onboard apps do (a few hundred thousand per-day, every day), the battery lasts days! (all without root)


Yeah but idle efficiency won't save you from a heavy workload draining your battery The analogy I like to use is this Imagine you buy a car with an engine that has 2 modes Mode 1: it's not that fast, but it gets Honda insight levels of fuel efficiency Mode 2: has the performance of a top fuel dragster, and the fuel consumption to match While your just driving around town, the engine runs in Mode 1, and you get amazing fuel economy (call that idle efficiency or VERY light use like browsing) But as soon as you need to tow something, or you want to have some fun at the lights, or drive on the highway, the engine switches to Mode 2, and holy hell it's fast, but you can watch your fuel gauge drop Now imagine your fuel tank is a 2L coke bottle, and mine is a 10L water cooler container Idle efficiency is great, but there's no substitute for a bigger battery


> Yeah but idle efficiency won't save you from a heavy workload draining your battery Who said anything about idle? My phone is definitely used during that time, it's not simply sitting on a shelf unused. If I don't touch it, I can easily go 7-10 days on a single charge. Under medium to heavy use, easily 3 days.


Maybe get a zerolemon battery case or similar, gut it and you have a back cover


Rip your wireless charging


there's a phone on your battery


I hope you didn't keep the original battery, because if you did, you will overcharge the original cell every time you charge the phone due to the battery logic not being set up for parallel cells. Over charging will damage the battery, and can create a fire hazard.


Some in this people in this subreddit would still complain about the battery life.


I would believe that, but I've been mostly seeing people question why I would bother with this when I can buy a battery case that has less capacity, is less efficient, blocks NFC/wireless charging, and still wears out your battery


Why though? No less than 14,000 mah. Are you away from charges days at a time? How many hours a day do you stare at the phone?


That's not really the point of this mod I like to have a decent power reserve at the end of the day, in-case I'm at a mates place (most of my friends use iPhones and older non USB-C Androids) maybe I just don't want to have to charge my phone every day (or multiple times a day in the case of the stock S10+ battery) It's nice to know that forgetting to plug my phone in (or only plugging it in half way) won't result in me missing my alarms.etc And even if I don't use all the battery's power in one day, it's good peace of mind to know its there That and sometimes you have those days where you literally are on your phone all the time and a single charge just won't cut it (also I use my phone as a Wi-Fi modem, because apparently 4G is faster faster fixed line internet in my area (500mbps vs 23mbps) and tethering just uses a lot of power (especially when you have an unlimited data plan) Also the service life of your battery increases drastically with the battery's capacity (instead of charging twice a day, I might only charge once every 2-3 days, using my charge cycles overa longer period of time)


Is that an Exynos version?


i think it has the Exynos 9820, but i cant find that information in settings to confirm it, its the Australian version (SM-G975F)




Don't you need a modified kernel to use a larger battery to its potential?


Not that I'm aware of It just cracked 12h on 63% (1% now)


Sorry, that should have been a statement not a question. You need a custom kernel, or it will show the same stock capacity. You can make use of the larger battery, but your phone doesn't see/understand that it's larger.


so how many hours would that phone take to charge?


Keep us updated on the charge time and on the real sot after a 100% to 0% cycle


Will do, but so far I've got 12h SOT from 63% and counting


When removable battery where a thing you can buy these kind of battery. My Samsung Note 3 had a 10000mah battery with a nice cover/case made for it. I had two Note both of them now received error on the same date and are unusable


I had one of those 8500mah zero lemon batteries for my S5 back in the day


How heavy is it? You should make a 6 months / 1 year later review for this.


It's similar in weight to the ulefone power 5, assuming it lasts that long I likely will give an update on its longevity


I just upgraded from an s8 to an s21 and oml the battery. My s8 would last maybe half a day and my s21 last more than a day now. :, )


You are nearing the limit of what is allowed on a plane. Looks like 100 watt-hours is the most you can carry on a plane. If these devices run at 5 volts, then that's 20,000 mah max. Still, I think I rather carry a separate power bank than have that massive notch on the back of my phone.


Does the phone recognize the total amount of battery capacity present? I know battery graphs are like reading tarot cards sometimes, but it's estimating 10h usage on a charge. Anyway, I understand it's not the point of the mod, but things like this and those massive battery cases always make the point to me that I'd much rather have on hand a portable battery charger with fast charge and top up when necessary instead of holding a chonker all the time.


Now you can get Carpal Tunnel in BOTH of your hands when you masturbate.


That's what the flat sides are for, the phone can actually sit sideways on a table or other flat surface (excellent for watching videos of all types)


Seems overkill my moto g7 power has 5000mah and i charge it maybe twice a week. And ive been playing wild rift like a lot


I mean, good as a DIY effort, but if an S21 can get 8h of SOT, https://ibb.co/Z687jrx, there isn't much practical advantage? (expect somebody wanting to stick to S10 forever)


I wish I knew how to do this. My 3850mah battery gives 10hrs screen on time. Just imagine what a monster battery like this one could do!


See all phone manufacturers it's possible


It's not a flagship but my Pixel 4a 5G has *phenomenal* battery life. Last night after a full day the battery was 48% It's now 3pm and it's 45% today, but I have zero concerns about it lasting until bed time.


Is this the result of people circle jerking for too long?


Why not just buy a extended battery case?


Because this is more power efficient, and is actually lighter, less bulky than using a store bought battery case, and doesn't interfere with fast charging or data transfer (most battery cases have to be removed to fast charge the phone, or connect to a PC for data transfer) it also doesn't degrade the phones built in battery by keeping it constantly at 100%




Great work OP, just a question. Are you going to use this monstrosity as your daily driver?


That's my intention, I used to use a ulefone power 5 as my daily driver, but that phone is a bit too slow for my liking, so I built this thing It's in a similar weight class, and actually has better battery life (imagine how long it would last if I had the snapdragon version)


How did you close it?